Sunday, September 17, 2017

Zorra Call - September 16, 2017

Zorra Call

SEPT. 16, 2017

9 am PDT
10 am MDT
11 am CDT
12 pm EDT


Guest Call In:

"There is no sacred rite that connects you to the Infinite. You already are!" Ramtha

Dear beloved Masters,

Everything is moving in every direction possible it seems and for many, it becomes difficult to manage.

During these time, it is best to just observe, be neutral and spend your precious moments and focus your energies on all that brings you balance and harmony. Avoid all distractions that takes away your joy! ALL is in perfect order!

This Saturday, we are blessed to have Daphne Begg come to share some news about Sisel International and The A.G.E. Pill.

We may also have another guest, Ginger, who will speak to us about the TDA's. She is waiting on confirmations at this time.

We will have beloved Zorra give us some updates! We also have a couple of people who will share their experience of what happened and observed around them during Hurricane Irma. What an amazing powerful day we had!
Information, teachings and more! See you all soon.


Replay for last Saturday's Call 9-9-17:"


Sunday, Sept. 17th, Zorra and Zaraya will be on another Blogtalk Show with our dear friend, Dr. Russell Johnson! He will continue his interview with Zorra. Last week's show was just out of this world!

It's perfect that Dr. Johnson is continuing his weekly calls. People are ready for information that cover topics such as UFO's, Disclosure, Hollow Earth, etc. It's a one hour show and we will be there!
Here's the link:

Guest Call In: 516-418-5563

Replay for last Sunday's call with Dr. Russell Johnson and Zorra:

Dial-in: 641-715-0744, Access 554387#.
Ref 27# OR

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