Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The True REPUBLIC of the US

Note: The True Republic is working behind the scenes. They needed to do this in order to EXPOSE the fake government which is the privately owned corporation of the US based in Washington DC. Most of the governments around the world are also fake, controlled remotely by a group of secretive global elites who owned several multinational corporations. These elites are also known as the Deepstate or Shadow Government. 

The True Republic of the US is busy preparing and will soon be revealed, and the DC Swamp will cease to exist which is already happening.  For the meantime, the real US Treasury will be based in Nevada while the Executive branch will be temporary located in Florida.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Consciousness Alignment Reference Index (CARI)


Remember the time when you still don't know how to ride a bicycle or drive a car? After much practice eventually, we were able to learn to balance our weight when riding a bicycle and learned how to properly drive a vehicle that will get us somewhere we intend to go. And this is also true with the consciousness aspect of every person.

  • What happens when the mind and emotions are not managed under proper control?
  • What happens when we don't have a balanced state of mind?
  • What happens when we always dwell on negativity?
  • What happens when we lose control of our feelings and allow anger, fear, anxiety & etc. to control us?
  • What happens when we allow our thoughts to venture into negative/evil ideas?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered once I finished preparing an illustrated document that will explain in detail the How To's of ALIGNMENT.

There is a WORD in Spanish called "Maligno" it simply means a person or a thing that is not in proper alignment with SOURCE. It can go haywire, out of control like a rogue if not managed properly to stay in an ALIGNED level/angle of Consciousness. It is also known as maligned spirits. For the most part, the evil in the Universe all started from a simple and basic misalignment and or allowing unbalanced thoughts and emotions to go ballistically out of control. Therefore, non-aligned thoughts and emotions can lead to ego, confusion, easily frustrated, lack of confidence, no peace of mind, no self-control, attitude problem, cant relax and if left unchecked for a long time can become a hard habit to break as it can take over the control of the persons domain rather than the person managing and driving his or her own life.

Furthermore, if we don't Refresh and Reset our Focus and Attention towards ALIGNMENT we end up imprisoned by our psychological paradigm developed over time due to non-alignment. Our focus and attention can be captured and hijacked by external issues and we end up accumulating tons of negative ideas, negative emotions, negative habits, and all kinds of junk fictional stories and ideologies which can become cemented in our consciousness if we do not know how to maneuver the steering wheel of our consciousness.

Just as we needed to regularly breathe in and breathe out so is the notion of consciousness alignment. We have to manually CHOOSE to stay balanced and in alignment. A failure to do so will only further delay spiritual maturity and consciousness development. The Earth is a SCHOOL and Graduation is near (End Time). It's the same way as saying the Harvest is Near (as told in the Gospels). But what kind of Harvest will it be? Are we productive spiritually like the wheat or like the grass? What kind of graduation will it be if the students (people) never learned a thing? This tutorial on ALIGNMENT is critical for Harvest and Graduation. Remember what was said by James the brother of Jesus (Sananda) that Faith without works is what? Do we learn to ride the bicycle if we do not balance ourselves? Do we learn to drive a vehicle if we never spend time learning, practicing the basics of driving? And if we don't know how to drive, do you think it's okay to grant us a driver's license?

Once I finished working on the illustration and laying out the document complete with explanations I will then share it here on the blog. It will be like a Reference Guide or like an illustrated heads-up display that will help people in staying in alignment for the development and expansion of our consciousness and spiritual maturity. And I will leave it up to the readers to absorb the teachings/tutorials and eventually practice them.

Lastly, why would the Prime Creator God who made the Universe allow us to manage a planet or a star system if we ourselves does not know how to manage our own spirit?  It is safe to say that this Earth School will only show WHO among the human students living on Earth who diligently apply the ALIGNMENT Methodology that they are the ones who will graduate with honors and Divine Accreditation as genuine Gods and Goddesses and reached the Ascended Master status.  And be allowed to advance to the next level of development of being permitted in learning how to create our own planets, moons, star system, mothership (starship), new living things and etc.   

Statement by DJT - Nov. 24 & 26, 2021