Thursday, November 30, 2017

Answers to the Questions

I would like to respond to questions given a few months ago.

I am curious if anyone in the know is able to offer clarification about the Species / Race living close to the South Pole? What actions, goals, projects are being worked in the co-venture aspects of the Human / E.T. biologicals sharing the spaces above and below the ice at the South Pole? Is this Atlantis? Are these fallen angels? What is the significance of the Ark of Gabriel?  Why was it transported there from Saudi Arabia?  In the book of Enoch, Chapter 18-19, the area is described very accurately, including the fallen angels who can take many forms and corrupt the soul of man.
Are these forces still in place?  Are they good or demonic as described?  Is the archaeologic excavation being done 2 miles down with a specific objective in mind?  If so, what?  What has occupied this desolate area?  Besides the potential for life having existed on Earth some 15 million years ago, (last time Antarctica was ice free), what else could be down there?  This is very interesting, but clearly a guarded topic.
When John Kerry, (Yeah, that one), visited for the second time, it was rumored that he was asking Hillary as the next president, a request that was denied as described.  Religious leaders visit the wasteland, Russian media reports expeditions to the South Pole and the various challenges they meet with.  Our media says nothing.  Besides being under the control of the Cabal up til now, (assuming that chain has been broken), why doesnt the mainstream media pick any of this up?  If I were looking for a wake up call to the masses.....BOOM!
So many questions, no answers seeming to escape the big black hole at the end of the earth.

Answers to your Questions:                                                                     
1)   The co-venture between malevolent ETs and the US Corporate Govt. was being done not in Antarctica but rather within the United States, such as in Area 51.  There are several layers or levels below the ground there where they conducted their cooperation and technology exchange. But this was banned by the Galactics.  Today, the Earth is now under quarantine and the GFL does not allow any of this to continue.  The malevolent  Grey aliens have been banned from Earth and they are no longer allowed to continue their experiments.   
2)  Antarctica is not Atlantis.  It never was.  The mystery and reality of ancient Atlantis had been swallowed by the crust of the Earth.  It is estimated about 65 to 75% of Atlantis is still intact inside the crust of the earth.  More or less 30% of it have been damaged when it was swallowed by the earth.  Particularly, on its sides when it slided down to the earths crust.  Underneath the Atlantis (located west of Portugal and Morocco), there is an open-crack of land; and this is present only on the surface of the earth.  The people of Hollow Earth calls this opening as zippers.  Its a large random zigzag of crack opening like a fault line.  When the planet needs to exhale and or release some geologic pressure coming from the center of the crust (400 miles below from the surface) these cracks opens wide to release the pressure.  It's a combination of steam, heat, various vaporous oxide and etc. that accumulated from the magma/lava formations inside the crust.  In short, Atlantis was swallowed by a combination of a sink hole and large open fault line that opens up.  And this happened at least two years after the global flooding of the earth.   The Earths ocean was a result of the destruction of ice & water canopy of the Earth which fell on the surface and melted because of the conquest campaign of Atlantis.   They fired laser beams to the atmosphere which destroyed the canopy that covers the Earth.  Once the ancient criminal Cabal Group has been thoroughly defeated globally, you can be allowed to go to Inner Earth and visit the Atlantis and see their civilizations.  Prior to the flood, the extent of Atlantian territory goes all the way down across to northern Brazil. And today this area is covered by ocean water called Atlantic ocean. And this is why those good Atlantians who survived the deluge went into the inner Earth region of Brazil.  And that is where they are now.  But the bad Atlantians, those who were responsible for the war and violence they were gradually been picked up and removed off the earth.  The Atlantians came from Atlantia, its from another sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Evidence of Atlantis on the surface of the Earth can still be found underneath the desert sands of Sahara desert and Arabian desert. 
3) The Ark of Gabriel story could be just a distraction or diversion to hide the real story of the Large Teleportation Device Portal that have been relocated by the Agarthians from the middle East into Antarctica.  Today, this portal is buried by thousands of feet of ice. They moved this portal because this was the portal used by the Annunakis and the Reptilians to enter the Earth from their homeworlds.  By transferring it there in Antarctica then they will have difficulty locating it, as some of their advance equipment for this had been confiscated by the Galactics.  But in recent decades, both sattelite and aerial scanning using ground penetrating radars of the land of Antarctica reveals not just the giant portal but also ruins of highly preserved civilizations exist underneath the ice of Antarctica.  A minimum of two thousand feet below and beyond depending on the land elevation and the thickness of the accumulated ice, is where you can find the remains of the ancient civilizations.  They are the Agarthians and a few Arcturians.  The civilizations found there are pre-genesis era.  Meaning, they built their cities long before there were oceans.  Remember, the worlds oceans were not part of the original landscape design of the Earth.  The oceans were just the result of the catastrophic event due to the war between Atlantis and Lemuria.  When the weapons was released or detonated in Antarctica it created a looping effect in the atmosphere where cold temperatures was trapped in the south pole region.  It created a SUDDEN FREEZE because before, the sub-tropical climate was standard all throughout the planet which includes Antarctica.  The result was the entire civilizations there was frozen in time.  Those who digged or drilled holes to the ice and managed to reach two thousand feet below, they saw frozen people as if they were just talking inside a gathering hall and they were frozen instantly without warning. They also found very large spacecrafts and motherships as well.  But they cannot open them as if they are sealed very tightly.  They could not find a door, wedge or an opening whereby they can put a force or pressure to open it up. 
4) I dont think the Earth is 15 million years old.  A few hundred thousand years old is more realistic.

5) It is true that John Kerry visited Antarctica representing the US along with Russian leaders/representatives and some other nations.  This was because there was a summit meeting held in that place.  From what I remember it could have been held at the Rainbow City. This city is located within NEW BERLIN.  Some of the Nazis made it there inside the opening of Hollow Earth and they settled to that island called New Berlin and Rainbow City.  The German Nazis were able to get there with the use of U-Boat (a german submarine) back in the last days of WWII.  Today,  these German soldiers along with their present day descendants are already reformed and they no longer have the same ideology as their former Nazi organization in Europe.  The populations of the Germans there are already becoming sizable as they imported some south american women to be their wives and have a lot offspring/children.  Today, some of these Germans are having communications with their fellow Germans in Europe.  The German people today some of them are well aware of whats happening in the world including the secrets of the criminal cabal because of the information sharing among them and the Germans in Rainbow City.  The Germans there have already perfected the flying saucer technology that does not use fossil fuel (no need for gasoline or aircraft fuel).   But the Summit Meeting was not about the Reformed Nazi German Soldiers and their children in New Berlin Antarctica, rather it was about the various representatives of the Inner, and Hollow Earths peoples who met with the representatives of the nations on the surface of the Earth.  The topics of their conversations were varied and some of it has to do with world peace, new aquarian age of the Earth and the change in the worlds government.  This include the reign and rule of the ancient cabal who invaded the Earth will have to phase out.  This is why news like this never made it to the mainstream media is because the world is still run by a secretive group of ancient cabal and reptilians.  They are still on the top of the hierarchy, but as of today a combined effort of the Galactics along with their boots on the ground (ground crew/lightworkers) are orchestrating the removal of these evil group.  This movement are gaining ground and momentum.  For example, President Trump calls it as Operation: ”Drain the Swamp”.  They are systematically one by one reducing the power of this evil criminal group.   I know people wish that this is done on a much faster pace but you can express your request to the Prime Creator in a prayer of meditation.  If theres plenty of people around the world expressing their thoughts through meditative-prayer focused towards the Prime Creator; the Most High God of all will definitely listen for He/She is a God of Love and Light especially if its coming from a sincere/pure heart.  But remember, the Prime Creator does not wish to be worship, instead think of him like your Great Grandfather and Grandmother.  Let your request be made known.  And also in addition to your request focus also on visualizations / imaginations.  Because what you think is what you create.  A combined thoughts of all people can actually remove cancer and or deflect incoming storm.  And this was proven in China.  Human thoughts can affect the molecules of water and this was proven by the Japanese people. The Prime Creator will definitely respond to the collective thoughts of people who exercise their God given powers and abilities, especially those whose thoughts are geared towards positive outcome.  Try imagining the release of the RV, think that it already happened.  Rather than spending time with negative thoughts, focus on what you wanted to happen and join with everyone for a combined, unified thoughts and see how powerful visualizations can be. And they (from Spiritual Hierarchy) will let you know that you have been heard.   

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Top Ten Lies of the Bible - Number Eight

Apostle Paul was asked to go to Arabia because the Galactic Federation spacecrafts were operating above the skies of Ancient Palestine which include Israel. If you looked at a map. Arabia is south of Jordan, while Damascus is part of Syria and is north of Jordan. By asking Paul to visit and stay for a while in Arabia, then the Annunakis can then uncloaked and pretend they are of the Galactic Federation and able to deceived apostle Paul into thinking they are Yeshua revealing, teaching him the other gospel that were not taught by the real Yeshua/Jesus. There is a significant distance between Arabia and northern Israel.  That distance was strategically needed in order for their spacecraft-UFO to uncloak and be seen by Paul as the GFL at the time was active in the skies of Israel.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Corky’s Story "Imprisoned Whales" by Dianne Robbins

Dianne Robbins channeled the thoughts of an orca whale named Corky.


"Although I have been in captivity for so many years now, I am still communicating with my family and friends all over the ocean, for my thoughts are free, although my body remains incarcerated."

Corky is a female Orca. She is a member of the Northern Resident Community of British Columbia. She was captured in December, 1969, when she was about four years old, and has spent over 48 years in captivity, longer than any other Orca.

During a fierce and violent storm on the evening of December 11, 1969, Corky’s pod sought shelter in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was just after 9 p.m. that word reached a group of local fisherman enjoying the warmth and shelter of a pub that there was a group of Whales close by. Ever since the last capture in the same area they were aware that Whales meant money, and this was the chance they’d been waiting for. Aquariums around the world would pay top dollar for an Orca Whale.

Quickly, they jumped onto their boats, located the Whales and encircled the pod with fish nets. All night they battled to keep the nets in place and afloat. When morning came, 12 exhausted Whales were still in the net, with the rest of the pod close by.

The day after the capture Corky’s pod lay trapped inside the harbor. Once word of the capture got out, response was quick, and buyers flocked to the scene. Six Whales were selected; the other six were released but did not go away. The buyers then organized the removal of the selected Whales. Separated from the others, Corky was moved into shallow water. Divers got into the water and positioned a sling around her body, with holes for her pectoral fins. A crane slowly lifted Corky’s sling out of the water and hoisted her onto a truck, which drove over a narrow winding road en route to the ferry, and then transported to the Sea Aquarium in San Diego, California.

   I dream…

I dream of the ocean breezes and the surf hitting my skin. I dream of the sunsets floating on the horizons. I dream of seeing the stars at night as their light flickers on the ocean waves. I dream of my life in the sea, free — as it ought to be. Oh, how I yearn to return to all that I can be. My life is not worth living in captivity.

All life is born to be free. You are me, and I am you. We are one spirit and one heart, living in different forms on the same planet. My life has been lived in captivity, while yours has been free.

You can channel my messages from me to put in your book. It will be my legacy.

Trapped in my tomb and waiting to be freed

Corky is here. Know that I am still in Sea World, entrapped in my tomb and waiting to be freed. Thank you for connecting with me. I have not been well, and I am feeling weak and vulnerable.

I yearn for my home in the ocean. I yearn for sun to cross my face and kiss my tears. I yearn for my freedom to swim freely in the wind and breach through the air, without the constraints of concrete surrounding me. I yearn for the cool night ocean air to caress my body and free my soul. I yearn for my family, who I haven’t seen for over 48 years. I yearn for the peace of my home unbroken by night sounds and the full sky always overhead. I look for peace in the Creator’s arms as the ocean rocks me back and forth. My life force is ebbing away here. I need to be free.

Corky hears your call. I am under lock and key and penned up in my tiny room in Sea World. The ocean is my home and I long to be free and to swim hundreds of miles at a time instead of pacing back and forth and around and around in a tiny cubicle of space. It’s as if you had your arms and legs bound with rope, and all you could think of was running wild in the wind.

"I am in pain and only the healing waters out at sea can help me now"

I am Corky, your sister imprisoned in Sea World. Know that my days are fraught with sorrow, as I am in pain and need of medical treatment. Your medicines cannot cure me. Only the healing waters from being out at sea can help me now.

I need to be free and feel the fresh ocean salt water that can heal my wounds. My digestive system is clogged from eating dead fish all these years. I need the life force and nutrients from the live fish and plankton out at sea. I need the ocean’s natural environment, which is my home, in order for me to survive much longer.

My body is slowly deteriorating each day that I am penned up here. I pray for my release and ask for the prayers of all who read this message. There are stormy days ahead as Earth shifts into her new grid alignment, and I need to be out at sea to help anchor these new energies into the Earth.

I miss my life out at sea, from where I was abruptly taken at an early age of four years. Know that all through my years of captivity, I have never stopped loving humanity, and now I wish to return to my home in the sea.

I am your sister Corky.

Imprisoning the People of the Sea

I am Corky, bound and gagged in Sea World — or I might as well be as I have no voice or say here and am entrapped against my will. Soon, I too, will be vacating my body and leaving for my home planet among the Stars.

Your channeling my thoughts has changed my life, for now people will finally hear my voice and know my thoughts and feelings and ponder their imprisoning the People of the Sea. They will realize their errors as their consciousness unfolds as they read the pages of our book. Thank you for channeling me today, as I wait for your signal as I pace my space in continual boredom.

    A message to my captors

Please tell my captors that I forgive them for taking my life. You see, we Orcas are here on Earth to help humanity realize that life, in all its forms, is precious beyond your dreams or imagination. All life deserves the opportunity to live out its mission, unhindered by human folly.

Although my life has been wasted, locked up in a small aquarium, my goal has been achieved, as my plight has now been brought to the attention of millions who have visited my pen. So I forgive my captors, even though their actions disregarded the sacredness of life in the sea.

My only hope is that humanity will learn the truth about living life according to the great Universal Truths that honor the lifespans and integrity of each and every species on Earth, so that every specie can fully and freely contribute to the whole composition of Earth’s symphony of Living Light in all its myriad forms, colors, hues, and tones.

Please know that I love all of humanity, even those who captured and tormented me. For once humanity crosses the thin band between density and light, it will realize the composition of our souls is one.

I am in gratitude to all my friends around the world who hold me in their hearts, as I am part of your very own soul, albeit in a seemingly different outward form. I hold all humanity in my vision of an Earth carrying the Love Vibration as it floats peacefully on its journey through eternity. Soon we will all be united in one breath of consciousness.

I am Corky and I love you all.
Whenever a specie is lost, its frequency is withdrawn from the Grid of the planet. The Grid supports the biosphere, and this loss causes the biosphere to weaken — and if enough species are lost, the biosphere will eventually collapse in upon itself, destroying the remaining life forms and the planet itself.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

Friday, November 17, 2017

Galactic Disclosure is Getting Nearer

Before the end of this year the Galactics will disclose or announce their presence to the world.  On December 21, 2017, it will be five years since the end of the previous age of Pisces.  Five years of grace period was given to the secret rulers of this world whose ancestors are the ones who invaded and hi-jacked the Earth.  

They may or may not extend the grace period given to them especially when these gangsters have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted, as they are always lying.  

And so the chances of disclosure happening before the end of this year is high.

What to Expect?
Prime Creator will lead the initial announcements followed by the Galactics and Ascended Masters. They will override the media programming of the world and will broadcast to all our electronic devices. The Prime Creator will appear as a woman.  We were told that she already met with President Obama and recently with President Trump.  She was very, very tall and she gave a simple demonstration to President Trump of her power as the Prime Creator when she turn off the lights of the Sun for several seconds.  It became night and President Trump looked outside the White House and was stunned. It became dark as night as far as the eyes can see.  And then she brought back on the light of the sun.  Later on Trump thought that maybe it was just visual effects.  The point is whether we believe it or not, the Prime Creator is real.  And she being the Most High God of all does NOT need our worship or reverence.  You don't need to bow down and or bend your knees and kneel in front of the Prime Creator.  Even though she has the power and control over all Divine energies of the whole universe she doesn't brag about it.  Learn and know that the Prime Creator does not need to be serve, a stark contrast to what we were told in religion where God treats people as servants.  She is humble and meek and she treats us as his children.  

There will be a massive global uncloaking of Galactic ships in the sky and on the ground.  On the bottom of the ships you will see the pictures of the Prime Creator and Sananda (Jesus).  It will be either motion pictures/video or still picture. Sananda is one of the many sons of the Prime Creator.

I think it is possible that the announcement of the new or restored US Republic will be given first before Galactic Disclosure.  And the next President of the United States under the Restored Republic will likely be a woman.  And you can be rest assured that it won't be HRC.

And what else to Expect early next year?  The Galactic Mentors will come down and knock on your doors.  These people can be people you know who passed away either years ago or just recently.  They will inform us about the restoration of everything and the end of the reign of evil on earth and many other things.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Printed Copies of Top Ten Lies of the Bible

For those who wanted to print these articles but are having trouble with the print quality.  The reason for that is the resolution of the images I posted here are set for the web only.  Meaning, the quality is good for optimum viewing online but not for printing.  

I understand that there are those who wanted to share this to people they know such as friends, pastors or professors of theology who are busy; and prefer to give hard copy or printed copies to people rather than digital copy.  In response to that I will compile everything and print/publish them on good glossy quality paper.  But that may take some more time to finish all the articles up to Number One.  And so for those who cannot wait, just email me and I will send you information on how you can get printed copies and be sent to your mailing address.

Printed Options:
  • laser printed A4 size colored (cheapest)
  • laser or deskjet A3 size colored (bigger print size)
  • quality glossy paper A4 size colored  (expensive)