Thursday, September 20, 2018

Top Ten Lies of the Bible in PDF format (2018)

For those who were clamoring for a printable format copy of this document, here it is.  You can now download this and have it printed.  To download: just click the down arrow at the right hand side below the Scribd document.

Corrections:  On page 77 of this document-  it should be read: 
"The Galactics confirmed that the physical body of Yeshua (Jesus) is currently inside the Stasis Chamber of the New Jerusalem Mothership. And it does NOT grow old even though it's been around for thousands of years. It is safe and ready to be used by Sananda anytime he wishes to visit the Earth.  Instead of incarnating allover again; he can just be as Yeshua Jesus once again by wearing that body again."

I was typing this paragraph so fast that I did not noticed that the word "NOT" was not included.  The document or book is still a Work in Progress and so there are still some misspelled words and some words that might be missing from the sentences that is part of the intended meaning.

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