Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spectacular New Years Eve Fireworks 2013

I would like to share the video I took during New Years Eve.  It was so spectacular, thousands of people were in the streets waiting just to see this fireworks display.  The sound that you are hearing are from the fireworks itself which was synchronized going up and down the height of Burj Khalifa which is still the worlds tallest building. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light

This is the year that we will definitely see disclosure.  The Galactic Federation is getting ready for disclosure and will eventually decloak.  Based on the message given by Zorra from Hollow Earth he mentioned that some of the spacecrafts of the Galactic Federation have already landed on Earth but right now they are still cloaked.  They are now in China, Paris France, Russia, LA California, New York and Washington DC.  He said in New York a lady who was jogging in a park and didnt know that there was an invisible field in her path and she bumped into the side of this spacecraft and fell; since she could not see anything it perplexes her as though there was a invisible wall infront of her.  Similar story in Washington DC as the helicopter of the President was to land on one of the grounds near the White House, they found out that they could not land and appeared as though they are just hovering in mid air as though they are sitting on top of an invisible force field.  They didn't know that there was a cloaked spacecraft which is already on the ground.   This goes on to show that the GFL is already here in our world and just awaiting a go signal before they will visibly appear before the world community. 

Possible Checklist they are looking for before they will appear in the public:

1.) Changes to the World Governments, particularly in Europe.  
2.) Introduction of the New Financial Systems. 
3.) A Go signal from Creator God to go ahead.


Message of the Galactic Federation of Light through Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle - January 22, 2013

7 Eb, 0 Yax, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return! Your world is still caught in an in-between reality-state as Heaven prepares to signal the much-awaited green light. We are setting up special liaison teams to monitor what is shortly to happen. The coming announcements by your new governance will mark the end of a long era of dark control, during which wars, economic upheavals, and other widespread forms of discord characterized the ups and downs of numerous regimes over the course of this old form of governance. It is to be replaced by an interim administration which will prepare the way for a duly elected one and set up new rules and by-laws regarding the general operating standards of the first of your new de jure governments. Contained within the new rules are the new financial and monetary systems based on hard currency, open rules of banking, and an end to large multiservice banking conglomerates. Furthermore, the way will be opened up to get a formal disclosure announced, and the many provisions of NESARA introduced and applied. This will establish a new relationship between individuals and their national governance.

The new banking system will end the long period of debt slavery. In its place will be a system that honors your essential freedom and sovereignty. This requires fail-safe laws designed to protect your sovereignty, end one-sided political parties, and sponsor the rise of an educated and responsible electorate. Each member of this electorate is an individual who needs to learn to express their views based on extensive study of the issues in the world around them. Governments, until now, have both bamboozled the electorate and used carefully slanted rhetoric designed to camouflage the activities they were actually engaged in. In effect, truth was to be kept from the public by any means possible. Now, you are to witness an about-face in administrative operating procedures. Your new governance is to be built upon trust, and upon the premise that elected officials are kept under careful scrutiny on the part of the public. Your most powerful tool will be the intrinsic transparency built into the new rules, and this demands your involvement as both watchdog and advisor. It is a wholly new relationship in responsibility, one which marks the start of your exciting jaunt to galactic society.

One of the more vital responsibilities of this new governance is disclosure. This single act opens up the lines of communication to Agartha, your Ascended Masters, and of course us. With this announcement your world opens up! And those who have long watched over you can now openly come forward. As you can imagine, we eagerly look forward to this special moment. At long last we can explain to you what first contact is all about, and introduce our blessed cohorts on this journey to full consciousness. None of you has any notion of your true inner potential. Indeed, each of you is burdened by inhibiting beliefs ingrained in you since childhood onwards. Our mentors look forward to helping you move beyond these limited conceptions of reality and learn who you really are. Once these basics are sorted out, you are to broaden your learning to include the truth about your recent history, and here you may find things that anger you. However, it is important to remember that you are never alone, and that measures are to be taken to correct the situations and events that are the cause of your distress.

The coming time is one of prosperity, joy, and harmonious cooperation. Peace will replace war, and general disarmament will end the worry over mass violence. As your consciousness grows, you will experience a need for true community and to re-establish honorable interaction between people and government. This requires an exchange based on the perceived integrity of each party. Your world's currently accepted exercise of power needs to be universally upgraded. Division will be replaced by union; contention by cooperation; and prejudice by acceptance. Such ideals have been so often championed in the past, and now they are to be realized and practiced by all. One of our tasks is to help this along with the introduction of technologies that can take your communications systems to the next, more secure level. As you open up your awareness and begin to feel more secure in your life, you will be inclined to explore new ways of thinking and being which are more aligned with the new levels of consciousness flooding your societies.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Right now we are watching our associates waiting eagerly for Heaven to sound the sacred horn and begin the new era for humanity. The dark, despite its myriad schemes to derail things, has been unable to prevent the Earth's sacred societies from completing their assigned tasks. New governance, likewise, is in place, ready to take over when these hallowed notes are sounded. We bless Heaven for moving everyone to the point where they are raising their awareness of how close the new epoch truly is. We are ready to hear the many different announcements that are to set our sacred undertaking in motion. Our part in this blessed mission is to guide you to those divine truths which were supposedly 'lost' over the millennia. Those teachings are to be the harbingers of others which will illumine your path to full consciousness.

The new governance is to proclaim your liberation from the many forms of illegal slavery imposed on you by the minions of the dark cabal. Enslavement and disempowerment of the populace was a major component of debt economics, which created a small, ultra-wealthy class that depended for its existence on the complete acquiescence of you all. These denizens of the dark wielded quite a power, but it is as nothing compared to that of Heaven and its great Light! The present Light manifestation is to transform your reality and forge a new, divine one. Heaven set up a specific time, based on the movements of physicality and the divine precession of this solar system. This sacred point is quite near and very shortly a great moment is to happen! Then this glorious living sphere will witness a grand miracle and Heaven's sacred Light will dance across her and transform all!

This divine radiance will confer a new epoch upon humanity. You will become reacquainted with the lovely realms of your Agarthan and space families. The great lineages of Heaven are to appear and proclaim their great truths to all. And this will be only the beginning! You will have so much to learn from us and from your space family. Many truths will be taught about your origins and the nature of your sacred service to Heaven. Ponder on these new realities, feel their resonance within you, and allow them to inspire you as you prepare for your return to full consciousness. In effect, you are to re-earn your angelic wings. As physical Angels, you will take up a whole host of new responsibilities, and it will be our task to teach and mentor you in many things which will form the foundation of your divine service. Our duty is to be your loving supervisors as we prepare you for what lies ahead.

Today we gave you another message to help you further your understanding of what is being done to extract you from the dark realms and return you to the Light. The Creator rejoices in what is happening and the sacred decrees of AEON are ready to transform your reality forever! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SaLuSa from Planet Sirius - 6

The Messages of SaLuSa of
Planet Sirius from
December 28, 2012  to 
January 19, 2013 (Year 1 of the Age of Aquarius)

SaLuSa, December 28, 2012

It does not matter how many predictions are made because as given they are all possibilities, dependent on the extent of your creative powers as to whether they materialize. So we are telling you that what you experienced was what you created, but for those of you expecting more evidence of Ascension it was disappointing. We understand your feelings, but the process of the awakening Ascension energies has not stopped and will proceed even more quickly than previously. The upliftment of energies in your Solar System, took place through the alignment of your Sun and the great Central Sun of the Galaxy, and as many souls experienced some evidence of it, as did not.

Ascension took place but to your surprise souls of the lower vibrations are still with you. That is because many were able to absorb the energy and their vibrations lifted sufficiently for them to rise up, but they will need to raise them at a faster rate if they are to remain with you. Also bear in mind that many souls were unaware of the importance of the 21st. December, so not all of them who did experience something would have known what caused it. It is so to say, their last opportunity to stay in the process of Ascension and avoid having to be taken off Earth if it proves to be in their best interests. All along it has been hoped that as many souls as possible would be able to accept the new energies. So we feel that when you acknowledge the positive outcome, you will be pleased that more of your family of souls have remained.

The New Age has commenced and time will show that nothing has been lost by the nature of your experience. From hereon you will find a much more positive outcome, as it is you who are now in charge of your own future. Your personal cleansing of still unwanted energies can go ahead with all speed, and you should not find any difficulty in being successful. You are now at a new level of happiness and joy for just being alive, and know that you can now proceed to live a new life with more freedom than ever before. As a result of receiving the energies of the 21st. December, you have moved more into the "Now" and that means you will experience less of time and space. As you move within the 5th. dimension so you will realize that time is no longer linear, and you will sometimes lose all perspective of where you are or how you got there. Do not be afraid however, as you will be able to "think" yourself back to where you were. In time you will begin to perceive other dimensions and realities, and even see other entities that have their being in them.

Your present government along with others largely in your Western World are near to being replaced, and it is an important move that will enable so many other things to go forward. They cannot handle the present crisis brought about by the collapse of a number of banks, and the corrupt systems used by them to bolster their own profits through false trading. The answers are already known to us, and the new ways are prepared and ready for implementation at very short notice. Day by day every soul will continue to grow in awareness, and the net result is that as a civilization you will find yourselves less interested in what the past had to offer you. You are becoming wiser and more astute in discovering how you have been mislead for centuries of time. You are no longer prepared to accept "more of the same", and are demanding a new approach to life that honors everyone's sovereignty and peace and abundance. You need to be able to freely express yourself and relate to all others as One, as unity is what we wish to see you achieving.

We fully understand why some of you are disheartened at the passing of Ascension in a rather quiet manner, but look at the positive aspects. We have tried to guide you to reach the highest perception you have of yourself, and of what you could expect in the New Age, and that encouragement will still continue. The 21st. December alignment took place, and you have commenced the New Age with a higher level of consciousness. It will enable you to accelerate the process of Ascension, and you will see changes taking place in quick succession. Everything you have been led to expect to herald the New Age in will still occur with a greater backing than before, as the way ahead is now virtually clear. You have had great patience so far and we are most grateful for your dedication to the Light and all other souls. Events will now flow much more smoothly, and we can assure you that the work you have put in to bring the Light and Love to people, has had tremendous results.

Naturally Mother Earth has also ascended, and will go ahead and work with you to bring the New Age into being. There have been few incidents of people having to leave the Earth, and that is a credit to the Lightworkers who have worked so hard to bring all souls into the Light. We are pleased to note that it has released the tension and doubts that some people held, because they were so concerned about friends or family. It holds great hope for those souls who have hitherto, been unaware of the importance of the new period that you have moved into. We know that some of you will look back and question why the impression was given that so much could have been achieved prior to Ascension. We would say that our motivation has been to place before you every opportunity to advance, through your own creative powers.

We know that the Lightworkers put a lot of time and effort into achieving success, and the apparent failure is no criticism of them. Indeed, there is absolutely no fault in their dedication to their task. It is simply that the circumstances did not meet the criterion for full manifestation of the initial changes that you expected. Yes, there were times when you were so close to seeing your efforts rewarded, but often it was the dark Ones who posed a threat or delay that we could not ignore. Bear in mind that we do not have the authority to force issues unless it is divinely decreed, as it is you who are guiding the outcome and responsible for it.

Be assured that no time has been lost because little progress appears to have been made. Behind the scenes our allies continue to be busy, and are close to bringing about the governmental changes. These are so essential in putting the remains of the old 3D politics behind you, and appointing leaders in power that are aware of the need for immense changes to establish the New Age. You will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary.

As each day passes the prospects of a greater show of our craft will also dramatically increase. Many eyes will soon be turned towards the poverty and need in the Middle East and far Eastern countries, as compassion and understanding will place the focus where the greatest needs exist. It will force Governments to seriously look at such issues, and take some action. The efforts of our allies will also bring forward the re-distribution of wealth, that has been illegally obtained. So much is at the point of coming out, and with the lower vibrations disappearing more quickly there is less chance of delays taking place.

Dear Ones, consider that you have not lost anything at all by not having your dreams fulfilled, in fact you have gained more than you had before. The way has become clearer and more certain, and our help can begin to be more open. It is why we are eager for disclosure to come as quickly as possible. Then we can really get going without any hindrance. The whole outlook has changed for the better, and your efforts will in time be more productive. We are of course close to you most of the time but rarely show ourselves, but that will also change in time. There is to be a coming together, and eventually you will be joined by us, the Masters and your family from the Inner Earth. It will be quite a time of celebration, and the whole world will know we have arrived.

Nothing ever happens by chance, but will follow each divine edict. There are powerful Beings that carry out the word of God without question, but we do understand your doubts and difficulties when things do not seem to go to plan. Yet all events will come to be and fulfill the promises that have been made. It is known to be so as all exists in the Now and simply waits for the right time to manifest. Meaning that when it is going to be of the maximum benefit to your civilization. What is to occur is clearly not just for those who have already awakened, but perhaps in some ways is directed even more strongly at those who still slumber. Now that the lower vibrations are disappearing, they are being given a gentle push and reminder that they are at their own crossroads. They must make a firm decision as to what they want to do, otherwise they will be unable to make progress into the New Age. It is their choice and on a higher level they subconsciously know what is at stake.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and let me say that it will not be long before many of you look back at this time, and find the proof of your Ascension by recognizing the changes in yourself. You will also see it in your friends and family, and realize that they are creating a more peaceful aura around them. As the higher energies continue to arrive on Earth their effect will be there for all to see, as Humanity will reach out in Love and bring powerful energies of Light to bear upon those who are still held in the darkness. The Ascension process still proceeds as powerful as ever, and our love will be with you all of the way.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by:  Mike Quinsey


SaLuSa, January 4, 2013

In your many lives through the cycle of duality, you have faced immense challenges and as a result grown all the more at a spiritual level. Now duality such as you have known it is losing its power over you, as it recedes into the background. Yet as you wrestle with its influence upon you, and clear yourself of your links to the lower energies, you are facing a strong challenge. We know it is difficult to throw off attitudes, ideas and beliefs, based on what you have been brought up to believe. However, within you have all knowledge and you should look there for the truth, and do not hesitate to move to a new understanding if you are in any doubt. It was easy in the past to be judgmental because that was how people acted, but now you want to move to a new position where instead you see all souls as part of the One.

Separation was a game the dark Ones played to keep you at each others throats, but now you can refuse to continue living their lie that you are all different. Forget the physical differences, customs and religious beliefs, as behind all of that are beautiful souls of Light exactly as you are. In recognizing the Oneness of everything you are taking your place along side of those ready to move further along the path of Ascension. You know now that your search for perfection is never ending, until you finally return to the Source of All That Is. Yet in your own way you have succeeded in overcoming all attempts to keep you from the truth. You have recognized that you will always be a part of the One Truth of which your contribution is as important as anyone else's, as without you it would be incomplete.

You may be leaving behind some unfinished business, but that no longer matters as 2012 saw the completion of the cycle of duality. Karmically speaking you will have dealt with your important issues already, and since the Law of Grace operates at such times all is as you might say "forgiven". You have learnt your lessons that have lifted you up, and made further experiences in duality unnecessary. The year 2013 thus becomes a year of fulfillment, as you establish a new and more meaningful connection with your Higher Self. It means that unlike the past you can tap the fountain of knowledge that your Higher Self holds, and will no longer need to rely on others for your knowledge or understanding.

Have we not told you that you hold all knowledge within. Believe in yourself for guidance and you will know intuitively whether you are making the right decisions. This year will be one of immense gains for you, as you accept the ever flowing stream of high energies that continue to reach Earth. Everything is speeding up even faster, and time will gradually cease to have the same relevance as previously. The next part of your Ascension is with Mother Earth, and with our help to create a new Earth that is befitting souls who are growing exponentially and becoming fully conscious Beings. You will then be able to call yourselves "Galactic Beings" and the doors will open to even greater opportunities than you have ever experienced. Your rate of progress is entirely up to you, and once you have made your decision you will have plenty of help from us.

The most important person on the Earth is you, as it is you who determines where your journey takes you. You choose from the various options available to you, and that is why care is taken to ensure you know what they are. Taking care of yourself and your own needs does not mean that you ignore others, as part of the work of all Lightworkers is to also tend to the needs of others as well. Each soul now has the responsibility to prepare to receive a greater amount of Light, so that their consciousness level keeps expanding. It will keep you firmly on the path to a higher understanding, and help you to continue moving into a higher dimension. The path is there before you and you progress at precisely the speed that suits you. As we have said previously, you are immortal and have all infinity in which to evolve. You are under no pressure to progress except at a rate that you feel comfortable with.

You have done the hard work by releasing most of the lower energies that have tied you to duality. Now you can be more ambitious and set your sights much higher than previously. The effort you have put in since the Millennium, and particularly during the past few years has yielded much success. There is no need to feel that somehow you have failed simply because Ascension did not meet your expectations. It is in fact quite the opposite, as you lifted the vibrations so that incoming energies could be grounded through you. That set the grid in place that is now able to lift you even further and "Love" is taking over, which is your assurance that you will now advance more quickly and receive the advantages of the New Age. The many delays and the many obstructions that the dark Ones used to hold up progress, can no longer be continued. They do not have the power or the organization to do so, and their activities are being recognized for what they really are.

We ask you to continue your life with the same focus that you had before, and think positively as all exists in the "Now" waiting for you to manifest exactly what you desire. At different times you have been given sufficient details to know what to expect, and as the new paradigm takes over you shall have every opportunity to benefit from entering the New Age. The present period of uncertainty will be short lived, and soon you will both notice and feel the changes taking place. What you should register is the result of a general upliftment in consciousness levels, because it will bring about a new attitude and willingness to move your civilization into the New Age with all speed. Accept that some inconvenience is inevitable, as the scale of changes is going to be quite far reaching. However, we of the Galactic Federation are ready as ever, always adjusting our plans according to your coming needs. Once we commence rapid advancement will be made, far beyond anything you are currently able to do.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that your overall reaction to Ascension has been one of acceptance, and you understand that you have not lost out in the Ascension process. All proceeds as ordained and your wonderful future is assured, as you will experience in due course. Our love goes with you wherever you may go, and will ever be.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by:  Mike Quinsey


SaLuSa, January 11, 2013

Naturally, some people are still unsure of the reason why the 21st. December was a relatively quiet affair, but we would emphasize that as a civilization you took a great step forward. What is now important is that you continue to focus on all that you wish to be manifested, and you will see it gradually take place. Now that you have left the lower energies behind it will be easier to achieve results, as you will no longer be impeded or held back. Progress as we measure it is the level to which you can raise your consciousness, and it did not reach the expected or desired level before Ascension date. If your intent had been more powerful the result may have been more successful, but you did bring success much nearer than previously. Dear Ones, 21.12. was a success for many individuals, and be assured each soul will have received the higher energies. That can only have been good news because it means that the vibrations upon Earth have risen up, and you have moved that much further into the New Age.

In respect of the many changes that are needed to finally put an end to duality, we along with our allies have never let up in our efforts to bring them in to being. Consequently, they are getting ever nearer to manifestation. As you will know we must carry out the changes with your approval and not impose our will upon you. We are therefore careful to ensure that our allies keep everything above board and within your legal system. However, you do have laws that were not made for the betterment of people or in Love and Light. Those will not be allowed to stop progress and in any event will eventually be removed, as will all those laws that are used to falsely imprison people. In the future all laws will be reviewed and only those that are fair and just and maintain your freedom and sovereignty will be retained. It also means that any person falsely imprisoned will be released, and we know that there are many in this situation.

In time your levels of consciousness will be such that criminal actions will be far from your thoughts, and eventually there will be no crime and therefore no need for prisons at all. Minor indiscretions will be considered by higher Beings, who will decide if any action needs to be taken. Often it is unnecessary as in recognizing their mistake, the answer is already apparent to the soul involved. You presently have the Ten Commandments that have served you very well, except that they are set aside and ignored by those who only care and serve Self. Such souls cannot continue in this way, and will find themselves unable to advance with those who do accept the Oneness of All That Is. They will seal their own fate, and stay within the lower vibrations by their own choice. They will have no one else to blame for their situation, as so often they have been warned of the need to change their ways.

As time passes you will begin to notice more and more, that all types of corrupt practices are being investigated and the culprits are being revealed. It is the result of the upliftment in your levels of consciousness, that desires a return to honesty in all dealings and transactions. There will be no hiding place as the facts will come out as part of the cleansing that is taking place. Anything that still remains of the lower energies is being purged, as you prepare to introduce the changes taking you into the New Age. The media is still largely in the hands of those who hide the truth, but they cannot prevent other mediums such as the Internet revealing the facts.

The whole process of bringing the changes in is not easy, as there are so many people with vested interests in preventing them. However, progress cannot be stopped, and much still happens to move matters on until they reach a point when action can be taken. At this time you have what may be called a "bottleneck" because so many aspects of the changes are verging on completion together. Once what is happening becomes apparent, there will be a whole series of events following in quick succession. Having stepped onto a new pathway there will be changes at various times in the future, over some years before you finally become fully fledged Galactic Beings. These will be most enjoyable experiences, particularly as you will be beyond any interference that presently originates from the lower dimensions.

Disclosure is such an important factor in your evolution that nothing will be left to chance where it is concerned. From our point of view there are still too many people that hold some measure of fear at the prospect of us openly coming to Earth. We are therefore looking for better coverage of our presence from your media, but it must be done correctly and not for sensationalism. There is no doubt whatsoever that we must go ahead soon, and we cannot wait indefinitely. So you may be sure we are doing all we can to create the right setting for disclosure to go ahead. It will be a most momentous occasion and celebrations will be in order for such an historic event.

Time continues to go faster and as it does you will likely lose track of it as it does not dominate your life as previously. This will go along with forgetfulness and a tendency to live in the now. It is bringing you to a point where you will find that life becomes easier by simply going with the flow. We know some people cannot exist without having everything planned, but you will all adapt to the changes and find life is so much more enjoyable taking it as it comes. It will help inasmuch that as you go further into the New Age you will have much more time to yourself, and few if any worries. You have not really experienced what it is like to be free, because you have been imprisoned on your own planet. It has become accepted as normal, and this is why we of the Galactic Federation of Light and others have spent so much time trying to get you to awake to the truth.

Dear Ones, whether you have recognized it or not, you have moved a lot further along your path since the Millennium. This has fulfilled our belief that given more time, more souls would respond to the increasing levels of Light reaching your Earth. Now virtually every soul has moved on through Ascension and have taken in more of the higher energies. They will be further uplifted by the continuing flow, and events showing major changes for the better will be of considerable help. We leave you with our unending Love and blessings for your future.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by:  Mike Quinsey


SaLuSa, January 18, 2013

Nothing has put your progress back where Ascension is concerned, and all proceeds in an acceptable way. Somewhere along your path and not too far into the future, your civilization will fully ascend as planned. At that time you will have achieved a point of critical mass, and it will not depend on anything else for its success. So it is now up to you to create the circumstances by which it can be achieved, by keeping a powerful focus on all that you desire. Do not lose sight of the fact that all of the time you are creating your future, and many parallel worlds. Be sure of what it is you want and place your intent upon all that is pure and wholesome, and for the betterment of all.

Following your upliftment you are now more powerful than ever, and with the subduing of the Dark Ones little stands in your way to the fulfillment all of you had been led to expect. The world as you know it is still of the old paradigm, and has little to offer now that you have turned your back upon it. It is you however who are calling the changes, and much has already been put in place to bring about a succession of announcements, that will ensure you know that the New Age has begun. The world is in a turmoil but events planned will bring about peaceful solutions, and where needed will be backed by us. We certainly do not intend to disappear from sight, as our future is very much tied up with yours.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light are as busy as ever, as many issues concerning the changes are being sorted out. This means liaison with our allies to ensure that our plans are going to deliver what we need. Our craft have successfully kept a nuclear war at bay, which has threatened on more than one occasion of late. Such ideas no longer have any place in your world, and is the weapon of your last cabal who have been disempowered. In time all types of warfare will cease, and total world peace will be declared. Many industries connected with such activities will have to turn their hand to more useful and peaceful needs. There is no need to worry about the future job situation, as people will not suffer as a consequence of changes, as prosperity will take care of their needs.

You will be taken out of your poverty and lack, and become part of a society that will share abundance for everyone's needs. Simply go with the flow, and know that your frustrations and disappointments will soon fade into the background. You are so far along the path to full Ascension, that it is absolutely assured to be your greatest experience so far. Afterwards you may well consider your mission to Mother Earth and duality to be complete, and return to your home planet. It will be your choice that will decide your future, and many will continue their journey with Mother Earth. The cleansing of Earth is beginning to start in earnest, and we are now active in that respect.

You will certainly begin to see more of us in your skies, because as threats against us are eliminated it will be safer for us to show ourselves. We want to leave you in no doubt as to our presence, and then First Contact will become more likely to happen. It will of course be done with the correct protocol that acknowledges the leaders of your different nations. It is not an issue we wish to force, but it is our strong desire that it shall not be put off for too long. Together we have so much to do and already know those of you who are suitable allies to participate in the changes. For this reason, some of you have already visited our ships several times, but we erase the memories to avoid an over reaction on your part. When you have other earthly responsibilities, we do not want you to become distracted and ignore them. There will be plenty of time for such things in the very near future.

We share your vision for the future where your civilization will co-exist with us as One. Where your understanding of life and its true purpose, will lead to the removal of all barriers that have been keeping you separated from each other. Already we see how you are beginning to see yourself in others, realizing that in essence you all have the same desire for peace and happiness. You can enjoy the differences in each others life styles, and in art you see a true expression of the inner person. Forget color or race, politics or religion as in time none of these will stand in the way of a great coming together. Ease of modern travel and communication have already drawn you closer. For those of you who believe in the truth of reincarnation, it is so much easier to accept what we have been referring to. You know that each of you have had lives in many different cultures, in many different countries as part of your evolutionary development.

Realize that duality is all but at an end and that you volunteered to have experience within it, and it can rightly be viewed as an experiment. It has never been your true reality yet some people have got so used to it, they are reluctant to give it up. The familiar is always going to feel comfortable, but duality and the 3rd. dimension have served their purpose and are now breaking up. It is true however, that those who wish to remain in a similar existence will have their wishes granted. God has given you freewill and will not take it away from you. Only you will give it up as you progress through the higher dimensions and become a pure Being of Light. Then you will become at One with All That Is and serve the Will of God.

At present you are but an aspect of your real self, and understandably do not grasp what a wonderful powerful soul you are. Your potential is unlimited, and the first step back to a recognition of it comes with Ascension, and your return to full consciousness. Think big as you go through this year and know that it will be quite remarkable and exciting. You will as you might say "come of age" and the past will quickly fade into the distance, and no longer have any pull upon you. So let go and put all of your energy into helping bring the changes into manifestation. Be Love incarnate and forgive all of those who have entered your life with darkness, and give freely of your love. It is the only way to release yourself from your past, and step fully into the Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and overjoyed at your intent to push forward, and not waste your energies on what has now moved into history. The future belongs to you, so make sure it is what you truly desire.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Channeled by:  Mike Quinsey

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simulation - Hollow Earth

I'm developing a game called "Simulation - Hollow Earth".  This simulation will allow you to travel to the Hollow Earth with your computer and see the world inside the planet.  Initially it will be available for PC but later on it will also be available for Macintosh as well, including the X-Box, Playstation (PS3) and for smartphones and ipads. For those who are familiar with video games this will be a "First Person Viewer".  On the game, there will be two places where people can start, one is in the area of Western Greenland and in Tasmania, Australia.  In Greenland you can either choose to go by airplane or cruise ship which will take you to the opening of the Hollow Earth.  The difference is by ship, it will be much slower as you will be confronted with lots of icebergs along the way.  Once inside the Earth, the aircraft will be greeted by a few UFOs that will guide the aircraft in landing it safely.  On the ground there will be friendly Agarthians that will welcome the surface visitors.  Dont be surprised as they are literally giants around 10 to 15 feet tall.  There will also be dinosaurs on the ground as well as in the air as they are not meat eaters for they are actually vegan or vegetarians and will not pose any danger to humans.  You can opt to ride any of these dinosaurs as though you are riding a horse.  Take note also inside this world, the gravity is bit different, your weight will be much lower than it is in the surface which means you can levitate or slightly float in the air while walking.  The fruits and vegetables are massively big! Trees are literally hundreds and into thousands of feet tall as they really dont cut any of them as they have a policy of treating all living things with utmost respect. The vegetation is really allowed to grow wild without trimming them.

Inside this world there is definitely "ZERO" crime rate; people are peaceful as they dont practise "capitalism" and no one is greedy as they treat absolutely everyone as their own family.  So, which means for more than 12,000 years theres not a single war among them, no disease, no poor and everybody lives in happiness and harmony.  This means that theres virtually no pollution in their air, land and sea.  Most importantly they were living in this peace and joy utopia for thousands of years.  See the visiting people from other planets and talk to them as you wish. 

In this game you can ride a UFO inside the Hollow Earth if you wish and that will make your exploration much faster than just walking around.  Aside from that you may want to try the flying basket that will fly guided by your thoughts for directions as to where to go whether to go higher or lower, left or right, faster or slower.  Another option is to use the hyper -speed tunnel that has cable cart that runs faster than the French TGV or the bullet trains in Japan.  At the center of the Earth there is no core instead there is a central small sun that does not move and changes color every few minutes.  This light source is the reason behind the aurora that we see in the northern skies.  Since this small sun is powered by cold fusion it is therefore not hot. And also since the small sun is stationary in one place, there is no sunset and neither sunrise.

You may also go into hollow earth via the South Pole.  You do this by going to Tasmania in Australia and ride a small private submarine that will go underneath the ice cap of Antarctica.  In this game you will get to see the German society who migrated to the "Rainbow City" which is located halfway inside the hollow earth.  They are not inside the Hollow Earth territory but only outside the entrance.  Take note that once inside the tipping point of either north or south poles the temperatures changes from icy into tropical with occasional cold winds from the poles.  And water inside the pole entrances are all "freshwater" and it is not salty because of the gravity due to the magnetic curvature as the Earths magnetic field bends at the poles.  You can experience all of these with this computer generated simulation of Hollow Earth.

Once the game is finished and ready, it will be sold somewhere around 30 to 40 Dollars each.  Part of the reason I am developing this game is because I want to make a contribution to the couple Billie Woodard and Jane Stevens.  Billie is originally from Hollow Earth and he went into the surface world in order to tell the world that there is indeed a hollow space inside the planet containing a civilization called "Agarthians".  They are the people who survived the war between Lemuria and Atlantis by going underneath the Earth.  I will donate 70% of every DVD that will be sold from this game/simulation to Billie and Jane until such time when they can finally go back to their own society inside the Hollow Earth.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Commentary to the Recent Debate on CNN

I was intrigued by this recent debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones on CNN.  And I have written my own comment and opinion. I've always sided with the Americans about many issues, but this one topic about gun control I think I agree with the British more than the Americans when it comes to preventing violence from ever happening.  Comparing the statistics: only 12 people died in gun related violence in Britain compared to more than 11,000 in the U.S in 2012 alone.  The guns that Americans have in their possession is suppose to stop crimes is actually multiplying the risk of more crimes. Watch this show on CNN:  link

Piers Morgan a British citizen invited on his show Alex Jones who is very active in requesting the White House to deport Mr. Morgan just because he was just sharing his ideas on how Americans can enjoy a much lesser crime rates if there were less or no weapons whatsoever ever exist in the hands of ordinary American citizens.  The argument is clear in that those who want to have as many guns as they like are acting uncivilized while those who have done away of gun ownership are the ones who are more civilized.  Alex Jones (by the way I am not attacking him) I am just commenting on the way he acted and responded on the show that he displayed a lack of self control and be civilized to at least answer the questions Mr. Morgan was asking him in a calm manner.  He keep deflecting his response into somewhere else and not confront directly the questions given to him.  It was very obvious Mr. Morgan was persistent in being peaceful, calm and patient with Mr. Jones.  While on the other hand Mr. Jones was completely out of control driven away by his own emotions.  I don't know the religion or lack thereof of Mr. Morgan but comparing his behavior with that of Mr. Jones it seems Mr. Morgan is more civilized than Alex Jones.  Piers came from a country Britain known amongst the Protestants world as a nation who have embraced "evolution"  and have turn away from "creationism" and that they became (majority of them) as atheist.  But comparing the behavior of them both, it seems to show to us who among them have a better understanding on what it means to be "peaceful" and not violent.  I thought Christians (those creationist) are suppose to be more peace loving and less violent orientated people?  Why is it that the statistic show that those who suppose to be believers in God and that they are Christians are more violent oriented in their approach in life?  Could it be that their solutions in solving the problem is the root cause of all this?

Lets talk logical here, let us set aside the emotions and anger in favor of understanding whats better in how to solve the problems of gun violence not just in North America but also around the world as well.   Now, this is where I think Piers Morgan shines through, his message and ideas in effect are just to point out that to have a peaceful world and or society is that all guns regardless if its automatic or not should be banned from the possession of every civilians.  So, let me ask this question:  Which is better Prevention or Cure?  Comparing the cost of the method of finding cure and distribution of it is more expensive than completely preventing it from ever happening.  In other words Prevention is cheaper and easier to execute than finding ways to heal and to actually cure diseases or problems.  Which is better preventing a fire or stopping a fire?  I think both of this have their own point and merits.  But, prevention can be better logically than acting to stop it when its already in action.  The people who supports to have the rights to have guns are actually likened to a cure (violent fight) as oppose to those who wanted prevention by not having guns.

Suppose, you give ten kids (age around 4 to 9) each of them having their own "lighter" the one people use to light a cigarette.  And you leave this kids to allow them to play as they will inside a room full of papers, books, parquet  floors on a wooden old house.  You did not give them any rules at all and that they can use their lighters as often as they wish (reflects the excessive freedom ideology of their rights to have a lighter).  In a matter of minutes one of the neighbor spotted a smoke starting to billow from the old house.  But since you informed them that kids are there just to play and so the neighbor dismissed the event as though it was just nothing.  There was no phone inside that room and they were locked inside. The fire started to grow and the kids inside were panicking.  To make the long story short the neighbors did call for help.  But they wished they acted earlier because the kids suffered severe trauma from the fire event and some of them sustained injury/wounds from the fire.  Now, ask yourself which is better to have them all armed with lighters or completely removed them from their possessions? Is it better that firemen arrived earlier?  Or can you completely trust the kids to put off the fire by themselves?  Is that an effective solution and approach?

Have we not realized HOW simple and easier to just approach it with a more sensible way of doing a prevention method than relying to fight and stop it with a cure?  Stopping a fire can be likened to curing a disease.  Its the only recourse and response once its already underway.  Which is a logical way of doing it. And I'm not saying cure is not necessary at all.  But if we are comparing between the two which is better I think its obvious that "prevention" is better than the cure itself.  To those who have cancer you don't have to go through all those troubles of dealing with the consequences and process of therapy to combat that disease when it can be prevented from the very beginning.  Cure can be very expensive and trauma inducing as you are trying to fight the disease and sometimes not effective; but prevention is inexpensive and effective.

While the idea of stopping a crime with the use of a weapon seems to be a viable option but people should be aware of a much better approach.  That violent crimes with the use of guns could be prevented if there were really no guns in the possessions of ordinary people.  People should realized that Sandy hook could have been prevented from happening if the people who perpetrated the crime did not have accessed with guns.  If the kids did not have access to the lighters they will not have to play with fire and not have to suffer the unwanted consequences of being burned.  Without the lighters, there is no fire to begin with.  The same logic applies to the guns not just in one community but also applies to others as well.  If those who did the crimes in Sandy hook did not have guns (because its not available anywhere) then the possibility of them thinking of starting a fire will not even enter their minds.

The era in which the amendment in the US Constitution that allows citizens to bear arms was made during such times were cure is more ideal than actual prevention.  Because, it was in a time where law enforcement was not as effective compared to what it is today.  Back then it was fashionable to act violently and to meet and confront violence with violence.  To preserve this legacy is to not only promote the continuation of violence but also it reflects that that society hasn't outgrown the kind of habits they used to have in the past.  In other words those who lean more to the idea of combating violence with fire have not matured enough after all these years, they are still living in the great Old Wild West and not yet have come to grips of the present reality and that the world has already move on from that era.  While those who have outgrown this have become mature and resort to prevention as the way to completely prevent gun related violence from ever happening.  The era of using fire with fire is over.  Let us not use violence to combat violence because that is only for those who have not matured. 

On the show, it was obvious that Mr. Jones was the one who is violent and out of control and have difficulty calming himself.  While Mr. Morgan remained relax and peaceful.  Who do you think is more  mature between them?  If Mr. Jones have his guns on that moment, he would have used it and fired recklessly everywhere without ever thinking of the consequences of the damage he would do to everyone around him including the show/program itself.  Now, compared that to a much more sane of having everything under control by staying calm in which Mr. Morgan did in this debate with Mr. Jones.  Clearly, answering violence with violence is not logical way to resolve that problem. Maybe we should listen to some of the wisdom given on the bible and live by the very ideals of what it means to be civilized as stated in the bible where it said;  "soft answer turns AWAY wrath".  In other words having all the guns in the world is sometimes not the best answer in promoting peace in a society.  You may have all the guns but it will not guarantee peace instead it will perpetrate all kinds of violence.  Arming the entire society to have absolute access to guns is like saying everybody can become an army in their own right, promoting their own brand of wars among their own community.

Perhaps, it is high time that we re-interpret the amendment in the US Constitution of the right to bear arms or weapons.  It was written from a different time, with different objective from a different perspective and orientation.  The day of the Hillbillies are gone, the Wild West with its glorious days of armed civilians are over.  Either we moved on and grow mature that those ways of life are now just part of the history or we would drag the past to let it continue with the present even if its no longer necessary today?  Aren't we going to grow up and leave the past behind? As the scripture says that soft answer turns away wrath.  Fighting fire with fire is not always the best answer to solve violent crimes.  For it is better to go to the root cause of the problem than just face it from the shallow surface of it.  The root cause of all this is in the hearts and minds of every individual which eventually finds it expression by using guns.  Our actions reflects what is inside of us. So, gun accessibility is not the solution but instead it perpetrates and multiplies the problem.  For those of you in the pulpit and the government places, how can you say to your people have peace and safety when they the people are armed with weapons?  Is it not better to address the issue of violence when were addressing the main cause to prevent them rather than a cosmetic patch to stop it?  It all originates from the heart and mind.  If we have outgrown the immaturity of the past of having violent answer for every violent action then we should promote peace and non-violent actions emanating and starting from our heart and mind.  Then therefore the solution lies not in the further distribution of arms and weapons; it is in our self determination as well as collectively as people to say enough to violence and it should start from us - within. 

If the entire community unanimously say in unison that they don't want violence anymore that all they have in their hearts and minds is peace and joy, trust and harmony, cooperation with everyone around them then violence will disappear in an instant.  By allowing arms and weapons to proliferate and spread in the community is like saying that you don't care about others and that you don't trust any of them and that all you care about is your own safety and security.  But if we manifest this care, concern for one another and that you don't want any violence anywhere from occurring then each and everyone of you should no longer bear arms of weapons because you decided to treat others as your self, to see others as someone you can trust and live harmoniously with peace and joy.  All of you who wants this to happen should lay down your weapons and get rid of them. 

Further than that;  what if we treated animals as though they are also beings/creatures who DESERVE to live just like every human on Earth?  How about we stop from treating them as targets and shooting them for fun and adventure?  When are we going to notice and see our own reflection that deep inside of our hearts and mind that we are callous, insensitive and violent? We maybe wearing much better clothes and equipment than the barbarians people in the ancient times but we are not different with our inner motives.  We focused too much on the outward appearance and care less to improve whats inside of us.

Maybe its time to convert the right to bear arms of weapons as the right to bear arms of peace and joy towards EVERY human being as well as to animals?.  Let us embrace humanity with this arms of love, peace and care of outgoing concern for others and not the arms of weapons that only reflects distrust, hate and the love for violence instead of peace. 

On the night that Jesus was betrayed, did Jesus (Sananda) said to Peter to go and get as many automatic rifles (whether AK 47 or Bushmaster) as they can get from a nearby gun shop and that they will confront the Romans? Instead, we find Jesus allowed the Romans and the Council to express whats in their hearts and minds.  They acted violently and did all of those out of what's natural to them.  At the time violence was in their nature as an automatic response.  But the good news is those days are gone and over.  Those people who have violent and evil motive, if they were able to come back to life today they know now that what they did was an act of "immaturity" and ignorance.  And now that we know what is right from wrong it is time to do what is right and leave behind the acts of immaturity in the past.

We may not be able to stop all kinds of violence from ever happening everywhere but we can surely effectively prevent them from happening.  If we ALL collectively decided to remove all kinds of arms in our world then the possibility of violence will diminish significantly.  It may not happen over night or all at once but eventually it will take place and peace and harmony will prevail.  I do believe there are many of us are already mature enough to shun violence by not having or not owning guns.  But there are still some who are not yet mature who still harbor hatred and all kinds of evil motives.  Perhaps, that's the area where the authorities can do their part that they should monitor these individuals, gangs as well as corporations whose intentions are still very much in the archaic stage of development.  Whose activity can still be classified as "immature" who ignorantly still play fire with fire, who still enjoys arming themselves with various weapons. Whose mental framework are very much oriented with greed and selfishness and anti-community, who plan and execute all kinds of crimes worldwide (organized crime) and create a false scenario to put the blame to someone else. These are the people that should be monitored for their activities. 

Overall, peace is achievable without the use of guns and weapons.  All we need is for those who are kind and mature to step up to the plate and unite and leave behind those who are still in their ignorance, who haven't grew up even though they appear to have aged considerably and physically.  Just like what Apostle Paul said in one of his letters to the southern people of Europe: "when I was a child I spake (acted) like a child.  But now, I put those childish things behind".  In the same way,  I admonish each everyone who read this message to let us grow in knowledge and awareness that all kinds of violence does not do any kind of good results.  All it does is bring misery and suffering to those involved.  When one member of our community is grieving and hurting then it affects all the others as well.  Peace is more certain and assured if there are no guns/weapons whatsoever within the society.  Leave the weapons to the army and not with the ordinary citizens of the world.