Saturday, July 28, 2018

Star Gate in Salina Din Romania

Photo by Tamarinda Maassen

Tamarinda Maassen is the representative of the Inner Earth People. They are the ones who inhabited the Earth way before there were people on the surface of the Earth. The inner Earth region is the solid crust of the planet which is about 800 miles thick.  After the 800 miles is the Hollow Earth region which is a hollow interior and is standard to all planets in the universe.  They use the Stargate to travel not just anywhere on Earth but also on other part of the Galaxy.  

There used to be a stargate portal situated in the middle east and it was used primarily by the Annunakis and Reptilians who came to Earth for conquest and invasion because at the time they cannot enter the solar system as they will have to contend with the Galactic Federation of Light fleet of ships.  By using the stargate portal they were able to evade detection. This stargate in the middle east was removed and relocated in Antarctica which is now covered by more than 2,000 miles thick of snow/glacier.  

The Inner Earth people their tunneling system exist allover the crust of the Earth.  It connects all the continents.  The underground shuttle that runs these tunnels are called Land Speeder.  Even Jesus (Yeshua) two thousand years ago used these transport to reach Tibet, India and elsewhere. With this shuttle you can reach the whole world in a much faster pace than any passenger airlines we have on the surface of the world.

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