Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Heaven is for Real and it's on a Spaceship - Part 3

Today I would like to talk about some of the function or purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven and the person in-charge in managing the project on Earth which is Sananda. As you may recall from my previous articles the project on Earth had evolved into a Universal School from just an experiment of finding out if life or living things is possible to thrive on the surface of a planet. Earth was the chosen planet to conduct this experiment as it was something never been done before in any part of the Universe. All planets in the universe, their civilizations all reside in the hollowed interior of their planet; as all planets are hollowed inside.

Even Yahweh when he gave the Ten Commandments he hinted that there are beings inside the planet or below the surface. And he warned them through prohibition as a law not to associate themselves with those beings inside the Earth. And so obviously, Yahweh who is an Annunaki, he himself admitted that there are sentient beings inside the Earth but he does not want the people to interact with those from below as he does not want them to know the truth.

The nearest planet to Earth are Mars and Venus. Both of these planets have beings or living things residing inside the interior of their planets. In fact, some of the people from Venus have arrived on Earth just a few decades ago and some few thousand years ago and some even eons ago. Heaven or what is called as New Jerusalem was stationed infront of planet Venus ever since the start of the experiment.

Sananda Kumara was from Venus. But of course as stated by several channelers that he is not originally from Venus but have been for several planets and or star systems such as Arcturus, Pleiades, Lemur etc. and have lived for some time on Earth even before the arrival of the Atlantians from Atlantia. That was during the peaceful time of Lemuria. Sananda is also son of the Prime Creator. Since the start of the project on Earth Sananda have lived various lives repeatedly on the surface of the Earth. This means he already incarnated several times in the past. And since he was the person assigned to manage the situation on Earth he made sure he went to Earth and help guide its direction towards the right path where every living beings can have a chance to grow and mature consciously. He did this through re-incarnation. Literally, not just him but all sentient beings are required to undergo a repeated lifetimes by incarnation in order to achieve the desired growth and learning that ascension requires. Sananda too, contributed to repeated incarnation by being assigned to various different physical bodies. In no particular order or sequence Sananda was the person called as:

Different Missions of Sananda on Different Times of Earths History

Melchizedek - Unlike what was said in the Old Testament that Melchizedek was soliciting a spiritual tax in the form of tithes. He was actually just there physically to guide the newly born civilization of the world to the right direction. His position as a High Priest does not mean he is the chief officer to appease the Lord God by doing sacrifices of animal life. The concept of sacrifice, private property of people and animals, tax as tithes and offering and etc. came from the Annunaki influence which we are now beginning to realize as a fake kind of spirituality. That is not the kind priesthood Sananda who became Melchizedek was doing on Earth. He was just teaching and showing by example on how people can re-connect to the Lord God of their being. In other words connection with their higher self or "I am presence" because everyone has their own higher self and not just one standard persona unlike what we have learned from religion. In everyone of us there is an inner kind of sanctuary. A place where you can have connection with your divine self which is also connected with the rest of divine beings and the Source. This is done through a moment of meditation. Once again Melchizedek was not sacrificing animal lives and barbecuing them just to make the Annunaki gods happy. The Annunakis version of priesthood is completely different from Melchizedek. Their version is what can be considered as ABOMINABLE because not only they are doing violence by killing the lives of fellow sentient beings such as the innocent animals but also deceived the people out of fear from a god who were just taking advantage of the Jewish people.  

Melchizedek's version of priesthood is similar to what Adama a high priest of Telos which is sub-terranean city inside of Mt. Shasta was doing. And they do not sacrifice animal lives just to pay for some sort of standards guidelines in the form of fake law.

Shem – is one of the son of Noah. The mission of Sananda for coming to earth by becoming the person called Shem was to steer clear again to the right direction the people of the world at the time; as they knew that the secret rulers of the this world namely: Atlantians, Reptilians an Annunakis will DECIMATE the various civilizations of the surface of the Earth by creating CUSTOM made weather disturbance. Yes, they have the weather manipulations technologies way back in those ancient times which they kept secret along with their other technologies including UFOs. Most of their UFOs are also capable of being cloaked which is why they are invisible. In order to subdue the nations of the world and literally rule and reign ruthlessly; they had to RESET everything back to zero. This means, they wanted the people of the world not to have knowledge of their distant past and have their technologies, education, lifestyle taken away from them and become extremely primitive. To do that they simply had to use their weather manipulations technologies. But this time the extent of the damage was not global but only to an area in the middle east and its nearby areas. This was also proven that there were no seashells or any kind of marine animal on the surface of the mountains of India, Tibet, Nepal and all the way to the Far East. Had it been a global event then there will be evidences of marine life on the mountains of the far east. This means that the Noah's Epic flood was a local event that happened ONLY in the middle east and not global. They needed to erase everything and so a catastrophic flood is a fast way to accomplish their goal of world subordination.

King Tutankhamen - Sananda also chose to become King Tutankhamen in ancient Egypt. Since we have not heard from Sanandas various channelers about what was his actual mission for incarnating on Earth as Tutankhamen, maybe we should wait and let sananda himself say what was his mission for incarnating on Earth as one of the kings of ancient Egypt.

Zoroaster – He was known as a prophet and a teacher. The purpose again of the mission for coming to Earth was to balance the concepts and idealogies that was instituted to the Sumerians and Babylonians in ancient Iraq and Persia by the Annunakis.

Yeshua Ben Joseph - This is the incarnation that most of us are aware of. Sananda became the person we know as Yeshua Ben Joseph and later known as Jesus, a name given by the Romans in the third century A.D. He was born in Bethlehem from a Jewish family. His mission for coming to Earth was not like what we were told in the bible as the bible have been THOROUGHLY compromised long time ago. The mission of Sananda was again as a counter balance to the deception of the Reptilians and Annunakis. Sanandas mission for becoming Yeshua was not to save people from their sins. He did not come here on Earth to save anyone. And he definitely did not come to Earth to start a religion. He was just here to show by example the True Way of love and the right lifestyle. For the righteousness through obedience, faith along with the associated grace are all a scam by the two notorious deceivers the Reptilians and the Annunakis Group. They loved fooling and deceiving people because they are able to control and enslave everyone without the people knowing about it. All the while they placed decoys of ideas and stories to fool people that there is a person named Satan just so that people will put the blame on a make believe character that does not exist while the real evils are not blamed at all. That has been one of their signature tactics; a very CLASSIC one that humanity were not able to figure out for a very long time. They were just using the fictional character Satan to divert their attention, give them something to fear about. And make the master mind who planned and created all the evil atrocities blameless and undetected.

At the moment the Reptilians and Annunakis are all gone as they were removed from the planet courtesy of the Galactic Federation but they still have thousands of human minions who are working for them who are still obedient to their former masters. And there are so many minions worldwide.
The actual EXTENT of the editing of the bible really will shock the hell out of Guinness book of world records. Satan is not true but the Devil is real and so is Lucifer. And these three persona are NOT the same person. They are not one and the same. But the devil is true. In fact, this Annunaki called the Devil was the one who tested and tempted Yeshua in the wilderness. Notice how the Devil Annunaki was able to teleport/transport Jesus to various locations including the Temple in an instant. And we find in the gospel of John 8:44 where Jesus told the Jewish people that Yahweh is the Devil himself, the great Deceiver/Liar. I have a lot to say about the Devil, Satan and Lucifer and as I said they are not the same person. And it is not appropriate to mention them here. And so I will dedicate another article about this subject. But for now, it is important to note that the mission of Yeshua is not what we read in the bible as it was compromised long time ago in order to deceive the people into servant hood/slavery towards Yahweh. I am also going to write a book to PINPOINT exactly what are the LIES added to the bible once and for all, as there is a technique that can be used to identify all the lies added to the scriptures.

King of Swords – This is the present incarnation of Sananda. I am not sure if the complete template of Sananda is intergrated with the King Swords or just half of him. But the King of Swords is a high ranking official serving in the US Military. King of Swords is like a code name. The name itself denotes the kind of work he is doing while in the military. The contribution of K.O.S. to the fight against the Cabal and their minions is significant. They tried to kill K.O.S. but no weapon that were ever devised by them ever worked with the K.O.S. And they finally gave up trying as they got tired of it. Not only K.O.S was divinely protected by benevolent Galactics but also by the ascended masters. King of Swords is at the moment is still a work in progress currently at the present time. So, therefore it is better to render the identity of K.O.S. with a certain amount of anonymity.

Those are the incarnations of the person known as Sananda.

Now, I would like to mention some of the unknown biography of Yeshua Ben Joseph that were not told in the scriptures of the New Testament. If you recall in the bible there was a brief mention of the life of Jesus (Yeshua) while he was still a young boy. But there was a slight clue that was left unedited in the bible mentioning about their (including his parents) sojourn in the regions of Egypt. Meaning, even if the bible is silent about the younger days of Jesus it somehow pointed out that he made a travel for some time out of the land of Israel into Egypt. And that in itself is significant. Because we are dealing with a space of time that span the years from 8 till 30 years old. And that is a lot of time to have a missing information about his activities and whereabouts. Because the gospel starts about the story of his birth, then Herod's quest to hunt the young children and then it JUMPED right away to the point when Jesus (Yeshua) was already around 30 years old. So, it is fair to ask the question where did he go aside from Egypt? The quality of his discourse as well as his speech reflects that he obtained some form of education elsewhere that was NOT mentioned in the bible. People through out the centuries and millenniums didn't care to question about the unknown biography of Jesus. Literally, the present bible that we have is SILENT about where Jesus went all throughout those years as he was missing for 20+ years.But here is another point. How far in terms of kilometers and miles is Nazareth to Egypt? I have lived in the middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh) for almost ten years. And I know for a fact that it takes several days to cross Arabian peninsula from Abu Dhabi by a bus going to Egypt. Imagine having to travel using a donkey (as what we are told by tradition) from Israel to Egypt that would have been not a very easy travel. Once they reached the Arabian border from Israel there is already a significant amount of desert sands on the ground which makes traveling by camels or donkey not very comfortable. And that will affect the speed of their travel. And you can multiply the days into a few weeks just to reach the northern part of Egypt crossing the Sinai area.

Unless, there is a better way to travel in STYLE? A method of travel that was unknown to the ordinary Israelites but known to the ancient priest and teachers of Egypt and South Asians. Yes, there is. Remember part of the plan of the notorious Annunakis and Reptilians are to isolate the Israelites and the people of the world from the much earlier civilizations that inhabit the crust or sub-terranean part of the Earth. And so, while we on the surface of the Earth were subjected to having to re-invent the wheel (so to speak) as our knowledge and technologies were reset to become primitive, there was already an advance civilizations thriving on the crust of the Earth that we are not aware of. 

Eversince the arrival of the Islamic faith it completely transformed the Hindustan region which are:  India, Pakistan and Bangladesh into a different belief and lifestyle.  These three countries used to be one unified nation.  But with the arrival of the British - they were responsible for segregating the Hindustan region by dividing them into three states that has now become three separate nations.  The influence of Islam was so strong that it demolished the several thousands of years of tradition and way of life into something completely different.  Except for the southern part of India such as Kerala, much of the original hindustan region have changed, their customs, traditions and belief system have been erased to some extent by the arrival of Islamic faith emanating from the nearby Arabian peninsula.  The Keralan region of southern India were able to preserve their lifestyle and traditions.  They literally fought back against the Islamic faith fundamentalist who were invading their region. Some of the surviving Master Teachers there knows that some of the families in southern India and those from the Indus Valley originally came from Venus.  One of these families are the well known family of the Kumaras.  Hindu by the way is NOT a religion.  This was even stressed to me by a hindu friend of mine while I was in Dubai; that they do not worship any Gods unlike Catholics.  Hindu to them is ONLY a Lifestyle, with certain belief system that is way older than the civilizations on the surface of the Earth as it came from not just Venus but from other parts of the Galaxy.  

During my time in Dubai as I was employed by a hindu company and my friends there are mostly hindu and some British.  I remember one time I visited their apartments and saw the insignia or the symbol of the Nazi Germans posted on their doors.  My immediate reaction was that probably it was just a joke or a certain fad or fashion.  But when I saw there's a lot of doors having a Nazi symbol, I began to wonder if there were Nazi Germans living in that apartment building.  Then they later explained to me that the symbol is part of the hindu tradition.  They have it for a long, long time.  The Nazi just copied it.  I spent more than four years in Dubai and it was there that I was able to compare Christianity with Hinduism.  I knew the bible so well as I came from Seventhday Adventist Church - the Church whose people are the most literate biblically as we literally study the bible several times a week in addition to the weekly sabbath.  I spoke with an Indian national who was a fellow Adventist and we both came to conclusion that there is something wrong with Christianity.  Something is Fake with Christianity as a religion and the christians themselves.

But when I read a copy of the bible that was unedited which could have been from first century manuscript then my eyes were opened.  I found out that there was a lot of lies added to the bible.  I read it from a PDF document sent to me and I could not stop reading it on my smart phone.  I was so surprised to find out that the real Yeshua who we know as Jesus was actually not just a vegetarian but also the first activist, a pioneer whistle blower who exposed the errors and deceptions of religion during his time. Yeshua was also practising some form of the Hindu lifestyle.  Once again, hindu is NOT a religion it is a form of lifestyle and a very ancient one, rich in wisdom which its substance has more truth that can be relied upon unlike with christianity and other religions that were built to deceive.

Now, going back to the subject of Kumara.  Sananda before he became an incarnate as Yeshua was a Kumara.  And that is very surprising.  An American friend of mine who lives in Utah sent me a copy of the article who she said was written by Ashtar also confirmed that Sananda was a Kumara.  That family name was a very familiar name as my neighbors in Dubai are mostly either Indian, Bengali or Pakistani.  And some of them have that surname as Kumara.  According to Ashtar, the Kumaras are the guardians who came from Venus. 

The surface of the Earth became a Universal School where most of the newly born sparks of God from all sectors of the Universe are to be sent or assigned for spiritual development.  What does Spiritual Development means?  It means newly born sparks of God better known as spirit or soul are allowed to undergo a field trip experience.  Newly born spirits mean their consciousness are not yet fully developed.  The best and fastest way for them to grow, learn and mature is through an environment where every facet of the society are framed based on the principles of darkness and evil as the societies of the world are controlled by these entities.  Meaning, every living things particularly: from  animals to humans will go through several repeated lifetimes, having a short  lifespan of minimum (more or less) 100 years old for the humans.

The change to Universal School took place because of the invasion made by the Atlantians.  They are originally from the star of Atlantia.  
I will continue to discuss about this spiritual evolution next time.

To be continued......



  1. You're leaving out quite a bit about the Incarnation process.... Yes growth is one benefit from the experience, but humanity is TRAPPED inside an Archon controlled matrix. Forced to reincarnated. Non-terrestrial souls are here to assist these Terrestrial Souls raise their vibration.

    And there are many who understand that Tutankhamun, and Yeshua are 2 distinct Souls.

  2. The information about Tutankhamen as one of the incarnation of Sananda came from Ashtar. You are giving too much credit to the Archons & controlled matrix a subject which came from Cobra. There is reason to believe that Cobra is only a disinformation agent. He keeps talking about bombs, technologies etc. that he could not substantiate, no proof. He is a disinfo just as Corey Goode - designed to confuse people and divert peoples attention to something else. That is the reason they could not even mention the Galactic Federation, because the source of their info are not aligned with the Galactics. The Archons and Annunakis along with their matrix are all gone they have been removed out of the planet by the Galactics.