Thursday, December 21, 2017

Update About the Galactics and the Neptune

For those who were asking about the ship, it is called Neptune.  And they decided to cloak again the ship to make it invisible.  But it is currently doing observation of everyone on the surface of the world including the bad guys.  The walls of the ship is capable of projecting the images of everything on the ground and below the ground with great details.  It can zoom in and out of the areas of focus for observation.  

They are not static in one place, they are in motion, flying and scanning the world.

In addition to the passengers I have mentioned previously, Archangel Michael and Gabriel are also on board the ship.

There's a way to see it even when cloak.  You will notice an area in the sky where there are no stars on it like a blank patch.  But everything around it has stars.  This means the ship while cloak is blocking the sky as it moves.  If you are lucky, you will even see a bunch of small scout ships (UFOs) going in and out of that thing.

Also, if you have Military grade night vision goggles, use it to see what you cannot see with the naked eye.  You will be surprised to see that there are a lot of flying objects called UFOs moving in the sky.

Another way is to use the lake or a small river to see the reflection of the stars in the sky at night.  If you see a star or stars being reflected on the surface of the lake then that is a Galactic ship.  Because stars that are far out in the universe or galaxy Cannot have reflection on the water but only nearby or those around orbiting the solar system.

The Cabal and the Illuminati cannot shoot it down as they have the means to know the future that alerts them far in advance. Plus, they can glide to higher dimensions and back to lower dimension in a matter of seconds.

Remember what was said by Jesus/Sananda in the bible that in the end of the age they will segregate those who belong to the light and those who belong to the evil group who refuse to relent and return to the light.  We are already reaching that period.  They know who are the faithful minions of the Cabal from the great masses of people of the world.

I have good news for those who were hoping for the RV to happen, that you have been heard.  Rest assured that they will respond to your collective intentions to manifest the RV and the GCR.  Your collective positive thoughts have created a ripple effect to the etheric world. And they could not help but respond and allow it to happen along with their added push to manifest it.  So do not be dismayed, instead continue with what you have done.  If you can encourage others to do the same then do so. The more the better.  The bigger the commotion that creates the ripple the better is the response.  As the universe will have to respond to your collective positive thoughts creations recognizing each and everyone of you as part of the Creator who finally realized that they are God's and Goddesses.

Right now it's just a matter of timing and safety. But it is very likely to happen before the end of this year.  The RV first then followed by galactic disclosure.

Ignore the words Project  Blue Beam.  This is real Galactic presence and in the skies of San Diego area.  This type of Galactic light ship was also seen in the skies of China a few years ago.  And now they are in the states.


  1. So hard going ? WHY ? God is omnipotent! when he does not quickly cut off the wicked ?

  2. I dont know if you are telling the truth but i truly wish you are indeed telling the truth.