Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Masters Talks (St. Germain) through Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay
January 12 at 12:07 AM

January 11, 2020

Dear students,

It’s with joy that I come to you today, to remind you that we are still at the beginning of this year, and as always in Life, when we start a new cycle, before the old momentum takes the dominion again, we can easier create a new energy and vibration, completely different than the old, that will serve as a focus and magnet to rule and guide our experiences in the coming months!

Humans are usually very excited when given a positive message, but soon after all emotion wilts like a cake that, when it comes out of the oven, gives way completely, yielding to the outside atmosphere, becoming soggy and tasteless! Beloved ones, do not go back to the old patterns! Please wake up!

If I could, my beloved students, I would shake you now! Wake up! Wake up! Do not let the energy and pattern already created by the routine of discordant thoughts and feelings that constantly vibrate in your atmospheres continue to drag you through life like leaves in the wind! Wake up! Take the reins of your life and destiny into your hands and say to yourselves, “I am Victorious! I am the Victory I call! I am this Victory now!” Get out of the dormant state of most human beings and don't let mass consciousness continue to rule your thoughts! Take control over your head now! The brain must yield to Christ's dominion in your hearts! The most important part of any being is not and never will be the brain, but the heart! And there, your attention needs to stay focused!

I am watching you for days and I see, because I have perfect, sharp eyes, I see how the enthusiasm of the end of the year and the Spirit of Christmas gradually give way again to the sleep condition you used to live in all your life! Open your eyes! Wake up! The time is coming when you must once and for all take control of your lives and destinies! And that means taking control of your energies and your attention!

The pressure of the planet's atmosphere is gigantic! Don’t play with it! Do you think you control yourselves? For I tell you, you, most of the time, are controlled, completely governed by the human standards that hover around you! Ah! You may rebel against me, but I see your auras, I see your emotions, I see the thoughtforms floating in your atmospheres! And I see, how perfectly governed you are by them! And so, I tell you once again, wake up! Get out of this sleepy state! And let your head know that who are in dominion now is the Pure Christ in your hearts, this Luminous Presence who is awaiting your attention and permission to govern your outward activity and shape your bodies and worlds in that supreme perfection of the Golden Man within your hearts!

If you could see with my eyes, my beloved ones, you would not divert your attention for a minute of this Divine Presence within your hearts and not spend an hour without crying out for it to take control of your heads and worlds, and place, mercifully, your worlds and lives in perfect order and peace!

This year, you have the opportunity to have the Victorious Presence of Mighty Victory, who knows nothing different from Victory in his world! Who has never known anything other than Victory in his experience! But if you do not call him, he cannot interfere with your free will and come down to help you! Neither I, nor Victory, nor any Being of Light interfere with the life of a student or anyone unless we are sincerely invited by that person! Remember that, please!

You may think I'm being very hard, but I do, because I love you and I need you, awake, alert, attentive, in perfect mastery of your worlds, so that together we can create another Golden Age on this planet! An age of masters! Not people sleeping. An age of masters! Not from failed people! An age of masters! Not from people who yield to mass consciousness, for they do not have enough strength and determination to say no to all that is discordant, destructive and therefore does not express the purity and perfection of the Christ!

I came with joy, and I leave with joy and never forget, I remain vigilant! Watching at all times those who have the determination and courage to make the necessary efforts for their victory! And these, we Ascended Masters of Light, are always ready to help, by multiplying the energy of their calls and giving them the necessary radiation and protection so that they can be the Victory of Light in this world!

I AM Victorious! I AM Victorious! I AM the Victory of the Aquarian Era illuminating human minds and hearts here, there, and everywhere! I AM the Freedom of Light! I AM the Freedom of humanity! I AM the Freedom of the Earth! And I am your friend! And a friend like me, you don't find anywhere in this human octave!

Please, if you want to be victorious, call every day at least 5 minutes three times a day for this victory! Focus your attention on your hearts, on the Christ Presence within! Focus your attention on Mighty Victory! Focus your attention on me! Focus your attention on the Good! Focus your attention on the Perfection of the I AM Presence that rules behind every destructive appearance of this world! And so, you will know what victory is! And when you know victory, and look back, you will see that my words today do not come down to press you, but to lift you in the Victory of Light from the hearts of Saint Germain and Victory!

I AM your friend, my dear hearts.

I AM, Saint Germain speaking here.

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