Thursday, July 19, 2018

Friends from the Pleiades - Coming Soon

Friends from the Pleiades is an animated series about Cambreia Hill who lives in Oregon who met the Pleiadians during her trip to Mt. Shasta while visiting her grandmother.

FYI -  The Pleiades are a group of star system located in this Milky Way Galaxy.  They were part of the Galactic Federation of Light.  And they were also one of the pioneers in living on the surface of planet Earth.  They responded to the call of the Galactic Federation to volunteer and live on the surface of the planet as this was something never been done before in any part of the Universe.  As all planet in the Universe; all their civilizations live inside the interior of their planet and not outside.  Planet Earth was the site of this experiment.  The first to arrive on the surface of the Earth to participate on this experiment was the Mushabans from planet Mushaba.  They are today the native people of the continent of Africa.  This is followed by the Lemurians from planet Lemur.  They came and occupied the Pacific and Asia, the Pacific at the time was not yet covered with ocean water.  And then the Pleiadians arrived in western Europe.  They were the ones who built the Stonehenge to allow the landing of small scoutships from orbiting motherships of the Pleiadians.  Yes, the Druids are from the Pleiades and so is the Irish, and the Scotts.

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