Sunday, November 26, 2017

Top Ten Lies of the Bible - Number Eight

Apostle Paul was asked to go to Arabia because the Galactic Federation spacecrafts were operating above the skies of Ancient Palestine which include Israel. If you looked at a map. Arabia is south of Jordan, while Damascus is part of Syria and is north of Jordan. By asking Paul to visit and stay for a while in Arabia, then the Annunakis can then uncloaked and pretend they are of the Galactic Federation and able to deceived apostle Paul into thinking they are Yeshua revealing, teaching him the other gospel that were not taught by the real Yeshua/Jesus. There is a significant distance between Arabia and northern Israel.  That distance was strategically needed in order for their spacecraft-UFO to uncloak and be seen by Paul as the GFL at the time was active in the skies of Israel.

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