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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Message from Adama through Dianne Robbins - February 2020

Every thought, feeling, and action, and the words you use determine your level of consciousness.

Consciousness is booming!

It’s the biggest commodity expansion on the stock market. Invest in it today—it will bring you great cosmic dividends in the future.

The more you invest, the more you will always have, for you always take it with you no matter what lifetime you are in—for its value exponentially increases. It is better than the gold you leave behind at the end of each lifetime. So take the time to invest now by meditating, by exploring, and by loving yourself.

Investing in your consciousness is FREE—it is the only free commodity available on the stock market today. No dollars out of your pocket—just your time and willingness to expand your perceptions—and voila, you have it! You will be able to perceive the deceptions going on around you through your media and by your governments. You’ll see how you’ve been duped to believe in the righteousness of wars and insane American government leaders leading your country and the world to the brink of disaster.

Energy is pouring onto the Earth plane in astronomical amounts now, and people are waking up by the millions. They are waking up to the divinity of all life and are beginning to see and sense beyond their physical five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. They are becoming aware of forces that exist in higher states of consciousness, and this alone will save the Earth. When a critical mass of people worldwide reaches this higher state of awareness, everyone will suddenly wake up and the destruction will stop. We overcome environmental destruction not through the environment, but through ourselves. In the Hollow Earth and the other subterranean Cities of Light, we learned this long ago.

Yes, a higher consciousness is where you want to be. So invest now—it is more than an investment in your self. It is an investment in the continuance of the world.

I am Adama.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Recent DIRECTIVE to HSBC London Chairman Mark Tucker

Note: I have not yet confirmed this. But it's great if its really moving along.

World Prosperity Programs: Nesara, GCR/RV, GESARA, St. Germain Trust and etc. are gaining ground and momentum.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Forecast 2020 - Additional Info

The exact timing of the events stated in this forecast can be changed at any time by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light.  Some variables may change over time and that can affect either slightly or significantly the projection of the future.  But as far as the plan and intention are concerned, this is what they are aiming for. 

Mass Arrest -  Will likely happen either before, during or after the Easter and or Passover.  The majority of the individuals that will be arrested are the faithful and obedient Minions of the Elites/Cabal.  The weeks after the arrest this will proceed also to the prosecution of the other minions located outside the United States.  These minions who are located around the world are proven to have direct connections with the Deep State and their secret criminal activities.

RV / GCR -  This is the much-awaited event by a lot of people worldwide.  This will likely happen either before, during or after the Mass Arrest.  But it is more likely that it will happen right after the Mass Arrest to ensure that the people who will receive their blessings are free from possible harm from the Deep State and their local minions.

Galactic Disclosure -  There will be a countdown of 105 days or 3.5 months counting from Easter then after that the Disclosure will start.  This means the Galactics will begin broadcasting to the whole world.  Announcing that the Galactic Experiment is over.  This is the equivalent of what was prophesied in the book of Revelation when it says; "It is Done!". 

Three weeks before the end of the countdown, the Galactics will start to gradually uncloak some of their ships that are either already on the ground as some have already landed (cloaked) or just orbiting the space inside and outside of the Earths higher atmosphere observing and doing reconnaissance.  These ships will then become visible to the human eyes.  

The global broadcast will be done initially by the Spiritual Hierarchy and then followed by the Company of Heaven and then the Galactic Federation of Light.  They will announce that the Experiment on earth is over and done.  The Spiritual Hierarchy will be headed by the Prime Creator.  She will appear looking like a Nordic woman of around 6.5 - 7.5-foot tall person.  Along with her will be Zorra also known in this Galaxy as Father God.  Both of them are giants but they can shrink their sizes into smaller ones just to communicate with smaller people. 

Members of the Company of Heaven will also appear in the broadcast. The Company of Heaven is a gathering of ascended Masters which regularly gather and meet at the New Jerusalem Starship.  This huge mothership is the place called by the religion as "Heaven".  It is actually a starship that contains a planet like environment that floats in space independently.  It was stationed right infront of planet Venus since ancient times.  This is the main reason why Venus as seen from Earth as a very bright planet due to the presence of the New Jerusalem situated infront of it.  

After the Mass Arrest some of the Higher Ups of the Elites and Cabal will be in extreme defiance mode.  But they will have to face the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation.  The remaining secret cloaked spaceships of the Higher Elites/Cabal will be confiscated. 

When the Galactics start broadcasting globally they can literally override all the TV, radio stations and internet worldwide.  All of our electronic devices will receive the broadcast and we will all be informed. 

The Galactic Experiment is quite a lengthy topic to discuss, it will require a separate explanation.  I will write another article about it in the near future.   

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Forecast 2020

Note:  I will discuss and give further explanation tomorrow.  As for the exact timing of the forecast, it is subject to change by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation.  But overall this summary of the forecast will surely happen this year and there is no more turning back.  This is it, this is 'What Is Up' and coming on the Horizon. 

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Bosnian Pyramid

In response to those who are asking about the Pyramid shape mountain in Bosnia.

Yes, the Bosnian Pyramid is a manmade structure. 

The Bosnian Pyramid serves the same purpose as the Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.  Back in ancient times, various civilizations lived on the surface of the Earth representing various star systems in the Galaxy and some are even from Andromeda.  Each Pyramid gives off beaming signals into outer space.  And that was during the time when these pyramids were still functioning.  At the time, they use the pyramids to confirm and locate the exact location of a particular civilization located on the surface of the Earth which was very helpful for those who were arriving on Earth coming from other parts of the Galaxy. But after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria the technological equipment inside every pyramid on Earth was removed and transported elsewhere for safety purposes so that it will not be used as a weapon.  

Pyramids do not necessarily have to be built with pure limestone and or any kind of stone.  As long as the pyramid resembles the needed geometric shape then it can function as any pyramid can do.  This is because the geometric shape such as the pyramid can tap into to a certain extent the energetic realm of the Ether and or the Quantum Field.  In the Quantum Field (Invisible) where we all dwell upon is like an ocean with unlimited amounts of water molecules combined, connected together to form what we call as water.   This ocean water is invisible and it has its own various frequencies and vibration.  And if a certain object formed in such a way that the Quantum Field responds into it then it means that the object or pyramid will harness it.  The energy field flows into that object that conforms to the geometrical shape required by the Quantum Field in order for the connectivity to take place.  

And so, whether the pyramid is made of stone, wood, metal and etc. as long as the geometric shape does conform to the Quantum requirement then connectivity is achieved.  And that enables the pyramid to do what it was intended to do.  

Copper, for example, can also accomplish the same goal just as the pyramid that is made of heavy stone.  So, if you shape the copper wire to create an outline of the pyramid, it will also achieve the same purpose.  It will generate the electro magnetic field. The quantum Energy Field is all around us and we are completely surrounded by this field.  Literally, we are INSIDE this field like a fish in an aquarium.  The human spirit is a part of the quantum field because the spirit is a form of energy.  It is not made of matter. Just as the human body breathe in oxygen so is the human spirit breathes in the energy that is always infinitely available from Quantum Field. This is why telepathy which is a transfer of thought from one person to another is possible.

And also if the pyramid conforms to the aspect ratio also known as equal proportion then it can achieve the desired effect.  This means regardless of the size of the pyramid whether its a size of a mountain, a planet or as tiny as an atom, as long as it conforms geometrically then its gonna function as intended.


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3 Year Extension Bonus for President Trump

Note:  This article/write up was circulating on Social Media from an unknown author.  It points out that the President is entitled to a 3-year extension of office for being acquitted from Impeachment. The Supreme Court can invoke and activate this law in favor of President Trump.  And if that happens then there is no need for election this year as the 3-year extension will take effect pushing the election to a future date 3 years after the extension.

Fact-Check: Can The Supreme Court Extend Trump's Term by 3 years if he's acquitted in the Senate?

An article published by the reputable website Daily World Update is circulating a story Trump supporters are loving to read. The article claims that a little-known law from the Nixon era gives the Supreme Court the ability to extend the term of a President acquitted by the Senate after being impeached by the House: “There’s a little-known precedent on the books that Democrats are trying desperately to have removed before the impeachment trial of President Trump begins. In 1974, as Nixon faced impeachment, the Republican Congress passed a law that would allow his term to be extended if he was acquitted. The law was specific to Nixon and was set to expire in 5 years, but Nixon resigned. The removal of the law, therefore, never happened.

According to legal analyst and constitutional scholar, Art Tubolls, the fact that the law exists at all sets a precedent: “The law is very clear. An acquittal, which they were sure they would get until all the facts came to light, would have meant that Nixon’s term was stolen from him and that three years or less could be added to his time in office without causing a constitutional crisis.

“Because of how Nixon ended his own career and was pardoned, the law was never struck down or removed, meaning it’s still precedent, and only the Supreme Court can take it away. “Our sources say it would be a 5-4 vote to allow President Trump to go on for another three years, making the next Presidential election due in 2023. Trump would still be eligible to run.

“That may sound extreme and unconstitutional, but only the SCOTUS can determine that, and they are solidly behind Trump, no matter what crimes he’s committed. The office is better with him in it, and that’s all they’re supposed to care about.“ That would be great if it were true. 

So…is it? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding “YES!” According to our research, the Supreme Court can absolutely invoke this 1975 law and extend Trump’s term.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

President Trump Is Not Guilty

The Democrats have been accusing President Trump with all kinds of allegations for a very long time. They wanted him to be impeached. Now the decision is final as the majority of the Senate did not find him guilty.  It turns out, they created allegations that they could not even substantiate to prove him guilty of any crime or misdemeanor.  President Trump is not guilty.  And he does not deserve to be disrespected.  

And speaking of disrespect; Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrat party; rip apart the document given to her by the President.  Did she hate President Trump so much that she could not even wait for the whole event to be over? Instead, she allowed her actions to be seen on national television. In the past, when she was asked by some reporters, she said she does not hate Trump. But why her actions show otherwise? If Trump is really guilty of any violations or abuse of power; then, why can't they produce any evidence?  If their accusations are true and valid, then it must be followed by convincing evidence to support their claim.  And the evidence is something they don't have and that is why the majority of the Senators did not find the President guilty of any wrongdoing. 

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Zorra Call - February 1, 2020

Manok na Pula by Bisayang Hilaw

Intermission Humor Moment (a break from seriousness of life)
Bisayang Hilaw (aka Caloy) is an American from Utah singing the Song  
Manok na Pula (Red Chicken Fighter).

Bisayang Hilaw learned the Visayan language in the southern islands of the Philippines and can speak the language fluently. The locals called him Bisayang Hilaw which means: Unripe Visayan because of his funny accent & character. 

Its Official - Britain is Out of the EU

A historic moment, the United Kingdom is officially no longer part of the EU. Other European nations are also planning to leave the EU such as France, Italy and the Netherlands.  Germany and Spain are still not completely decided yet.  Leaving the Euro Zone is also an important criterion in joining the New Economic System based on precious metal assets such as gold using the QFS or Quantum Financial System.  The European Union is a privately owned organization with a privately owned central bank (ECB) that prints currency that is just FIAT based.  Those nations who can re-establish their country as independent from the EU and able to have their own verifiable local reserve of gold assets are the ones who can join the QFS which replaces the Swift system.  With the QFS, no one is allowed to create money out of thin air anymore.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reptilianity Today - Issue # 2

"Both Former President Bush and Bill Clinton are confirmed to be Reptilians."

The video which captured the scene when Bill Clinton showed Reptilian qualities was removed from Youtube. When did reptilians arrive on Earth?  

They arrived back in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Those were the times when the large bodies of water do not yet exist.  Meaning, the world's oceans were NOT part of the original landscape design of the Earth.  Since the Earth was chosen as a premier venue for the Grand Galactic Experiment then they installed an Earthwide Atmospheric Canopy. 

When we read the book of Genesis it gives the impression that the canopy mentioned there were describing the atmospheric clouds along with the humidified water vapor.  But the truth is the Galactic Federation of Light actually did installed a canopy made both of water and ice.  If the Galactics can figure out how to make spaceships float in and out of the Earth then they can do the same with an atmospheric canopy that stays in the atmosphere floating in the air and creating an atmospheric filter/canopy.  Initially, the concern they have at the time was, since no one has ever done this kind of experiment before to see if living things can live and thrive on the surface of a planet.  Then they figured out that it's better to have a canopy that shields the Earth from meteors and the heat emanating from above the atmosphere because of the Earth's orbital rotation creating magnetic friction due to centrifugal force just outside Earths atmosphere.  

Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius, Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Lyra and etc. are all members of the Galactic Federation of Light.  They are guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy; the highest in all the Universe is called the Prime Creator.  This is followed by his own son and daughter.  And they are the first ones who made Galaxies after the Prime Creator.  The Galaxy they made is what we call today as the Milky Way Galaxy.  In this Galaxy where we inhabit, their children call them as the Mother/Father God.  This means every Galaxy in the universe does have a dynamic duo team of mother/father God.  But in this Galaxy, there is a local mother/father God and they are called Zorra and Saraiya.  They NEVER wanted to be WORSHIPPED as Gods.  This is also true with the Prime Creator, he never asked and never wanted to be worshipped by anyone.  This is because they treated everyone as part of the family of God.  It means absolutely everyone in this Galaxy is their children. Each and every member of the family is, in essence, a Creator, capable of creating through thoughts. Because thought is the Creator.

If Mother/Father God of this Galaxy is God, then what does that make each and every one of us in this Galaxy including on Earth?  It means we are also by category as God.  Didn't Jesus said the words "It is written in your scriptures (Psalms) that you are Gods?"

On the other hand, YHWH also known as Yahweh (an Annunaki) was a former student of the Prime Creator who rebelled against the Creator.  He was the one who wanted to be worshipped.  He does not want to be part of the Family of God instead, he wanted everyone to be his slave and as his servants.  He along with all the Annunakis with him plus their Reptilian allies started the religions on Earth emphasizing that everyone must bow down and worship him. 

It was sometime in the middle of the AGE of Pisces (this age ended 12-21-2012) when the invaders arrived on Earth.  They were invited by some Atlantians to visit the Earth and observe the Family Type of communal living of ALL the members of the Federation who came from the various star systems to participate in the Grand Galactic Experiment.  What the Atlantians did not know was that the Annunakis and Reptilians have EVIL intentions.  They started a campaign to infiltrate all of the societies and civilizations on Earth beginning with Atlantis.  

The Experiment on Earth was upgraded and changed because of the conquest and invasion of the Reptilians and Anunakis became successful as they infiltrated all civilizations all over the world.  Due to the war, the Atmospheric canopy was destroyed, fell on Earth and became the world's oceans.  The evidence of this catastrophic global flooding can be seen as it carved large areas of land on Earth such as what happened with the Grand Canyon.  Porous soil on the land was washed away leaving only the rocky areas and the flooding flowed and have been deposited in the lower regions of the world.  These lower regions collected the water that eventually became the world's ocean. And during the Restoration and Replenishment period after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria that was when the people from Sirius deposited the Cetaceans in the oceans of the world.  These are the whales, giant octopus, orca, mermaids (somewhat humanoid), various fish, dolphins, sharks and etc. They were brought to Earth courtesy of the people of Sirius as they brought to Earth huge mothership. And some of the fish/creatures are also from the Pleaides.   

And today, we are now fast approaching the end of the controllership of the Reptilians and Annunakis who are in control of the Governments of the world.  The Nesara and Gesara, by the way, can only be in effect when all the minions of the Cabal are removed from office in all the governments worldwide.  We are no longer in the age of Pisces, we are already in the age of Aquarius. At the moment, the Galactics are ramping up their campaign to end the stronghold of these invaders as the Galactics have their boots on the ground.  Meaning, they have representatives on Earth sent on a mission to incarnate as humans and be in a position in various governments/military worldwide.

to be continued.....

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Reptilianity Today - Issue # 1

It's about time that Reptilians are discussed and exposed for who they are, what they are and their secret OBJECTIVE in this world.  

The Anonymous once questioned the Evil Elites of this world on why they don't seem to CARE about human beings? Why are they so extremely secretive about their presence and activities?  The simple answer to this is:  They Are Not HUMANS!

Do you remember the part in the book of Genesis where the character in the form of a snake (serpent) that can literally speak and engage in an actual conversation?  That snake is actually the so-called Reptilians.  That serpent represents the Reptilian race, an alien INVADERS who arrived on Earth to conquer the world and ENSLAVE the human race.  They were not alone; their allies are the Annunakis who settled in the continent of Antarctica which at the time was not yet covered with ice.  The Earth at the time was not yet covered with vast oceans.  And they also have settlements in Sumer (in ancient Iraq).  The Reptilians settled in what is today called as Turkey and Armenia (and the areas known as Khazars).

The Reptilians and the Annunakis are allies in their QUEST for world domination.  The Reptilians were experts in the field of medicines, drugs, and vaccines.  And that is partly the reason why the symbol of the reptilians and the Annunakis were recognized traditionally as a medicine symbol. 

Initially, the appearance of the Reptilians are strictly reptile looking creatures but after some time they were able to master the transfer of their soul/spirit into the body of human beings, developed vaccines that alter their genetics and DNA and that is the reason why it became difficult for the whole world to identify them and discover their secret. And because of that, they were able to mingle to people in all societies around the world without being noticed and detected.

When did Reptilians and Annunakis arrived on Earth?
To be continued......

Friday, January 24, 2020

Hollow Earth Revisited

Note: What we're told about Earth's history is wrong.  This is also true with the exact geological structure of the interior of the Earth.  The Earth, for the most part, is not completely solid from the inside, rather its hollow. Not just the Earth but also all the planets in the universe have a hollow interior.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Suppressed Inventions from the last 3 to 4 Decades

It's been said that there's hundreds and hundreds of inventions by people from around the world confiscated and put into shelves by the Deep State in Washington DC hidden away from the world.  Inventions such as engines that utilizes water as fuel, devices that generates electricity (free energy) and etc.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Jesus was also a Sinner

Note:  I wrote this essay as a response to the questions raised on social media.  I added some more words where it's needed to convey the intended message.

The Contrast & Comparison of what's real and what's not

The whole issue about salvation from sin is a total scam. This subject was intentionally ADDED to the scriptures in order to create the deception they wanted to achieve. I agree Jesus did not die on the cross. In Jewish reckoning, one day means a 24 hour period - from sunset to sunset (from the previous day to the next day). If Jesus died on Friday afternoon as told by the gospels then rising on Sunday morning means he spent only a very short period of time inside the tomb. It was only 1 day and a half. If he was able to spend one month and 2 weeks in the desert fasting without food and water. Then, he could definitely withstand and survive one day inside the tomb and spent that time regaining his strength and then rise again. He did not die on the cross. They added the narrative story of him dying on the cross in order to promote the idea of being obedient to the violent sacrifice; a commandment given by a fake God. The bible was clearly lying when they inserted fictional stories. They tried to edit the scriptures in order to accommodate the idea of him being the sinless lamb of God who complied to the legalistic requirements of the Annunakis. By mentioning 3 days and 3 nights then it would make it seem as though his life was in alignment with the prophecies of the Old Testament. But they forgot to edit the fact that he spent only 1 and a half-day inside the tomb. And that in itself is proof that they tried to fabricate the story of the life and times of Jesus. 

Jesus cannot possibly be without sin and so he cannot be the blameless lamb of god. He actually was the very first activist who rebeled and protested against the teachings of Yahweh. He made a public protest and tried to stop the senseless sacrifice of animals in the Temple.  In other words, he sinned several times because he knows the laws given by Yahweh are not real, they were not given by the genuine God. He actually NEVER kept the Festivals of Yahweh which was also a sabbath whereby they were supposed not to do anything and he violated it over and over again. 

Jesus real name was Yeshua Ben Yoseph in first century AD.  And then in early third century that was when they changed the name into Jesus. Take note, the changing of his name was done without the consent of Yeshua.  But prior to him becoming human his soul/spirit name was Sananda. He is the commander of the New Jerusalem its a mothership/starship of the Galactic Federation of Light. And the Anunakis and Reptilians are NOT part of the Federation of Light because they never practise genuine love and light. 

The real Father of Yeshua (aka Jesus) was the Prime Creator (a God of Love) and NOT YHWH the Annunaki (a god of War & Violence).   

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Masters Talks (St. Germain) through Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay
January 12 at 12:07 AM

January 11, 2020

Dear students,

It’s with joy that I come to you today, to remind you that we are still at the beginning of this year, and as always in Life, when we start a new cycle, before the old momentum takes the dominion again, we can easier create a new energy and vibration, completely different than the old, that will serve as a focus and magnet to rule and guide our experiences in the coming months!

Humans are usually very excited when given a positive message, but soon after all emotion wilts like a cake that, when it comes out of the oven, gives way completely, yielding to the outside atmosphere, becoming soggy and tasteless! Beloved ones, do not go back to the old patterns! Please wake up!

If I could, my beloved students, I would shake you now! Wake up! Wake up! Do not let the energy and pattern already created by the routine of discordant thoughts and feelings that constantly vibrate in your atmospheres continue to drag you through life like leaves in the wind! Wake up! Take the reins of your life and destiny into your hands and say to yourselves, “I am Victorious! I am the Victory I call! I am this Victory now!” Get out of the dormant state of most human beings and don't let mass consciousness continue to rule your thoughts! Take control over your head now! The brain must yield to Christ's dominion in your hearts! The most important part of any being is not and never will be the brain, but the heart! And there, your attention needs to stay focused!

I am watching you for days and I see, because I have perfect, sharp eyes, I see how the enthusiasm of the end of the year and the Spirit of Christmas gradually give way again to the sleep condition you used to live in all your life! Open your eyes! Wake up! The time is coming when you must once and for all take control of your lives and destinies! And that means taking control of your energies and your attention!

The pressure of the planet's atmosphere is gigantic! Don’t play with it! Do you think you control yourselves? For I tell you, you, most of the time, are controlled, completely governed by the human standards that hover around you! Ah! You may rebel against me, but I see your auras, I see your emotions, I see the thoughtforms floating in your atmospheres! And I see, how perfectly governed you are by them! And so, I tell you once again, wake up! Get out of this sleepy state! And let your head know that who are in dominion now is the Pure Christ in your hearts, this Luminous Presence who is awaiting your attention and permission to govern your outward activity and shape your bodies and worlds in that supreme perfection of the Golden Man within your hearts!

If you could see with my eyes, my beloved ones, you would not divert your attention for a minute of this Divine Presence within your hearts and not spend an hour without crying out for it to take control of your heads and worlds, and place, mercifully, your worlds and lives in perfect order and peace!

This year, you have the opportunity to have the Victorious Presence of Mighty Victory, who knows nothing different from Victory in his world! Who has never known anything other than Victory in his experience! But if you do not call him, he cannot interfere with your free will and come down to help you! Neither I, nor Victory, nor any Being of Light interfere with the life of a student or anyone unless we are sincerely invited by that person! Remember that, please!

You may think I'm being very hard, but I do, because I love you and I need you, awake, alert, attentive, in perfect mastery of your worlds, so that together we can create another Golden Age on this planet! An age of masters! Not people sleeping. An age of masters! Not from failed people! An age of masters! Not from people who yield to mass consciousness, for they do not have enough strength and determination to say no to all that is discordant, destructive and therefore does not express the purity and perfection of the Christ!

I came with joy, and I leave with joy and never forget, I remain vigilant! Watching at all times those who have the determination and courage to make the necessary efforts for their victory! And these, we Ascended Masters of Light, are always ready to help, by multiplying the energy of their calls and giving them the necessary radiation and protection so that they can be the Victory of Light in this world!

I AM Victorious! I AM Victorious! I AM the Victory of the Aquarian Era illuminating human minds and hearts here, there, and everywhere! I AM the Freedom of Light! I AM the Freedom of humanity! I AM the Freedom of the Earth! And I am your friend! And a friend like me, you don't find anywhere in this human octave!

Please, if you want to be victorious, call every day at least 5 minutes three times a day for this victory! Focus your attention on your hearts, on the Christ Presence within! Focus your attention on Mighty Victory! Focus your attention on me! Focus your attention on the Good! Focus your attention on the Perfection of the I AM Presence that rules behind every destructive appearance of this world! And so, you will know what victory is! And when you know victory, and look back, you will see that my words today do not come down to press you, but to lift you in the Victory of Light from the hearts of Saint Germain and Victory!

I AM your friend, my dear hearts.

I AM, Saint Germain speaking here.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

through Valerie Donner January 6, 2020

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today with matters of importance. As a part of the Earth Council, I am privy to what is occurring on the earth, much more than some other parts of my team. Humanity and the earth are being lambasted by the dark forces due to their fear of losing power. They are attempting to instill and paralyze humanity. This is particularly originating in the Middle East. The United States, being the power that it is, is a focal point and a trigger of this fear.

There are dark beings who are profoundly corrupted running governments on your planet who are being removed. This applies to every aspect of the corporate world, and all of the other institutions that have held sway over humanity for far too long. We are declaring that this is the end of it! The earth is ascending along with the humans who choose to rise in consciousness and be in the fifth dimension and higher. You are the Masters who came to the earth at this time with such light and power that these dark ones will no longer be able to exist. Please accept this knowledge about your selves for it is true.

The lower forms have lost their foundations. They have little to hold on to and represent some of the foulest beings of creation. This is why they are no longer going to be allowed on the earth or to have any contact or affect with the earth and humanity. All of the money that they have processed, the laws, the secrets, weapons, contamination, and their ill will to life and respect for the earth, will have little bearing on future of the planet. This will be wiped clean as they continue to be removed. If there is hope for them, they will be on another planet, otherwise, many of them due to their evil ways, could end up having their soul’s memories removed and having to start all over.

As you can imagine, this is frightening to the dark forces. They already know that their identities are going to be revealed with dire consequences. The public will find out as part of disclosure what they have been up to and it has not been good. Humanity will discover the facades that they have kept and the many lies they have told. Life on earth is not as it has been portrayed.

All of the forces from the Galactic’s, the light realms, forces of creation, are working together for this cleansing. It is happening quickly because everyone with heart and soul, goodness and mercy, has had enough. Today I’m making this pronouncement because it is timely. I am telling you there is no more room for switch and bait, lies, quid pro quo, service to self, abuse, violence, or any other destructive operations. Everyone has their trajectory as a part of their path. The gateways of departure are open. Everyone will be where they are destined to be.

As this process progresses there will be many revelations. Along with this, there will be miracles, manifestations, collaboration, cohesion, balance and harmony. Love and heart will govern humanity’s actions. Living from the heart with joy, happiness, and love, will expand freedom of the earth and all of life. You will be celebrating. Progress is being made that you will not hear about in your mainstream media.

Your Galactic friends and family are looking out for you. There are numerous reasons for us to stay focused where our help is needed. The terrible man-made disasters that are occurring now must be stopped. Too much life is being sacrificed for the greed of the others. You will learn more about this later.

Today we have painted a picture that will lead to a glorious future for you and the earth. Please hold this future for heaven on earth in your hearts and know that we are with you. We always have you in our hearts and we love you dearly.

I am Mira in service to you and the earth’s Ascension.