Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Zorra and the Pleiadians In Action

Note:  Re-posting this video posted way back 9 years ago. Zorra was flying along with a few Pleaidian lightships over the skies of Russia. They were chasing an asteroid that was about to hit the Earth. The year was 2013.  At the time I could not think of a better word for the title of the video so I just called it Perestroika since it happened in Russia (has no correlation with the soviet era).  The explosion in the skies of Russia was confirmed by a French scientist who said their instruments detected the shockwave / blast of explosion encircled the Earth a few times.

All Pleiadian lightships are equipped with a force field technology that protects their spacecrafts.  The group of Pleiadian lightships were stationed just outside the orbit of the Earth.  The Galactic Federation of Light completely surrounded the solar system.  And most of them are just cloaked.  Heads up for those who were anxiously waiting for Galactic Disclosure.  The possibility that this could be the year of disclosure could finally come true.  The Dark Ones also known as the Ancient Cabal of Annunakis and Reptilians who came from another Galaxy no longer have reinforcements coming for them, they are on their own.  Their only recourse and option is to give up and surrender.  The Galactic Federation of Light are assisting the Alliance of White Hats and Russia in defeating the Cabal/NWO.  

Literally, if the asteroid was allowed to hit the Earth it would have been Extinction Level Event (ELE).  Its been 9 years since it happened and we should say thank you to the benevolent ET friends of the Earth. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner June 30, 2022

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council reporting to you today from the Earth Council.

I am pleased to say that much progress has been made since we last spoke. The wheels have been turning and the lights have been flowing extensively. We are using all of our energies for this focus of the earth’s ascension and for your ascension. The focus is strong and deep. It is casting out lower frequencies and darkness that have festered on the earth for far too long.

If you pay attention to these energies on the earth, you will see that it is easier to breathe now and that it feels lighter. There is still much occurring with the breakdown of the old. We assure you huge progress has been made and continues to be made on the behalf of creation, for the love of the earth and all of life.

We appreciate you beyond measure for working with us and holding this light. We are all working together, and our hearts are fully invested in every decision that is made. This is a complex process and it’s long overdue. It is precise and nothing can stop it!

What assists us the most is when you follow your inner guidance listening for your next step. You will just know what to do, where to go, and what to say. We are guiding you. You will be delighted with the results of what we are doing together, even if you don’t know clearly what is going on behind the scenes. It is important to trust the plan and to know that it is a perfect mechanism and is God designed.

We recommend that you take excellent care of your bodies right now because they are going through a lot. They have been taken to task from the attacks that been launched against them. Some of you are beginning to see the fragility of some peoples’ bodies. You are also beginning to see, and hopefully understand, how holy the body is. It is something to be respected and is quite a marvelous part of creation.

You will see that other wonderful technologies will be coming forward that will assist with your healing. Take heart and know there are some new improved healing technologies. You will no longer be limited to the allopathic medicine with which you have been living. You will have other choices. There are also numerous geniuses who will be revealing their natural cures straight from the earth. And you will heal!

The earth is also going through her healing journey. She will also heal. All of her kingdoms are ascending and vibrating at higher frequencies. This allows them to participate in even greater ways for the earth’s ascension. All of life is beginning to remember who it truly is, and it is beautiful.

Please keep going deeply within and loving your bodies, your minds, your hearts, and your souls. We are together in this and stronger than ever.

I love you! I am Mira.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The True Way - Part 2


"Truly I say to you, unless you change and become like children, you will not ENTER the kingdom of heaven." 
(Matthew 18:3 NASB)

Theres a big difference between the consciousness of a little child and a fully grown adult person.  It is very rare that you will find a person nowadays that has a consistent childlike outlook in life.  A childlike attitude who exude: joy, being carefree, fun seeker, worry free attitude that comes naturally and etc.  Though we cannot blame all the people of the world who experienced all kinds of traumatic things in life to bounce back instantly and become joyful easily and forget about all the sorrow, sadness, bad luck, frustrations, disappointments they accumulated in their lives.  But the truth is - its totally possible to RETURN to childhood innocence (so to speak).  Returning to the kind of attitude we all had when we were very young can be daunting task, that is if we do not know the WAY or the technique on how to do it right.  Remember, the teaching of Yeshua about the True Way has been removed from the first century manuscripts of the scriptures. The students of Yeshua/Jesus became his disciples.  And these disciples became the followers of the Way.  

The teaching of Yeshua/Jesus about the need or requirement to go back and become a child again does not mean you have to realistically shrink back into the size of the little child all over again.  It just mean we need to re-capture the joy, and the carefree attitude we once had when we were kids as though we dont let any thing or any problems get in the way of having fun or being happy.  That mindset of freedom, always positive with optimism, hopeful, able to dream, able to smile a lot and frequently.  We need to reset and refresh our thinking.  Thats why Jesus said; "by the renewing of your mind".

Enter the Kingdom
To Enter the Kingdom of God/Heaven is to enter the "Vortex"To enter the Kingdom of God which is inside of our hearts, it requires that we must have the necessary ticket to enter the Vortex.  That entrance ticket is by becoming like a child again; not physically but mentally and in our consciousness and in our hearts.  It does not mean we need to forget everything we have learned so far; and all the accumulated experiences can be a valuable tool in helping us by giving us lessons of not repeating the same mistakes again.  Rather, we can set aside the sad and bad memories we've had that made us bitter and move on and not get stuck in the past by moving to the way we were before when we were a child.  

What is it for?  
We are all spirit beings that have been integrated into the physical body.  What we see when we are out of the physical body is very different when we are merge in the physical body.  Our spiritual eyes have been plug-in to our physical eyes and therefore we only see a limited section of the spectrum of light. Our spiritual eyes can see ETHERIC LIGHT which is something that our physical eyes cannot see.  The Etheric Light vibrates in a very High frequency. 

When our frequency is low due to being extremely serious, so sad, extremely critical, extremely negative and pessimistic, always thinking about all the problems in your life and all the problems in the world can and will vibrationally weigh you down significantly.  When our spiritual vibrations and frequency slows down it affects the quality and the amount of Etheric Light our own spiritual vortex produce.  This is why Yeshua/Jesus said; "Let your light so Shine".  Not only people will notice and see your aura is cool but also will notice that you are different from the rest of the crowd. 

What happens to our Spiritual Vibrations?  
Since we are all spirit beings that have been integrated to the physical, when we are UNDER the INFLUENCE of the world, by the physicality, by problems, by an out of control emotions either in the form of fear or anger and so on. We become what we think and feel.  Because what we think is what we create.  By dwelling too much on physicality, by the world around us and etc.  We eventually adapt to the things we have allowed to control and influence us.  In other words it can mold us into a different person than we really are.  And thats why we need to get back to who we really are.

In addition to this, the programming brought by religion, and by the world at large will slowly make us drift away from the center of our own vortex and into outside part of the Vortex.  And the further apart we drift away from our vortex the more lost we become.  And some of the immediate effects of this is that we become egotistical, greedy, always negative, lack happiness and joy, unable to smile, easily irritated, always angry and etc.

And the only WAY back to the center of the Vortex is to become like a child once again.  It does not mean you have to apply some dementia like Biden rather be like a child allover again in HEART and in consciousness.  Yes, we can all set aside all the negativity of the world and all the problems therein because literally we cannot solve all of it.  But we can solve the problems within our reach.  We all need to attend to our own wellbeing not just physically but also the mental aspect as well.  

What did Yeshua said about being a Child again?  
He said the words: "Unless You Change and Become like Children You will not Enter the Kingdom of God (Vortex)". So, this is a very serious requirement that needs literal action on our part which no amount of faith or grace could ever  accomplish. We must literally take some individual action.

Get Into the Vortex and Be In Alignment   

Realizing that we are not at the center of the Vortex means we need to do some alignment.  Our True Nature is that of Love and Light.  We must find our way home back to that basic and fundamental nature that we all have as children of God.  To reset our thinking and or to renew our minds we must do some Self Reflection also known as "Meditation".  Did you know all the time and instances when the disciples saw Yeshua/Jesus took sometime alone, he was actually not praying for he can communicate with Ashtar, Prime Creator (his Father in Heaven), and to all his friends in the Company of Heaven (which is a group of ascended Masters) through TELEPATHY?  He was actually meditating regularly.  He too needed to come back regularly to align himself with his inner being which is the Vortex aka the Kingdom of God.  Alignment is like a Consciousness Compass it tells us if we are headed in the right or wrong direction.    

And so we need to make sure we are always inside the Vortex and in alignment with it.  And one of the best method to this is through meditation.  We do this by quieting our mind and removing temporarily all mental chatter.  Know that we are not our body, whatever the body is going through it does not mean we should pay all of our attention into it.  By learning to distinguish between what is dictated by the physicality from that of the nature of the Spirit is a key to proper alignment.  Later on, I will discuss a more advance topic on DELIBERATE FOCUS.  

With DELIBERATE FOCUS one can be in an instant meditative state even if one is on the go or walking, jogging, busy at work and etc. But first, people need to go through the motion on the basics of meditation, because DELIBERATE FOCUS requires much practice on the basics of meditation.  As you quiet your mind, you may close your eyes and try to play the role of a librarian who lets everybody know that the Library is a place of silence.  So therefore all thoughts must conform to you as you go through the silent mode while meditating. Tone down all active thoughts and mental chatter; and allow it to dissipate.  Gradually shift your focus away from observing and absorbing the world around you along with the emotions of your physical body to ignore it for a while and turn to the real you inside.  In other words put the physicality aside for a while and let the real you, the Spirit form inside you be the dominant one.  As you tune in to your True Self you will find joy, peace and calmness.  Stay there for a while and allow it to recharge your spirit.  

The Vortex of our spirit is centered inside of us.  The growth and expansion of the vortex differs from person to person.  The wider the vortex is, the more powerful it is.  The main reason why James the brother of Yeshua/Jesus never accredited apostle Paul as a genuine apostle was because he was never a student (disciple) of Jesus.  He never heard Jesus when he taught them the True Way.  

Furthermore, not only he persecuted those Jewish people who became followers of the Way but also he himself did not follow the Way or the original teachings of Yeshua.  Thats why Paul never taught people about the True Way because he himself does not know it.  Instead, Paul was taught by the Reptilians and Annunakis masquerading as Jesus.  Majority of these Reptilians and Annunakis were congregating among the priesthood, pharisees and sadducees.  Thats why when both John and Jesus saw these beings they called them as "Brood of Vipers".  Today, these gangs became the worlds globalist cabal, elites, zionist, nwo and they own the big pharma, big banks, control most of the worlds governments and etc.  

At the time of Jesus they prevented those who were entering the Kingdom while at the same time they themselves does not want to ENTER. "But Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, because you SHUT the Kingdom of Heaven in front of people; for you do not enter it yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in" (Matthew 23:13 NASB).

Entering the Vortex of our Spirit is a necessary requirement in identifying who among the people of the world have matured/developed spiritually.  They know if we are in the vortex and having progress and development.  How we manage our own vortex will be used as a gauge to find out if we are worthy to be called as children of God and as Gods and Goddesses, or we will not qualify to be included to those who will graduate the Earth School.  Do we allow the world to influence and control our thoughts and actions or we stand up and claim our divinity?  It is up to us to decide.

Yeshua calls it KINGDOM OF GOD as it denotes management of our own spirit or vortex.  Through the Vortex we can exercise to command matter to work in our behalf.  We just have to KNOW the language of the Vortex which is vibration and THOUGHT is Vibration.  And Thoughts has always been the Creator of things for ages and ages. This will be further discuss and explained next.  

For now, my priority is to finish the True Way teachings and so all other articles will have to be set aside for sometime in the future.  Rest assured that there will be video documentary of this and will also be available in printed form.  

On the next part I will discuss:
- Vortex Growth and Expansion
- Management of our Own Vortex
- What are the Benefits
- Practicing being the Creator of our own Reality 
- and etc.

To be continued.....

Friday, June 17, 2022

The True Way - Part 1


"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come." 
(Matthew 24:14 NASB)

I would like to correct the theological confusion that has been going on for a very long time.  

  1. Yeshua (aka Jesus) was the son of the Prime Creator who came to Earth on a mission to preach and teach the gospel of the Kingdom.
  2. And this gospel of the Kingdom of God was the one he taught his students or disciples.
  3. It was not about Religion.  It was about a lifestyle.
  4. It was not about Resurrection and Grace as taught by fraudulent apostle Paul (The Unauthorized Apostle).
  5. It was not about Salvation from hell.  Rather its about learning and mastering his teaching about The True Way that will speed up their education time on Earth and avoid hundreds of repeated lifetimes of incarnations on Earth.
  6. Kingdom of God for males and Queendom of Goddess for females.  Yes we are all Divine as Gods and Goddesses in basic TRAINING on how to be Creators not just of our own reality but also (eventually) to be creators of worlds.
  7. This Kingdom or Queendom of God is within YOU.  Its inside of us.

Suppose I sent you on mission to do a vlog.  I will commission you to document and record videos on how Italians bake pizza. So you brought your equipment, electronics including a drone camera to follow you around as you walk outside the street heading towards a pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy.  You met with the Italian man who willingly show you how they make delicious pizzas.  And then you come back to report and deliver the videos for compositing.  

Now, after the successful trip, theres a new mission for you and you are gonna go back in time 2,000 years ago and document the life and times of Yeshua/Jesus in the ancient Palestine area.  You will be allowed to bring with you a spy camera which you can mount on your shirt hidden from view.  I will lend you one of my portable and compact Time Travel machine that will transport you back 2,000 years ago.

For Illustration Purposes Only

What you will witness as you go back in time is that Yeshua/Jesus was definitely not teaching people about creating a new brand of religion.  And that he was teaching people how to be creators of their own reality, to be healers of themselves, to be self reliant and that they too have divine powers and abilities just as he have.  This is because we are all divine as Gods and Goddesses.  He came to Earth to TEACH these things and developed in them their innate/inherent √§bilities that are still untapped due to the false programming they receive from Reptilians and Annunakis that influenced the worlds societies. 

The Time Travel Concept is true and it is used extensibly by the Galactic Federation of Light. One of the most active members of the Federation who uses the technology are the Pleiadians.  Majority of their spacecrafts can travel either back to the past or forward to the future.  Even the Annunakis who communicated with Prophet Daniel and gave him prophetic visions do have time travel capabilities and technologies.  We today, could not grasp how time travel is possible its because we were constrained by religious beliefs as well as brainwashed by false ideologies including the confusion brought by polluted and underdeveloped Physics and Science that refuse to delve itself from the Non-Physical Phenomena as mentioned by Nikola Tesla.  They (the Galactics) have already seen the future through time travel technologies.  They saw that those people who are so religious and so pessimistic atheist are the ones who will have difficulty coping with the reality of the Galactic disclosure.  They will withdraw from the society as they will find out that they were believing a lie all of their lives.  They also visited the past and confirmed that a lot of passages in the bible were added to exaggerate the stories.

Sometime in the future I will produce a documentary to discuss how this technology is possible.  And I will hire either an American lady or a Canadian lady who has a neutral accent, who will do the narration of the documentary.   

Both Religion and Atheistic beliefs accomplish the same thing which is to prevent people from learning that they are Divine as Gods and Goddesses.  

Yeshua/Jesus used the terminology "Kingdom of God" because we are all Gods in human physical form.  It is not just Jesus who incarnated into flesh but all humans are a merging of Non-Physical (immaterial) and Physical (material). 
Our Spirit/Soul that is inside of our body is not a matter.  It is not made of solid, liquid or gas.  It is a scam to incite fear among the people that they needed to be saved from hell that doesnt even exist.  Even if it exist it will not be able to destroy the spirit because it is not a combustible material.  In other words, in spirit form we are all immortal for the spirit is INDESTRUCTIBLE!  We are all the direct EXTENSION of SOURCE - The Creator.  And the children of the Creator are all Gods and Goddesses.   

Going back to the analogy I gave about going back in time 2,000 years ago.  Yeshua /Jesus used the term Kingdom of God as something inside of us because he is referring to the Spirit Form and that Soul is the REAL us inside that was assigned to the physical body.  We are not the body, we are the being that is inside the body.  Only the physical body can die and not the spirit or soul inside of us.  That Spirit is divine because it is CONNECTED to the SOURCE, the CREATOR.  And so by using the terminology of the Kingdom of God he is teaching people on how to activate the dormant God/Goddess inside of them which was suppressed and prevented from expressing itself by way of deception through FALSE beliefs and invented ideologies brought by religion and atheistic beliefs.

Our Spirit and Immaterial Soul inside of us is an Energy Form, it is by definition a VORTEX of Energy.  Two thousand years ago, Yeshua/Jesus could not describe it as Vortex is because theres no equivalent terminology that can adequately describe the Kingdom/Queendom within and inside of us.  If you were to travel back in time 2,000 years ago, you will find it somewhat too difficult to describe and explain to people what a Vortex is and what its like.  And you will come to the conclusion that its better to call it as the Kingdom of God.  Thats the reason why Yeshua/Jesus used the words kingdom of God to describe the spirit inside of us as there were no proper words that can best describe the VORTEX of Energy.  

What did he said would be preached and taught around the world before the end time? He said; "and this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached".  He did not said the gospel of grace nor the fabricated gospel of salvation from hell and etc.

Do Some Test (Observe Your Own Spirit)

Silently try to say and command the toes of your feet to move and make some motion without using audible words.  Through your THOUGHTS gain control over physical matter starting with your own physical body.  Now, lets try to reverse it.  Allow the toes to tell your fingers to move.  Of course it would not work.  Because the physical cannot give orders to the higher realm which is your own spirit.  Our body moves only when our Spirit inside of us give the orders to do so, and not vice versa.  Once again our spirit is not made of material substances like our physical body.  We are not just the driver that operates this body (like a car) but we are also the ENGINE (Our Spirit) that makes the physical body move and do what it was intended to be.  Notice, our THOUGHTS are not part of matter, not physical which we can exercise by issuing COMMANDS to the physical to do what we ask it to do.  

Now, try to SING some songs in your mind without uttering some audible words proceeding from your mouth.  Go ahead, sing some favorite melodies.   Notice that your active THOUGHTS are not bound by your physicality, because it is not a material part of your body rather it is separate from your body.  Our consciousness or our thoughts are part of the ESSENCE of the Spirit inside of us. Through it we can conceive an idea, imagine things, and create new INTENTIONS.  And this Spirit (or others calls it as Soul) is actually an Energy that empowers any physical body to function the way it was designed to be.

Yeshua calls it Kingdom (Equivalent to Queendom for females) for a reason.  He meant that we could - like a King or Queen exert influence and command the physical part of us to turn in our favor and create our own reality.  To practice a lifestyle (way of life) of being a God or Goddess is a RIGHT and its not a religion.

On the next part of this article I will discuss how THOUGHTS can exert influence on things that are outside of the human body.  It is time to DEMYSTIFY the realm of Non-Physical Phenomena and make it easy to understand by average people.

To be Continued.....