Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Heaven is for Real and it's on a Spaceship – Part 1

By Manny R. Pineda

You probably have seen the movie Heaven is for Real and if not then it is highly recommended to see it. This article is not completely about that movie but will use it as a springboard to bring the truth about the subject of heaven. It is time now to reveal the misunderstanding that surrounded the subject of heaven for millennia and how it relates to the bible/scriptures. This article will be divided on several parts as I progressively work on it.

Well, as I have often said in the past that the history that was presented to us by the christian belief system is not very accurate. The Earth is not six thousand years old. There was a missing historical record. It was a time that goes beyond the details we find in the book of Genesis. It was a time when there were no deserts that exist anywhere on Earth and neither ocean water. As all the ocean waters of the world as well as all the deserts did not exist as a result of natural ecological progression. It was all brought by thermal nuclear war that happened beyond ten thousand years ago.

Prior to the war. The Earth was home to the members of Galactic Federation of Light namely, in no particular order: Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Lemur, Andromeda, Alpha Centaurians, Lyrans, Venus and etc. They came to Earth to populate the surface of the planet to join in the experiment to see if it is possible for living things to live on the surface of the planet. And Earth was the chosen venue for this experiment as all of the living things in all the universe live inside their own planet because all planet allover the universe are all hollow inside. And hollow interior is a standard design by the Prime Creator.

I have said this before and I will say it again for emphasis. It was the people from the Pleiades who built the Stonehenge in England. Hermes the Architect from the Pleiades was the one who designed the Pyramids that we find in Egypt. And these things happened way beyond ten thousand years ago.
The experiment was halted when peace was shattered by the uninvited guests who came to take the Earth for themselves. It was an invasion by a group of beings that are not members of the Galactic Federation of Light. They are: Atlantians, Annunakis and Reptilians from Orion.

To make the long story short they were able to conquer the Earth because the Galactic Federation are not violent kind of people rather they are peace loving people. They complied with the directive from the Spiritual Hierarchy to allow the invaders of the Earth to rule and reign but only for a limited period of time and that is the end of the Age. That end of the Age took place last December 21, 2012. An Age or Galactic Age is the amount time it takes for every planet in the galaxy to travel around the galaxy. This trip around the galaxy usually takes about more or less 26,000 years to complete. This means the Galactic Federation members will have to wait till the end of the age before they can intervene in behalf of the people of the Earth. And ever since the year 2012 there has been a highly concerted effort to end the reign of the secret rulers of the Earth. This was done with the combined efforts of the Galactic Federation and the incarnated lightworkers on the ground. The lightworkers are the ones who changed the tempo and balance of the progression of the timeline on Earth. As both the Galactics and the alliance that are not members of the GFL can take a peak into the future. In other words they both can see the future and literally visit it using their technology. What they do on Earth can have an impact in shaping the future of the planet along with its populace.

By allowing the invaders to rule the Earth they can then dictate what the mindset of the Earths populace will be. And this was done with a variety of delusions and deceptions including erasing the history of the Earths historical past.

Now back to the subject of Heaven. The Project Experiment on Earth was handled by a Managing Director (so to speak) which was assigned by the Prime Creator. He is no other than the person named ”Sananda’’. And Sananda was one of the many sons of the Prime Creator. The eldest of these children of the Prime Creator is the one we call as Father God named Zorra. Presently, Zorra lived inside the hollowed interior of the Earth. Sananda was given the responsibility of managing the project on Earth in which in scope is dealing with a variety of issues as it comprise so many varied beings from within this galaxy as well as beyond. 

Along with Ashtar, Sananda was one of the highest leading commander of a ship known as the New Jerusalem. By the sound of it, it sounds like Jewish? The New Jerusalem Mothership is older than the Earths surface population and civilization. And it has nothing to do with the Jerusalem in the middle East. The name New Jerusalem was given to that mothership way beyond there was any civilization on Earth. And the New Jerusalem Mothership is where Sananda and his twin flame Lady Nada resides.

In the beginning, their original goal was just to manage and direct the situations on the Earths surface. This includes giving assignments on where a particular civilization of people will reside on Earth. And so, the Mothership office of Sananda was more like a Central Club House Office of a residential Subdivision which was the main authority in managing the situations on Earth.
But remember, this is only within the surface of the Earth. The interior of the Earth namely the solid crust and the hollowed space was already occupied by several civilizations such as those from Jupiter called the Titans and they are extremely tall beings (beyond 22 feet tall). And also the civilizations called the Aryan Race. These are the pioneers in residing the inner and hollowed areas of the Earth. And they were living inside the Earth even before the installation of the Pyramids on Earth including the ones in Giza.

But the surface of the Earth was a barren kind of real estate. It was empty, just like every planet in the universe. Absolutely nobody in the Universe in their right mind would want to live on the surface as it was not yet tried elsewhere and no one dared to bring and culture the various ecological living things such as plants and animals. The project experiment was to try for the first time to see if it is at all possible for various living things to live in the outer surface of the planet as literally ALL civilizations in the Universe reside in the inner planetary crust and hollowed interiors.

And this is the main reason or shall we say part of the reason why several levels of the New Jerusalem Mothership was dedicated to supporting living things in all kinds from various plants, trees, animals and etc. Literally, it was like a mini planet in of itself but a mobile one that is capable of moving to various locations around the Earth but also capable of traveling to in and out of the solar system.

But the experimental project on Earth was upgraded into allowing it to become a Universal School that will accommodate various peoples, beings that are not yet fully developed consciously. In other words beings that are not yet completely spiritually matured to be blended/mix with various incarnated ascended masters as well as those who were already spiritually and consciously matured either already living on Earth or from offworld. The upgrade to the experiment took place ever since the uninvited guests who were non- members of the Galactic Federation of Light arrived on Earth to take it by force. A non-member of the Federation of Planets means they do NOT adhere to the principles of love and light. 

To be continued..............


  1. I would agree with much of what you've said here. My information from the Pleiadians confirms a lot of it... but with respect to Sananda being a son of the 'Prime Creator', I don't think so. Sananda is a Pleiadian.... Prime Creator is not an individualized being. We are all a part of Source-Creation.

    1. Years ago I heard from a very credible source/channeler who was channeling Sananda said that He came from a variety of star systems and one of it could be the Pleiades. But he originates initially, originally from the Arcturus as all Arcturians are Healers. Remember how much emphasis Jesus (Sananda) gave into healing people during his time on Earth. The entire clans of Arcturians are reared and geared as healers. They literally studied every kind of diseases in the cosmos. And they have the solution and cure to heal any kind of diseases. The Arcturian Healing Ship we were told is already on the ground on Earth. And will decloak once the signal has been given to start welcoming people for healing missions.