Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Top Ten Lies of the Bible

In the coming days I will be counting down the Ten most hottest and coolest lies added to the Bible way back in the third century A.D. starting from the time of Constantine.

Find out how the world was screwed tremendously in what could be the greatest psychological programming ever perpetrated to mankind by a notorious gang of alien invaders called the "Annunakis" that deceived the whole world.  

The only easy way to subjugate and enslaved an innocent, immature Earthlings was through a very clever psychological deception which came in the form of religion.  And once people were programmed and nudged to believe a lie and a series of lies then that is how they were screwed via deception and became a willing obedient slaves.


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  1. Yep..but some in the old testament are the remnants of the blue print of life and historical events. Just mixed up and split to a degree that it doesn't make sense. To some however this is no obsticle to truth. Thank you for the ascended ones for laying out the truth and for giving extra energy to the new generations to make the plan work and come into fruition.