Monday, January 8, 2018

Updates About Plans after the RV this Year

I have recently refined the plans I would like to do after the RV sometime this year. It will be a combination of humanitarian projects as well as businesses that will promote better awareness about the world we live in.  The brand, design and concepts are already laid out.

These are:

1.) Hollow Earth Arctic Cruise
This will be a tour company that will help bring people of the surface world into hollow earth.  There will be two major locations; one in Alaska and another one in Greenland.  Each of these locations will have hotels to accommodate those arriving from around the worldPeople can book their trip online and tour guides will pick them up from the airport.  There will be a day or two of orientation seminar that will inform visitors of what to expect when they visit the hollow earth.  Buffet that will be served are all vegetarian meals.  And animal meat are strictly prohibited, this is our way of observing respect for the people of hollow earth who do not eat or consume animals as food.  And that is something they have been doing as vegetarians/vegans for thousands and thousands of years.  This includes visiting peoples from other parts of the galaxies who are also vegetarians.  There are spaceports inside hollow earth and we will meet the visiting galactics also.

2.) Hollow Earth Supermarket
I will be doing a barter trade with the people of hollow and inner earth.  And I will setup supermarkets in many parts of the world to make this produce (both fruits and vegetables) available to the surface world. This chain of supermarkets will offer these fruits and vegetables at a very affordable price.  In fact, bulk of these will also be given at no cost to poor communities of the world.  Take note, these produce are all gigantic in size.  President Trump describes it better: "It's YUGE!"  An apple in hollow earth is as big or bigger than the pumpkin we have here on the surface.  The trees there are six to eight times taller/larger than the tallest trees we have on our mountains.

3.) Lemurian Vegetarian Restaurant
Since there will be so many gigantic size fruits and vegetables, there should be a restaurant that will cook and serve vegetarian meals.  This will promote a vegetarian lifestyle which is healthier than meat eating style.  I will be employing a lot of people and I will give emphasis to those who are poor and homeless.

4.) Lemurian Pictures
I will also be starting a film and animation studio.  One of the first movies i will make:  Friends from the Pleiades and Lemuria.

Lemuria will be about the time before the Earth was covered by ocean water. 

And the Friends from the Pleaides movie will be about a young lady named Cambreia Hill from southern Oregon who visited her grandma in Siskiyou area near Mount Shasta, California.  And while driving her Jeep Wrangler, the Pleiadians introduced themselves to her.  Eventually they allowed her inside their ship and gave her a trip of a lifetime.


  1. Thank you so much Manuel for sharing this information with the world. Your dedication in assisting humanity in such times is absolutely amazing. I am so excited to visit hollow earth and learn more about their culture. I'd love to help on the cruise ships:-) thank you so much once again

    1. Nice to know you are interested in visiting hollow earth. I will inform you when it is ready.

  2. Very interesting .!.

    Please write Article about Life-Style of Aghartan People, im very curious how to look the People with hundreds or even thousands of years ! ? ? ? !
    Please show me some Real Hollow Earth pics !

    Waiting Update, Thanks .!.

    1. Gionorella hows Italy? I will write another article in the future to answer your inquiry. But just be patient as I am busy.

  3. Hi Manny,

    I can help with the supermarket and restaurant ideas. I work at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. It's a school that advocates a raw vegan diet and alternative therapies. People from all over the world come here to recover from diseases. If you want more information please contact me at

    1. Hey Jesse, thanks your offer to help. In time, hopefully in the near future I will be contacting you for some advise about those businesses. Thanks.

  4. I will book trip to my whole family of nine. Please info me

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