Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sheldan Nidle Update - August 21, 2018

Dratzo! As the world continues to change, the cabal remains deeply perturbed at losing their grip on humanity. You have had a long struggle of ups and downs and yet your resolve to hold the Light is ever present. Most beings on your planet sense beneficial change on some level. The world you have known for centuries is in a state of collapse. The current global scene is running its course. Hot on its trail are events that promise to be quite life-changing. They involve the birth of a new era of true spiritual growth and the emergence of long-sought ideals such as peace, prosperity, and personal sovereignty. We now find ourselves in an interregnum, watching as the old Dark Age dissolves and a new era of hope and renewal comes into view.

For those of you who follow world events, you are witnessing a time when all of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. A clear plan and timetable have been set up. What we require of you now is to wait patiently while a number of seemingly unrelated events occur, unraveling the dark's agenda and replacing it with one in alignment with the Divine Plan. The Alliance has implemented a plan that is fluid. This specially- constructed, 'infinite-sum game' and its accompanying quantum solutions, are providing our Earth allies their advantage over the static cabal strategies.

Let us turn our attention in this message to an aspect that parallels your prosperity, the heavenly preparation of your physical self for full consciousness. This process entails a complete redoing of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Final reintegration is to occur while you are safely inside a crystalline Light chamber. This special living compartment of Light is to fashion a complete re-sequencing of your cellular RNA/DNA. It works as a dynamic Light instrument, according to each individual's particular requirements and orchestrates new sequencing codes that move you instantly toward achieving your full physical potential. Designed by Heaven, this process will take approximately three Earth days to achieve its divine goals. Your own body guardians and your other heavenly guides are to direct it. Once you emerge from this living crystal of Light, you are to be returned to full consciousness.

Full consciousness is the divine goal. The Creator decrees that your reality is to return to a fully conscious one. The reality you know now is rapidly becoming something quite alien. We witness these events taking place before our very eyes and closely observe the galaxy shifting back into a unified, multi-dimensional state. The frequencies showering your planet are vast energy waves that reorder the energy fields that intertwine space and time. As this reweaving progresses, the galaxy manifests her beauty in a suffusion of luminous color and breath-taking shapes. Glory be!!!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The time is coming when a new era of peace and enlightenment is to shower Mother Earth! This new reality is beginning to manifest in many blessed ways. It is this glorious new reality that allows us to move humanity forward into a new Galactic age! As we become more able to understand how this realm is changing, we learn new ways to spiritually address each other. What we ask of you now is to dream of, and visualize, a wondrous new world that is kind, caring, and prosperous.

Your ever-growing consciousness is redefining how you see each other and how new realities are being added to your perceptions of the world. For centuries, we have observed the Light of transformation grow stronger and stronger, causing the dark ones to grudgingly retreat. This new reality is beginning to manifest in myriad blessed ways. Each day we watch as your planet becomes energetically more magnificent. As the old reality's grids collapse, we can see glowing streaks of light and fantastic cloud formations appearing suddenly in the sky for all to witness. Your reality is soon to expand and remake itself. We will be your divine guides and spiritually-appointed mentors, and we take this privileged role very seriously.

We are grateful to our space family for visiting us in ever-greater numbers and we rejoice that the Light of Heaven is pouring down all around us. We are also greatly pleased to know that increasing numbers of you all over your world are sending us daily prayers of Love. Each of you possesses the prime quality of saintliness, which has been suppressed ever since the dark 'reset' this reality nearly 13 millennia ago. The time approaches for you all to transform and become physical Angels once more! Together, we are to create an urgently-needed new star nation and fulfill the Creator's most sublime and ardent dreams. A time for miracles and wonder is on its way!

Today, we continued our message. As we have mentioned, an immense change is to descend upon this surface realm. It is our responsibility to be ever aware of this and to note that the universe is revealing its magic at this very moment! The time arrives for us let the wonder of this Light in! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Electromagnetic Vehicles and Underground Passageways

Channeled by Dianne Robbins

Saint Germain: “Beloved Ones! Does it sound incredible to you, when I say the Masters of Light and Wisdom have passages through the Earth in all directions, just the same as you have highways for your automobiles in going from coast to coast on the Earth?”
(From the book: The “I AM” Discourses, page 202, The Saint Germain Series)

Q: Will you tell us about the tunnels and your transportation

A: We greet you from Telos beneath the Earth. We are not that far away, and it will only take us minutes to make the trip from our homes to yours!

There are tunnels intertwining throughout the planet, connecting every large city or state. Therefore, we can reach most of our destinations within hours, if not minutes. You, on the surface, will be surprised at this underground network of passageways that have been used for eons to connect us from below. We are more connected below than you are above. We use Electromagnetic Vehicles to travel anywhere and any distance, freely, and within a very short time span. You, however, must make reservations, pay large sums of money, and spend days at airports and train stations, or in cars—along with all the air pollution your vehicles create.

We, however, use Electromagnetic Energy and Crystal Energy to navigate our way around the inside of our globe. Our energy is all free and “clean”, causing no air pollution, waste materials, or debris.

Our transportation system is the same we used when we were above ground. We brought the plans and technology with us to establish beneath ground. This gives us great latitude in our travel, and allows us the freedom to be at any location we choose at any time. What a wonderful way to experience freedom! We also travel anywhere we choose through our thoughts. We are capable of astral projection to any locality of space or time. So, we experience freedom on many levels, not just physical. Freedom is the issue of the 21st century, and experiencing freedom is what we are coming to teach you.

So keep your minds and hearts open to our existence, for very soon you will find us on your doorsteps, beckoning to you. We look forward to joining you in your homes on the surface, where we can work together as one to bring freedom to all who choose to experience it. For it is only through choice that freedom exists, and when enough people consciously choose this way of life, then we will be able to come forward from below and teach you how simple it is to achieve. For with freedom comes the true joy of living. Without freedom, there can be no evolution; and without evolution, there can be no continuation of life. A species either evolves or dissolves. There can be no stagnation involved. So here is your opportunity to evolve in ever-swifter spirals.

Just focus your thoughts on freedom, and experience how rapidly your life changes, for it is all in your thoughts. It is your thoughts that bring about the material changes. For thoughts are light, and light is energy, and energy becomes matter as density solidifies.

Freedom is a tangible thing that can be felt and seen and experienced. And soon, with our help from below, all on the surface will be experiencing the glory that freedom brings. We, here in Telos, experience this daily, and are always joyous, jubilant, and excited about life. For once you taste unlimited freedom, and I mean unlimited in all areas, then you cannot but feel the expansiveness of creation. And feeling this spaciousness moves you into its expanse, and you experience the joy of creation—you experience the God sense of creating a blissful existence right here on Earth. So this is what we intend to bring to you, once we surface and contact you in your homes. So please wait for us, and don’t ever despair. For we are near, and can communicate with you at any time. Just open your hearts to us, and you will hear us. Just go into meditation and call my name, and I will be there with you, and will listen to you. Speak with your heart, and I will hear. Listen with your heart, and I will respond. I am Adama, your brother underground.

"Zorra Call" Updates, Q&A - August 18, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

Message from Cobra - August 15, 2018

COBRA - Basically, the monetary system that we have on this planet has been imported from the Orion Constellation star system. It is a debt slavery system which is actually used to control populations, and it is absolutely not necessary. When the controlling forces are removed, nobody will be able to suppress advanced technologies which will be able to create anything out of etheric substance. So we will have replicators, and when people have replicators money as a mode of exchange will lose its value because everybody will have a replicator and will be able to materialize at home whatever they will need.

The real value of exchange is our own essence, our own presence, and in the more advanced civilization across the universe this exchange happens energetically as an act of love. It is not something that needs to be measured. Because there is abundance of everything and the monetary system on this planet was created from the perspective of lack, that there is not enough. And the only reason there is not enough is because somebody is suppressing the flow of abundance towards the planetary surface that is why we have a quarantine. And when the quarantine status of the planet is removed, the flow of abundance will flow through the whole humanity. I am speaking about physical and also spiritual abundance here and when the flood gates of abundance open there will be no more need for money.

Of course this can’t happen immediately after the event. There will be a certain transition period but it will not be long. It will be just long enough for humanity to integrate the change and get used to the replicators after they process all the intel that will be released. So after the planet goes through the integration process there is absolutely no need for money in any form or shape.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

What's Happening in Hawaii?

Hawaii used to be the center of the Lemurian civilization.  And now the plan of the Galactics is to bring Lemuria back to the surface because much of it have been submerged underwater since the war between Atlantis and Lemuria.  Hawaii right now is slowly getting higher in terms of elevation and steadily expanding (growing in size) by the geothermal activity in the area.

This footage from Third Phase of the Moon captures the dramatic expansion of liquid fire/lava coming from the center of the crust of the Earth.  

In addition to that, the Earth will eventually expand in size (in terms of diameter).  This is why even though there are very significant ice/glacier that already melted in both Arctic and Antarctic polar regions the sea level of the world relatively remains the same.  There is nothing to worry about though as the Galactics are managing the situation and they are doing these things in a very subtle way.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sheldan Nidle Update - August 7, 2018

Dratzo! We are quickly reaching the point where a time for denouement is becoming possible. The Alliance, including our Earth allies, realizes just how close we are to the very brink of our long-sought goal. The various groups of our Earth allies are finally coming to understand that this world’s plight needs to be accommodated.

As consciousness rises in this realm, the financial system changes and the new prosperity must be revealed. The time is coming for these changes to be manifested and explained to you. The prosperity plan is merely an instrument through which to achieve your dreams. Use these symbols of power to remake your world into a realm of peace and harmony.

As Gaia moves toward her new reality, never forget who you are and that you are becoming One. Never before has Earth’s surface humanity been able to contemplate the blessing of freeing itself of all the ills that have plagued it since the Great Flood of almost 10 millennia ago. You are to quickly develop a new perspective that can allow you to use your growing consciousness to alter every culture on the surface of Gaia.

This new global interfusion of humanity is to set the stage for our arrival. Finally, you can stop believing the cabal’s outright lies, and Government can bring a formal end to the UFO cover-up and prepare you for our coming. This is to allow us to transmit a series of broadcasts so you can know the truth about our existence.

Your governance needs to become an open transition between what is best for you (open governance) and your fully conscious future. Government originally was the province of the privileged. In your society, money “talks.” It is the means by which the oligarchy, the few very wealthy families, control and manage elections and legislatures. But this arrangement cannot legitimately support public policy. Government must be opened up to all.

This is the reason for NESARA/GESARA. We support it simply because any aging and non-responsive system is in need of massive re-structuring. An overhaul such as this can restore that system back to its original principles. This is where NESARA/GESARA now stands, near the brink of being manifested.

It is unfortunate that contact has taken so long to come about. Among us, your struggles are legendary. You are in the midst of challenging transformations to all your energy systems. Moreover, to undergo these changes during such trying world events is not usual during a first contact. It is also most unusual for us to sit on the sidelines and monitor developments. Heaven tells us that you are special, and we heartily concur.

Long ago, many events transpired that left you much diminished in mind and body, and disconnected from Spirit. This moment is about returning you to your previous state of Being: it is our goal to use first contact to complete the operation. Introducing you to your mentors will be a pivotal event. Until then, we are to assist the Alliance and advise them on their preparations, as the changes are to occur in rapid-fire sequence that demands the most precise responses. It is imperative that you practice Love and invoke the wisdom of the Light.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters. We would like to begin this message by expressing all-encompassing gratitude to all Starseeds and Lightworkers. We are watching you very closely as we witness a new level of consciousness taking hold worldwide. We are excited to see how you are adapting to this new and more thoughtful reality.

The energies that continue to flow onto your planet are assisting you and the general public with a quickening of consciousness. You are becoming more aware of how Spirit orchestrates your ascension. Maintain your rituals, for they are essential tools for working more effectively with Spirit and assist you in staying focused on your goals.

Your journey out of limited consciousness is not an easy one! Your reality is changing in veritable leaps and bounds. The dark ones are scrambling, desperate to find a way to halt the Light. In this changing realm, we are witnessing tentative peace talks that, until now, had been considered folly.

This new coalition of Light, the Alliance, is creating the conditions to bring about the downfall of those who, in the name of the dark, formerly obstructed or delayed your rise in consciousness. We Masters are heartened by what is manifesting around your world. As the dark’s options diminish, it is increasingly clear who will be victorious.

We also thank the Galactic Federation without whose assistance the Alliance would be unable to bring your prosperity to fruition. Each day we bless what is manifesting on this wondrous orb. Your positive energies are making a difference.

Together with those of the GF, they are preparing monies to be distributed, new financial systems to form and new governance to be disclosed. Collectively, we are a team maintaining a vision of bringing in your new galactic reality.

We are teetering on the threshold of a long-awaited Golden Age when peace, freedom and prosperity reign. Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we brought you another message. We are eager to keep you informed about our perspective on the events of the day. We trust you to use this information to better understand what is destined to unfold around your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)