Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wyoming's Devs Tower is a Giant Ancient Tree!

I just want to share what some friends in FB posted about the Dev Tower in Wyoming which happens to be a giant ancient petrified tree. For hundreds of years people actually thought that this was a rocky mountain.   This indeed will rewrite the world history.  The Earth is REALLY way beyond the six thousand years old as taught by the bible.  The rings of this ancient tree will reveal the real age of the Earth.  As a tree grows older, it creates a series concentric rings that tells how old the tree is.  And that would give us an idea of how old the Earth really is.  

By the size of the diameter of the petrified tree it could date back more or less 100,000 years!   

Pre-Genesis Period, Earth was already inhabited by the Galactic Federation of Light settlers coming from various star systems.  And this tree was one of the tree they brought from the stars and planted on Earth.  

another example

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