Saturday, June 29, 2019

City of Telos

Long before there were oceans in this world; the great Pacific basin was once part of the Lemurian Civilization.  The Lemurians came from planet Lemur.  The center of this civilization was Hawaii.  The Lemurians was one of the pioneering civilizations that came to Earth to participate in the Grand Experiment of the Galactic Federation to see if living things can thrive and live on the surface of a planet (as all planets in the Universe are hollow inside and they all live inside their planet).  

The Lemurians occupied the subterranean region of the Earth just below Mt. Shasta in California shortly just before the end of the war against Atlantis.  Today, the Lemurians call their city as Telos.

To be continued......

Thursday, June 20, 2019

SerialBrain2 Explanation on why POTUS tweeted: Prince of Whales

Note: I don't think that the POTUS was being disrespectful by tweeting the words: Prince of Whales.  He meant something else.  He was referring to the fraud that was done to the United States by the Kings and Queens of England.  The US was never independent from England. It never was. The founding fathers of the US was fooled into believing that they were free while the Cabal was busy setting up the Private Washington DC, installing the CIA, IRS, Federal Reserve, incorporating all the major states and etc.

Secretly, the national anthem of the US was derived from the song: 'God Save the Queen'.  And that's the main reason why the CIA for many decades also gets its orders from London.  The taxes of American people, large portions of it goes to London consistently.  They were able to keep this secret for a very long time.  Think about that.

Perhaps, this will be the first time that America will celebrate a GENUINE INDEPENDENCE this coming 4th of July 2019.  Thanks to President Trump he did something that no president has ever done and that is to break away from England in a formal way.  Trump made the Queen to sign this understanding once and for all.


Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Nimitz Encounters

It can be confirmed now that the ancient Atlantians did not completely disappeared on Earth eversince their continent was swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean.  Not all of the people of Atlantis were bad as those who were obedient to the alliance of Annunakis and Reptilians were removed from the planet.  But the good Atlantians that remained on Earth transferred enmasse to the mountains of Brazil (subterranean region).  While all the others migrated to Mexico and went subterranean (underground) in compliance to the Spiritual Hierarchy (referring to the Company of Heaven including Zorra and Prime Creator).

Since the Earth was converted into a Universal School; the remaining Atlantians and Lemurians were required to migrate to the subterranean regions of the Earth.  Lemurians occupying the underground areas on Mt. Shasta in California which has an underground network of high speed tunnels connected to other parts of the world. And this is also true with the Atlantians, they too have a vast underground tunnels that spans the whole world. The Atlantians are occupying the sub-terranean regions of Brazil and Mexico.  This is the primary reason for the many sightings of UFOS within Mexico.  The Atlantians have a secret underwater entrances near the shores of Mexico near the Pacific and Atlantic.  Both of these civilizations are required by the Spiritual Hierarchy to minimize their presence, visibility and interactions with the people on the surface of the Earth.  But that was before the end of the age of Dec. 21, 2012.  Now they are ALLOWED to appear as they wish.

These are the UFOs that were encountered by both Mexican Military and US Military.  Folks they are Atlantians!  But some are ships from the Galactic Federation that are cloaked; stationed just outside the solar system.

A large portion of Atlantis is still intact underwater and are covered by a cloak of hollographic technology that makes their cities appear as corals or just looking like the bottom of the ocean.  Atlantis did not slide and went to Antarctica.  It is now confirmed that the Antarctica in the ancient time (more than 15 thousand years ago) was occupied primarily by Arcturians and Agarthians.  I have photographs of the underground photos taken by the Russians who photographed these civilizations. And these were taken at a minimum of 2,000 feet below the ice of Antarctica. And none of those architectural buildings found there indicated an Atlantean, the vast majority are Agarthians and Arcturians. And some of it resembles great similarities with what is seen in the far east, particularly Tibet.  

In addition to Agarthians and Arcturians, the Annunakis also have some settlements in Antarctica.  The architecture, design and arts are very similar to what can be seen today in Sumeria and Babylon in Iraq. 

So, what the Tibetans said to the Nazi Germans during WWII about Antarctica was correct.