Thursday, April 9, 2020

Draining the Subterranean Swamp

There is an operation going on to drain the swamp under our feet. There is another world down there, at least 10 miles or so below the surface of the world.  It stretches and interconnecting the continents via wide space tunnels and underground cities.  The world down there where the INCARNATES of the Annunakis and Reptilians lived and thrive for thousands of years.  The cabal, deep state, illuminati and the worlds elites are all their minions who faithfully work for them.

They were farming humans for sacrifice, source of adrenochrome, torture, sexual slavery and cannibalism.  And they have been doing these things for thousands of years.  This is not conspiracy theory anymore, this is real.  Can you imagine the extent and scale of the cover up and secrecy that has been going on for a very long time.

The effort to drain this evil swamp is to ISOLATE them from the rest of the world, rescue the children and women.  The spread of the corona virus happens to be a good timing for the military to raid this underground world.  Since every country is in lockdown mode therefore it denies the ability of the enemy to gather more humans to bring inside their world. 

Deprived of Adrenochrome supply and no human sacrifice and no human meat for their cannibalistic consumption, then it will force them either to surrender or come out in the surface of the world and fight the US Military in the open.  Back in the year 2011, their military capability surpasses the human militaries of the world.  That even if the US, Russia and NATO combined to fight them, the humans will never win.  But thanks to the help and assistance of the benevolent ETs from the Galactic Federation as they neutralized their weaponries by destroying them and by taking it elsewhere out of reach of the reptilian enemies.  And so now they can be defeated by the US Military. 


The benevolent ETs had been in contact with some of the previous presidents such as: Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan, Obama.  They even landed on the USS Coral Sea just to have a dialogue to the military officials of that aircraft carrier.  And today, the crews and sailors of that ship are speaking out, telling people that one UFO of the Galactic Federation landed on their ship and had a meeting with their superiors.  The benevolent ETs are from: Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and from Alpha Centauri including a man from Hollow Earth named Zorra.  The sailors remember Zorra as someone who have turquoise looking skin, while the Pleiadians looked like the nordic people of today.  And they are all giants. The people of hollow earth are not to be confused with the reptilians.  The hollow earth region is 800 miles below the surface while reptilians are just a few miles below our feet.

As long as the lockdown continues it will force the reptilians and annunakis into a desperate situation as the US military is blocking them from having their much needed supply of human meat, slavery and skilled manpower.  Their worldwide communications into their human minions on the surface of the world are also being monitored including those from CIA and MI6.  As these two agencies are the major extensions of their control into this world which are also managed by the Rothschild and etc.

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