Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 Twin Rays (Flames)

Transcribed by Ashtar/Athena
September 16 2013
9:45 AM Mountain

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Dear Hearts,

As the moments grow, moment by moment, your Ascension is upon you.  Are you ready?  Are your vibrations at the point they should be - to make the leap into Heaven on Earth?  Into Paradise?

Beloved Ones,  Ascension is the Completness of the Masculine and Feminine. 

Dears, the Action of Twin Rays is one of the fundamental Laws of Creation in the Universe.  This phase of Creation is an important action of the Great Cosmic Law.  It is a fundamental principal in Individualization... and, in Cosmic Action.

An individualized Flame is sent forth from the Sun.  This God-Flame stands above the Presence and is the first projection from the Godhead when Individualization takes place.  Then, from It are projected forth Two Rays, or a Divided Ray, which is the focus of the Two I AM Presences, internalizing the Masculine and Feminine aspects.  Around each of these Flames (at the end of the Rays) is coalesced Light Substance of that realm forming the Electronic Bodies of the Twin Rays ("Twin Souls," as it is sometimes termed really means These Twin Rays). The phrase  "Made in the Image and Likeness of God" applies to the Electronic Body.  In the beginning, one Individual comes forth into embodiment with masculine aspects predominant and the Other with the feminine aspects, or qualities, predominant.

Each may go through many embodiments (incarnations) of both masculine and feminine.  Sometimes, both may be embodied at the same time.  They may be in masculine and feminine bodies or both may be in masculine, or both in feminine bodies.   They may know each other, or they may not.  However,  many Twin Rays do not embody at the same time.  While One is in embodiment, the Other works at inner levels, thus forming a magnetic pole... and at times, reversing the order by the other One taking physical embodiment. Thus, through the various embodiments, they gain what experience is required to obtain the goal... The Ascension.  When they are to make The Ascension, each embodies in the opposite gender from the one in which they started out in their first embodiment. 

Every individual Lifestream (a flower, flame, cross, etc.) has a life pattern which is stamped on every electron of energy that  he uses or that flows through him.  It is a pattern given the God-Flame when Individualized, and therefore Twin Rays carry the same pattern.  Also, each Lifestream has a code, tune or keynote.  Twin Rays (Flames) may be on different Rays because of free will.

Dear Ones, here at the close of the cycle, there has been a uniting of many Twin Rays.  No person should go searching for his Twin Ray; leave it to the wisdom of the Presence.  However, when Twin Rays work in harmony with each other, there can be achievement accomplished between them because of sensitiveness and inner attunement which would not take place otherwise with some other individual. 

The Ascended One has a local point in the physical realm to work through while the unascended One has the privilege of drawing on and using the full momentum of the Ascended Master Powers and consciousness of the Ascended One.  Of course, that only takes place after the unascended One has reached a certain point on the Path, since the responsibility of Its use lies with the Ascended One.

In the realms of Light, there is no giving in marriage, just a uniting again, since having strayed apart.  There is only the activity of the Two Rays.

It is necessary for both to be Ascended to work at Cosmic Levels beyond a certain point.

After the Ascension of the Twin Rays, They can enter into the Silence... the God-Flame from which they were projected (externalized) or One can enter and the Other stay out, or Both can stay out, depending upon the Great Divine Plan and Their free-will and choice.

When  Both have made the Ascension, Each is a complete balance within Himself.  Thus, The One Flame that came forth is now Three complete Flames which make a Cosmic Action of the Power of the "Three Times Three."

Dear, Dear Beloved Hearts, now is the time.  For you have reached the end of your long journey that you planned with your Mother/Father God and in which you have succeeded.  With all of your incarnations, having learned all your lessons, now you are at the threshold of reaching your Graduation: The Joining Together of Completeness.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

In Love, In Harmony, and In Unity,  We Are One.

Your brother, Ashtar.


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