Monday, April 16, 2018

Antarctica Revisited 2018

Based on the recent call of Zorra he gave information as to what was happening in Antarctica.  In addition to the civilizations of Agarthians and Arcturians as mentioned last year and now there seems to be also a presence of civilization of the Annunaki factions found in another section of Antarctica.  They (Representatives of the governments of the world) are as of this moment continuing to explore and drill (excavate) the ice thousands of feet below the accumulated glaciers that has formed for thousands of years.  

It turns out it was true that there was a time in the very distant past when Antarctica was still a tropical part of the world, which explains the many cities, residential regions including tropical flora and fauna found trapped underneath the ice.  And these civilizations existed long before the time indicated by the book of Genesis.  And so these are Pre-Adamite civilizations. Something happened in the past that created the slight tipping of the poles which eventually slide the south polar region and made Antarctica as the south pole.  And that created a hole at the center of Antarctica.  

Sections of Antarctica are being allowed to melt to give way into revealing the ancient past of the Earth.  There were already technologies found there that are more high tech to what we have today.  Several spaceships were also found underneath the ice. Government representatives are arguing who should take possessions of them.  But it was suggested that it should be for all of humanity.  

These findings will QUESTION the origin of humanity as well as the validity of religions in the world including the genesis creation story of the world and the universe.  Clearly humanity came from the stars and that religion was just the Annunakis way of enslaving people of the world, who took over and conquered the world via deception.  Genesis is once again the center of questioning that there is no way that the entire Universe was made in 24 hours.  As that part of the bible clearly states the universe was made in more or less than one day which today seems to be very ridiculous.  

But today the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light in the vicinity of the Solar System is helping stabilize the Earth not to slide once again from its poles.  They assigned some cloaked motherships above the North and South Pole to prevent the Earth from flipping from its axis and the Arcturians and Pleiadians are helping on this mission.

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