Saturday, October 21, 2017

USN Concept Design 2017

As the USD is about to be replaced totally by USN. Here's an additional concept design of the USN that reflects the aspirations of JFK - the bravest American President; as he wanted to see America free from control and to disclose the presence of the benevolent ETs.

The main difference between USN and USD is that the USN is already gold backed, meaning it's value is directly supported by gold asset.

Central Banks of the world are no longer allowed to print money with no verifiable gold backing.

Not only USD but also the Euro is also Fiat Currency which is not supported by any tangible value.  The numeric price printed on the surface of the paper was based on illusion of value.  And they have been doing that for several decades.  

We were fooled to be enslaved, and worked hard for money that does not even cost anything except for the ink and the paper it was printed on.  

This is because the global bankers privately owned not just the central banks of the world but also the big banks.  They infiltrated every government of the world to create central banks.  Thanks to the benevolent ETs as they are helping the US Military and the Restored Republic in regaining back the control of the monetary printing away from the private/secret government.  Though the development are not reported in the mass media but as of late, significant progress have been made in favor of the US Military against the secretive shadow government. 

In case you are not aware, the US Military is no longer obeying the private corporate government of the USA.  Instead they have given them ultimatum to surrender or face the consequences.  

What we are hearing from the mass media are just lies.  They portray there's a threat somewhere in the world but they never say that the master mind behind the terrorists is them (secret government) as they are the ones financing the terrorists.

In time, the US Military will disclose the truth and make some big announcements.


  1. Very PERFECT...Pardon me, but where is the back side? We always get both sides. Namaste

  2. I'm still working on it. When it is done you'll see it here.


  3. Who are these benevolent ET's?

    1. They are from the Galactic Federation of Light including from Ashtar Command. The same group that talked with President Eisenhower and JFK.