Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UFO Activity in Chicago - December 2019

Image Credit: Johnny Hernandez in Chicago  

Note: The Galactic Federation is now really making their presence felt. This mothership appeared recently in Chicago.  If they are doing these sightings now; how much more next year?  In 2020 we shall see the increase in the visibility and or frequency of appearance of UFOs in the skies of the world.  Sometime in the middle of next year they will decloak globally.

Remember what was said in the book of Revelation when it says: "Come Up Here".  It was talking about the Two Witnesses.  That prophecy was referring to a hovering mothership of the Galactics who will be calling out certain people of the world.  Although the prophetic timeline have been deliberately altered, meaning 77% of Apocalyptic Prophecies of the book of Revelation will not happen anymore.  But in essence, some of its prophecies are still accurate to some extent.  This is because of the major Lightworkers who came from the FUTURE and they were sent here on Earth and authorized to do such things in favor of the Light.  Their contribution have had a very tremendous impact in changing the course of the timeline of the worlds situation that instead of extreme fear inducing scenarios as stated in the apocalyptic book containing lots of Earthwide cataclysm, plagues, natural disasters and etc. All those negative things were altered once and for all; therefore it will not happen anymore.  

It was all made possible by the heroism of the group of lightworkers who unselfishly gave their time and effort to be as the light into the dark world that their mere presence balanced the equilibrium in favor of the light.  These group of Lightworkers are scattered worldwide and they are monitored by the Galactic Federation as they do their work.  They serve in various field some are in the military, in governments of the world, teachers, and others have various professions.  These are the people who came to Earth with a mission.  These are the kind of people who can withstand prolonged hardships, difficulties who have a never say die attitude and never gives up.  Most of them does not have a good looking appearance but their beauty is inside of their hearts; afterall the physical body is only a temporary vessel.    

At the moment I cannot reveal the exact identities of these lightworkers who came from the future who are scattered worldwide.  Although much of their work/mission had been complete.  But still we are awaiting a word from the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Next year,  what will happen is that - there is a possibility of the arrival of various Mentors.  They will be arriving coming from various Motherships of the Galactic Federation of Light.  At that time, significant amount of Incarnated Annunakis and Reptilians will be rounded up and be taken out of the planet. These Mentors will teach humanity about a lot of things one of which is about the true history of the Earth, religion and its mastermind, life on other planets, your previous lifetimes on another body and etc.  They will be around to explain everything and answer all the questions you can come up with.  

Just as Jesus (Yeshua) was taken up by a cloud cloaked UFO of the Ashtar Command part of the Galactic Federation.  The same thing will happen with all these various Mentors.  They can either descend or go up and levitate to go inside an orbiting spaceships or motherships.  The Galactic Federation will decloak enmasse.  And they can also broadcast to all our communication devices such as: radio, TV, internet, computers, smartphones and etc.  We will all be informed and that there will be a transition as the Galactic age of Aquarius will have to be in effect for all of the inhabitants of the world.  The previous age where extreme sufferings were allowed to happen is over.  The time of peace, joy and abundance will have to commence and so be it.  Some of us (people of this world) will either be approached by these Mentors or we ourselves will be invited to visit and come aboard the spaceship that will descend on Earth and hover within the regions of the clouds of the world.    

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