Friday, October 4, 2013

Suggestions for the American President

I know that various governments around the world are about to transition into new governance but for the meantime while we wait for that let me share some thoughts as I care about the American people and their President. 

If I were the President and I am dealing with the Republicans what I will do is use their own line of thinking in order to get an upper hand and make people clearly see that the fault really lies with the few Republicans and not with the White House.

Take for example their use of the words:  “The President is not willing to negotiate”.  People think that the President is not willing to sit down with the Republicans and talk about it, whereas we know that the President did indeed engage them in a dialogue to solve these matters.  Now, use those words they use as an excuse to make it seem like they are not guilty or to blame for the disagreement, as a springboard not to attack them but to settle the score once and for all.

Here’s how:  Since they said that the President is not willing to negotiate.  Begin by saying that you already negotiated with them before and still willing to negotiate and talk to resolve the disagreement.  And ask about what exactly do they mean when they say negotiate?   If what they mean by the word negotiate is to make significant changes to the propose “ObamaCare” then it’s not subject to negotiations or rather it is not open for changes or editing.    

I will ask several questions to the Republicans not only to extract and get their real objective and motive but also get several official responses from them which can be used to defeat them from their own game.  Questions like, what exactly do you wanted to change from the ObamaCare that you want me to negotiate with you?  From this you can get a picture of their true intention, which maybe they just want to bargain and to significantly lower the amount of the coverage or the overall cost of the ObamaCare.  In other words they just use the word “Negotiate” to shield their real internal motive which is they don’t like the amount that ObamaCare will cost the U.S. govt.  

Once that is establish, then it’s time to reason and begin with a series of facts of what these Republicans had been approving for several decades.  Completely make and enumerate all the list of what these Republicans had approve in terms of spending and gave blessing with in terms of war effort and weapons build up.  Astound the American people by citing that these Republican people have a history whether recent or been doing these things for many decades of approving expenditures that has to do with SUPPORTING large corporations and their businesses.  They supported various wars that is not even approved by the UN.  They supported all kinds of weapons program for the good of only the Defense manufacturers and etc.  And then conclude by saying and when it comes to supporting the needs of the majority of the American people these Republicans have approved nothing.  And now they threaten to do the same with the “ObamaCare”. 

Make it clear to the American people the fact that these few Republicans have a clear track record of caring for the various ‘Corporations’, they care about war and not care about the consequences including the amount it will cost the government.  But when it comes to actually caring for the American people and approving a bill that would directly benefit them they are UNWILLING to agree on it.  Ask a question when was the last time they approved a bill that helps the American people? 

Nail the point and say; they obviously do not CARE about the American people.   They were willing to spend enormous amount of money on wars, weapons and etc. and unwilling to spend a few dollars for the benefit of the majority of the American people.   

The President should ask one of his staff to create a complete comprehensive list (statistics) of the things these Republicans have approved throughout the 40 to 50 year historical timeline.  Show to the American people that they have a very inventive way of supporting various expenditures related to the needs of only various corporations but no history whatsoever (or maybe a few) of approving a bill that would greatly benefit in favor of the American people.   

Ask, why are they so willing to spend for everything related to wars but not on efforts to build peoples lives? Then ask the Republicans a DIRECT question by saying:  What exactly are you against about the ObamaCare is it the cost of it or some of the provisions of it, which?  

If after all these things and they are still unwilling and unrelenting then it only means that they do not really care about the American people.  Meaning they wanted that budget which will go for the ObamaCare into something else.  Which means they want to use it for other purposes.  And that something else has always been for the advancement of military or war efforts or just simply the hidden AGENDAS in support of a few corporations.  

The President should go to the American People and tell them EMPHATICALLY that they have a small group of Republicans who absolutely do not care about the American people and that all they care about is the welfare of the corporations in whom they always approved their proposed bill but not anything that will directly care for the majority of the people.   

These should make the American people ask themselves; ‘then who are these law makers working for if their allegiance is not with the American people nor its government?  Then it will be very clear to everyone that these Republicans are working for the private companies and not for the American people.

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