Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Thoughts About Lemuria and Atlantis

I just finished reading the diary of Admiral Byrd, thanks to the post of Anne DeHart and Jose. A lot of the things that was mentioned by Zorra was verified in the diary. Now I'm beginning to imagine what was it like in the beginning or to the time beyond the 7 thousand year period on Earth as oppose to what we were told historically. Religion told us that the Earth is only six thousand years old. But now the truth is further verified by more evidences and confirmations from peoples testimony. I talked to a German/American man years ago and he said that the people of the Philippines are ancient and I thought how ancient are they? Because now we know that Lemuria was in the Pacific. The ancient Indians in South Asia and the Incas in South America said that there used to be a land in the Pacific known as "Mu" (Lemuria) whose people came to the Incas and taught them their sciences/knowledge. The island of Yonaguni of japan is very near the northern islands of the Philippines and it is East of Taiwan. There's an underwater pyramid there but it looks more like a quarry of some kind and somehow similar to the stone works of the ancient Incas.

One of the things that I find interesting is that some of the things mentioned by Zorra particularly about tall people (15 feet tall) are actually a story that was circulating in the islands of the Philippines even way before the arrival of the Spaniards. The natives said they have been seeing giants that usually appear at night or at sunset. Some of this giants even talked with people and they said they came from the mountains. It could be referenced to an underground opening like a cave. There are some tribes in the Philippines that are identical to an ancient tribe in Taiwan thats been there before the arrival of Chinese in Taiwan. And they have some similarities with Polynesians (Pacific islanders), Incas and Mayans. Everytime I read the message of Sheldan Nidle and mentioned words of Sirian (Sirius) language it amazes me because that language is very similar to the language in the Philippines. Selamat (Sirian) = Salamat (Tagalog), Balik (Sirian) is also Balik in Tagalog and etc. How could it be so similar that those words mentioned by Sheldan which are from planet Sirius of Sirian language origin are actually not only identical but also very similar in definition? Before I thought its just a coincidence but now I know that that alternative view of ancient history is more interesting and more sensible than what the textbooks says. I cannot say with certainty that this verifies the connection of the ancient people of the Pacific with Lemuria and that Lemuria is connected with Planet Lemur whose people came from Planet Sirius. But the circumstances and the similarities begs for more studies.

Another example is why is it that some of the ancient places in India and Sri Lanka have names of ancient Iberian language (Old Spanish)? There is no historical record neither in Europe and South Asia where people from Spain and Italy ever went to that part of the world thousands of years ago. The Dutch went there only a few hundred years ago and thats what we know because its recorded. I am partly Spanish and I can tell the words and names found on those countries that they used to name some of their ancient cities and regions did not originate from their land. How were they able to name those ancient lands very similar to the language of ancient Iberia? It is only possible if the Atlanteans visited India in the ancient times. This must be about the time beyond the seven thousand year period of Earths history. 


If you look at the map above it shows the extent of the territories of Lemuria.  Outside the blue lines are the areas that used to be underwater.  And when Lemuria started to sink, the land that used to be underwater started to appear.  Which means the eastern part of the United States, eastern part of Canada, entire South America and the rest of the Far East (Orient) are underwater before.  Both Lemuria and Atlantis suffered from the war that their continents sank underneath the Earth. But thanks to the Galactics they plan to bring back to the surface of the world both Lemuria and Atlantis.  The return of this two great continents will answer the forgotten part of human history.  And it will also answer  the actual origins of humanity which is in the stars in the Universe!  And when this happens the Galactics will add and increase the radius and diameter of the Earth so that the planet can both accomodate Lemuria and Atlantis back to the surface. May it serve as a great reminder and lesson for all of us and that we will never again allow a war so devastating that destroyed both of these continents and civilization.  Never again we would allow violence and war instead we would live in peace and harmony with one another.