Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Thoughts About Lemuria and Atlantis

I just finished reading the diary of Admiral Byrd, thanks to the post of Anne DeHart and Jose. A lot of the things that was mentioned by Zorra was verified in the diary. Now I'm beginning to imagine what was it like in the beginning or to the time beyond the 7 thousand year period on Earth as oppose to what we were told historically. Religion told us that the Earth is only six thousand years old. But now the truth is further verified by more evidences and confirmations from peoples testimony. I talked to a German/American man years ago and he said that the people of the Philippines are ancient and I thought how ancient are they? Because now we know that Lemuria was in the Pacific. The ancient Indians in South Asia and the Incas in South America said that there used to be a land in the Pacific known as "Mu" (Lemuria) whose people came to the Incas and taught them their sciences/knowledge. The island of Yonaguni of japan is very near the northern islands of the Philippines and it is East of Taiwan. There's an underwater pyramid there but it looks more like a quarry of some kind and somehow similar to the stone works of the ancient Incas.

One of the things that I find interesting is that some of the things mentioned by Zorra particularly about tall people (15 feet tall) are actually a story that was circulating in the islands of the Philippines even way before the arrival of the Spaniards. The natives said they have been seeing giants that usually appear at night or at sunset. Some of this giants even talked with people and they said they came from the mountains. It could be referenced to an underground opening like a cave. There are some tribes in the Philippines that are identical to an ancient tribe in Taiwan thats been there before the arrival of Chinese in Taiwan. And they have some similarities with Polynesians (Pacific islanders), Incas and Mayans. Everytime I read the message of Sheldan Nidle and mentioned words of Sirian (Sirius) language it amazes me because that language is very similar to the language in the Philippines. Selamat (Sirian) = Salamat (Tagalog), Balik (Sirian) is also Balik in Tagalog and etc. How could it be so similar that those words mentioned by Sheldan which are from planet Sirius of Sirian language origin are actually not only identical but also very similar in definition? Before I thought its just a coincidence but now I know that that alternative view of ancient history is more interesting and more sensible than what the textbooks says. I cannot say with certainty that this verifies the connection of the ancient people of the Pacific with Lemuria and that Lemuria is connected with Planet Lemur whose people came from Planet Sirius. But the circumstances and the similarities begs for more studies.

Another example is why is it that some of the ancient places in India and Sri Lanka have names of ancient Iberian language (Old Spanish)? There is no historical record neither in Europe and South Asia where people from Spain and Italy ever went to that part of the world thousands of years ago. The Dutch went there only a few hundred years ago and thats what we know because its recorded. I am partly Spanish and I can tell the words and names found on those countries that they used to name some of their ancient cities and regions did not originate from their land. How were they able to name those ancient lands very similar to the language of ancient Iberia? It is only possible if the Atlanteans visited India in the ancient times. This must be about the time beyond the seven thousand year period of Earths history. 


If you look at the map above it shows the extent of the territories of Lemuria.  Outside the blue lines are the areas that used to be underwater.  And when Lemuria started to sink, the land that used to be underwater started to appear.  Which means the eastern part of the United States, eastern part of Canada, entire South America and the rest of the Far East (Orient) are underwater before.  Both Lemuria and Atlantis suffered from the war that their continents sank underneath the Earth. But thanks to the Galactics they plan to bring back to the surface of the world both Lemuria and Atlantis.  The return of this two great continents will answer the forgotten part of human history.  And it will also answer  the actual origins of humanity which is in the stars in the Universe!  And when this happens the Galactics will add and increase the radius and diameter of the Earth so that the planet can both accomodate Lemuria and Atlantis back to the surface. May it serve as a great reminder and lesson for all of us and that we will never again allow a war so devastating that destroyed both of these continents and civilization.  Never again we would allow violence and war instead we would live in peace and harmony with one another.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiscal Cliffnotes

I was watching the video of US Senator Harry Reid about the looming fate of the so called "Fiscal Cliff" on BBC website.  (Link-click here). 
I think he has a point and I wondered what will happen in the coming days. So I prepared a few commentaries about the subject.  Here are some of the things that might happen when theres no agreement reach before the turn of the New Year of 2013:

In no particular order

1.)  President Obama might be forced to welcome the NESARA program.

2.)  The Republicans might be blamed by the Democrats and by the people for complacency and by not cooperating on something so serious as this coming Fiscal problem.

3.)  It seems that the Republicans are more enthusiastic in supporting war effort but not anything that concerns the American people.

4.)  The Republicans are clearly more concerned about the 1% who are rich and not the 99% of the average people.

5.)  It might trigger a worldwide economic depression.

6.)  This will give way to the complaint filed by Mr. Neil Keenan.

The Good Side Effects will be:

1.)  If no agreement was made then the Galactics will come into the picture and intervene in the world affairs as they don't want the world to enter another turmoil and tribulation.  They will fly by the White House / Capitol and President Obama will welcome them.

2.)  Worldwide Disclosure will follow as most world leaders are already informed about the presence of ETs on the planet as well those off world and just waiting for the right golden moment.

3.)  Announcement of the commencement of the New Age of Aquarius and that the people of the Earth are now officially part of the Galactic Federation of Light.  Isolation of the Earth is over.

4.)  New Governments will be in place.

5.)  President Obama will be allowed to stay in the White House.

6.)  Announcement of the Prosperity Programs a gift that will be given by the Galactics to the people of the Earth.


Monday, December 24, 2012

The Return of the Ascended Masters

As the Galactic Federation of Light is getting ready for full disclosure, I thought I should share some thoughts particularly to the Christians around the world especially those amongst the protestant denominations. 

What can I possibly say in order to convince the christian populace of the world about the changes that are sure coming into this world?  I thought about this and I think it is not easy to explain it in simple terms with just a few sentences.  Explanation do require an extensive and comprehensive detailed information; in which to some would be too much but nevertheless necessary in order to breakdown the long arduous history of the world were truth have been subverted and veiled and left us confused believing a never ending pile of lies handed down to us throughout the centuries and millennias.  How can I say the truth without offending someone?  People are naturally defensive whenever they hear something that is negative or opposite to what they had believe for so long.  How can I begin to say to them that some of the basic tenets of the bible are littered with added lies?  Although not all but some of it are not true.  This alone is a very sensitive topic.  And Its really difficult to spell it out for them the truth and nothing but the truth without them retorting a negative reaction.  But in time I know this will eventually be rectified.  And with the arrival of the Galactics this will open the way for a much broader explanations.  The ascended masters shall be around to lecture us about a plethora of subjects that concerns most of us.  There will be seminars in the near future where people can attend to as well as broadcast on televisions informing us of various things.

One of the things that I am sure will be very difficult for the people to accept is the fact that most religions including its early development through the ages were influenced by both beings from higher dimensions as well as from other star systems (from other parts of the universe) that are also of higher realms. 

For example: 
1.) How will people react when they found out that the so called "cloud of the Lord" that followed the Israelites and appeared in their camps and Tabernacle is actually a spaceship cloaked with a cloud that surrounds it? 
2.) The cloud that hovers above the Mt. Sinai in the time of Moses is actually a spaceship.
3.) The cloud that appeared in the Mt. of Transfiguration is a spaceship.
4.) The one that distributed "manna" from the clouds are spaceships.
5.) The angels that appeared when Jesus bodily ascended to the clouds are crew of the spaceship.
6.) There was a spaceship that picked up Jesus including his wife and parents (Joseph and Mary) waiting on a cloud that was standing by above them.

How can I prove this?  For now, all I can say are just pure logic in which you can ponder to examine.  But when the Galactics has finally arrive in our planet in the near future then they can offer the technicalities and proof that I cannot provide in this appeal.  In terms of logic let me extrapolate it with you just to give you a quick sample and allow your intuition to run its course.


And so here we go:

How high are the average clouds in the sky? Unless, you want to try and fly the stratofortress used by the allies during world war II we don't have to go to the stratosphere which is way beyond the average clouds.  The average clouds that we see is somewhere in the neighborhood of hundreds and into thousands of feet high and it varies in what type of clouds.
But when it comes to the clouds that operated above the sky in the time of Jesus we should consider the idea that the clouds he went into is highly "mobile" in nature.  Its ability to go and leave the rest of the clouds and get closer to the ground can ONLY be done by a cloaked spaceship.  This is true. 

When Jesus ascended bodily in heaven; it wasn't like watching the spaceshuttle ascends to the skies.  To those of you in Florida, Russia and some French Islands, you know how long it takes for a shuttle and rockets to reach the nearest clouds.  Imagine, if Jesus was to ascend to the nearest clouds it would have taken him relatively the same amount of time.  But, if he was ascending in a slow motion fashion it will make those 500 or so spectators which happens to be his students (disciples) in Jerusalem a long time to watch him and his family reach the clouds. 

All of this can be solved by making the spaceship cloaked with a cloud to get closer to the ground by reducing or lowering the altitude that way they don't have to watch a 30 minutes+ worth of ascension voyage to the clouds.  And if this ascension was done in a matter of a few minutes; then we have to consider that there was a number of similar techniques comparable to the present technology or theory that was used on this effort. One of it is teleportation (which is very fast and instantaneous) meaning they were beamed from point A to point B in a matter of a second or two.  Or a more dramatic method of an elevator type of elevation whereby they floated in the air while they were being carried by a magnetic levitation system until they reach the ship. 

The way it was described in the New Testament bible that it didnt take very long for Jesus and his family to reach and board the spacecraft.  It could be just a matter of minutes.  This means that the spaceship cloaked with
a cloud around it was lowered to the sky in order to pick up Jesus. Now, why I am saying all of this?  I want the christian people to at least get used to the idea or consider that UFO's are not evil beings; not all of them.  Rest assured that majority of them are benevolent and friendly to us humans.  And now that we are getting closer to the disclosure initiated by the governments of the world, we should then open our minds and consider the possibilities. 

Now that I have addressed that, I want to move on to the next phase.  As was said in the bible that the exact way we've seen Jesus departed from the Earth will be the exact same way we will see him come back.  He even said that we shall see him sitting in the right hand of the Father and coming in the clouds of heaven.  This means the New Jerusalem which is a mothership of about 2000+ miles in size will come down and lower their altitude moving slowly closer to land just enough that can be seen by most people through binoculars and eventually will just hover above the ground.  This is really very spectacular to behold.  And it will surely happen in the near future.  This mothership is not alone, they are accompanied by a plethora of beings from various regions of the Galaxy and the Universe.  A mothership contains thousands if not millions of smaller spacecrafts.  The biggest mothership that we know is in front of the Sun and its a ship coming from the Planet Sirius, it is twice the size of the Earth.   

Manny Pineda

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reflections on the Recent Ascension

So what was accomplished with the much anticipated event of December 21?  First of all, I think there was a surge of energies that I sensed did come and affected the Earth and the people of the world.  I really felt something strange in my body.  But, overall I feel a sense of peace and calmness in my being.  I really think something happened yesterday, it wasn't as grand and dramatic as we wanted it to be but it's undeniable that there was changes that took place behind the scenes (so to speak).  My intuition tells me that the Earth is indeed in the fifth dimension now as I speak.  This was done as part of the promise of heaven that Earth will go back to its former glory.

Now, in order to describe and explain a little bit what exactly has changed allow me to illustrate it this way.  Suppose, you are staring at various small pieces of dirt placed inside a glass.  These tiny pieces of dirt contains various elements on it including metals and etc.  As you introduce a magnet to the side of the glass you witness the various elements move as it follows the movement of the magnet.  And the movement of each of these small pieces of rocks and metals differs from one another.  Now, try to imagine having a much powerful magnet multiplied it a hundred times and it can alter the sequencing as well as the amount of the distribution of the effects of the magnet to those tiny specks can have.  Some of those will float in the air sticking to the wall of the glass while some are just moved to another direction or got closer to the location of the magnet.  You can intervene to separate the pieces that are more in tune with the magnet from those that are less attracted to it.

In the same way, the energies from the Central Sun of the Galaxy do dictates what sort of dimension a planet and its inhabitants can be placed into.  Those small pieces of dirt can be likened to planets as literally our planets existence in this part of the Universe is like a dust in the wind just like it said in the song of the band known as Kansas. Dimensional differences can make those in the higher dimension invisible to those in the lower dimension even if they are occupying the same space.  

I do believe that the dimensional changes to the planet have already began.  For whatever reason, they did it slowly and gradually.  They don't want the change to be too abrupt as it might cause unwanted consequences. But as a whole, the planet did ascend to the 5th dimension.  Now, in order to finalize the work that was done as they have already sent the raw materials to make the complete transition they (referring to the Galactics) should come and make the final 'tweaking' so to speak.  Yes, the Celestials must be here on Earth and land on our surface and do the technical things that will make this planet and its people ultimately change completely.  Just like the broadcast of a television channel and cable TVs around the world; the broadcasting had began.  This beam of energy have been cruising the space in this Galaxy. It finally reached the Earth.   The only thing needed now is to activate this reception to eventually be seen in our television sets.  To do this, they must visit us and do the technical work on adjustments.  This is similar to the television sets that we have that needs the special adjustment to be done by the official crew of the cable company to setup the TV so that it can start receiving the proper signals.  And once the adjustment has been done then and only then the planet and its people will enjoy the benefits of the 5th Dimensional status.

It reminds me of what was said in the gospels that when he appear (referring to Jesus) we shall all become like him.  This transformation is so fast that it said, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we shall be change".   This physical body shall put on incorruption.  In other words we shall have an upgrade.  And it will happen once the Galactics which was sent by the Galactic Federation of Light shall appear within our skies and land on our surface world.

I think they are waiting for the Great Creator God which is the Source of all for the "Go" signal as for the right timing of their arrival.  But for now, their allies on the ground must help finish some necessary details in order to bring this reality into fruition.  One of this is the needed changes amongst the various governments of the world.  They are looking for the completion of the key people in governments worldwide who will help and welcome the arrival of the Galactics in our world.  This is very crucial in order to soften the shock to the world about their presence as literally we have been brainswashed about the truth of other life out there in space.  These various governments who will side with the Galactics will welcome them and introduce the many representatives of beings from the stars in this Universe but mostly from this Galaxy. 

So far, we have seen leadership changes and or renewed in places like the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Burma and etc.  And soon in Italy and maybe China also.  Once the people that can be trusted by the Galactics are put in place then they can proceed with FULL disclosure and the eventual arrival of the "New Jerusalem" a mothership of Jesus.  Right now, this ship is stationed and parked infront of the planet Venus.  If you have a celestial telescope and focus on Venus at night; you will see several blinking lights on the surface of Venus as this mothership known as New Jerusalem is infront of it.

And so as far as future is concerned, we are indeed in for some good surprises.  Within now and before the end of this year we may see these events to unfold before our very eyes.  So, my message to those who were saddened and disappointed for the lack of visible changes for December 21 to cheer up and don't lose heart.  Change is happening.  The television set is already delivered and the broadcast have been aired.  All we need now is for the Galactics to come and fine tune the TV so that it will pick up the right signal.  Of course I said this in figure of speech.  I'm trying to illustrate it in words that is somehow similar to the subject matter that we can relate to so that it's easier to understand.  This vibrating signal from the Central Sun of the Galaxy in some way is similar to the broadcasting of television stations that we have on Earth.  That energy broadcast is already here!

Remember, the dynamics of the future can be shaped and affected by the collective mind of the people.  How we envisioned the future can either have a drastic or enormous effect to the overall picture.  We can do our share of the pie, and collectively we can make it sure and manifest them from happening as we are part of the Creator God.  The thought is the Creator.  Didn't Jesus once said in the gospel of John, "It is written in your scriptures that you are all Gods".  If my memory serve me right, I think he was quoting from Isaiah and the Psalm.  There's obviously some delay.  It is either caused by our thoughts (negativity) or simply by our freewill as they are honoring our own freewill.  So, if what we want collectively is the future of change for the betterment of everyone then let us envisioned and manifest them.  Dont stop believing.

Manny Pineda

PS.  A few days before December 21, 2012 I had a dream.  I don't dream very often and so I thought there must be some significance to this.  Maybe it's because I never remember any of those dreams once I wake up.  But this dream on that night, I was able to remember it clearly from memory when I woke up in the morning.  In the dream, It was early morning I went out of the balcony and when I looked at the sky there were so many spaceships hovering in the sky.  The sky was literally filled with spaceships.  People on the street were staring at those ships.  I went inside the house and tell people what I saw.   The impression it left on me was that they are not going to vanish anymore and that they are going to stay for a long period of time and will communicate with people on Earth.  I remember feeling amazed at the sight of those ships. 

Now that the planet have been transformed into the 5th dimension then it becomes more possible for beings from higher dimensions such as the Galactics to come and interact with us on Earth.  Prior to this changes, they could not deal with us as often as they want to; as they are operating from a higher vibration than what we have before as the differences in the dimension makes it very inconvenient for them to land in our world.   Furthermore, I think that once the New Jerusalem mothership of Jesus is already in our atmosphere they will begin a series of special broadcast meant to inform us about our true history as a people including the real history of the Earth.  A broadcast that cannot be stopped or interfered with by our own technology.  As a lot of the news that we have in this world particularly in the mainstream media are really pre-fabricated, custom made news meant to either distract, mislead or deceive. 

Here's a question:  (Something to think about)

Could it be that the ships mentioned in the book of Daniel are referring to these ships that will soon arrive?  According to the prophecy of Daniel that those ships he mentioned will pursue the people/person (the so called Abomination that causes desolation) who oppose the Most High God.  Those ships will hover above of Southern Europe and then reach Jerusalem in pursuit of the wanted people.   Could it be that they are referring to the Illuminati? If so, the prophecy is unfolding right before our very eyes.  Remember what happened in Libya several months ago?  It's interesting that even Libya was mentioned in the prophecy of Daniel and the Old Testament regarding the end of the Age. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

SaLuSa from Planet Sirius - 5

The Messages of SaLuSa of
Planet Sirius from 
December 17 to Dec. 19, 2012

SaLuSa, December 17, 2012

You are getting used to the idea that duality such as you experienced it, is now consigned to the past. So you can now get on with the task of cleansing out all old personal energies, that you know will have no place in the higher dimension. You should find it easier now that you have been lifted into the higher frequency, as you will instinctively know what requires your attention. The turning point has been reached and there is no going back, and your sight should be firmly set upon the future. With the Ascension of Earth you will have truly entered the Golden Age, and can go ahead with the re-organization and cleansing, and the establishment of a Galactic Civilization.

We know that many of you who did not necessarily feel greatly uplifted by 12.12., have since noticed changes within yourself. This will continue as your body responds to the energies still reaching your Earth. Ascension still continues as does your spiritual evolution, but it will be a while before the next crucial point. The coming exciting times are going to allow you choice as to where your future lies. Great opportunities will be presented to you quite unlike those in your past, when your first consideration was to earn an income to survive. No such problems will exist in the very near future, and you will have all of your time to follow your hearts desire. Service to others will be most satisfying and rewarding, as you will be aware that it is the main purpose in your life.

So as time progresses you will phase out some things that gave you pleasure in the old dimension that have begun to lose their appeal. Your desire will be for more pure and wholesome pursuits, and of an energy that lifts your vibrations even higher. Addictions and old habits will gradually be discarded, as you find more interesting and satisfying ways to spend your time. You will never be lost for something new to experience, and making new friendships wherever you go will provide you with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. Be assured however, that many special relationships you have had on Earth will carry on into the future, and a strong love link will never see you separated for long.

Love is the key to everything which is why you are encouraged to work towards Unconditional Love. It is the ultimate achievement that opens every door for you, and enables you to continue moving upwards through the different dimensions. It has been worthwhile trying to achieve some success whilst living in energies that have not been the most ideal to do it in. You have had too many distractions and confrontations with those who have fallen into the lower vibrations. Now the Age of Materialism is rapidly receding into the background before it completely disappears. The progress you have made up to now has been achieved in the most testing circumstances, and we marvel at your resilience and determination to be successful. It will take you a long way forward on your path to completion which is your real goal.

You do not necessarily need to know how you reached this high point that carries you into the New Age. All of you have experienced every conceivable situation or challenge at some stage in your many lives, and that inner voice has kept you focusing on your life plan. Now that the cycle of duality has all but finished, it has little or no influence upon you anymore. The most important thing in your lives now is to continue looking ahead, and step into your new Self. One that will gently take its place in the beautiful energies of the higher dimensions. Although you have had hundreds of lives, the experience you are about to have will be quite unique and one to treasure for a long time to come.

Meanwhile you bide your time as we of the Galactic Federation of Light ready ourselves to be involved in the many projects that will continue to bring the New Age into being. We will tell you that any day now you may learn of matters that will show how near things are about to take off. We are absolutely ready for action, and it is as you would expect bearing in mind the delays that have occurred already. We continue to monitor world situations and as we have done for some time now, have stopped any escalation of the Middle East situation that could otherwise have brought about another World War. Such happenings are already consigned to the past, and we cannot wait to bring about permanent world peace. It must come as the low vibrations of war and anything connected with it, cannot exist in the higher dimensions.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas it is a time of giving and remembering those who are not so well off, and we see that your love and generosity has far exceeded any other occasion. That is a sign of the degree to which you have all advanced on your spiritual paths, and has brought about a great increase in the amount of Love that has been grounded upon Earth.

With the New Age upon you these energies will continue increasing, and there will be a wonderful feeling all around of great joy and happiness. It will not be a momentary experience as the high energies are to become what you will term as normal. This feeling of such bliss is the most difficult one to put into words, as it is all encompassing and so powerful. It is as though a great love has picked you up and entered every cell of your body. In some of your moments of immense emotional feelings of happiness and love you have so to say, hit the high spots. That is as near as most of you have got to feeling the level of love that we have referred to.

You will find that those beautiful feelings of harmony and peace will come to you more often as the days pass by. As you have cleansed your own body of unwanted attachments, so you have made a place for more of the higher energies. Do not forget that your body cells are changing even now, until they become completely crystalline. It allows for a greater level of consciousness befitting of a soul entering the higher dimensions. It is the commencement of your path to full consciousness and becoming a Galactic Being.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased you are at last in sight of the finishing line. You have waited long for these days after your great sojourn in the darkness. You are well established in the Light, and it will continue to grow exponentially. You are Love incarnate, and we are privileged to be part of it.

Thank you SaLuSa.


SaLuSa, December 19, 2012

You are receiving many different opinions as to the significance of the 21st. December alignment. One thing is certain however, you will all experience the frequency change to a greater or lesser degree. It cannot pass without affecting you, but those who are anticipating it and taking part in it will have the greater awareness. The long term effects will show that many changes took place, but that it took time for these to surface. What should be evident is that the mass human consciousness received a great boost of energy, resulting in an expanded vision of the future. Also, that with it has come the realization that creation is the result of your projections, of your desires and intentions. With more Light than ever before having been grounded upon Earth, you need to be positive and careful where you focus your thoughts.

You will soon experience an heightened awareness by noting changes around you. They may be subtle but there will be a sense of relief and a happier mood of expression, with more people than usual. It will also be apparent by a more outgoing approach to life, and friendliness, and notice that a new calmness exists, and less stressful situations encountered. In other words a new peace has settled upon Earth, that will bring an end to chaos, conflict and wars. You have set the stage and we will help you achieve your dreams, as so much needs changing to bring you into the New Age. You are now at the beginning of a wonderful time of satisfaction and happiness.

We know that you will be focusing upon how you should prepare for what is coming, and you know that it is beneficial to be settled in your mind, and on the day if possible find a place where you can be in peace and completely relax. The energies will peak at 11.11am but continue afterwards and you may register these for quite some time. Again as with 12.12. your immediate impression is likely to be your most powerful, but take note of your changes in the days following. All told it would be surprising if you felt nothing at all, but that could arise from being unable to determine what is normal, or the result of the alignment. Do not doubt your feelings as you are far more sensitive to changes than you give yourself credit for.

Dear Ones, these end times are what you have been waiting for, and they will not disappoint you. Knowing that duality is at an end will lift you into another dimension, and enable you to cast away your links to the lower vibrations. You will move from lives of uncertainty, problems and stress, to one of great happiness and a joyous future of peace and contentment. It cannot be held back, and those who were part of the Illuminati will no longer have any power to do so, or influence the outcome.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will be watching your progress very intently. We want you to have your experiences without any further influence from us for the time being. The Galactic Federation are so pleased with your victory for the Light, and wish you every enjoyment in the immediate days.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by: Mike Quinsey

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SaLuSa from Planet Sirius - 4

The Messages of SaLuSa of
Planet Sirius from 
December 7 to Dec. 14, 2012


SaLuSa, December 7, 2012

We feel a calmness beginning to encircle the Earth, as those who are preparing for 12.12. are already relaxing and bringing a level of peace into their lives. Hitherto, there had been a degree of frustration and even impatience, at the delays being experienced. These have given way to the acceptance that your immediate Ascension is the most important event in your lives. What follows will be able to take place in a more settled atmosphere, and proceed unhindered or delayed by outside interference. These will be ideal conditions, and allow us to ensure that you are fully aware of what is planned. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they will be sensational times, when progress will go speeding ahead. Just to be released from the grip of the dark Ones, will create an immediate change of attitude between people.

After Ascension fear will no longer be a factor in your lives, and open acceptance of each other will become your normal approach. For too long you have kept your energies close to yourself, in an uncertain world when you were never sure of who you could trust. Those who carry the higher energy will have no problem in identifying each other, as you will literally "feel" another persons energy and know if they are of Love and Light. Indeed this was the experience of most people attending the recent Conferences in Sedona. They did not have to question their feelings, they just knew immediately. A taste of what is to come allowed people to express themselves quite openly, and share the great Love that was generated between them. With that comes all of the other qualities of Love, and principally a wonderful caring and compassion for each other.

Some will still ask if they are ready for Ascension, as a slight fear of the consequences of not being ready still exists. Be assured that if your interest in life has centered around it, and it has been your intent to do so then you will certainly ascend. You are not expected to be a Saint but simply one who feels the Oneness of All That Is, and tries their best to live in harmony with all life. You must have goals in life and not allow your ambitions to stagnate. After Ascension your life will cease to be so hectic as now, but you are still evolving and your journey is far from over. Do not worry for the time being as to what you might do, Wait until you have settled into the new life style, and become familiar with it in the higher dimensions. Many will eventually associate it with Utopia, and feel that it is the ultimate in satisfaction and enjoyment. However, there are many more levels to move into as you will find out. Some of you will be taken to visit them, for the sheer experience of what it is like.

The portals are opening to the higher realms as planned eons of time ago. Whilst other civilizations in your Universe can handle their own Ascension, you have to receive help to be successful. It revolves around the magnificence of what is to take place, inasmuch that you who are ready will ascend together. You cannot be part of it without knowing what the experience is like, and it will remain with you for a very long time. Can you see that in spite of all the traumas and troubles you have passed through, God has provided the ultimate reward as promised. Subconsciously you knew all along what the outcome would be, and it has given you strength when your doubts crept in.

One immediate change after Ascension will be the dissolution of religions that have been based upon falsehoods. You cannot move into the higher dimensions without turning to the truth, and that will cause anything else to be released. Most will find God within, but if some still want to pray and study together it will be allowed in accordance with every souls freewill. With the coming of the Masters much that needs revising or removing will take place, and help bring people more together. That will be a feature in the times to come, where those of a similar vibration will find each other and work together. Not many souls know as yet exactly what their destiny is, but that will be sorted out quite quickly. Like any level you rise up to there will always be more advanced souls that are available to advise you, and show you your best path.

Clearly as you become a fully conscious Being you will be able to take on more complex challenges. You will find that there are many younger civilizations in your Universe, that would gladly accept you for your great and extensive experience. As we have mentioned previously, service to others is the name of the game. When you have the Christ Consciousness and are all-knowing you will be able to deal with any problem presented to you. At the same time you will be all-powerful and have enormous creative powers. You have been told many times you are Gods in the making, so such developments should come as no surprise to you. At present the thought may sound overpowering, but remember that you will have the appropriate level of consciousness to go with it.

Do not waver from your path as you are not quite home yet, and be disciplined where your final days are concerned. There is no need to run off for that "last" experience before Ascension, as not that much will immediately change. It is more a matter of how you all feel as individuals and the changes within, and you will certainly know that. In fact it would be surprising if you did not note a different feeling where your physical body was concerned, as it will have changed to one suited for the higher vibrations. No longer will you carry the effects of pollution or any other type of toxins, and you will feel renewed and energetic. For the removal of other problems that you have brought with you there will be the City of Light, and other forms of advanced healing within most localities.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and getting as excited as you are with the coming changes. We know that you will be left in a state of amazement and wonder, that you should have actually experienced Ascension. However, for the time being ready yourself for 12.12, and relax and fully enjoy it.

Thank you SaLuSa.



SaLuSa, December 10, 2012


We hope that every person that is aware of the significance of 12.12. is making preparations to bring the new energy in. It will affect everyone to some extent anyway, but it is far better if you take steps to partake of it knowingly. What you will be doing is not just to help your own upliftment, but ground the energies for others to benefit from including Mother Earth. With your awareness and focus upon the energies, you should feel the result of them passing into your body. Light headedness would be normal and a feeling of intense peace and calmness. Enjoy it and know that you have been lifted up to a new level of consciousness, that is one which should remain with you.

Others around you will sense your new energies, and you will find that very young children are often able to see the Light within your aura. You will also find that your new level of calmness will enable you to have absolute control over your emotions. The chances of you becoming involved in negative emotions are very remote, and you will in fact be a factor in transmuting them by your mere presence. Until you get used to the higher energies, you may find an irresistible urge to express them by embracing people. When you feel love for your family of souls, it is only natural that you want to share it with them.

For the time being you are amongst souls at all different levels, but imagine how wonderful it will feel when you are only with your own kind. When you are completely released from duality the Law of Attraction ensures it is so, and life becomes a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is also why once Ascension has taken place, the different changes will go speeding ahead as those who would oppose them are no longer at your level. As you know, it has been a most difficult year for all involved in bringing the changes forward, the dark cabal were supposed to retire from the scene, and allow Ascension to go ahead unhindered. Instead they repeatedly refused to co-operate, and tried one last gasp effort to destroy the progress already made. Now their interference is nothing but a nuisance and they know that very soon their days will be finished on Earth.

We of the Galactic Federation have always considered every option when dealing with Ascension. So rest assured that although we have been unable to present you with many accomplishments so far, the necessary work has been done so that immediately after Ascension it will be all stations go. This time it can all be openly carried out, and we can ensure that your media is opened up and able to freely report the truth. Needless to say, there will be so much going on at all different spots around the world, and we can quickly eliminate any remaining pollution of the skies, seas and lands. We have in fact kept it under control for a long time, but have only been allowed to go so far because of karmic reasons. Very soon we will no longer be handicapped by them, but free to work with you and other off planet Beings.

The changes you are about to experience, are going to remove what remains of any connection to the old vibrations and old paradigm. Much that is needing to be changed over has to be long term because of the amount of work involved. However, the essentials to relieve poverty, homelessness and other needs will get our prompt attention. In the past you could have had lives with many needs, and the dark Ones have deliberately prevented you from sharing in the abundance and wealth of the world for a very long time. The new cycle will see a totally new approach to life, when all will be shared and there will no greed or corruption, or systems by which people are allowed to profit at another's expense.

There will be fairness and honesty in all dealings, and services will be paid for as is considered reasonable. The truth has often been a rare commodity but in the New Age it will be normal, as it will be obvious if someone is not being totally honest. As you can see, it will be a pleasure to meet with people knowing that they are trustworthy and also of the Light as you are. 2013 will be a year of great advancements, as of course whatever is planned will go ahead without any problems. As it progresses you will still continue to evolve albeit at a slower pace, and you will be experiencing further growth where your consciousness is concerned. Superconsciousness is your target taking you to another completely different level. You will have enough to get used to very shortly, so do not concern yourselves about the distant future.

We along with many other civilisations are attentively watching you and your Earth, both from a scientific and personal point of view. Every one of you are special and chosen for the experience of Ascension. For example many Lightworkers were needed, to establish a setup that would enable the Light to take hold and defeat the dark Ones. In that you have been superb and proved that our faith in you was not misplaced, and remember that all along it was down to your freewill. We helped you as other Beings have, but in the final reckoning you can take all credit for what you have achieved. In time you will learn more about your time in duality, and your many lives experiencing all the extremes that you could think of. You will soon put it all behind you, and no one will hold any previous indiscretions against you. Karmically speaking you will have paid back in kind, and for those ascending nothing will be carried forward after this cycle ends.

Dear Ones, simply allow things to flow and be part of it, and know that you will ascend and then you can put any worries or concerns behind you. Everyone will be looked after according to their needs, and all will be treated with reverence and respect for their sovereignty. You now have every reason for getting really excited as with just days left, the long wait is almost over and great happenings are about to commence of which you are already aware. We know that some of you still worry about the fate of friends or family, but let us again confirm that every single soul will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, by their pre-life agreement. Also remember that you can never be completely separated from each other if there is a love link between you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and give


SaLuSa, December 12, 2012

The biggest day ever in your lifetime has arrived, and it is the finalization of a whole series of lives that very shortly will give you the opportunity to leave the cycle of duality. It will lead to the time you have been waiting for that will introduce the Golden Age, and lift you up into a higher dimension of happiness and joy. The problems and worries that are with you will be soon be set aside, and many will be quickly involved in the various projects connected with uplifting Mother Earth. The next few days you will be assessing other people's experiences compared to your own, and find mixed reactions. Those of the Light will inevitably find that they received an energetic input, and it will have established a new level within.

No one can prevent the new energies having some affect upon them, but not all will register it. Your civilization will never be the same again as it was with duality, but that will be a blessing. You will now find that there are more purposeful meanings and intent to actions that are being taken. They will fulfill the desire to move on and re-create a society that is based upon love. It will happen because the power of creation is now much stronger with you than ever before. The momentum is now with those of the Light, and they will determine how you change and remove those who stand in the way of true progress. What has been held back must be released for the benefit of All and not just the few.

With the higher vibrations upon Earth, It is also made easier for your Galactic friends to appear amongst you, as they do not need to reduce their own vibrations as much as before when yours were so low. Understand that although you are used to existence in your own vibrations, they are extremely uncomfortable for Beings like us. However, that will soon be part of the past, as you take your place in the 5th. dimension. You will soon adapt to a new way of living, that will commence as you introduce the changes intended to leapfrog you into the future. You have much to make up for and we are ready to start at a minutes notice.

As we have mentioned more recently, let the past go as it will have little or no bearing on your future. You are starting anew and even your karma will have been cleared, so place your focus on what is coming. There is so much that will be of great benefit to you, taking away the need to spend much of your time on unproductive tasks. You will have more freedom than you could imagine, which will allow you to have ample time to follow your hearts desires. Not only will you able to carry on with your pastimes, but if you require expert help you can call up recognized masters from any past era. However, you may want to start new interests so come on board our ships with us, and you will not want for choice.

You have less than 2 weeks to your finale when you ascend with Mother Earth. During this time we expect some more people to awaken, and it may just carry them forward. Certainly those of you who find that you have been consciously lifted up by 12.12. will be in no doubt that you are ready to ascend. We feel that it has still not entirely sunk in that the 21st. December is a very special event, because it is unique and has never taken place before. Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.

Although it would appear that time has been lost because of delays and obstruction to our plans, we have nevertheless been very active. We can quickly change them as we have done on many occasions, and we now expect to run a very tight schedule to carry out our tasks. In the meantime we have kept a constant watch over you, and prevented areas of unrest from getting out of hand. An end will soon be put to all hostilities, and it will be allowed to be enforced. Eventually you will have full control of all earthly affairs, but we will never be far away. Our Galactic Fleets are so large that we can leave some ships within your Solar System, to be on call if they are needed. We already have bases on Earth and these shall remain for your protection.

Remember that the Ascension process has been taking place for eons of time and will continue for a long, long time to come. So enjoy this point in your journey and make sure that you are ready come 12.21., and take the golden opportunity to ascend with Mother Earth. As the solar cycle ends so a cosmic cycle commences, and off you go again on yet another exciting journey. This time it will not be fraught with interference or negative experiences, and it will bring you joy and satisfaction. From a spiritual angle progress will be slow, but you will never stop learning or moving upwards. It will be your choice as to what speed you advance your spiritual growth, and it will always be in your mind and determine what you do.

There are various interpretations for the period from 12.12. to 12.21. so follow your intuition as to what you feel is your best approach during it. You will certainly need to maintain a peaceful and calm response to everything, to ensure that you keep a balance within yourself. This way you will receive the maximum amount of Light your body can absorb for your greater good. You may go through odd feelings of uncertainty and feel unsettled, but simply let it run its course and it will quickly cease. Of course not all people will have the same experience, but in every case their symptoms will be short lived. Keep to healthy foods, and the more that are fresh and "live" the better it will be, and most importantly drink plenty of water.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel so pleased for you all, that at last you have reached the magical dates that you have waited to arrive for so long. We know you will not be disappointed, and what will follow will at last allow us to meet you. After we have dealt with the great many priorities that exist across your world, we can start looking at opportunities to welcome you aboard our ships. You can be sure that all things will come in good time.

Thank you SaLuSa.


SaLuSa, December 14, 2012

As days come and go 12.12. was a perfect success, how else could it be when it is beyond the control or interference of anyone upon Earth. Higher powers have ensured that you are prepared for your Ascension with Mother Earth. Now you count off the days to 12.21 that will be a most profound time, one that will be the experience of a lifetime, indeed many lifetimes. Through Ascension you will learn where your creative powers have placed you. The future is yours and in this lifetime in particular you have worked towards the ideal level, that is consistent with your state of consciousness. You will all end up exactly where you are best suited to continue your experiences. Lightworkers will naturally find themselves with their own kind, in the most uplifting vibrations.

There are some beautiful souls of compassion and love who know nothing about Ascension, and they will also join up with the Lightworkers. As the changes are put in hand there will be much to do for those who are enlightened and wish to serve others. For a while needs such as healing will be handled in many different ways, until you all have access to local centers with modern healing facilities. Some difficulties may arise until your society has been fully integrated into the new way of life. Having been brought up in the Space Age you will of course adapt to it very quickly. New technologies will overcome most of your problems in quick time, and we are urging our Earth allies to push forward with the promotion of free energy devices.

General conditions on Earth are getting worse due to weather variations, and also interference in markets that are being manipulated for gain. Whether it be food or money, speculators continue to bring misery in a world that is already in a turmoil. However, these conditions will not last very long and not allowed to be repeated. Big business and especially the banks will be totally re-organized, so as to ensure there is never again a collapse like you recently experienced. Monetary systems will in any event change, and a fairer system of valuation introduced. It will result in honest trading and put an end to corrupt practices. As we have told you many times, wealth also will be re-distributed and we are already starting to recover hidden caches of valuable metals. Add to it St. Germain's World Trust Fund, and you will have sufficient to ensure that everyone is above the poverty levels that so many are experiencing now.

Money and valuables acquired honestly will be kept in possession of the bona fide owners. However, anything else that has been obtained dishonestly will be recovered. A feature of your future lives will be that criminality will disappear, as such actions will not enter the minds of those who have ascended. Consciousness levels will be so high that honesty in all dealings can be taken for granted. Plus the fact that people that are cared for and have their needs covered, are happy and at One with everyone else. Yes, Dear Ones so much is about to change that you have nothing to worry about, but please exercise patience while matters are being sorted out. Our absence so far is not to be seen as a deliberate act on our part, as we would have liked to come out openly some time ago. However, what you are achieving by your own endeavors is a credit to your intent to see the way clear to Ascension. We have helped of course to stop interference that would seriously hamper your work.

Peace is coming to Earth very soon and not before time, as it was offered to your leaders many, many years ago but rejected. Now it comes to you as a permanent peace not dependent on countries signing agreements. It is God's peace and Love that you have earnt by rising above the lower vibrations, and for those souls of Love able to be present in the higher dimensions. It is not of course that God does not Love all other souls, as they will continue their lives at the level best for them and their continued evolution. God's Unconditional Love is with you at all times and given without any judgment at all.

The legal removal of the cabal members is in hand, and will be enacted when they are placed out of the way. There are special reasons why you do not have much awareness of it, as it is being carried out to avoid any fuss or unwanted publicity. The exact nature of our actions are best kept secret, but very soon you shall learn about what has been happening. Indeed, we want you to be aware of our intentions, and there will come a time soon when we shall keep you regularly informed. It will tie in with disclosure which we are keen to get out to the masses. It is in fact quite difficult to accomplish a situation where all countries are agreed on disclosure. We would like to go ahead now as we cannot hold back much longer, but it will follow other changes that now take priority such as those of a governmental nature.

Your Earth looks beautiful at this time, as along with the Light and love created by the Lightworkers, there is also additional Light as the Season of Goodwill brings out the best from many people. It is a time when old friends, or absent friends are thought of in a loving manner, along with those who may not have relatives at all. This is Love at work when caring and compassion are felt by so many for the underprivileged who are often homeless and without support. In the future these situations will not exist, it will be quite impossible with so much Light and Love in existence. Heaven is a real place such as you imagine it, in fact you will probably find it far more astounding and wonderfully beautiful than you could ever have thought.

Once we commence the changes there will be almost non-stop activity, but be assured you shall be kept fully informed as to what is happening. 2013 promises to be a most active year, and it will be also for many of you. When you incarnated it was with Ascension in mind, knowing that you could participate in it. Some of you have skills that are useful to us, and you will know when we are ready to use you. There are a number of ways it can be done, and some of you will be the early visitors to our ships.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love you for your dedication to your work, to see that everything is set for Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by Mike Quinsey


"2012: What's the "Real Truth?"

The Changing of the Guard (Video) . . . I believe this announcement from Neil Keenan is the game changer we’ve all been praying for. . . ~J

Neil Keenan has been working hard under very difficult conditions in Jakarta, Indonesia for almost two months. Today, along with a little history, he has some very important words to share with us. Preceding his words, Neil has asked our own Michael—known to many of you from the Global Announcement post here last month—to create a brief video preface to put his message in context.

In the very near future, the Elders, indigenous people of Indonesia, will be setting up a very private meeting with him, and this is when they will finally rid themselves of their 6o-year-old responsibility and allow Neil to assume it, knowing as Neil has said that there will never be one moment when they lose one cent. For the first time they will be relieved of their burden, knowing that not only their beloved Indonesia, but all of mankind will be treated with humanitarian care.

This was the Global Accounts’ original purpose, but they were hijacked not once, but twice and used for war against us, the people of the planet, in an effort to control and enslave us. That time is now coming to an end, and I believe this simple message from Neil will bring that end much closer.

Until recently, Neil did not understand the importance of the fact that after going through Ceremony, he was specifically "chosen’" by the Elders in Indonesia to do this work.

This particular kind of Ceremony is not to be taken lightly: the Elders communicate with Mother Earth and Father Sky and in my understanding of it they ask if this is the person they have been waiting for to help them. Then, they wait for a response which usually comes in symbolic language from Mother Earth, and according to that response, the particular person is chosen—or not chosen. My sense of this choice is that at the very least the person must be of impeccable integrity, and from my personal knowledge of Mr. Keenan, he embodies this quality.

Putting it in another way, a way that might more easily be understood by the Western world, the Elders communicate with the quantum field, which is the positive energy we call Love surrounding us all about which many of us have only recently learned. They ask if this person is acceptable to it, and it responds yea or nay. Other names for this energy are known as God, the Source, the Universe, I AM THAT I AM, the Field.

My personal experience with this field has been extraordinary. While I don’t understand ‘the numbers’ of quantum theory, in my own personal life I have deeply lived its world view: everything we think, say, do, or feel is important and affects not only our own lives but that of the entire planet. This is because everything—absolutely everything—is energy and is interconnected, and so follows the law of energy: like attracts like.

I believe quantum theory is also the long-lost connection between God and Science. Today, as we all begin to go forward together in Unity instead of Duality, perhaps we can begin to heal this false division between God and Science deceitfully and knowingly inflicted on us by the cabal.

It seems the Universe chose this auspicious day, December 13th at the new moon for Neil to make this announcement. As I have posted elsewhere today, the number 13 is far more sacred than the dates of 12.12.12. An excerpt from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, The Serpent of Light, highlights the general importance of Ceremony. If you have further interest in understanding the Global Accounts, you can listen to an audio explanation that I’ve just posted here. The new moon’s energies along with the planetary alignments today all support this simple announcement from Neil Keenan. . . Thank you, Neil, from my heart.

Love and hugs,



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SaLuSa from Planet Sirius - 3


The Messages of SaLuSa of
Planet Sirius from 
November 30 to Dec. 5, 2012

SaLuSa, November 30, 2012

You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of consciousness. Most people would agree that this year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster. We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.

After Ascension you will soon forget the past difficulties and delays, as there will be so much to interest you. Learning about your life in the higher vibrations will be exciting and uplifting, and joy and freedom will draw people together as true Brothers and Sisters. It is your natural inclination to share your love with others, but you have been taught that many countries and their people are your enemies. The fact is that the majority would live in peace if only there were no barriers erected between them. As trust is restored so you will see a great change take place in peoples attitude to each other. Sharing and love for what each other represents, will become the new level at which other cultures will be accepted.

Understand that the changes we speak about, are simply the first of many that will transform your different societies. They are a stepping stone to further your advancement towards not just becoming a Galactic Being, but part of a Galactic Civilization. So even the present changes that are in hand will be short lived, because you are destined to leave the last aspects of a 3D civilization behind. However, rather than leave you confused or bewildered by moving too quickly, we do it in way that will enable you to be fully prepared. Even we are not sure what changes will come first but we do know that when they commence, as you might say, they will become fast and furious. The point is Dear Ones, that we are ready to go speeding ahead as soon as we are given the signal.

At present it is not so much that the dark Ones are a problem, but the size of the tasks that have been undertaken require a lot of co-ordination. Much of the plans are now in place, and to do much of it in secrecy to protect those involved has been demanding. Fortunately there are now so many Lightworkers continuing to uplift the energies, they are preventing the dark Ones from having any real impact. Their days are over to all intents and purposes, but even individuals can be troublemakers. We simply keep on reminding you the need to keep focused on Ascension, and sending your Light to any point in the world that is not at peace. Of course it can also be directed at any individual, for example one who talks against the Ascension process to distract them.

Stay positive as you are almost at the portal that allows you to step into to 5th. dimension. You will feel the change in vibration, and it will be a most uplifting experience. Imagine never having to feel those heavy lifeless energies again, that are cold and uninviting. You will be surprised at what a vast difference there is, which is why people that have already experienced it never want to leave the higher levels. It is your more natural state of being but you have been pulled down by the lower vibrations, and it has been a hard challenge to find your way back. However, with great perseverance and determination you have found the Light again, and it will continue to grow and carry you through many dimensions.

As you must know by now, love is all there is and it is what everything is created of and may be changed in form, but cannot be destroyed. It is the most powerful force in the Universe, and it is what you must learn to control and use wisely. God is that power and has shown how it can be used in the most gentle and beneficial way, and that is what you are also experiencing and learning to do. Understand that when we say you are Gods, you have the full potential to be one which tells you that you have unlimited power. Once you ascend your powers of creation will commence to be returned, and you will become co-creators with God. So do not underestimate your abilities and go forth with confidence, as it is you who are setting the scene for your time in the higher dimensions.

Even now some of you have developed powerful healing abilities, and it is belief in yourself that enables you to do so. Most of you do it subconsciously and do not even realize what you have done. When you do realize be aware that you may not necessarily be successful, as some souls do not wish to be healed and desire to go through illness as a means of experience. So do your best with a positive intention that any healing you send out will be for the best results. Instant healing has taken place many, many times as has been recorded. It may not however last unless the recipient is prepared to eliminate the causes that brought it on in the first place. Most illnesses are self inflicted even to the point of causing the bodies immune system to weaken, and making them vulnerable to disease. A healthy body often goes with a healthy mind and habits.
The Galactic Federation of Light is working hard to bring conclusions to a number of projects that are in their final stages. It is touch and go whether you see them this side of Ascension, but if it has to be afterwards the way will be clear for them to go quickly ahead. Be assured that events are creating their own path forwards, and are like a snowball gathering speed and mass. Nothing is clearly now going to stop progress, and we stand by ready for action. We see the Light on Earth reaching new heights as the grids are stabilized, and ready for the final input before Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you our blessings to keep your spirits high, as we do not want to see anyone falling back at this late stage in your preparations. We love every soul, and work for each ones release from the dark energies.

Thank you SaLuSa.


SaLuSa, December 3, 2012

Did you think that the 21st. December would ever come around, and now here it is on your doorstep. There are still empowerments to come before the special day, and each and every one of you planning to ascend should be perfectly ready. Have you yet realised the importance of your part in Ascension, and what an amazing occasion it is going to be. Can you comprehend what is taking place throughout the Universe, and the great changes of magnificent proportions. What powers can wield such command over the elements and all that is. Dear Ones it is no less than God who decreed that Ascension would take place at this time. The experiment of duality has run its course and you have experienced it, and come out of it with flying colours. You have not yet realised what a wonderful achievement you have made, yet in the end it was always known you would succeed.

You have every right to be pleased with yourselves, and it would be no exaggeration to say that you have been to hell and back. When you set out you had no idea what you might face, but did so with enough confidence and belief in yourselves. Looking back now it is unnecessary to seek judgment of those who have so far failed to lift up into the Light. It was known that most souls would be drawn into the negative side at times, and it is not held against you. After all, in most cases you have already overcome your weaknesses by understanding your problems through karmic experiences. Freedom is a wonderful attribute to have but as you have found out, it comes at a price as you are responsible for your actions and even words. Your Sword of Light has been honed in the depths of darkness, and now it shines out brighter than ever.

You were already highly enlightened souls when you took on duality, but now you are even more powerful as a result of your experiences. You are ready for greater things in service to the Light, and become the Masters that was your destiny. Is it no wonder you receive accolades and praise, as you have yet to realise exactly how great you are. Beings from all over the Universe are gathering to witness your Ascension, as that in itself is quite a special occasion and is unique because you are ascending with your physical bodies. It is why recently there has been such a high concentration of Light sent to the Earth, to ensure you are well prepared. We must not of course forget to mention Mother Earth, a most beautiful and wonderful soul in her own rights. She too is all but ready to carry you forward into the higher dimensions, where you will all rightly reside.

At this stage absolutely nothing can prevent Ascension taking place, which is all the more reason that we are surprised that the last cabal does not admit defeat and withdraw. Their mentality is one that means they fight to the bitter end, without any regard for their own evolution or loss of life. Yet like you regardless of how low they have fallen, they still have their immutable Godspark that can still be ignited with the flame of love. They will need a lot of help to return to the Light and they will receive it from great loving Angelic souls who serve the Will of God. You can also play your part by sending them your unconditional love, to help them awaken once again. No soul is abandoned even if it means being returned to the Godhead to be sent out once again for further experience.

Very soon things in your lives will change forever, and that will just be the beginning of a whole series of them. You will most certainly notice the difference, and find that the energies around you are so uplifting and that will be a permanent change. You are returning to the levels that are more in line with your true selves. Words are not easy to find that will describe the euphoria and bliss you will experience, but once you have had it you will never want to drop back into the lower energies. It is a paradox that when you have everything your mind can conceive of, your needs are simple and for exactly what you need rather than acquiring things for the sake of it. Man has tended to hoard and seek ownership for personal gain, but in the future you will have no such inclinations.

As we have stated previously, probably the most profound realisation you will have will be how little if any laborious work you will have to do. Most of your needs will be satisfied by creation through the power of thought, and many other functions by our Super computers. They are far beyond anything you can imagine and have enormous power and capacity. In fact their level of consciousness far exceeds Man's as it is at this particular time. Perhaps having total freedom will be your joy, because as a responsible Galactic Being you will be able to travel without any restrictions. Meeting other Beings and enjoying learning about other civilizations will prove attractive as you have a natural leaning towards gathering knowledge about them.
Until you get used to the idea that everything is in the Now you may become confused, but also excited at the opportunity to travel into any part of your previous lives or history of your Earth. Linear time is in fact limiting where you see the past and future as separated. So you will have so much to learn and endless experiences as you expand your levels to achieve Superconsciousness. By then you will have greater powers of creation, and there will be literally nothing that you could not do. You would be as Gods and have similar powers that you would be wise enough to use correctly, and for the good of all. However, we have somewhat jumped well into the future, as your evolution will not be anywhere near as fast as at present.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased we can talk about your future which approaches so quickly. Have no regrets Dear Ones that you are leaving the old civilization behind, as you have spent hundreds if not thousands of lives in it. There is little if anything more it can teach you, and as a mass consciousness you all have the benefit of your collective experiences. Ahead lies more challenges and although duality still exists, at your new level of consciousness it is unlikely to be attracted by you. So you have much to look forward to and it is almost there for you now. We are sending our love as always, as you still need every help to ensure you get through Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.


SaLuSa, December 5, 2012

With only days to go to the first part of your experience of a powerful upliftment, we urge you to try and arrange to be free on the 12th. and able to relax and enjoy it. As a key moment in your Ascension process, it is one to be totally aware of and remembered for the intensity of the energy. It is not that every person will have an identical experience, but if you are prepared for it you will be left with some memory of the changes within. Some of you will wake up from your sleep before 11.11 Universal time, and will be able to have full awareness of what is taking place. Others will sleep through it, yet may have vivid dreams when the energies are at work. However, all will receive the energies and benefit from them regardless of their conscious state at the time.

To have Ascension follow on so quickly after 12.12. means that you will have an ongoing experience, that will heighten your senses and leave you in no doubt that you have benefitted from it. It will be a most uplifting occasion and there will be a new mood of happiness and joy within those you meet. You will be able to feel the difference in people around you, and sense a deeper calmness and peace as if suddenly all the darkness has gone. It will show in peoples eyes as after all it is the seat of the soul, and love will beam out more powerfully than you have noticed previously. The stresses of life will diminish to be replaced by a beautiful relaxed feeling, as though you do not have a care in the world and that Dear Ones is how we want you to be. The trouble and strife associated with your normal life, will gradually be eliminated by the changes that are in hand.

If you are one who experiences little change in your self, do not be concerned as according to your metabolism it will affect some people in different ways. From this month onwards your progress will speed up, as the excitement builds up at the prospect of disclosure. It can come in different ways, so expect the unexpected as certain options remain open. We still prefer an organized disclosure, so that it can be made an official occasion that can go world wide. Many countries have already made it known that we will be welcome to visit them, and each one in turn will be paid a visit. Major events such as a flyover will happen a little later when there has already been a general acceptance of our presence. We are always cognizant of the possibility that the fear factor may not have been completely eliminated.

People will soon start talking amongst themselves about the Ascension process, having heard that something major is due to take place. There will be some confusion as they will not know who to turn to for the truth. As Lightworkers you can come into your own and gently spread the word, taking care not to overdo the "end time" scenario. Too many people have latched on to the "end of the world" stories, without being told that the end simply signals a new beginning. The new Earth awaits you and will as previously supply your needs that will be quite different to what you have now. In fact because your needs will be very small, and non-polluting Mother Earth can concentrate on her own requirements.

As you are beginning to understand, love is the key to everything and you will be God's expression of it as incarnate Beings. To be free to share your love with all life, will be a new experience for you. You may have had your moments in duality but in future you will know what it is like as a normal condition. However, remember to love yourself as it is in no way egotistical to acknowledge your godself. Be love and give off love and it will be returned to you tenfold. Imagine not having to question a persons intentions towards you, and being able to trust everyone. You will soon get used to the new conditions which will be more than welcome after your lives in duality.

As your vibrations move higher you will find that you can not only halt the aging process, but also reverse it. That is welcome news for those of you who are amongst the older generations. Eventually all souls will carry bodies that will be crystalline, and in an expression of how you were in your prime. Perfect health will be yours, as disease cannot exist in the higher dimensions. It also means that you cannot carry any infirmity with you, for the same reason. Perfection exists in all higher realms applying to all forms of life, that will have a heightened level of consciousness. Talk to the trees or whatever takes your eye, and you will get a reply.

After all of the variations you get now where your weather is concerned, you will find it very nice in "day to day" temperate conditions. There is no necessity for day and night, as for one thing your need for sleep will be very much less than at present. With a lighter body that to some degree self regenerates, your need for sustenance will also be very slight. Much of your needs will eventually come from the energy around you, but we do still enjoy delicious natural drinks and some food. You will now understand why when we journey through the Universe in our Motherships we are self sufficient, but in any event only have very small needs. Understand that your bodies will be of a different composition, and you will not experience hunger pangs as you do now.

Do not expect the changes to all come at once, as they usually come with your continued evolution and progress through the different dimensions. However, it is nice and comforting to know what lays ahead, and what you will be striving for next. For the time being the most important thing is for you not to relax your concentration on Ascension, and keep out of anything that is still strictly of the lower vibrations. You should be continuing to cleanse your body and releasing anything that is of the 3D world. You are leaving it now and cannot take the old remnants of your attachments to it. That should be easy as they will no longer serve you in any way. You may also find yourself moving from your old crowd of friends, because they do not represent your interests any more.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with my colleagues of the Galactic Federation of Light, wish you success in your personal journey to ascend. Be assured that many higher Beings will accompany you all of the way.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by Mike Quinsey