Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Return of the Sunken Civilizations

"FYI, a little more info, for those who are not aware:

India, Pakistan including Bangladesh used to be ONE nation also called as Hindustan.  They are collectively known as the Hindu people and Hindi is one of the major language they speak natively. They were divided into three countries during the conquest of the British.  They are unique in a sense that they were able to preserve the culture and tradition they have long before the arrival of Islamic influence which came to their region only less than two thousand years ago.  

What I find interesting is that there were evidences of the suppression as well as editing of their recorded history which extend way beyond 30 thousand years by some group of people who came to their lands and hired the natives to keep it that way.  There are several places in this region that seems to be named after the people from ancient Iberia which today we call as Spain or Espana who visited or have in contact with them more than 12 thousand years ago." Are these ancient Iberian people part of the Atlantean settlers who migrated to Europe?  According to the Galactics it was Spain, Italy and Greece who first settled to Europe coming out of the Atlantean region in what today we called as Antlantic ocean; the site of the Atlantis which is the first settlement area of the people coming from the Pleaides and from other star systems.   At that time Europe was still empty and uninhabited. 

My point in mentioning all these is that the plan of the Galactics to raise once again the ancient Atlantis and Lemuria seems to be underway.   And that the truth of the forgotten past seems to be gaining ground.

Who are these alien visitors who fought with the Hindu people long time ago and maybe partly responsible for the demise of Atlantis that literally wanted to erase the history of the Earth and make it seem like the Earth is only six thousand years old?


We all heard about the forgotten ancient territories such as the lost kingdom in southern India where they believe the civilization there literally descended from another world having various kinds of spacecrafts, and they vanished after they had a fight or war with another alien forces.  But now, this sunken land seems to be coming back and not in slow motion pace like a lava oozes out of volcanic opening but rather in a dramatic fashion as it appears  right after a powerful earthquake.  Now, we can speculate that this could be just a natural occurance.  But if this thing starts to grow and literally show all the sunken civilization that exist there in the past then it may be not really prompted by natural forces but rather some unknown power is at work not only in that part of the world but allover the world as well.

A few hundred kilometers from the coast of Virginia, USA the ocean floor there is getting shallower and shallower. Which means the land area underneath the sea is rising!  Similar incident happening on the other side of the world.  The group of islands that comprise the Hawaiian islands are also appear to be rising.  If this doesn't astound you.  These areas of the world happens to be the location of a very ancient civilization known as the 'Atlantis' and 'Lemuria'.  

Are these things just a coincidence or are they technologically being emerge on the surface by beings more technologically advance than us humans?

The following video below was also reported on Reuters and news television worldwide showing this island coming out of the sea right after the strong earthquake in Pakistan.


Now here's the question: Could it be that the alien forces who fought with the ancient Indian kingdom was actually the one who is ruling the world as of this moment?  If they were able to subdue them then they can then influence the affairs of the world.  And that they brought with them the system of Debt, Capitalism, Market Economy and etc?  Because right after the war and the disappearance of that civilization out of southern India the Atlantis also and Lemuria vanished from the surface of the world. Noticed what happened right after the disappearance of these lands the history of the planet was reduced to just merely six thousand years.  All of the data and historical records have been systematically lost and or erased. 

What we know from history that the first humans who conformed to a system of currency are the Greek Empire.  They minted coins and they placed on it a symbol of the Reptilians, a snake.  Was the symbol of a snake on the field of medicine was just an accident or they did it intentionally to refer to them as the Reptilians who came from a star system within this Milky Way Galaxy called 'Orion'?  They must have a way not just to make themselves invisible but also have the ability to merge and infiltrate the human society and blend themselves with everyone.  And so they infiltrated not just the Greeks but also the rest of the world including the Jews.  And thus was able to control the world by making themselves owners of biggest banks of the world, biggest corporations and placed themselves in the governments around the world.  They did the worldwide domination by way of deception, divide and conquer technique and so on. 

But the goodnews is these submerged continents are coming back, just as they were planned to be returned to the surface by the Galactics.  The truth about the past cannot really be hidden forever as the re-appearance of these ancient territories will reveal the true story and the real history of the Earth as well as what happened to their demise and who is responsible for the domination of the Earth.  

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