Saturday, November 9, 2019

Transition from Dollar into Yuan as the New Global Reserve Currency

Note: Still not sure if this is really happening.  But if this is true.  The plan was to create a new digital currency for all nations and to move away from paper money printed by private central banks of the world.  Paper currency shall be a thing of the past.  Everyone on Earth will be required to visit the banks and exchange all of their paper currencies for a digital version. This means in the future everyone will be using digital money similar to ATM cards and able to have a buy and sell transactions with this digital account.  And the new currency that will back all of these will no longer be the dollar but the Yuan or Renminbi.  

We shall see. 

This is the best time to buy precious metals such as silver and gold; as the world is moving away from fiat currencies. The value of precious metals will go up as the physical metal assets will be used as the basis for the digital currencies.


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