Saturday, January 6, 2018

Message from Mikos of Hollow Earth through Dianne Robbins - January 2018

I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos inside the Hollow Earth. Know that in the Hollow Earth there is more land mass than there is water. We have less islands, and more continental area. Our land masses have not broken up as yours have. Ours have been held together by our balanced thoughts and feelings and we have had no cataclysms to break them apart and no continental drifts such as occur on the surface. Everything remains intact here, which is part of our immortality syndrome, so to speak.

The continents are big pieces of land connected to each other so that we all have easy access to travel back and forth between continents. We have made these continent connectors ourselves. They are called ‘crossways’ or strips of land that we use to cross over continents. This way, we all stay connected, which is the heart of evolution.

Separation of continents separates hearts and spirits. Scattered islands reflect scattered thoughts. We are all of one thought and one spirit here, and our land-masses reflect this containment.

Our water is deep, shimmering blue, and our land is deep shimmering green, lush with growth. It is perpetually light here, and everything glows, even our skin.

Lemuria was one big land mass, and so was Atlantis before the destruction.

In the Hollow Earth, we don't have "new" years...we have one perpetual year that lasts forever...~ Mikos January, 2018


  1. Fantastic new info about Hollow Earth !
    All your Article is Great !

    Thanks !

    Love to You DEAR PINEDA !

    1. Thanks Gionorella, there is an entrance passageway to Hollow Earth off the coast of southern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. Just as there is a passageway to hollow earth at the bottom of the lake in Scotland there is also an entrance in southern Italy. Nessie the Dinosaur that many people saw in a lake in Scotland actually came from hollow earth, that animal came to the surface via the passageway at the bottom of the lake. The passageway near Italy at the adriatic sea is more special as it will lead you straight to the Portologos library in hollow earth and meet Mikos the head librarian. Portologos contains all the history of not just the earth but also the planets of the solar system as well as all the planets in the milky way galaxy.

  2. Dear Pineda, I want to go to Agartha !
    Please let me know when you make the trip !
    Thank you !

    1. I plan to make a business sometime this year, to start a tour company to promote trips to hollow earth. It will be a series of luxury cruise ships that will go to hollow earth from two locations. One is from Greenland and the other one is from Alaska. And when that happens then you are welcome to come aboard the cruise ship and be one of the first people who will visit the hollow earth. Yes, you can bring cameras, smart phones and laptop computers and even post your videos and photos of hollow earth on facebook and etc. In hollow earth trees are 6 to 8 times taller than the tallest trees we have on the surface of the earth. The fruits there such as apples is as big as a pumpkin or bigger. And you can also ride all kinds of dinosaurs there as all of them were preserve there and they are harmless, peaceful as they are vegetarians and not meat eaters.