Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Excellent Discussion on Democracy Now

Sanders & Socialism

It seems Bernie Sanders is clearly on the lead towards the democratic nomination that will face Donald Trump this coming November. The message of  Bernie Sanders echoes the sentiment of many Americans especially the Occupy Movement that brought many people into the streets during the time of President Obama.  In this video, Krugman exchanges view with Richard Wolff.

Note:  Socialism was absent in the time of the early First Century Christian Jews.  At the time, the vast majority of the Jewish people were like servants for the rich.  The priest and the members of the Councils are the ones that became rich.  The message of John the Baptist became attractive to the early Jewish people and some even formed and joined the group called today as the Essene Community.  It was the early form of Socialism. They lived a communal way of living that acts like a family.

The word socialism, particularly in the west, are very sensitive to its meaning as they were brainwashed by the information campaign by the DeepState that made Capitalism as the best form of the economic system even though it guarantees servitude and unfair treatment of the majority of people. The Communism that happened in China and Russia are not the best model to emulate.  But it does not mean that the core principles of caring for everyone socially as ONE community are wrong.  Capitalism needs an UPGRADE and an Overhaul.  

There is NOTHING wrong in making a social approach which ensures that absolutely EVERY citizen is taken care of.  With the present kind of Capitalism, it only cares for the rich and those that have huge capital.  While they themselves form socialism among themselves (only for the rich) and not for the average people.  This type of unfair system has to be dealt with.  And this is what bringing Bernie Sanders to the forefront.  His message is: he cared for everyone and he is not afraid to offend the rich. 

The argument is this:  Capitalism can be upgraded and changed to some extent whereby a society that TRULY cares for its citizens like parents do with their children.  Anywhere around the world, there is no family on Earth that applies capitalism to their own children.  Every family in the world practice a very fair social, communal living where everyone shares like brothers and sisters.  And this kind of system comes NATURAL to everyone regardless of race.  It is natural for all of us to care for every child in our family.  

Imagine, if your Dad and Mom one day decided to apply absolute capitalism inside your house and said:  from now on all you kids/children should pay for every need that you have. Every meal, water, use of the bathroom and etc. should have a fee.  And that everyone should pay for everything including a tax for being part of the family.  And that is of course absolutely ridiculous. No one will do that because that is simply a non-loving way of living.  And that exactly what is happening in the capitalistic world. What is missing in every society in the world today is a system that genuinely cares for everyone like parents do to their children.  A societal form of living should evolve to improve itself and not stuck in the narrow mindedness of the past.

Socialism expressed like ONE Big Family that cares for everyone, treat everybody as part of the family rather than an unfair treatment where it only benefits the few, the rich, as it guarantees the vast majority of people will be living in either poverty or the usual endless cycle of trying to make ends meet kind of people.  

Once again there is nothing wrong with applying some form of SOCIALISM.  A social system that guarantees every citizen is treated like legitimate children in a family.  The Government should act like legitimate Parents do to their children. The governance should come in the form of guiding them, ensuring peace, security, and abundance and NOT about CONTROLLING them as though they are just sheep inside the fence which is true to the present kind of system.

Socially, a Family Type of ONENESS system should be applied.  And when it comes to individual, a slight form of capitalism should also be applied where they can be allowed to engage in businesses as they wish.  And this is what I call the hybrid type of economy where a form of Socialism and Capitalism can co-exist simultaneously.  

Make Sense?  I will write another article about this, explaining the pros and cons of both capitalism and Socialism. It's about time that we apply some social aspect (a hybrid) to the unfair system of capitalism.  


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