Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Faith & Belief vs. KNOWING

It is easy to say, it is easy to claim that the God of the bible was the one who created everything. But can he prove it? If he really made the Earth and other planets in a matter of hours, then let us ask him to do some demonstration to prove it.
Create another planet similar to Earth between Mars and our planet. If it is true that he made everything then prove his creatorship by creating another planet. It must be something that is OBSERVABLE that he can really repeat a creation that he claimed to do. If he is really the one who made planets and everything in a very short period of time, then show it.
Otherwise, the Faith and Belief is really not based on observable facts but rather based on emotions and not evidence. It is one thing to believe a claim but is another thing to KNOW something for sure. And unless, he can prove his Creatorship by doing an actual creation before our very eyes then belief and faith are just a ploy and a scam to fool people into submission because his claim of creation happened in the past and could not be proven today.
But if he can prove it today in real time then there is no NEED to insist and promote the concept of faith and belief because the logic shifts from KNOWING something that really happened today and verifiable rather than having faith in something that happened in the distant past.
And that the God who claimed to created everything are INCAPABLE of proving it.  Therefore he just want everyone to believe it based on his narrative story but not on known proven observable facts.
So, do not rush into believing in anything without knowing it fully well.  While those who already believe in this God should start to really EVALUATE their Faith and Belief system. Wait for the release of my book next year - The Top Ten Lies of the Bible.  I will defend those who could not defend themselves from the logical trap of faith and belief system of religion.

These are some of the things that I addressed in my book as I really focused on questioning: is the God of the bible a really genuine God of Love or just an impostor?  Is he a genuine Creator of the Universe or a Fake Creator? What kind of Criminal God is He who asked people to obey his standards of law but he himself does not want to keep it? 

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