Friday, May 25, 2018

A Message from Paul M. Godfrey

"My fellow Americans...from this day forth all Masonic Orders are outlawed in the U.S.. We will no longer need the FED, the CIA or any other Brit/Vatican founded organized crime entitties. We will no longer do business with Vatican City and it's World Bank, Switzerland, Britain, London City, Israel and or their Columbian cartels. Monsanto is outlawed. GMO's are outlawed. Using any chemical pesticides, fracking, nano-tech chemtrails, strip-mining and every other practice that harms nature and mankind is outlawed. Every state will build Tesla Towers to provide FREE Energy to it's populi. We hereby shall return the over 10 million homes, foreclosed upon after the Wallstreet bail-out, to their former owners and or the value thereof. All Dirivitivises and junk bond trading is outlawed! And all international trade is closed until we pay off our debt to russia and china, and disolve the entire FED fiat-illusion. As Wallstreet will be bankrupted this year, and disolved. Not one penny more, to the criminal Banksters! We will work as a unit rebuilding and funding our infra-structure and humanitarian organizations. With the money we save on ending all illegal foreign Usurping Wars. 

All prices will be frozen to avoid price-gouging, during this transformation. America will "pull-out" of every every country in the world. All combat troops abroad will be brought home asap. We will return to a barter system until a viable and valuable currency can be agreed upon. Everyone shall start growing their own food, Hemp and water collecting. All homeless may here-by lay claim to any empty houses and it's deed. All borders will be opened again to any foreigners wishing to help rebuild America's piece-meal Industries, as they have been doing all along, making America Capital Strong once more. 

Medical care will be free to all people, covered by a state to state tarriff. Each state may vote for "public servants" ONLY. State or federal lobbying, banker interest and USURY are now outlawed and are considered treason (a capital offence)! Neighborhood watches managed by Neighborhood "Moms" will be backed by all National Gaurdsmen. All F.O.P. (Fraternal order of Police), T.S.A., FEMA & D.H.S. will hereby be disbanned, removing the power of residual federal, state & local mafias, cartels and street level gangs. This is no longer an Oligarchy posing as a two party political system! No longer a Zionist/noahide-law/maritime-law Puppet! No longer a part of the global industrialization of the Vatican's World Bank and it's Jesuit/Malta War Machine! NO MORE!.. It is a country run by the people, for the people and of the people of the world. We will be a Humanitarian Nation. The FED's standing Armed forces will be disbanded and their troops assigned to their respective state and local National gaurd and Milita groups. 

We will rekindle the Americas, as a lamp of freedom for any and all who seek it. ...and also; any volunteers want to be my body gaurds? 'Cuz I'm also disbanding the City of the District of Columbia, the Pentagon, Bavarian Illuminati, and all Skull and Bonesmen will be deported back to the Vatican and England. And all Capital Buildings confiscated from the Vatican. ASAP we will tear down the Vatican owned whitehouse and replace it with a Longhouse. All politicians and congressmen/women are hereby FIRED! Local and state elected male and female representatives of each county & state may attend Longhouse. 
Our first international address will be a viable threat to Israel...remove all 13 tribesmen from Palestina within one year, or face the New America!!!!

Paul M. Godfrey

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