Thursday, February 6, 2020

President Trump Is Not Guilty

The Democrats have been accusing President Trump with all kinds of allegations for a very long time. They wanted him to be impeached. Now the decision is final as the majority of the Senate did not find him guilty.  It turns out, they created allegations that they could not even substantiate to prove him guilty of any crime or misdemeanor.  President Trump is not guilty.  And he does not deserve to be disrespected.  

And speaking of disrespect; Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrat party; rip apart the document given to her by the President.  Did she hate President Trump so much that she could not even wait for the whole event to be over? Instead, she allowed her actions to be seen on national television. In the past, when she was asked by some reporters, she said she does not hate Trump. But why her actions show otherwise? If Trump is really guilty of any violations or abuse of power; then, why can't they produce any evidence?  If their accusations are true and valid, then it must be followed by convincing evidence to support their claim.  And the evidence is something they don't have and that is why the majority of the Senators did not find the President guilty of any wrongdoing. 

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