Thursday, June 20, 2019

SerialBrain2 Explanation on why POTUS tweeted: Prince of Whales

Note: I don't think that the POTUS was being disrespectful by tweeting the words: Prince of Whales.  He meant something else.  He was referring to the fraud that was done to the United States by the Kings and Queens of England.  The US was never independent from England. It never was. The founding fathers of the US was fooled into believing that they were free while the Cabal was busy setting up the Private Washington DC, installing the CIA, IRS, Federal Reserve, incorporating all the major states and etc.

Secretly, the national anthem of the US was derived from the song: 'God Save the Queen'.  And that's the main reason why the CIA for many decades also gets its orders from London.  The taxes of American people, large portions of it goes to London consistently.  They were able to keep this secret for a very long time.  Think about that.

Perhaps, this will be the first time that America will celebrate a GENUINE INDEPENDENCE this coming 4th of July 2019.  Thanks to President Trump he did something that no president has ever done and that is to break away from England in a formal way.  Trump made the Queen to sign this understanding once and for all.


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