Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spaceship BluePrint of Keshe Foundation - Complete Recording

Note: Mehran Keshe as revealed by the Galactics is the present incarnation of Albert Einstein. Just 3 years after Einstein passed away his soul/spirit was re-assigned to a new baby that grew up to be Mehran Keshe.  The physical body is mortal but the soul/spirit of humans are immortal it does not die it goes on to continue existing.  Listen to the insights and brilliance of the person we formerly consider as Albert Einstein and is now embodied to the person called Mehran Keshe.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sheldan Nidle Update - April 17, 2018

Selamat Balik. Let us resume our look at what is happening around your world. The dark's unrelenting arrogance, which is not permitting it to face your new and growing reality, is further allowing the Light filter in behind them. This is making it possible for the Light to merge in new and better coalitions, which are also allowing prosperity to break out of the endless delays caused by the dark. The Galactic Federation is stepping up its penetration of the growing flaws in the dark cabal's old strategies. The GF has realigned a number of defense fleets and assigned them closer to the Earth. These forces have consistently defeated the dark whenever it has chosen to hold to its position of power and fight. The situation is now reaching the critical point when the dark can no longer choose to resist. It is desperately attempting to find some ploy that will work effectively against the Light. The cabal is losing ships and personnel, a dilemma that is taking a toll on its sense of power.

Thus the dark is attempting to uncover a new strategy for its battles to allow them to maintain control. This likewise is creating serious losses in the dark's defensive and offensive forces. They are realizing that they can no longer maintain their control and persist in delaying your evolution. The Light is embarking on a mopping-up operation to clear the way for inevitable victory. It appears to us that the long-awaited dispersal of promised prosperity is inching closer to being realized every minute of every passing day. The forces of Light are weaving in a new approach that is proving quite successful. This strategy will ultimately bring forth many new developments…the revaluation of currencies, gold backed money, GCR, disclosure, release of technologies, first contact, etc.

We are in the transition phase from dark to Light. This increase in Light is also slowing down changes that are manifesting on Gaia. The dark is using earthquakes, weather wars, chemtrails, fires, among others, to destroy the planet and her people. Recent changes are enabling the Light to slow down these calamitous earth events that the cabal is bent on continuing. When NESARA/GESARA is formally in place, all the dark's skullduggery will be stopped in its tracks. Once this occurs, Lightworkers will be called upon to step in and rebuild a world based on cooperation, harmony and peace. More is taking place behind the scenes than could ever be reported in your many news outlets.

Another ongoing issue is the path of Syria and North Korea towards peace. Although the old tried-and-true war rhetoric is not working as it once did, the cabal continues to use war as a fear-mongering tool to keep the masses in a panic. Behind the scenes, peace talks are reaching the point where agreements are forming. With them, reasons for announcing NESARA/GESARA compliance become much more evident to those who understand what is actually going on. When researching your planet's current events, we encourage you to use discernment. This new peaceful and harmonious world is beginning to manifest in place of the past threats of burgeoning war that seemed inevitable. Now much of it can be avoided. Keep visions of peace at the forefront of your daily meditations.

Blessings, we are your Ascended Masters. We come at the beginning of a new era in your history. The dark and its misery are finally beginning to fade from reality. In turn, the Light is beginning to reveal how strong it has become. All understand that a whole sequence of new relationships is forming. The dark ones are scrambling to find a way to halt the Light. In this new realm we are witnessing peace talks that, until now, had been considered folly. This new coalition of Light is bringing about the downfall of those who, in the name of the dark, formerly obstructed or delayed your rise in consciousness. Thus, we have amassed powerful coalitions of previously unlikely allies, which are organizing a dauntless and tenacious force that cannot, and will not, be ignored.

Now, this new landscape of the Light hearkens to all a new, victorious and prosperous day. Now, it is possible to begin to see just how the new prosperities are to come about. It is this thrust forward that is at the core of all that is unfolding. As the Light gathers strength, the dark sees its old ways swiftly vanishing. Divide and conquer no longer works. This truth brings joy to us, and Victory to the Divine Plan. As the list of indictments grows, the dark finds they no longer can survive the growing consciousness of humanity. It is becoming an annihilation of those who once ruled with such breathtaking arrogance. The days of their unholy rule are coming to an end. Hallelujah!

We are approaching a new era when what remains of the dark is meant to quickly disappear. We Masters are heartened by what is now manifesting around your world. As the dark's ways grow thinner, it is becoming clear who will be victorious. It is the Light, and what we stand for ? freedom, prosperity, peace and new governance. Formal announcements are waiting in the wings to be proclaimed. Hang on, and watch what the winds blow in…a new galactic society. The old ways of division, separation and war no longer work. In their stead is the expansion of our new Unity consciousness. After a slow beginning, it is picking up its collective speed and strength. Hooray for the onset of a brand new day! Nonetheless, you have experienced far too many delays and frustrations. The time approaches for this new way to be formally deployed. Know that this coming new age of prosperity and this time for global peace are to be witnessed by all.

Today, we addressed some of the elements leading up to events that are to alter your world for the better. It is essential that you stay positive. We urge you to let go of your continuing sense that either nothing is shifting or that somehow the coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen. Overcome this disbelief and know that your realm is in the throes of transforming! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Monday, April 16, 2018

Antarctica Revisited 2018

Based on the recent call of Zorra he gave information as to what was happening in Antarctica.  In addition to the civilizations of Agarthians and Arcturians as mentioned last year and now there seems to be also a presence of civilization of the Annunaki factions found in another section of Antarctica.  They (Representatives of the governments of the world) are as of this moment continuing to explore and drill (excavate) the ice thousands of feet below the accumulated glaciers that has formed for thousands of years.  

It turns out it was true that there was a time in the very distant past when Antarctica was still a tropical part of the world, which explains the many cities, residential regions including tropical flora and fauna found trapped underneath the ice.  And these civilizations existed long before the time indicated by the book of Genesis.  And so these are Pre-Adamite civilizations. Something happened in the past that created the slight tipping of the poles which eventually slide the south polar region and made Antarctica as the south pole.  And that created a hole at the center of Antarctica.  

Sections of Antarctica are being allowed to melt to give way into revealing the ancient past of the Earth.  There were already technologies found there that are more high tech to what we have today.  Several spaceships were also found underneath the ice. Government representatives are arguing who should take possessions of them.  But it was suggested that it should be for all of humanity.  

These findings will QUESTION the origin of humanity as well as the validity of religions in the world including the genesis creation story of the world and the universe.  Clearly humanity came from the stars and that religion was just the Annunakis way of enslaving people of the world, who took over and conquered the world via deception.  Genesis is once again the center of questioning that there is no way that the entire Universe was made in 24 hours.  As that part of the bible clearly states the universe was made in more or less than one day which today seems to be very ridiculous.  

But today the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light in the vicinity of the Solar System is helping stabilize the Earth not to slide once again from its poles.  They assigned some cloaked motherships above the North and South Pole to prevent the Earth from flipping from its axis and the Arcturians and Pleiadians are helping on this mission.

Zorra Call - April 14, 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Keshe Foundation - Spaceship BluePrint

Note: I was thinking of studying on alternative fuel but now with this upcoming spaceship blueprint we can literally make our own spaceship without relying on fossil fuel.

Keshe Foundation
April 11 at 11:44am

Keshe Foundation Releases Spaceship Blueprint
Broadcast LIVE: 10 am CEST (EST 4 a.m.)
Sat April 14th & Sun April 15th, 2018

“We are ready to open Space to Mankind.” MT Keshe

(Recordings will be available on YouTube and ongoing programs to be announced)

The SPACESHIP BLUEPRINT release is called “Day of the MOZHAN”
The unique word MOZHAN is an acronym for the revolutionary new science of space travel, that will carry us beyond where we have ever been. Mr. Keshe states, “You will be able to develop your own cars and ships and become the Man of Space.”
MOZHAN = Man Originated Zone Habitation And Nutrition
- a Spaceship that contains everything we need.

EXCITEMENT SURROUNDS THE RELEASE of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Blueprint, as one of the the biggest announcements in human history. The Spaceship Blueprint reveals knowledge of spinning plasma fields and transcending time and space, opening doors worldwide to inspire exploration of this new plasma science. Gone forever is the old propulsion technology of rockets built with metal and screws. Join us for Live release of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Blueprint!

Millions of Knowledge Seekers have been participating in these plasma teachings from around the world, which has created an open source learning and research network.
"Sharing freely, teaching freely...we have broken the taboo of borders, nationality and race."
- Mehran T. Keshe

Individuals and nations are invited to sign the World Peace Treaty, to set aside differences and come together in a spirit of collaboration and unity, to enable peaceful applications and use of plasma technology. “As we gave the key to governments and then to the people, we have seen the people are open to share. The borders will be gone and one nation, one planet, one race becomes the reality.” Mehran T. Keshe

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND PEACE is a pre-requisite for mankind to journey into deep space. Mr Keshe has been active to bring together religious leaders, politicians, and people of all colors and nationalities to agree to Peace. The Keshe Foundation Peace Treaty must be signed by those who wish to participate in teachings or association with the Spaceship Institute.

Learn more at:,,

The Keshe Foundation is an independent, non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems such as famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power, climate change and disease through the use of specially developed plasma reactors, which will also give humanity the ability to travel in deep space. Plasma Science provides solutions and improves existing methods and use of resources that touch the lives of all beings.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran in 1958, introduced to nuclear science at a young age, and trained as a nuclear engineer, specializing in reactor technology system control. He pioneered a new plasma nuclear system, including design, fuel, testing and practical applications. Mehran Keshe has been developing and teaching plasma science for over a decade, bringing innovative solutions for energy, transportation, space travel, agriculture, food production, disaster relief and more.

The application of this new Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors and other devices, gives humanity the real freedom to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to all. Our knowledge, research and development regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling everyone to participate in the process.

THE SPACESHIP INSTITUTE'S MISSION is to enable humans to create conditions to survive peacefully in deep space, anywhere in the Universe. The Spaceship Institute provides education and practical training in the use of magnetic-gravitational fields (Magravs) and plasma-based technologies. These fields and plasma are used for space travel, creation of new materials (including food and water), generating energy and health benefits.

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute
Students at the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute have access to thousands of hours of public and private teachings. Classes are live seven days a week in multiple languages.
Find Student Application Form at:
Learn more at:

WATCH HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF PUBLIC TEACHINGS on our YouTube Channel Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Lost Tribes of Israel and the Ark of the Covenant

Note: There has been a lot of talk about this topic on Facebook, I decided to write something about it.

These two became lost or went missing relatively at almost the same time two thousand years ago. But where could they be by now? And how did they vanished? There were twelve tribes of Israel:
  1. Levi
  2. Reuben
  3. Manasseh
  4. Gad
  5. Judah
  6. Simeon
  7. Issachar
  8. Asher
  9. Benjamin 
  10. Dan
  11. Naphtali 
  12. Joseph

Of all these tribes of people numbering probably several thousands or millions surrounded the Temple in Jerusalem; only the tribe of Levi remained isolated from all the other tribes. This is because the tribe of Levi was assigned the role of priesthood were all the priests that will serve in the temple must come from. As seen from the map of ancient Palestine these tribes occupied areas forming their own local communities. And some of these territories are already occupied today by Lebanon and Syria.

The Ark of the Covenant was still in the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus (Sananda). The same thing with the twelve tribes. But prior to 90 A.D. the population of the Tribes started dwindling. Although, there were already active Jewish migration around the world at the time. But the massive disappearance of the tribes of the Jews did not happen as said by popular tradition. According to tradition is that there was a diaspora; the Jews were forced out by the Romans to leave Israel and scattered them around the world. And if that was the case then all of the Jews around the world can easily identify their own clan or tribe from where they come from. But that is not the case, Jews worldwide are unsure of what Tribe of Israel they come from as the original community home of the Jewish tribes in Palestine were cleared and disappeared from their local neighborhoods. Meaning, the reckoning of their ancestral lineage was broken and therefore the traditional clan of knowing which tribe such Hebrew/Jew belongs to have been erased, gone.  

Because in the past the Jewish people who were living on other parts of the world who visited Israel yearly to keep and celebrate the annual Festivals they just have to visit a certain tribe such as Benjamin or Reuben etc. and then people there can attest that such and such Jews are indeed part of their tribes as they know who their families are. Each tribe knows exactly if a certain surname or family name is part of their tribe as the names of their local tribe is  something they are familiar with for thousands of years.  But all of these things disappeared from Israel. Which is basically the reason why Arabs started to live inside the territories of Israel as the Jewish tribes vanished from their original homelands. And today, the lands of Israel are occupied by Arabs such as: Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. The fact that these Arabs were able to migrate to the former lands of the Israelites easily, only proves that there was a time when the tribes of Israel vanished and disappeared from their localities which gave a chance for the Arabs to move in and occupy the former lands of the Jews.

The question now is: How did all the Israeli Tribes vanished and disappeared from their own land two thousand years ago just several years after Jesus left the world? If they left the land, what made them leave in massive numbers? These are all valid questions and a serious one. And I know that the Jews worldwide wanted to know what happened to their own tribes that used to be in Israel then just vanish all of a sudden, leaving them unable to continue with their own tradition and understanding. But of course there are Jews/Hebrews who can still tell what tribe they come from such as apostle Paul. But for the rest of them the reckoning of which tribe they originate is now gone.

My personal opinion about this is that the Tribes of Israel vanished, not because they were driven away from their lands by the Romans. Instead, they left Israel because they were persuaded by Sananda (Jesus) and John the Baptist that Yahweh the one they were serving is not a benevolent god. And that they do not have to worship and serve a malevolent god. Sananda (Jesus) must have told them that there are other world out there that are not influenced by the Annunakis such as Tibet and India. Including the world inside the Earth as the Earth is hollow. The persuasion must have been very convincing for them to leave Israel en masse and travel to Hollow Earth. One of the smaller mountains of Israel has a secret passageway that leads to Hollow Earth. Sananda Jesus used this passageway in order to travel the world. Sananda by the way is the son of the Prime Creator and he was assigned to manage the experiment on Earth and has an office inside the New Jerusalem Mothership called New Jerusalem. He visited frequently all the other areas on Earth because it his job to look after the situations of all the tribes on Earth and not just Israel. 

Just as the Essene was persuaded to be separate and settled away from Jerusalem the same thing with John the baptrist who recognize they need to distance themselves from the influence of the Annunakis because Yahweh is an Annunaki and they are malevolent ETs.

And now, what about the Ark of the Covenant, what happened to it? How did it vanished? The Israelites must have left Israel already prior to the disappearance and destruction of the Temple. Some say the Ark could have been moved to the Vatican. But others say it was moved to Ethiopia. It is possible that the Galactics took it for safekeeping. The Annunakis such as Yahweh inherited technologies from the Atlantians (their allies) including the weapons for producing global flood and thermo nuclear weapons. These things could have been added to the Ark of the Covenant in addition to the law or tablets of stones. Those weapons could have been the possible reasons why those who touched the Ark died instantly because of the radioactivity of the box encasement.

The Annunakis decided to hide the weapons inside the Ark so that the Galactics will not dare to take it from the Temple or will obscure the weapons hidden there, weapons that could have been used by the Atlantians to decimate the cities of Lemurians that turned into desert lands. And so these are the reasons why the Ark of the Covenant and the tribes of Israel went missing after all these millennias of time.