Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Galactic Federation of Light in Action

The Flight of Malaysian Airlines MH370 did not disappear out of the sky due to malfunction but instead they got help from the Galactic Federation of Light spaceships who happens to be nearby when the incident took place. 

The Galactic Federation of Light actually detected that the Secret Societies plan to sabotaged the flight of the Malaysian Airlines because the passengers are mostly scientist /engineers who have just finished developing a technology which was highly classified and top secret.  What the Secret Societies wanted was to contain the knowledge and technology that these passengers developed for themselves and not let the whole world know about it.  And so they planned to crash the airplane so that the technology will be lost and the world will not know about it except them. 

Once the airline was up in the air they initiated the overriding effect that made the pilots of the aircraft lost control of the plane.  The Secret Societies of this world have the technology to override the control of the aircraft and jam/freeze the aircrafts pneumatic & hydraulic controls. And because of that the airline started to plummet and dive downward.   If you remember a few years ago this is what also they did with the Germanwings airline that crashed in the French mountains.  

But the Galactic Federation of Light was aware of their plan and was closely monitoring the event.  And when the airline was already descending that was when three Galactic Ships started to appear and created a triangular formation.  First they stabilized the aircraft to resume horizontal flight path and then they initiated the teleportation of the airline.  The Flash of Light that was generated that makes the airline vanish from the sky was the teleportation beam to bring the entire aircraft including the passengers out of the sky and into the orbiting motherships of the GFL which was actually in orbit around the Earth cloaked.

This means all those people on board the plane are now safe inside the GFL ships. They are being given some orientation and education about new technologies.  These technologies they are sharing to them will change the current system of this world.  We will transition from fossil fuel reliance and into free energy technologies and Galactic Travel.  These are all being readied.  It is actually very fortunate that all the passengers of that airline are scientist and engineers who can really adapt what they learn from the Galactics into our world. 

In the near future, possibly once Nesara and the New Republic is announced then they will be allowed to return to the world once the threat to their lives are gone.