Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Unearthing Nazca

This is a highly recommended documentary produced by 
The scientific inquiry and medical science has already proven that what was found in Nazca were really not humans. Some of the alien females were found to have fetuses inside their wombs.  Click the link below for more details. 


Monday, October 14, 2019

Prepare for Galactic Disclosure 2020

This is an actual photograph taken by the people of Costa Rica as the Galactics just recently showed up to gently let people know that they are present and are just cloaked. This is a medium sized mothership and there are thousands more like this that are even bigger in size.

They have chosen to appear in South America as they know that the airspace in South America is not as busy compared to that of East Asia or North America.  

Next year (2020) will be a very exciting year for the whole world.  The Prime Creator has already given the GO signal for the Galactic Federation of Light to start appearing in the skies of the world in large numbers.  They are now allowed to openly interact with the people of the world.  Yes, it is called the Galactic Disclosure.  They will no longer wait for the governments of the world to do the disclosure as they will do it themselves. 

The whole world will be able to see gigantic screen/monitor on the sides of these motherships/lightships which will broadcast some messages to the whole world much like what we see on our television channels today. And some of the people of the world will be invited to come up onboard the Ships and meet the Galactics in person.  Those people that are sick will be given free healing treatment.

Beginning July 2020 and onwards, there will be no more delay for Galactic disclosure.  Meaning, the End is Near!

The End is Near
What do I mean by that? Let me make myself clear:
  • It does not mean that the Earth is doomed
  • It does not mean that all life as we know it will cease to exist
  • It does not mean that there will be a Great Cataclysm  
Rather, it is the END of the experiment that was done on Earth.  And an end to the allowed time for the Annunakis and Reptilians in ruling this world. The End supposed to have happened way back in the year 2012.  But the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to extend it to give way for the preparation for the people of this world and to allow the secret controllers of this world a chance to give up and surrender.  That time will finally come to an end (for sure) next year.  The Prime Creator as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy have already decided to go ahead and allow the Galactics to directly interact with the people of this world.

It also means, each and every human being on Earth will be given a chance to know where exactly in the Universe did they come from in terms of Galactic Origins.  On every human DNA is an embedded code that identifies the true heritage of every single human being. We either came from the Pleiades, Atlantia, Sirius, Lemur, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Mushaba etc. And emphasis is given to the human beings but this is also especially true to the animals as well.  When a complete Galactic Disclosure is conducted globally there will be a re-orientation and re-education of the people of this world about their true history.  

This also means that Galactic travel will become possible.  We will be given a chance to travel and visit the home planet and or the star system where we originally came from. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Weaponized Weather Modification

The Weather is being used as a weapon for a very long time. 

Here are some of it:
1) They spray chemicals into the sky that when it finally hits the human skin it will develop into skin cancer.  And with the use of mass media, they just put the blame on the sun as the one that is causing cancer so that people will never know their secret. 

2) They spray chemicals that contains nano bots that can be activated once inhaled by people, and it resides in the human nasal passages.  Electronically, these nanobots can be summoned to attack certain people to suffer either:  severe colds/sneezing and or some respiratory diseases. 

3) They spray chemicals into the sky to artificially induced the creation of storms that can be directed electronically to any part of the world.  This in conjunction with some of their secret satellites in orbit that will guide the storm to their target location.  

4) They can create super storms including blizzards, hurricanes, super typhoon.  With the use of some of their secret satellites in space which are used to artificially create a high tide to bring a flood to the area they intend to harm.  

5) They spray chemicals in the sky that helps the effectiveness of beaming the attack on people in any geographical location on Earth using their secret satellites and their instruments on the ground.  This in conjunction with the nano bots that people have ingested whether through vaccines or from water/food they consumed.  The people that they attack will experience either one of these: blurring of their eyes sight, irritability, mental confusion, feeling hot and secretion of excessive perspiration or sweat even when the climate is not hot/warm, feeling sleepy even when they just woke up from sleep, suffering from severe cold and etc.  

The Game Changers - Movie Trailer

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Enlightened by Aussie Womans View on Veganism

An Aussie vegan woman helped to open the eyes of an American meat eater to reconsider the moral implications of what animals go through every single day as they are slaughtered to be our food.  Videos were shown on how animals were treated in a barbaric and inhumane way which is something that is happening regularly all over the world.

Linda Moultons Perspective on Antarctica