Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Weaponized Weather Modification

The Weather is being used as a weapon for a very long time. 

Here are some of it:
1) They spray chemicals into the sky that when it finally hits the human skin it will develop into skin cancer.  And with the use of mass media, they just put the blame on the sun as the one that is causing cancer so that people will never know their secret. 

2) They spray chemicals that contains nano bots that can be activated once inhaled by people, and it resides in the human nasal passages.  Electronically, these nanobots can be summoned to attack certain people to suffer either:  severe colds/sneezing and or some respiratory diseases. 

3) They spray chemicals into the sky to artificially induced the creation of storms that can be directed electronically to any part of the world.  This in conjunction with some of their secret satellites in orbit that will guide the storm to their target location.  

4) They can create super storms including blizzards, hurricanes, super typhoon.  With the use of some of their secret satellites in space which are used to artificially create a high tide to bring a flood to the area they intend to harm.  

5) They spray chemicals in the sky that helps the effectiveness of beaming the attack on people in any geographical location on Earth using their secret satellites and their instruments on the ground.  This in conjunction with the nano bots that people have ingested whether through vaccines or from water/food they consumed.  The people that they attack will experience either one of these: blurring of their eyes sight, irritability, mental confusion, feeling hot and secretion of excessive perspiration or sweat even when the climate is not hot/warm, feeling sleepy even when they just woke up from sleep, suffering from severe cold and etc.