Friday, February 7, 2020

3 Year Extension Bonus for President Trump

Note:  This article/write up was circulating on Social Media from an unknown author.  It points out that the President is entitled to a 3-year extension of office for being acquitted from Impeachment. The Supreme Court can invoke and activate this law in favor of President Trump.  And if that happens then there is no need for election this year as the 3-year extension will take effect pushing the election to a future date 3 years after the extension.

Fact-Check: Can The Supreme Court Extend Trump's Term by 3 years if he's acquitted in the Senate?

An article published by the reputable website Daily World Update is circulating a story Trump supporters are loving to read. The article claims that a little-known law from the Nixon era gives the Supreme Court the ability to extend the term of a President acquitted by the Senate after being impeached by the House: “There’s a little-known precedent on the books that Democrats are trying desperately to have removed before the impeachment trial of President Trump begins. In 1974, as Nixon faced impeachment, the Republican Congress passed a law that would allow his term to be extended if he was acquitted. The law was specific to Nixon and was set to expire in 5 years, but Nixon resigned. The removal of the law, therefore, never happened.

According to legal analyst and constitutional scholar, Art Tubolls, the fact that the law exists at all sets a precedent: “The law is very clear. An acquittal, which they were sure they would get until all the facts came to light, would have meant that Nixon’s term was stolen from him and that three years or less could be added to his time in office without causing a constitutional crisis.

“Because of how Nixon ended his own career and was pardoned, the law was never struck down or removed, meaning it’s still precedent, and only the Supreme Court can take it away. “Our sources say it would be a 5-4 vote to allow President Trump to go on for another three years, making the next Presidential election due in 2023. Trump would still be eligible to run.

“That may sound extreme and unconstitutional, but only the SCOTUS can determine that, and they are solidly behind Trump, no matter what crimes he’s committed. The office is better with him in it, and that’s all they’re supposed to care about.“ That would be great if it were true. 

So…is it? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding “YES!” According to our research, the Supreme Court can absolutely invoke this 1975 law and extend Trump’s term.

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