Monday, February 10, 2020

Forecast 2020 - Additional Info

The exact timing of the events stated in this forecast can be changed at any time by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light.  Some variables may change over time and that can affect either slightly or significantly the projection of the future.  But as far as the plan and intention are concerned, this is what they are aiming for. 

Mass Arrest -  Will likely happen either before, during or after the Easter and or Passover.  The majority of the individuals that will be arrested are the faithful and obedient Minions of the Elites/Cabal.  The weeks after the arrest this will proceed also to the prosecution of the other minions located outside the United States.  These minions who are located around the world are proven to have direct connections with the Deep State and their secret criminal activities.

RV / GCR -  This is the much-awaited event by a lot of people worldwide.  This will likely happen either before, during or after the Mass Arrest.  But it is more likely that it will happen right after the Mass Arrest to ensure that the people who will receive their blessings are free from possible harm from the Deep State and their local minions.

Galactic Disclosure -  There will be a countdown of 105 days or 3.5 months counting from Easter then after that the Disclosure will start.  This means the Galactics will begin broadcasting to the whole world.  Announcing that the Galactic Experiment is over.  This is the equivalent of what was prophesied in the book of Revelation when it says; "It is Done!". 

Three weeks before the end of the countdown, the Galactics will start to gradually uncloak some of their ships that are either already on the ground as some have already landed (cloaked) or just orbiting the space inside and outside of the Earths higher atmosphere observing and doing reconnaissance.  These ships will then become visible to the human eyes.  

The global broadcast will be done initially by the Spiritual Hierarchy and then followed by the Company of Heaven and then the Galactic Federation of Light.  They will announce that the Experiment on earth is over and done.  The Spiritual Hierarchy will be headed by the Prime Creator.  She will appear looking like a Nordic woman of around 6.5 - 7.5-foot tall person.  Along with her will be Zorra also known in this Galaxy as Father God.  Both of them are giants but they can shrink their sizes into smaller ones just to communicate with smaller people. 

Members of the Company of Heaven will also appear in the broadcast. The Company of Heaven is a gathering of ascended Masters which regularly gather and meet at the New Jerusalem Starship.  This huge mothership is the place called by the religion as "Heaven".  It is actually a starship that contains a planet like environment that floats in space independently.  It was stationed right infront of planet Venus since ancient times.  This is the main reason why Venus as seen from Earth as a very bright planet due to the presence of the New Jerusalem situated infront of it.  

After the Mass Arrest some of the Higher Ups of the Elites and Cabal will be in extreme defiance mode.  But they will have to face the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation.  The remaining secret cloaked spaceships of the Higher Elites/Cabal will be confiscated. 

When the Galactics start broadcasting globally they can literally override all the TV, radio stations and internet worldwide.  All of our electronic devices will receive the broadcast and we will all be informed. 

The Galactic Experiment is quite a lengthy topic to discuss, it will require a separate explanation.  I will write another article about it in the near future.   

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