Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Seven Trumpets

Note: For those who made copies of the pages here on this article you may want to update them as I added some more pages and rephrase some sentences to make it more easy to understand.

The Galactic Federation of Light along with the Spiritual Hierarchy is working with President Trump and with some US Generals and other world leaders to bring about the change that this world desperately needs. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What's in the Envelope?

Note: A lot of people are wondering and speculating about the contents of the envelopes given to the various people during the funeral service of former President Bush Sr.  

What could it be?  
Was it just a thank you note/card? Or indictments notice? 
We shall soon see.

Zorra Call - Dec. 9, 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

France: "Freedom from Control"

Note:  I used to work with French people for more than 2 years.  And I know how assertive French people are.  The mainstream Media is Obviously controlled by just a few private individuals.  The French have been in violent protest for so many years but none of the efforts they demonstrated ever reach the mysterious mainstream media.  You wont see these videos displayed on the news. 

Possible Solution:
Maybe its time to remove ALL governments worldwide. No more nations or countries. Enough to the division and control governments do to the people of the world. All governments around the world anyway are infested with cabal minions. By ending all governments, then it will remove their ability to control the population. Bring back power to the people by forming their own local community council of 12 temporary leaders which will be assigned alternately to all people. And the job of the council is to see to it that everyone receives a fair share and all their needs are met. No more poor or homeless people, no more sick. And no one has to work like a slave spending much of their lifetime for a money that was created out of thin air. Everyone can work voluntarily and not by compulsion. Start Barter trade of not just commodities but also skills of everyone can be bartered in exchange for other skills or help people can get. And this will end wars and greed. And bring peace, harmony and prosperity to everyone.  

Zorra Call for Dec. 2, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wyoming's Devs Tower is a Giant Ancient Tree!

I just want to share what some friends in FB posted about the Dev Tower in Wyoming which happens to be a giant ancient petrified tree. For hundreds of years people actually thought that this was a rocky mountain.   This indeed will rewrite the world history.  The Earth is REALLY way beyond the six thousand years old as taught by the bible.  The rings of this ancient tree will reveal the real age of the Earth.  As a tree grows older, it creates a series concentric rings that tells how old the tree is.  And that would give us an idea of how old the Earth really is.  

By the size of the diameter of the petrified tree it could date back more or less 100,000 years!   

Pre-Genesis Period, Earth was already inhabited by the Galactic Federation of Light settlers coming from various star systems.  And this tree was one of the tree they brought from the stars and planted on Earth.  

another example

Sunday, November 18, 2018

California Fires & The NWO Agenda 21- 2030: Latest Incriminating Evidence by Edward Morgan

Note:  Most of the people that were hit by the fires in California are those who were vocal in their exposing the secret/shadow government.  So be careful because the forest fires are directed to you intentionally.  And at the same time do not let this silence you.  Instead be united with those who are like minded and seek help from President Trump and the US Military.  It is time for the US Airforce to act and patrol the skies of California including the Stratosphere region above the clouds.  

Where’s the fire? Only the home was incinerated. Surrounding grass and trees are untouched. What kind of wildfire dustifies a building like that and doesn’t spread to the most highly combustible materials?


California is not the only place on our planet where exotic weaponry and other measures have been used to advance the agenda of the New World Order but it’s the most noticeable and active at the moment.

We have extraordinary images, both still and video, of the carnage created by psychopathic, satanic murderers who believe they have the right to control and manipulate Humanity.

Any sane, thinking person cannot look at the images we have as evidence and fail to realize it is due to intentional, planned, and high tech machinations.

In the image above, we can see that the home burned from the inside out (like a microwave) and was reduced to white ash. A typical home fire leaves black timbers and soot and would have quickly spread to the surrounding grasslands and trees in “wildfire”-like fashion.

The image below is more typical of the scene after a traditional fire. The trees are burned, the rubble is black.

Paradise, CA wildfire rubble Nov 2018

There are many facets to the agenda to clear Humans out of desirable areas in California, in particular, and pack them into tiny, concentrated urban areas where they will be under constant surveillance and easily controlled.

I am not going to get into all the aspects of this plan again and how they have been engineering the gradual herding of the Human cattle (how “they” view us) because I have addressed this so many times before, but since the controllers have resumed their despicable agenda anew with even more horrific consequences, I wanted to provide the latest material available as evidence and add more fuel to the fire, if you’ll pardon the pun.

I hope that if the information is out there in as many places as possible, the right people will find it and wake up to what is happening. Californians need to DO something about this problem. They need to band together and take authorities to task.

We understand a group is suing PG&E, a Rothschild company. That’s a good start. Don’t miss this next video for an excellent update. Isn’t it interesting that the Rothschilds are broke, selling properties, stocks and artwork, and now the corrupt Gerry Brown, puppet Governor of California, is getting federal funds after telling us these fires are the “new normal”?


Deborah Tavares at Stop the and Jamie Lee at A Plane Truthchannel to name two, have amassed more information than anyone would need to do this and Deborah has done Town Hall meetings in Santa Rosa, CA. Educate yourselves and don’t let the psychopaths’ minions intimidate you. They will use every trick in the book to manipulate their victims.

Thanks to social media, blogs and citizen journalists on YouTube, there are now more people realizing that the fires are intentional and the destruction is not accidental or even arsonist in the usual sense of the word. They’re not started by BBQs or some lone nut, despite what the lamestream, lying, treasonous media tells the public.

The psychopaths own nearly all the mass media outlets and they tell the talking heads what to say. It’s all scripted.

Total devastation in Paradise, CA. Look at all those beautiful trees… untouched by the “wildfires” while homes were levelled. Photo credit: Sacramento Bee

I have shared this video below in the past but it screams sabotage and illustrates the points one needs to note to understand there is no other explanation other than the fact that California is under siege with exotic weapons. No rational person with any intelligence can watch this video and believe the lies told to shroud the agenda in fear and happenstance.

There was no one here spraying water on homes to prevent fire from leaping from one to the next. Everyone was evacuated because they started the fires in specific places and whipped up the winds to gale force “Santa Ana” style and knew where the fires they started to camouflage this leveling of thousands of homes would take place.

No one was there to see this unfold—until just recently in November 2018 when people trying to flee were killed in their vehicles trying to escape, as shared in video yesterday. A resident returned to find the skeletons of neighbours in their cars trying to escape. I am not going to surmise how those deaths occurred as it could have been multiple causes and even I am not ready to accept that the psychopaths used directed energy weapons on people rather than just property.

Don’t take my word for it. Explore this website and consider the multi-pronged approach the shadow government’s “military industrial complex” uses to eliminate most of the Humans on this planet and scrape the remnants into pathetic little piles in areas where they deem it convenient for us to reside, while slaving our lives away to make them wealthy.

They consider themselves “elite”. They are not—in any sense of the word. In fact, they are less than Human. I call them sub-Human. In fact they are only partially Human; hybrids. They are a scourge that needs to be eradicated from our planet. That is The Plan, as outlined by QAnon, and it has been in the works for many years. For eons.

Finally, someone or a group of someones realized that if the planet and her people were to be saved from certain catastrophic destruction by these sadistic creatures, the plan to stop it had to be implemented—and immediately. They wanted to remain in the shadows and selected Donald Trump as the intermediary with the public. He rose to the challenge and has performed admirably but he cannot eradicate thousands of cabal ‘soldiers’ on his own. They infiltrate every department of the government and its agencies. Mercenaries do their thug work. The President needs the full support of The People and they need to mobilize and take action.

Man cannot easily fight an invisible enemy, so those of us who became aware of our plight have been doing our best to warn and educate others. Many refuse to see the truth. We have all been programmed to accept certain tenets of life that are the opposite of the reality and unfortunately, some people can’t see that they have been deceived, or can’t face it.

It’s time to put our pride aside and realize we’ve all been deceived, tricked, and manipulated into doing what the jailors on the planet wanted us to do. No more. It ends here. We no longer have the luxury of sleeping through the nightmare to wake up and find it was all a bad dream. The threat is real, and it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to be our own saviours.

There are several good articles at this website about the topic. Californians must understand they are under attack and take action to stop it.

Does the forced exodus from the Golden State involve a giant rail project? Is this part of the, “You’re going to get rid of your cars” initiative?

Or is it about the gold?

There are always red herrings tossed out in the alt media to divert from the truth. Or perhaps they’re all true. They tried to evict the Bundys in Nevada for the uranium, and we understand most of America was sold off to China and other countries right out from under the American people.

There are many factors in play here and it will take time to get to the whole truth.

Be sure to see the comprehensive coverage of the current fire situation at Galactic Connection. It’s lengthy with plenty of photographs—some from the Sheriff’s Department, and maps.

Our hearts are with the people of California as they battle these psychopaths. Stay strong, stick together, and get these bastards. ~ BP

California Wild Fires, Agenda 21-2030 with Debbie Bacigalupi


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mike Quinsey's Message - Nov. 16, 2018

You are waiting for what has become to be known as the “Event” and in the higher realms it is seen as in the Now, and it is therefore difficult to put a date on it. At best it is possible to say that there is a probability it will occur quite soon, and within the period of the next 10 years. However, that should only be taken as a guide as things are constantly changing. It is unwise to hold fast to firm predictions even for such a great Cosmic Event, but be prepared for it to occur within most of your lifetimes. When the vibrations reach the inevitable high point Ascension will take place, and nothing will delay or prevent it. In the meantime it is therefore up to you as individuals to apply yourselves to the task of raising your vibrations so that you are ready for it and assured of going through.

It is wise to follow your intuition as information and news of general happenings is often only partially true or at times completely false. At this stage you do not necessarily need to know in depth as to what is really happening and rather concentrate on your immediate task of getting ready for Ascension. Having come this far it is unlikely that you will waver or lose control, but beware of being dragged into matters that are not in your interests. All kinds of things are happening, as the cleansing that is taking place is bringing matters to the surface to be cleared. It includes bringing the truth to light so that you will eventually truly be enlightened. The fact is that you have been living in a make believe era where little that is placed before you is the true reality. The dark Ones have for a long time controlled the “News” and hidden the real truth, and fed you distortions or even lies to stop you finding out what was really going on.

You have long had a secret government that has dictated to politicians and big business what they should do, and its main objective has to keep you in the dark. That way you would not find out the truth and at the same time would be kept in a state of need. However things are changing and it is getting harder for the truth to be concealed and that which was hidden is being revealed, along with the truth of how you have been fooled into believing you were free citizens, when in fact you have been the prisoners of the dark Ones. When the truth starts to come out there will be a time of doubt that such crimes against Humanity could have been concealed for so long. However, the proof will be there for all to find, and those who have been guilty of those crimes will have to answer to everyone for them.

For a long time you believed that you were at the centre of the Universe, but that myth has long been recognised, and in reality you are just one small planet amongst billions. As a civilisation you are also in fact relatively new in the Universe, and have been kept from understanding your true relationship to everything else. That period has now ended and you are being given more of the truth about your evolution, in preparation for your coming advancement and upliftment. Be assured that such decisions were made so as to allow you to develop naturally, in the process of which your experiences enabled you to evolve spiritually. Those times ended with the coming of 2012 and the New Age that followed from which time you have gradually been introduced to a greater understanding of the truth. It has been necessary to open your eyes to what has really been happening in your Solar System, and introduce information that would allow you to comprehend your place in it. More importantly you needed to know the purpose of life and that each soul has eternal life.

You have been evolving as a species and helped at all stages to ensure that suitable progress was made. You should by now be aware that you have been given freewill and allowed to experience in any way that you wished. However, that comes with responsibility for your actions which is why some of you still have karmic experiences to clear. They are all the result of negative actions that have to be made good. It is through such experiences that you learn to be positive and express yourself in terms of Universal Love. “All is One” and consequently you must make good your mistakes against other souls who are your Brothers and Sisters. Understand that over many, many lives you have incarnated into the different Races for specific experiences, so as you see them now realise that you are connected to each other, and in essence are all the same Beings of Light. Even those that are currently experiencing negativity are still One with you, and travelling the same path to the higher dimensions. It may take them longer but they will be given ample time and help to advance, and there is no reason why they should not be successful.

In the near future you will meet those who have worked with you and closely followed your evolution. Some you now know by name as the Blue Avians who have been connected with the Human Race for quite some time. Also bear in mind that you have connections with Star Systems such as the Pleiades, Sirius and even Andromeda. As souls from many different Star Systems many of you have come to Earth to further your evolution that is always ongoing until you once again become a Being of Light. At this stage it may sound unreal and a strange concept, but you are simply on a path back to from whence you originally came. That is a broad outline of a soul’s journey, but understand you have a most exceptional history and not for the first time have incarnated into a new Universe. As you grow in consciousness your understanding will become that much greater and you will reach your present goal to become a Galactic Being.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. Anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and resolve not to be diverted from your goal.This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ancient MEGA Star Map in Hawaii

Hawaii islands are part of the ancient Lemurian civilization.  The lines on the ground gives us the glimpse of the past.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Library of Porthologos by Dianne Robbins

Side Note: Underneath the Aegean Sea there is an entrance way to the Porthologos Library of Hollow Earth.  In addition to antigravitic ships this is part of the reasons why the Titans such as: Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and etc. in the past have an easy access to the surface of the Earth.  According to Zorra the Titan giants are awakening from their Deep Slumber as their bodies are kept in the Stassis Chamber on one of the Galactic Motherships underneath the ice of Antarctica.  Some of the governments of the world who have access to that part of Antarctica have already seen these sleeping giants and have photographs of them.  And they have been studying them for quite some time.  They noticed that the giants are starting to wake up by showing signs of motion and movements on their bodies. The people of Hollow Earth are around 15 to 17 feet tall.  But the Titans are twice that tall around 32 to 34 feet tall. 

Just like the Lemurians were asked by the Spiritual Hierarchy to migrate to the Inner Earth and Hollow Earth regions and allow the invading forces of the Annunakis and Reptilians to rule the Earth until the end of the age of Pisces (Dec. 21, 2012).  It was also the same with the Titans they were asked to vacate the surface of the Earth and sleep in stassis chambers until they are called by the Galactics to wake up.  And today this is the time they are being asked to WAKE UP!  These Titan Giants have a lot to say about the true history of the world as well as the secrets of the Annunakis and Reptilians.  Take note also that in the time of the Titans they were NOT being worshipped by people nor they allow people to worship them.  Instead, they were the representatives of the "The Source God" as his children and they hailed from the center of the Universe.  It is only in recent times where misinterpretation have occurred and have people thought they were worshipped as gods.  They are also Gods but they are not in anyway worshipped because they practiced respect and equality among all Gods and Goddesses. And all of us humans by category are also Gods (male) and Goddesses (female) and we are not that different from them.  The only major difference is that they have been around in existence for a much longer period of time than the human race.

Remember Parthenon? Notice how tall the Goddess Athena is.


The Library of Porthologos Is in a Huge, Carved-Out Cavity

The Library of Porthologos is vast and round, situated within the inside of the Hollow Earth cavity. We are in a huge, carved-out cavity. We are not out in the open as you might imagine. Mother Earth keeps her inner grounds pristine by providing living space within her interior body and not out in the open spaces.

Our inner caverns are perfectly suited to our living style and when we want to swim in the oceans or climb the mountains, it is but a short trip to the center of the Hollow Earth cavity in our electromagnetic vehicles that levitate through the vast tunnel system in just minutes of your time. You will all experience this soon, as the time of our emergence will bring us to you and we will escort you to our homes within the Earth. All is lit up in the softest and clearest of light, and the temperatures are perfectly suited to our health and strength.

All our lives we’ve waited for this moment to connect with you on the surface, and now it is here. Our hearts are brimming over with love for all our lost brothers and sisters, and we yearn to connect to each and every one of you again. Our hearts are one.

Our Haven Underground

There are so many Catharians gathered around me, Mikos, as I dictate this message to you. We are out on the grounds that surround the great Library of Porthologos. We are sitting on grass that is as soft as a cushion, breathing in the fragrant, oxygen-filled air that keeps us eternally young and vibrant. This pure air is “nectar” to our lungs, and keeps our bodies free from disease.

The oxygen on the surface has reached such low levels that you are being oxygen starved, which opens the way for pathogens to invade your body. We, here in the Hollow Earth, breathe clean, pure air, and drink the purest of water, which is still as pure as the day Earth was created.

We are so fortunate to be living in this haven under the ground. We sit here, propped up comfortably on our pillows and stools, just breathing in the air and smelling the scents of the enormous flowers blooming all around us. This is a wonderland of beauty, and this beauty is reflected in our souls.

Our bodies respond to our environment, and out-picture what surrounds us. And what surrounds us is magnificent to behold. We are surrounded by trees and flowers that emanate strength and health, and we in turn feel this strength and health, and our bodies conform to this picture. So our bodies mirror our surroundings. They mirror the perfection of our environment. We, in turn, mirror perfection back—thus completing the cycle of perfection that is never ending. Because of this perfect cycle, our bodies can remain in a perpetual state of perfection, never sickening, nor aging, nor dying. It is a closed cycle of perfection.

It is noon here now, and we bask in the full spectrum light of our Inner Central Sun, as it hangs in our “sky”. Our sky is the very center of the Hollow Globe, and our sun doesn’t move, as your sun appears to. Ours just hangs there, “dead center”, held by the forces of gravity pulling around its circumference so that it is perfectly balanced and remains in place.

The inside of the Earth is concave, and spirals up and across and around us. So our picture of “heaven” is from a different perspective or angle than yours. You look straight “up”, and we look “around” us. So today, as always, the sun is shining down upon our gathering here on the Library Grounds. Our work here in the Library is not work as you term it, but joy to our hearts. We do what we love, and we do it in leisure. We have no time clocks to punch, and no time clocks to tell us when to stop. We each know what we want to accomplish each day, and we stay as long as we want or until we complete our work. However, we don’t set long hours the way you do on the surface. Our workday is short compared to yours. In terms of hours, our workday is less than half the hours of your work day. So should we want to work “overtime”, we have the flexibility of doing so without it infringing on the other areas of our lives. And our lives remain always balanced, because our schedules allow us the time to do so many other things each and every day, above and beyond the hours we spend on our “jobs”.

We live perfectly balanced lives of ease and comfort, and have created everything we need to develop our talents, expand our minds, and strengthen our bodies. We have music and dance conservatories and theatres everywhere. We are always dancing and singing together, fine tuning our talents and evolving them to do more and more creative things.

Our lives are filled with creativity, and we delight in what we create. For what we create is shared with all, so that we all benefit from each other’s talents and abilities. We all teach each other and we all learn from each other. We thrive on cooperation, we thrive on sharing, and we thrive on giving as much as we can to each other, which means that we end up having all that we’ve all created. So our gifts are multiplied—our blessings are multiplied—and we reap the abundance of our civilization underground. Nothing is hoarded or “owned”, as you do on the surface, for it’s not necessary, nor even logical, when you understand that we are all a part of the Earth, and therefore everything belongs to everyone, and yet nothing is owned by anyone, because everything is free for everyone to use.

Sharing is the key—not owning. Just change your words and you will change your ways. And changing the way you do things will change your lives—and will bring them back into balance, so that you, too, will have the leisure to develop your creativity and talents and explore the Earth, rather than devour her. For once you explore the intricacies and beauty and magic of Nature, you cannot abhor and destroy her, you can only emulate and love her, and know beyond a doubt that she is you, and you are her. For whatever you destroy outside yourself, you destroy within yourself, for Nature out-pictures you, as much as you out-picture Nature.

Just look around you at the devastation of Earth’s forests and oceans, and it will show you the parts of yourself that you are destroying inside your very own bodies. The Earthquakes that are becoming so prevalent on the surface are now surfacing within your very own emotional and physical bodies.

Everything you do to the Earth, you do to yourself. Remember, there is only one consciousness. You and We are part of the one consciousness. As you destroy a part of the one, the other parts are affected.

You are not separate from the Earth. You are the Earth; you just don’t know it yet. But as you wake up from your deep slumber of millions of Earth years, you will remember the connectiveness of all life, and how the health of one is connected to the health of all. Surface humans cannot survive if they destroy their surroundings and wage wars on their own species, just because they live on different parts of the planet.

We, here in Porthologos, are so grateful to each blade of grass, to each petal on a flower, to each leaf on a tree. For the harmony we feel is the same harmony that the flowers and trees feel, and which enables us to grow in stature and accounts for the enormity in size of our trees, which tower above the ground like your skyscrapers, because nothing is holding them back. They and we are free to grow in size, free to expand ourselves, because everything is in a state of expansion, not contraction, as you witness and experience on the surface.

When you are “open” to life, you can only expand. When you are in struggle and lack and fear, you can only close down and diminish your stature, for fear of being seen or fear of standing out among others. You squelch your power, squelch your intuition, squelch your feelings, trying to fit into the mold of the lowest common denominator of the people around you. This stunts not only your physical growth, but your soul growth as well. When you open to the fact that you and the Universe are one, you will awaken to all that you are and begin to expand your horizons and literally grow in size—height and width.

Your mind and body are connected. If you think small, you grow small. If you think life only exists on Earth’s surface and nowhere else, then you’ve shortened yourself, which shortens your physical height, just as your thoughts have shortened your vision. Expand your thoughts, and you expand your world; expand your world, and your body responds in spurts of growth and renewal.

If you only knew all that you are, you would be living like Kings and Queens, in palaces of gold, not on dirty, littered city streets. You’ve dethroned yourself, and you don’t even know it.

Wake Up, Surface Dwellers! For if you don’t, the Earthquakes within your souls will blast you back into consciousness of who you are—and that might mean the devastation of your current living conditions being turned to rubble.

Although it’s hard work to dig yourself out of an earthquake, once you’re free of its rubble and you see that everything you “owned” is gone, you will awaken with the shock and realize that all you have is yourself. Suddenly, from within the depths of your Being, you find the strength and wisdom that was buried inside you. Earthquakes clear density, so sight is restored and vision returned, enabling you to see and be all that you truly are.

Our vision has always been clear, since density does not cloud our vision underground. We see clear and far, because nothing obstructs our vision. We can see out among the Stars, even though we’re under the ground, because nothing impedes our sight.

When you clear yourselves of all belief systems and negative thoughts and negative feelings, you too will feel the clarity and harmony within yourselves, and will be able to see all that has been kept from you by your governments. You will be able to “see through” all their deceit, and the truth about life on other planets and life within the Earth will shine through your eyes and be fully exposed to all.

We are still sitting here beneath our sun as I bring this dictation to its end. We thank you for taking our message.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

Monday, October 22, 2018

Signs of the Times in France

This is indeed the Galactics making their presense felt/seen.  My suggestion to the Galactics is that next time they do some visuals in the sky use the letter "Q" instead of letter O.  And that would definitely send shivers to the spine of the French and the rest of the Europeans to awaken more people.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Jared & Zorra with Jane - A Time for Change Call - October 3, 2018

Note: Very interesting discussion on various topics such as: Elvis Presley is still alive and is living in San Diego, Ca.  And Bruce Lee is also still alive living in Shanghai, China.  They faked their deaths in order to elude the contracts they had.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Vulnerability of Voting Machines

The reliability of voting machines are in question. There should be another way of counting the votes that cannot be hacked.

Sheldan Nidle's Updates - October 2, 2018

Selamat Jalwa (Be in righteousness) All is as before. While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forward dynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal. Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. As our Earth allies continue to carry out the next stage of our ever-evolving strategies, victory is assured. These plans of action are immensely complex and include a myriad of variables. Remember that this is a global undertaking. We recognize that the time to dismantle the current power structure is taking its toll on your patience. We ask for your continued perseverance and trust while these joint timetables are in process. They will manifest in right divine time. Be confident and gracefully accept that the time approaches for your blessings to begin. Be prepared to use the prosperity promised you to fulfill all your dreams.

The entire process of altering this planetary society has become much more complicated than first expected. Your world was initially conceived by the Anunnaki as a realm utterly convinced of the invincibility of those in power. Thus, the present crew of minions saw themselves as Beings capable of overcoming whatever might reduce or end their hold on power. A contemptuous set of core beliefs was deeply etched into humanity's psyche. One of many reasons we have had such difficulty in supporting our partners in the Light was the very persistence of these insane conceptions. But now, day by day, these beliefs are receding as Heaven beams bursts of positive and consciousness-raising energies at humankind. We have watched as our earthly partners triumphantly transformed this negative ideology while launching a succession of major arrests among this global gaggle of sycophants. The intent of this operation is to ensure that prosperity will lead directly into GESARA for your long-suffering world. Step by inevitable step, this is indeed becoming the case!

As you view your planet, you observe how these changes are taking place. The real truth is that this world of yours can no longer function as it previously has. A glaring and desperate need for change is everywhere. The water crisis is one of the most obvious. Most of your world lacks a totally safe water supply. Resources to provide it are there yet are unavailable, owing to politics and supposed expense. Blessings are to be bestowed, empowering you to use these funds to solve this monstrous humanitarian crisis. This is one of many infrastructure problems to be resolved: many others, such as roads, bridges, and restoring war-torn countries, require compassion, courage and cutting-edge thinking. We know that a great many people are standing by, eager to demonstrate the solutions needed for success. It is a matter of providing a solid foundation for all by producing enough food to end starvation forever.

Surface changes are also affecting the inner realms of Mother Earth. Even the central Sun, the crystal core of your planet, is heating up. This increase of energy is in preparation for Gaia's coming move into full consciousness. These alterations to the Earth's crystalline core are reflected in ecological changes occurring in many parts of Inner Earth: these are being addressed by its Governing Council and the people of Agartha. They decided to increase the frequency of their rituals and send to Gaia's surface specialized teams of scientists who could propose more felicitous solutions. Your Agarthan supporters and your sacred secret associates are alert and equipped to begin a sequence of events that are to result in triumph for the Light. Heaven blesses all who support Gaia's transformation; and all who have worked tirelessly in establishing a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworked worldwide currencies and, most of all, a global network of common law. These various frameworks are now interlocked in place to transform and enLighten your dark and distorted reality. Never allow all the previous delays to diminish and dispirit your vision of a new and sacred realm for all humanity. Final celebrations are coming into view! Hallelujah!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with great blessings! We watch as each of you grow in consciousness and gracefully use your new skills to help move the process forward toward your ultimate freedom. Now you are to observe as many unknown to you rise and, in unison, assist Gaia and this "global village" in which you reside to transform and co-create a marvelous new reality. This is the reality that is to welcome your greater family. Always remember that this is all a divine blessing. We thank those of courage and magnificent abilities who have made it possible. We also thank each one of you, who has long held this vision and unleashed your bounteous energies to be added to all that we do.

This undertaking has taken several millennia to develop. You, and your progeny, are to joyfully savor its most delectable fruit. Be ever grateful to Heaven and ready to praise all those who have journeyed from afar to assist you in this sacred cause. As Masters, we deeply bless this task and are fully aware that this momentous change is to be sublimely peaceful. It is to be the dawn of a greater shift, signaling the end of cabal rule. You are to be introduced to clean and transparent governance! This is a new era of rebirth and unsurpassable joy at how Heaven is transforming your reality.

Vibrant spiritual energies will be available to alter your existing reality and prepare you for your crystal Light chambers. Their special living Light is to return to you what the Atlanteans stole. You are to expand this large assembly of Masters and complete the work begun long ago in ancient Lemuria. You are to witness the rebirth of this solar star nation and use your superior new powers to greatly intensify the meditations and prayers that we perform each day in support of Gaia and her sister worlds. Our Sun contains a mighty Spirit that welcomes you in joy to this new realm. The darkness under which you have lived has served a purpose. You are to use its acquired wisdom, much as we have, to transmit the power of the Light to all corners of the Universe. As beings in divine service, we joyously await what Heaven so desires. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we moved forward with our messages about what is unfolding all around you. Your reality is shifting, preparing itself to be transformed by the Light. In the course of this process you are being readied to meet your spiritual and space families. You will then be able to become fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Top Ten Lies of the Bible in PDF format (2018)

For those who were clamoring for a printable format copy of this document, here it is.  You can now download this and have it printed.  To download: just click the down arrow at the right hand side below the Scribd document.

Corrections:  On page 77 of this document-  it should be read: 
"The Galactics confirmed that the physical body of Yeshua (Jesus) is currently inside the Stasis Chamber of the New Jerusalem Mothership. And it does NOT grow old even though it's been around for thousands of years. It is safe and ready to be used by Sananda anytime he wishes to visit the Earth.  Instead of incarnating allover again; he can just be as Yeshua Jesus once again by wearing that body again."

I was typing this paragraph so fast that I did not noticed that the word "NOT" was not included.  The document or book is still a Work in Progress and so there are still some misspelled words and some words that might be missing from the sentences that is part of the intended meaning.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

News About the Friends from the Pleiades

I decided to change the format of this movie that instead of just animated it should be a film with real people along with some added visual effects like 3D objects and environments composited with live action.  And so, this means I will be hiring actors to play the role of the characters in the movie and also people that will do the voice over and narration.  Don't be dismayed, this movie will eventually come out but not soon as stated earlier. 

Manny Pineda

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sheldan Nidles Update - Sept. 4, 2018

Dratzo! We return! Your progress toward achieving ultimate victory for the Light continues to move ever forward, step by step. As we watch the way the Alliance, our Earth allies, work together to implement the very discreet and painstakingly orchestrated blueprint that we helped them formulate, we can’t help but feel some pride. Their dynamic plan of action continues to bewilder the overconfident dark cabal. Multi-dimensional in nature, up until now the strategy has been slow and steady. Expect to see an acceleration of movement as Truth continues to be revealed. The general public is waking up despite the cabal’s relentless determination to halt your evolution. Fortunately, their hubris will be their downfall. The cabal’s reign over you is fading. We ask you to remain positive and find solace in your Faith.

The Alliance’s more galactic temperament is, so far and with due diligence, outmaneuvering the dark and its many allied associates. It is all part of an astute and meticulously followed master plan that is to vanquish the dark from your planet. A grassroots revolution is brewing, a new and scrupulously moral system of common law that is mandated to be formally reintroduced to your world. A range of broad, interlocking investigations has brought to light the nefarious secrets of the dark cabal. These inquiries are to set the tone for its legal fall from power. They are associated with the rise of various transitional governments, whose primary purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who served as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious “war on terror”. The process is still under way at this very moment.

The process of this “house cleaning” can institute new governments genuinely founded on liberty, justice and individual sovereignty. Through the practice of functional morality people-run republics can serve as intended, and global abundance be disbursed unhindered. These changes are to alter the very nature of your reality into a quite different entity. Rarely does Heaven condone such an immense modification in so short a time. Normally, this degree of change is made over centuries, not in less than a decade. This sanction is divine compensation resulting from the dark cabal’s open defiance of sacred decrees that governed the makeover of your reality.

When the hour arrives for the dark cabalists to prepare to step down, we will closely scrutinize those poised to succeed them. It is imperative that the designated caretaker governments establish a form of representative governance that supports your development, present and future. The prosperity programs and the many beneficent projects that these interim regimes initiate will need to be synchronized with one another. Moreover, these regimes will require new rules that empower each of you to freely participate in the process of governing: they will be among the earliest steps you take toward your galactic society. Take time to acknowledge The Being you are becoming and the towering responsibilities that you are to undertake in actualizing your new galactic society.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters. We return with more items to discuss with you. Your present “un-civilization” is to be morphed into one that radiates harmony and joy, and sees a burgeoning of opportunity and exploration everywhere. Human society is to be returned to the august heights witnessed in Lemuria. Once again, we wish to express our deep appreciation for what you are doing. It is a significant challenge to act on faith for such a duration as this has turned out to be. Throughout this journey, your sole confirmation of this process has been these messages, plus reports you glean from the Internet. Be assured that once these extraordinary events unfold, your hardships will joyfully end.

Each individual needs to feel acknowledged and to know that their contributions are of value to their world. A sense of belonging lies at the root of a healthy local community, which in turn forms the cornerstone of a healthy global community. When you are truly free, you are fully responsible for yourself and your community. This goes hand in hand with spiritual growth. Divine service is intended to fulfill your community by freeing you to creatively use your innate abilities to solve the everyday problems that surround you. Local communities are meant to become self-sufficient and self-regulating, able to solve whatever internal problems confront them. Only then can your intuitive gifts truly function at national and global levels. As your consciousness expands, your desire for freedom commands your full attention.

Sovereignty is an immediate by-product of freedom. It gives each Being equal status with each other. Sovereignty is the special foundation upon which your good works can be built. It is the means by which you can easily manifest/realize your full creative talents. Once you truly understand how interconnected you all are, you discover how easy, effortless and effective it is to work in cooperation. This connection fosters an inevitable desire to create a loving and sustainable environment for your community. Sovereignty is the divine and lawful means for carrying out positive actions. Sovereignty is the unshakeable foundation upon which your good works can be built. It is our unwavering intention to greet you all shortly, and celebrate our shared victory.

Today, we reviewed what is unfolding on your world. Events are under way that will ultimately ensure the end of the dark cabal and its many collaborators. You are being prepared to bear witness to a wondrous event: the return of the Light to Planet Earth! From that point, it will be only a short journey back to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)