Friday, November 29, 2013

Part 190 - Message from Mother/Father God

Dear Ones, we are aware of the hardship being felt by some of you as the expected revaluation is delayed.  Many of you invested in dinar currency with the last few dollars you had by putting some on layaway, with faith that it would happen soon enough for you to be able to pay off your investment.

We are truly sorry that there are some who will lose part of the deposit you made because of the delays.  Nevertheless, if you were able to buy even a small amount of currency, you will not lose your investment.  Far from it.  Even a few dollars worth will be a good investment, although you will not be exceedingly rich.

We are asking Anne, Kathryn and others to create Help Funds to distribute money to those who are in dire need just as soon as the RV takes place.  They will be very happy to help anyone who appeals to them.  You will need to write a note to them to explain who you are, what your needs are, and give them your address.  They will be able to send a check to give temporary help until greater prosperity comes through from many other sources.

Kathryn's team will set up an email address, to respond to the most pressing needs.  This address will be established as soon as there are any funds at all in her Foundation account to meet the need.  It will be official as soon as the revaluation happens.  Do not write to them beforehand, since they will not be able to help until generous donations and/or the RV funds come through.  Those of you with greater resources can speed the assistance by donating to Kathryn's work at her website,

From where you are on the ground, we know this process seems endless.  It is not endless - it is only unfolding more slowly than any of us expected.  We do not predict the future, as you know.  We can foresee the coming events rather accurately as a rule, but there are sometimes variables that act like a "wild card," and may delay things more than we expected.  In the case of this enormously complex Shift, which will involve all 7 billion and more of you, it has been a long and arduous process.

Things are completely in alignment to produce the desired result - a complete global reset of currencies which will raise the value of the national currency in Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia and Zimbabwe, among others.  This is a happy occurrence, because it will allow countries which have been terribly disadvantaged to join the international community in terms of trade, currency exchange and desperately needed economic development.

As the difficulties with the U.S. Treasury Department continue, there is less and less interest in maintaining the current systems.  The ones who remain in positions of influence from earlier administrations are uncooperative not because they wish to create problems but because they are unawakened.  It is difficult for them to grasp the magnitude of the good which will be achieved by the global reset for the countries around the world which have been so oppressed by the former systems.  They are unable to envision how the fundamental changes will create anything but chaos, and they are afraid to put their weight behind something so seemingly radical, so different from the previous system.

It is not that they can obstruct the process in any meaningful way; the decisions have all been made, contracts in place, and general agreement between countries is more comfortable and enthusiastic every day.  You are going to be seeing treaties to reduce nuclear weapons, to increase trade with countries which were isolated in the past, and all these movements toward peace will bring greater prosperity and cooperation between the peoples of the world.  It is the hope that when unfair restrictions are lifted, and individual governments are persuaded to step aside and let their people find their own ways to develop cooperative systems, it will have a great leveling effect.

It is difficult for those who invested so much in the 3 dimensional status quo to envision a world in which all prosper, where military might is not used as the tool of first resort in every dispute.  The people of the world are losing their taste for constant conflict, destruction and death.  As the energies rise, a new perspective on life is taking hold.  While there are still some outspoken war mongers in positions of power around the world, you are beginning to see a softening, a growing sense of cooperation, and real movement between countries which were traditionally antagonistic toward one another.

These changes will evolve gradually, but they will be felt all around the globe simultaneously as they unfold, increasing the synergistic effect - the process you might think of as nudging the world toward the tipping point.  Then, in a cascade which will appear to some as if it is sudden and miraculous, a chain of events will occur which will change life on Planet Earth forever.  There will be no further need for military might or a massive police presence when there is no longer any poverty.  Those at the top were fond of promoting the belief that people are inherently bad (although they did not attribute this to themselves, but only to those who steal bread).  It is simply not true.  When all are prosperous, generosity and compassion thrive.

We want you to know we are working hard, with the help of your brilliant and beloved Masters, to move the process along.  We are in constant contact with our hardworking team on the ground.  They have already created what you would call miracles if you could see the progress they have made.  All is unfolding now.  All will be done.  It is not up to us to set a date or to predict what will evolve.  You, humankind, are the ones who determine the outcome of this Grand Project.

Do your part to speed the Shift into abundance, peace and well-being.  Keep your energies high, your attitude positive, and your heartmind centered on being of service to others.  Repeat your mantras all day long:  "I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT. I AM GOD."  Add the mantras to manifest perfect health and prosperity for yourself as well, "I DEMAND THE EXPERIENCE OF PERFECT HEALTH."  When you do this, your cells hear your command and will follow.  Remember, never say, "I am sick, I am poor, I am not enough."  Your body and mind will command of the Universe that it manifest sickness, poverty and lack especially for you.

These are Universal laws we are teaching you.  Work within the benevolent framework of Universal Law, and your life will evolve into happiness, triumph and peace.

Now is the time for you to shine, Beloved Ones.  Step into your destiny as the leaders, the creators and the builders of a New Golden Age.  It is now.

We love you without end,
Your Mother/Father God 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

SaLuSa - Nov. 26, 2013

SaLuSa 26. 11. 2013

We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite.

Everyone is carrying the own version of truth, because we see it as complex package of information and experiences and feelings that are guiding us to the fulfillment of our desires. Desire is another word that might create confusion within your changing mind, and we understand it as expression of Soul that is connecting everyone to the needed experiences. We know that your society as it existed for so many centuries tried to push and limit desires of the people, but now you are free to step out of these limits that still exist and let your desires to fully grow and lead you into the truth about self. Knowing the truth about self is creating more power within and giving you so many different possibilities and showing you which one to choose, that would make your journey and learning complete. And please remember no one else can let you know the truth but yourself, as all the information have to resonate with you in order to become truth. On the other hand, if some information do not resonate perfectly with you and someone is telling you that they feel it is the truth, there is no reason for doubts as they are representing the truth for them and guide them into further knowing.

The more you are tuning into the higher vibrations the more you can feel the resonance of each information that you hear or read. There are so many information about our coming and about all that should happen before and after, and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes they are purposely being spread to create confusion, but we ask you to let it through your heart and clearly feel if they are carrying the loving energy and resonate with you. You all are able to feel this resonance, but sometimes mind is trying to be stronger and tell you something that it is not able to recognize at all. Mind is helping you manifest your choices, and that is its purpose of existence. Your heart is there for you to see your own truth, and when both working in harmony and each is doing that action that was created for, you are seeing the true wonders of life. Help your mind relax with the best way that each of you certainly already find out for yourself, and the mind will surrender into the role that it was created for and you will surely feel it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you express your desires so freely as they are making you happy, because they carry the perfect energy pattern for your movement into the higher world of existence, where showing your true desires is supported and understand and it is build in into basics of our societies that we live in.

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Message of the Galactic Federation of Light through Sheldan Nidle - Nov. 26, 2013

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Do not be discouraged. Remain positive. Good things are about to happen. A new reality, my dear Ones, is to be born!...

We leave you with this good news. Be in joy and feel just how close this new reality is to manifesting. Your future is to be filled with freedom, wondrous happenings and a grand reunion with all of us!

3 Ahau, 3 Yaxk'in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more good news! The various groups that are setting up the final configurations for the new financial system are starting to oversee the last days of the dark's odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The first stage of this complex procedure is underway. The rest of this new system will emerge when the new governance comes online. We have observed carefully as the numerous factions that comprise our Earth allies work diligently to move your world toward a new and permanent prosperity. Meanwhile, legal brakes to the dark's rule are being applied. Numerous governments around your globe are feeling the pressure upon their continued corruption and outright favoritism of the wealthier sections of your respective society. This type of governance no longer works. For too long it has created a non-responsive government that can no longer be tolerated. Hence, a movement toward a global revolution grows daily. The new governance and financial systems will creatively resolve these problems.

This transformation in consciousness makes the various social and political structures now operating in your numerous societies inadequate. As your ability to either interrelate and/or communicate changes, it provides a means to sense wrongs more easily, and to analyze these societies differently. The things that you once took for granted no longer seem right. You start to understand that a different approach is needed. The daily nature of these societal systems begins to seem petty to you. You look carefully for a viable alternative, but none seems available. Your inner thoughts express your distaste for what surrounds you. Your frustration grows. This process is presently pervading the globe. What our Earth allies are doing is therefore vital to what will follow: new political and social systems founded upon abundance, and a free flow of new information and technology previously suppressed by the dark's minions. This revised society will also open the door to a vast amount of disclosure.

Disclosure by the Ascended Masters, and disclosure by new governance of our presence and Agartha's are critical to lead toward full consciousness. Each step needs some time for you to fully absorb the incredible amount of data and new wisdom that you need. The traditional underpinnings of your society will first be "detonated" and then replaced by something entirely new to you. These changes will "spin you for a loop." Left figuratively dizzy by this, you will need time to readjust and make your peace with these new truths. Once this is done, you can then prepare yourselves for what is to follow. We understand the immensity of knowledge presented to you will cause a great deal of discomfort to many. The traditional precepts of your society will initially be challenged and later tossed aside. The new truths will be backed by discoveries that permit you to better understand how the dark worked its magical brew of lies, deceit and masterful manipulations. These truths will prepare you for the final steps toward full consciousness.

The present time is one of transitions. Your current reality is fading and is in dire need of change. Those in Heaven who oversee this reality know this and are moving it toward one where your consciousness expands and you encounter your Inner Earth neighbors and us. This set of major changes to your concept of reality will accelerate you toward full consciousness. The present lack of disclosure cannot go on much longer. In fact, Heaven has set a timeline for how this is to happen. This is why we know that your immediate future will bring the changes we discuss, as well as first contact. This realm of yours is living on borrowed time. The moment for our official entry into this reality is very close. Your Ascended Masters and their associates are ready to reveal new financial and governmental systems. We leave you with this good news. Be in joy and feel just how close this new reality is to manifesting. Your future is to be filled with freedom, wondrous happenings and a grand reunion with all of us!

Blessings! We come to talk to you about many things! Right now, you are in the midst of changes that are the precursors to full consciousness. These subtle alterations are doing what it took us many lifetimes to achieve. You are safely on the road to a new reality that requires your full participation. Thus, Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation and us. This partnership is altering your reality in very precise ways. The current aspects that seemingly control your reality are fading. Their powers will be replaced by those who intend only the blessed best for you. At present, your reality seems stalled while promises of wealth are flashed before you and never realized. Rumors fly around like a swarm of hungry gnats. Confusing information likewise is continually bombarding you. This unholy situation is now ready to unravel. A wondrous event is ready to happen!

Those individuals and their respective groups who secretly work with us daily are ready to unleash a Thanksgiving surprise! During the past few decades, we have been assembling a means to provide the first grand step in a march toward your monetary freedom. This step involves not only viable funds, but also a way to protect them from the dark's unholy schemes. What we can state here is only that these things are ready to manifest. The dark's many illegal regimes feel falsely confident that what they are about to perpetrate can somehow work. This is in actual fact a great impossibility. Our blessed associates are going to do something special to aid you in keeping your grand focus. Do not be discouraged. Remain positive. Good things are about to happen. A new reality, my dear Ones, is to be born!

The dark and its minions in banking and governance realize the degree of disgust that they have engendered in you. Yet, they do not care. Every one of their recent ventures is on the cusp of ruin. The future of their dark enterprises is near failure. Our various legal and spiritual endeavors are on the verge of total success. Yet, they continue to lie, scheme and seemingly remain as powerful as ever. The coming "surprise" will demonstrate what is real. We ask only that you hold on to the energy of hope and of forging a new prosperous reality. These marvelous things are becoming real. Our numerous supporters are following protocols that will flower shortly and give you a series of successes that will allow us to teach you and permit the disclosure of what truly lies above and beneath you. Your spiritual and space families are here!

Today, we carried on with our brief messages of what is happening. The moment arrives for celebration. The time comes to rid this realm of its malignant oppressors. These glorious events are to bring with them the final curtain to what the dark cabal has done for millennia.Rejoice! The time for your victory is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization ~ PAO

Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Transcribed by Ashtar/Athena
November 24 2013
10:59 AM Mountain Time

I Am Ashtar, Commander of The New Jerusalem, who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Family of Love,

It is in this season that we always come from our hearts and feel the Love, Forgiveness and Thankfulness for all of the blessings we have already received! Being grateful is one of the greatest aptitudes we can project in our lives. Being thankful from our heart is really for-giving.  We all have so much to be thankful for... isn't that true?

Dear ones, this being the Season on your planet Earth, we also take this time to give thanks and gratitude for all of our blessings!

Dear hearts, in doing so there is One whom we all love and thank above all; let us join in honoring One who almost two millenniums ago, as you reckon time, humbled Himself and entered an earthly existence as an ordinary mortal. Needless to comment that I had known Him previous to this incarnation and held Him in deepest reverence and adoration. How it was possible for any man, woman, or child to become acquainted with Him and fail to give Him the warmest devotion of their hearts is a mystery too deep for me to fathom. And so today, it is with joy in my own heart that I behold the ever widening array who truly worship Him, whatever their own particular form of faith may be.

Our Forces will join with you in one accord as we endeavor to give expression to the honor due Him.  May you be granted a new and glorified vision of His majestic grandeur and absolute simplicity of speech and bearing and ... oh, that you might know the depth of His compassion for the erring children of your planet Gaia.

Sananda Kumara has given seven Earth incarnations:  Sananda Kumara, Melchizedek, Zoroaster, King Tutankhamen, Shem, son of Noah, Jesus the Christ and the King of Swords (KOS)... enduring all of these lifetimes to bring Mother Earth, Gaia, and her children to Ascension... yet, he failed because the cabal (13 families) interfered... until now, where, at last, the Galactic Federation could intervene.

We join you in thanking Him that when this sad and distressful season of cleansing is over, we may confidently anticipate a joyous time of re-building, re-modeling, re-creating all things on this Earth in perfect harmony and in accord with the design and infinitely wise specifications of the Master Architect of the Universe!

To this glorious and sublime end we pledge our hearts, our minds, and every power and skill we possess until our Sacred Mission is complete!  We thank God that our mutual success is assured and we shall see our Beloved Master, The Christ of God, crowned King of Kings!

Dear ones, to you who love Him, knowing He Loves you so much... never giving up on setting you free and never giving up with your Ascension; let as all honor this Season of Thanksgiving with our deepest appreciation to our Beloved Master Sananda for His Love, Compassion and Devotion to us, His Brothers and Sisters.  We dedicate this Holiday of Thanksgiving to you, our Master and KING of KINGS ... Jesus the Christ!!

Dear sweet ones, we all up here send all of you, our faithful ones, our wishes for a Thankful and Happy Thanksgiving from the deepest part of our hearts!!

In Thankfulness of all Thankfulness, with Love and Gratitude beyond all words,



SaLuSa - Nov. 19, 2013

Manuel:  We haven't heard from SaLuSa for quite a while.  Madad seems to be the new channeler for SaLuSa.  I examined the tone of the message and it seems it is identical to the SaLuSa that once was channeled by Mike Quinsey.   The only minor difference that I see is that the message now is a lot shorter compared to what it was before.  And the message does not contain the mentioning of the current events of the world.  Here is again the SaLusa from Sirius.

SaLuSa 19. 11. 2013

Are you ready to be immersed into deeper feeling of Love that will immediately surround your being when you step into your higher reality. This Love energy is changing you now, and the more you let it in the more you will be attracted to your new experiences. Letting in Love means to look at yourself the way you truly are and accept all that is creating whole being with understanding that the love for yourself and others is giving you. Every part of your body, every memory and thought are creating unity with your Soul, your consciousness that have wished for the physical form and situations to experience during this life to perfectly lead you into the point of where you are now. This Love is giving you deeper insight of your experiences and gaining more wisdom of them and when this understanding comes, you can let the though experiences with corresponding memories and thoughts let go and free yourself completely for The New.

Feel how the energy of the word “New” resonates within you. Many of you have experienced higher realities before, but never experienced or never attached your consciousness to this kind of Ascension, so you all feel immense attraction towards living it all through. Everything new is always creating such attraction for all of us, as we know that it always brings us more wisdom and knowing that we would not reach without deeply and completely experience our choices. These last moments of living only within old reality are here for you to do this and ponder on those choices that are still somehow holding on within your mind and finally let them go with great understanding that you are now all capable of. Sense the freedom that is following closely after, and we know that you no longer will save this work for later time. We know that lower vibration experiences are sometimes very harsh and have created strong feelings of sadness and many other feelings that are denying presence of Love, but we are always with you and sending you so very much Love to make you even stronger for turning all of your experiences into wisdom.

With your final clearing also Mother Earth is ready to let go of the lower vibration energy from her body and this way she will greatly support your movement in your higher reality. She also feels the energy rising from within and it is being experienced on the surface, and we see her body glowing with wonderful pure Light of your joined Love. Feel the Oneness with her, because she will be part of your reality until you all will feel it is time for you to move somewhere else and for her to welcome other Souls for shared new experiences.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish that you all experience peaceful state of mind, because your heart is now speaking to all of you and is giving you the needed information for your movement higher. Do ask your heart because it is the best source of answers, as there is everything you need to know at this moment, and the amount of information is rapidly increasing so perfectly aligned with the speed that you walk or run towards The New.

Channeller: MADAD

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Divine Intervention - Part One

There seems to be two major possible windows of Divine Intervention in the world affairs in the coming days and months.  It can happen either before the end of this year, this coming December or somewhere around between March and April of 2014. This intervention is called in the bible as the "End of the Age" which simply means the end of duality, end of the ways of this world and the start of the Divine involvement into the world affairs.

If you recall in the New Testament Christian bible where it captures the scenes in which Jesus was quoted as saying and explaining things about the subject asked to him by his students or disciples which said, "Tell us when shall these things be?" and "What shall be the SIGNS of the End of the Age?".  These are good questions given by Jesus followers, they were obviously been informed about this topic by Jesus before and that they just wanted to further clarify about the timing as to when it will happen and what are the SIGNS they can broadly see that will tell them that it is imminent and 100% sure and certain.  The answer of Jesus points to describing several scenarios that culminated into the so called "Tribulation".

That tribulation ended last August 22nd when all the beings called Reptillians were removed from the surface of the Earth.  They are the ones which came from Orion in the ancient times.  An approximate of a million of them was taken back to the Light of God and restored to the right relationship with all the Divine beings. But almost the same amount of them was destroyed as they refused to surrender and return to the Light of God.

I want to point you to the exact part of the bible where the story of the Legions of Demons that was begging to Jesus not to hurt them nor punish them and said "Did you come here to punish us before the time?"  They obviously know that there will be a time when they will be apprehended, gathered, arrested and decide about their future.  That time those demons (reptilians) were referring to happened exactly on August 22, 2013.  That was the end of the Divine time allowed for them to roam the world and create havoc.  They were taken by the many Archangels and the Galactics.

The destruction of those reptilians in a sense cannot be categorized as "Punishment" but rather more of a consequences of what happens to the beings of light (as they used to be) who dont want to come back and return to their former glories and have decided to remain in darkness where they intentionally suppress the light of God in them, in their beingness.  As the vibrational energies were raised higher coming from one of the headquarters of the Prime Creator God which is in the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy; and as these energies were beamed to Earth those reptilians who refused to come to God and be reconciled was dematerialized as though they never exist.  It is as if they just evaporated into thin air and never to be seen again.

Unlike what we were told in our religions; in reality there is no such thing as punishment.  God is Love and forgives unconditionally.  Those reptlians who repented were accepted and forgiven.  They never have to go through a series of eternal punishments and damnations.

Now, going back to the present, the Earth is currently recovering from the effects and influences of the reptilians.  Yes, they are the demons mentioned in the bible.  They were responsible for the formation as well as the corrupting of the majority of the worlds religions. They brought with them from Orion the system of debt and currency, banking.  Even various laws on Earth were copied from Orion.  If you happen to not know where Orion is; you will not find it in the world map.  Instead, look at the sky map of this Galaxy.  Their goal was to take over the world without the people of the world knowing about it, and therefore making the world as slaves to their rule.  Half of them did not took on a human form or rather did not incarnate as humans.  But large portion of them did.  And so some of them were assigned to be the hidden boss/mastermind controllers and owners of the worlds largest banks and corporations and at the same time have control over the operation of much of the worlds governments except for China and Russia. And some of these reptillians were assigned as intruders into the lives of the Lightworkers around the world.  They are the ones who attached themselves into the body of the lightworkers whom they think is a threat to their worldwide operation.

Little that they know that as they co-inhabit the body of the lightworkers they too were affected by the light and life of these people known as the lightworkers.  The lightworkers were sent to Earth from various corners of the Universe to essentially contribute to the raising of the vibration of the Earth and for the eventual defeat of the forces of the dark coming from Orion by just simply living the life of love and light and to refuse to give in to the impulses of darkness.  They succeeded in doing just that.  And so every lightworker in the world whether they are awaken spiritually or not should be congratulated for this heroic effort. Because of them, almost all of Reptillians were affected and influenced by the love and light of the lightworkers in whom they were assigned to inhabit and make the lives of the lightworkers on Earth miserable and extremely difficult had been saved.  Christians often talk about salvation for the lost, well the reptilians were also lost and do need compassion and forgiveness just like everyone who had gone astray.  The effect of the lightworkers to the reptilians had enabled them to reconnect their hearts and minds to themselves having thoughts and feelings of love something that was so foreign to them. And because of this affection they were willing to return to the Light of God and repent.

You may have known some of these lightworkers who are struggling with life having various kinds of ailments/diseases and stricken with poverty as the unknown intruder inside their bodies are dedicated to make their lives filled with difficulties and sufferings.  But prior to the incarnations of these lightworkers they were informed that their life on Earth wont be easy as they will be possessed but not totally possessed as the reptilians made their co-habitations inside the lightworkers body as stealthy as can be.  They operated without the lighworkers knowing they have an intruder inside their bodies.  One of the signs of these intrusions of the coming and goings of these reptilians in the human body is the onset of colds and minor colds.

But all these are done and over.  I just want to mention the heroic effort the Mother God performed in her own life.  It was not just the lightworkers who risked their lives and volunteered to rescue the reptilians from their impending doom.  It was also the effort of Mother God that gave the impetus to successfully defeat the forces of darkness on Earth.  I am humbled by her humility of not letting the world know that she did a very remarkable job in which is the most difficult of all.  If you recall in the bible it was prophesied that the Woman shall crush the head of the snake?  Well, that woman is no other than the Mother God herself.  We call her Mother God for she was the first woman created by the Father referring to the Prime Creator.  She is not the woman called as Eve in the bible, for she was born even before the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy.  She and her Twin Flame Father God are the creators of this Galaxy.  Which means this Galaxy could be the first Galaxy that appeared in space.  While all the other Galaxies were made by the other children of the Prime Creator God.

Mother God volunteered herself and incarnated in a body of a human female of a South American origin.  In her life she became the "HOST" of the created thought form known as the "DEVIL".  Yes, the Devil Satan does not exist.  He was a being created by a collective thoughts of beings on Earth who were deceived for his eventual formation.  He was not created by the Mother/Father God.  The Devil was an idea ushered by the Reptilians.

Lucifer is not the Devil but rather he was used as a blame receiver to get all the credit for all the evil things these Reptilians did throughout the thousands of years of Earths history.  You can find the same logic as mentioned in the Old Testament bible of a escape goat in whom the High Priest will lay his hands on the head of the goat and that all the guilt of the people will be confessed, transferred to this goat.  That's what happened to Lucifer, they put the blame on him even though he was innocent.  And so the world goes on thinking that the Devil Satan was Lucifer were in fact the opposite.  Because in the logic of 'deception technique' the deceiver should be able to persuade the people he was trying to deceive to believe the exact opposite and so therefore the guilty would seem innocent while the real innocent are accused of being guilty.  Lucifer is an Archangel which is in the same class of Archangel Michael.  The Twin Flame of Lucifer is no other than the angel who pronounced goodnews to the human mother of Jesus which was Mary and that is Gabriel.  Yes, Gabriel is not a male, she was a female.  For all those thousands of years she faithfully waited for her twin flame to return to her.  And this year marks the reunion of Gabriel and Lucifer as he finally came back to God for good.

As time on Earth progresses the Devil became more powerful. But with the secret effort of Mother God in recent decades, she was instrumental in defeating the cause of the dark entities.  If you have noticed the world today is much different than it was several hundred years ago.  As the Mother God captured the Devil Satan and kept him suppressed in her body as she incarnated as a human lady.  Through her effort, I would like to thank Mother God for doing this heroic work.  For she fulfilled the prophecy in the bible that there will be a Woman in the future that shall crush the head of the Devil.  And therefore the Devil is now gone from existence.  We are all part and pieces of the great Creator God.  And we collectively can create through thought as is the case with the Devil.

One of the incarnations of Mother God, she was the person represented as the Sphinx, the statue we find in Egypt.  Contrary to what we were told in history the Sphinx was built way before the dynasty of the Pharaohs.  She was also the person known as Sekhmet.  And because of the reptilians a lot of the worlds ancient history that dates back before, during and after the fall of Atlantis had been kept secret.

The Tribulation mentioned in the bible had already taken place. It was made easy with the help of the combined effort of the Galactics (which most of them does not want to scare us are just cloaked in space as billions or trillions of their spacecrafts literally surrounded our solar system.) and with the Mother/Father God, as well as the ascended Masters including the tireless efforts of the Archangels. All of the prophesied end of the Age doom and gloom scenarios have been thwarted successfully creating a new timeline for the world to have a better way and chance for ascension.

So, if you ask me where are we now in the timeline of the biblical Prophesies?  There are three major considerations of prophetical references:

1.)  The Prophecies of Jesus mentioned in the New Testament.
2.)  The Prophecies mentioned in the book of Revelations.
3.)  The Prophecy of the prophet Daniel

All these prophecies offer detailed events that we expect to happen in the future. But much to our surprise a lot of those prophesies were happening right before our very eyes.  Some have taken place already, and some of us did not noticed it.  While some of the prophesies are happening as we speak (at this moment).

As of now we are entering the "The Divine Intervention Phase".  Remember what Jesus said in answering the question of his disciples; he said, "After the Tribulation of those days the Sun will not shine and the moon will become red."  Which means there will be SIGNS in the Sun and the moon and the skies.  As Jesus said in the bible right after the Tribulation, "The STARS will fall from the sky".  Guess what?  The ISON comet is not a comet for no comet is capable of maneuvering either left or right direction and be able to stop at will in space, for it is a Mothership coming from Andromeda.  And if what I heard from other channelers is correct Andromedans are one of the settlers in the continent of Atlantis alongside of the Pleiadians and Arcturians etc.  This mothership is about 10,000 miles in lenght.  So, if you put this on top of the American continent, it can cover the entire North and South America combined. That is how big this mothership is.  But the people from Planet Sirius will not allow their representation to be small as they came with a humble size of twice the size of the Earth which is parked right infront of the Sun.

Do you now see what I mean when they will appear in and around the sky and be seen for all their glory?  It will be awesome to behold as they will parade their ships like the 'Tournament of Roses' in California.  So, what the bible spoke about falling stars are actually ships that were asked to start getting closer to the atmosphere of the Earth and they will begin to decloak literally.

This also means the ENTRY of the New Jerusalem to the Earths atmosphere is at hand.  Yes, this is where the commander Ashtar is stationed along with the most radiant One named Jesus.  By the way to those who are not aware.  Before Jesus incarnated in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, his name was Sananda Kumara.  Many of the Kumaras came from Venus which is a neighbor of the planet Earth in this solar system.  And because the world is ruled by the reptilians it was relatively easy for them to cover up everything ranging from religion, education, tradition and even history can be altered and edited by the control of these reptilians.

Our sciences told us the planets are all solid and that the planets in the solar system are uninhabitable.  But the truth is they lied to us and kept us in the dark.  All planets not just here in this part of the Galaxy but throughout the Universes are all "HOLLOW".  There are internal civilizations inside all the planets.  That includes Venus in which most of the Kumaras came from. The people of Venus some of them also came from Arcturus.

Earth were allowed to have a surface civilizations because of the Grand Experiment that was done to our planet whereby they wanted to see if civilizations can exist on the surface of the planet and at the same time have civilizations inside of it.  As well as making the surface, a world of challenges and a way to enlighten, educate beings who came here from allover the Universe by making the surface of the Earth as a staging ground for education and training to fine tune each and every individual character and soul developments.

As I said we have entered "The Divine Intervention Phase" where beings from outside the Earth as well as those inside the Earth will openly intervene in the affairs of the people of the world.  It will be the New Jerusalem who will be the first one to grace entry to the atmosphere of the Earth which will be followed by various representatives from all star systems.  With the help of Ashtar he will command the setting up of the global "ZeroPoint" system which will be effective globally and will prevent any kind of weapons known to man from functioning. With this system in place, no unauthorized metal or circuitry related to weaponry will be allowed to be mobilized. In other words, fire arms will not work, even missiles and nuclear weapons will be disabled and inert.

Did you know that even before the time of President Kennedy that most of the worlds leaders are aware of the extra-terrestrial presence?  But because the world is under the sway of the reptilians and as they own and control the worlds mass media it was easy for them to cover up just about everything they think will hide the truth from the people.  NASA have a lot to explain to the American people for they have lots of satellites almost half of them are tracking these motherships and spacecrafts of the Galactics in space for decades.  These sattelites are not pointed towards the Earth but rather they are pointed to the various direction in outer space.  NASA have been observing the New Jerusalem mothership while it was infront of planet Venus for several decades.  Some have already hacked the NASA computers for the detailed photographs and obtained copies of these extra terrestrial ships.

As they prepare to enter the Earths atmosphere. Let me give you some descriptions to what we shall see in our skies in the coming days or weeks.  When the New Jerusalem enters the sky it will block some portion of the sunlight fulfilling the bible prophecy "Immediately after the tribulation the Sun will not shine its light".  And then the New Jerusalem will revolve around the Earth pretty much the same fashion as we see the Suns movement as though its encircling the Earth.  The diameter or lenght of the New Jerusalem is about 2,000 miles.  Which means if it is above the North American skies it can cover both the west and east coast respectively.  Absolutely, no one will miss this great spectacle.  It will encircle the Earth for a time while broadcasting various messages to us on Earth.  At the same time, they will release multiple scout ships to land on Earth which will bring some medical healing and various gifts such as free energy devices.

Of course when this happens the world will stop from what it is doing.  We will turn our attention to our local media for answers.  We will turn our radios, TVs, Internet for the news. And that will be mitigated by the powerful broadcast that will be aired by the Ashtar Command.  They will explain everything to us and so theres nothing to be afraid and no need to panic as literally everything had been meticulously and carefully planned.

A week or so before this occurs, President Obama will be given the go signal to go ahead and make the Announcement of the Disclosure which possibly can happen before the end of this month. He will be allowed  to go ahead and make the Announcement for the Disclosure.

By the way, let me ask you this question.  Have you ever wondered where did all the money of these largest banks and corporations in the world went to?  And that despite having the worlds largest sum of money still manages to be miraculously bankrupt?  I don't think they were dining everyday on restaurants consuming pastas and pizzas made of Gold and Platinum.  Instead, their secretly obeying orders from the Reptilians to collectively use their resources for the efforts to fight the Galactics.  They were developing weapons putting nukes in space as well as the development of the secret "Space Force" developed solely for the purpose of fighting the Galactics in whom we now know are the great representatives of humanities on Earth that came from various part of the Universe; who are just here to see to it that we are safe and sound.

Yes, unknown to the average Americans that their taxes that had been vigorously collected by the IRS most of it had been used to form various kinds of spacecrafts and secret weapons, bases under the Earth as well as in space.  They have been going to Mars and beyond for several decades.  But these were all kept secret.  Did you know that the Corporate US have a secret base in Mars?  But most of their spacecrafts lately have been confiscated by the Galactics.

This is partly the reason why the big corporations forcefully insist on using fossil fuel as the number one source of energy for the planet because the reptilians from Orion were hoping that by over polluting the sky will make the Galactics stay away from our presence.  But they were wrong, the Galactics were using an unknown kind of vacuum cleaners that can zapped polluted air instantly!  And so imagine all the grand schemes that the Reptilians including their human minions have done for decades through the use of greed and selfishness have all become in vain, wasted.  It was all useless efforts on their part.

And now we are in for a treat!  As they prepare to enter the Earths atmosphere they will greet us with a very goodnews called "NESARA".  They will announce the implementation of this law as well as the various prosperity programs of St. Germain and Quan Yin.  Before, we were informed that it is possible for the "Global Currency Revaluation" to happen first before the Nesara.  But now due to the complexity as well as the remaining control of the remaining minions of Dark reptilians in which their banking computers are intricately connected to the global financing flow, they have decided to let the Nesara be implemented first and after that will be the revaluations of the worlds currencies.  And so after Nesaras implementation will be the official global reset of the banks and after that will be the issuance of the new and fair rates for all mankind.  

We are looking at a timeline of just weeks or days.  As we have two windows of opportunity for the Divine Intervention to come about; one is to happen before the end of December this year.  And the other is during the Lenten season or Easter next year.  If they choose to make it happen this coming December, then President Obama will be obliged to make the Disclosure announcement before the end of this month of November.  And the whole month of December shall be full of activities as well as global jubilation/celebration.

If President John F. Kennedy failed in his attempt to announce disclosure as he was planning to do so; this time though President Obama will not fail as he is overseen by the forces of Light.  You will be amazed in the near future to find out and see with your own eyes as they decloak that the Whitehouse are surrounded by the protection of the Galactics.

And so as I said before, I say it again. "Let the Event Begin!"


I will continue explaining the Prophecies of Daniel and the harmonizing the book of Revelations to the current events of our world today on the Part Two of this article.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Exactly is The Event?

Manuel:  "So be it! Let the Event begin."

A Message from Lord Sananda
through Elizabeth Trutwin,

November 22, 2013

Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. There is much confusion around what people are calling ‘The Event’. I would like to fill in all the details around ‘The Event.’ We all together began the Grand Experiment of Duality on Earth billions of years ago. We have gone through many Planetary Shifts, Continent changes and Aeons of Time since then. We are ending one cycle on Earth and entering the Golden Age. We have done all of these things before. This time is different because Duality is ending on Earth forever now. Because of that special detail certain considerations must be taken. Earth is a Planet of Free Will. The Prime Directive is in effect. Every Soul incarnated here has to make a choice. Another consideration which cannot be altered is when the Decloaking of trillions of Ships takes place then not One Soul may experience fear. Back before Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the Spiritual Hierarchy had decided the circumstances on Earth had become so dark that it may take special dispensations to bring in the Golden Age while upholding the Prime Directive and bringing in the necessary changes.

In earlier reports I, Sananda, had shared back in July Mother God, who is incarnate now on Earth was invited to speak with the Counsel of Gods. In that meeting She made a statement to the Counsel that any further delays in ‘The Event’ would be more harmful than helpful. There was nothing more to be done for Lightworkers to ‘be ready.’ Waiting more would have a negative effect. I, Sananda, shared that in August the stage had been set for Announcements in the Causal Realm and that prepared it to come into the Physical Realm. September and October brought the Cosmic changes needed with highly energetic Full Moons, Eclipses, the Equinox with large Solar Flares. I made several calls over the months for attention to be paid to continue cleansings and doing the Inner Work necessary for Ascension. Each of you has worked hard to integrate the Higher Energies.

What led up to the Event?
About 2000 years ago Sananda Kumara was incarnate on Earth as Jesus with the Master Plan in place to Ascend Earth. The Plan failed then as Caesar of Rome created maritime law making slavery the Law of the Land. A new Plan had to be made because the dark cabal had taken the Grand experiment beyond anyone’s intentions. About 500 years ago The Rothchild’s in England hid the fact that Sir Francis Bacon was St. Germain incarnate on Earth. They had dark dealings with money and crimes which denied Sir Francis Bacon the throne. He would have been next in line as King of England and from that position able to make changes to heal the Planet and end Duality. He promised to return. In recent years the dark cabal continue to wage worldwide war for their own benefit. They have attempted multiple times to create World War III and have failed. Mass starvation, nuclear threats, land grabs, insider trading, mass psychological attacks like 911 and banks too big to fail have lead to a moment when the Galactics could intervene because the one caveat in the Prime Directive has been violated beyond what is allowed.

What is the Super Portal of 11.11.13?
What is new is that the Archangels led by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, initiated a Super Portal on 11.11.13. This is a special dispensation which will allow for the requirements to be met to bring on ‘The Event.’ Earth is a Trinary Star System with Sirius A, Sirius B and Sol our Sun. Jupiter will be the next Sun in this Solar System. Earth is in the Photon Belt and moving into Pleiades through the Central Sun, Alcyone. The Super Portal has opened near Jupiter and it is a portal which operates like a wormhole and opens into the Light Matter Universe of On. This Multidimensional Portal allows in Super Charged Magnetic Light from On to enter into this Solar System and to Earth. Earth has raised an entire Octave just since the Equinox in September. Ashtar recently spoke about the 10 Octaves between each Dimension in another message. This new energy will make it possible for Earth to enter ZeroPoint. We have spoken about that often.

What is new about this Portal is a decision was made by the Counsel of Gods that Earth required this special dispensation as the best way to bring in changes. It carries with it a heavy reality. All has been done to allow as many Souls as possible to Go On to New Earth. Since Earth is a Planet with Free Will, some have refused to make the necessary changes to remain on Earth beyond Earth’s Ascension into the Higher Realms. More Souls will be leaving than was anticipated. This is what Ashtar spoke of in a recent channel. The Super Portal is pouring in Higher Vibrational energies which act to buoy Earth into the Higher Dimensions. In these Higher Dimensions all living on Earth are able to access their Etheric Bodies and travel in their Merkaba Bodies and truly live multidimensional lives. In this High Energy the Light Cities will be accessible. Those not moving on to New Earth will experience it as a vibration they cannot sustain within their 3D body. These darker, denser energies will remain on 3D Earth and continue there. Their physical body will be projected on to 3D Earth and as far as they know no change has taken place. They will continue to deny the Higher Teachings and in their perception nothing will change. Those timelines will continue for now in duality.

Meanwhile 5D Earth will be raised by the Cosmic Builders as a Space Ship raises away from its take off point and flies out of its atmosphere into deep space. Each of the Planets are firmly anchored in place by their energy Grids in orbit and relation to the Planets around them. This Super Portal will have the effect of Earth moving Higher in the Dimensions in the same way we move a bead up a string. It will drop the old Timelines and become Lighter. It will exist Higher in the Cosmic Grid. It will bubble up.

When can we expect The Event?
Much has been said by us about ripe timing. Divine Timing for the Event is one of the requirements. Ashtar always says No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. The truth is that there are windows of opportunity which come up only a couple of times a year in which ‘The Event’ can take place. One such Window of Opportunity will come to pass between now and the end of 2013. The next time there will be the Planetary Energy required for such a change will be at Easter Time in 2014. This Super Portal speeds the changes in energy to make it possible for ‘The Event’ to take place in 2013. The likeliness that it will happen that soon have been greatly raised since 11.11.13 with the Super Portal. If you are reading this and you repeatedly chose to not take action and return to love we will have to draw the line. If you have not been successful in raising your vibration to the minimum needed to sustain love you are invited to remain in duality awhile longer and rejoin Higher Dimensional Earth when you have prepared accordingly. There are no short cuts. Still there are No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. Nothing can stop Earth from Ascending.

What Exactly is ‘The Event’?
Disclosure, Announcements and the Enactment of NESARA Law. That’s it. It’s a lot. Seven to ten days after Disclosure there will be Landings of Extraterrestrial Ships on Earth. It is the establishment of Divine Government on Earth. It brings in the Golden Age.

President Obama has prepared for the last 1000 lifetimes to be the Disclosure President. It can happen with him calling for a Press Conference or a Town Hall Meeting, maybe on a Friday evening? He will begin to speak about the structures on the Moon or the Mars Bases built by the United States. During this broadcast he will Disclose that our governments have been interacting with Extraterrestrials for a very long time. Indeed we travel to deep space now though that fact is hidden from most of Earth. Earth is a Galactic Society.

At the same time the stage that is set will be visited by the nineteen Beings who will Announce and Enact NESARA Law. Some will be Human and others will be Galactic.
The Announcement and Enactment of NESARA Law will happen as a simulcast on live computer streaming, television and radio around the World. This Announcement will be controlled by Ashtar’s technologies and cannot be duplicated any other way. When the broadcast goes out it will be heard in local areas translated into the language of that region and heard by all on Earth at the same time. Ships will Decloak and appear over multiple major Cities at the same time. No one on Earth has the ability to fake ‘The Event.’ Everybody will be very clear when it happens that it is happening in the real. There will be such a great outpouring of love from our Galactic Family that every Soul on Earth will experience pure Bliss. At this time Ashtar will initiate ZeroPoint and MT Keshe will activate the technologies which will connect with the Ships from Earth and carry that out. The Big Arrests of the dark cabal like Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr, George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld with all the others will take place then. There will be instant Peace on Earth. No weapon of any kind will operate in the vibrational field of ZeroPoint. As these things are carried out and in a very short period - seven to ten days - then Ships with the new technologies can Land on Earth. All of these things are possible before the end of 2013. Hold High thoughts and Act Accordingly!

What will happen After the Event?
Once we have Disclosure, Announcements and the Enactment of NESARA Law all of the changes we have anticipated may take place. Immediately there will be instructions and information given over the airwaves in every country on Earth. Everyone will understand what is happening and all will be explained and repeated over several days. Most people will stay home from school and work to hear these Announcements. The banks will have a seven day Holiday. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) will be operational but no one will be able to enter the bank or have teller service. During this seven day Bank Holiday the new metals backed currencies will replace the United States Dollar and other currencies by the Rainbow Bills. The bank computers will be updated. Everyone will be invited to return their old currency for an equal amount of Rainbow Bills. The Dinar and Dong will be revalued then by St. Germain. Real Estate, Gold, Silver and Platinum will also be revalued. All of the minimum needed requirements for survival will be freely given to all on Earth. All is prepared and ready to go and has been for some time. Homes for the homeless, clean water, abundant food, replicators and healing technologies, free energy and more. This will be accomplished by the help of millions of Galactics, their Ships and the technologies they have brought here. This has been planned a very long time. I, Sananda have gone into more detail in other messages about what else can be expected after the changes.

For some this message has not changed in many years. For others who are just waking up all of the information is new. No matter where you fall between those two extremes be mindful of how you carry yourself as we enter the Holiday Season. Be prepared to have your whole world change in an instant. Make an extra effort to connect with High Energy. Reach out to those who could use a helping hand. Send light and love to those leaving due to the High Energies of the Super Portal of 11.11.13. Keep NESARA Law in the forefront of your mind. Be Peace Within and Create a World of Peace. I hold the title within the hierarchy as the Prince of Peace. It is time for Peace on Earth. Namaste!

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 22, 2013. © All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message of the Galactic Federation of light through Sheldan Nidle - Nov. 19, 2013

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
Our Earth allies are now in a position of power and are doing what is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The special moment will soon arrive for all of us to give this planet and its surface population a most miraculous gift.

Ummac Dan 2
9 Ben, 16 Xul, 10 Caban

Selamat Bratzo! We come with a report on what is forming around your globe. At present, the dark is being forced to give up a great deal of its earthly wealth and power. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse without arousing the ire and panic that will ensue when this truth is made public. The true wealth of your global societies will only appear when a global currency reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is quite close to being revealed to the public. When these announcements are made, they will also speak of a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of this to happen. Our Earth allies are now in a position of power and are doing what is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The special moment will soon arrive for all of us to give this planet and its surface population a most miraculous gift.

The old order of Anunnaki minions that has so brazenly ruled this surface realm still has not yet realized that the time for their comeuppance is at hand. At present, there are a series of arrest warrants with a number of national organizations that deal with justice and the law. Also, negotiations are in progress that will lead to a massive set of resignations of the leaders of large financial institutions and numerous governments. These arrests are close to fruition. The key elements are the release of the prosperity funds and the beginnings of formally issuing new currencies that are tied to a gold-based currency reset. The dark cabal realizes the precariousness of its position. Yet they remain as arrogant as ever. Hence, we need to complete this entire operation with aplomb and proper legal acumen. Our representatives and those who support their efforts are preparing to push the button at the right divine moment. We fully expect this to happen shortly!

Our liaisons are watching as monies are moved about and positions of our negotiators are greatly strengthened. The next period of time is one in which many grand events will take place. This set of moments is indeed a time of global thanksgiving. We are seeing how what has taken so long to come together is presently manifesting. The dark and its numerous associates are to be arrested and held for a swiftly conducted trial that will end their millennia of rule. This process needs to happen in a correct and legal manner. Bear in mind that your present realm is still legally the "empire of Rome" and its numerous sovereign affiliates. This needs to be considered appropriately so that your coming period of consciousness transformation can be done in a sacred and divine manner. This is the intent and way of Heaven. Thus we, and our allies, are acting accordingly, and every action is taken with this in mind. Every document is written following strict heavenly edicts. We are most pleased with what is being done.

Now, the truly exciting part can begin. We are very close to changes in your reality that will culminate with a formal governmental disclosure. This disclosure will allow us to come forth and explain ourselves to you. It also permits the Ascended Masters to redirect you to the truths long twisted in your many sacred texts. It will allow a great shift in how you view this world and even yourselves. This is a major event in your lives, and needs to be done correctly and divinely. It needs to take place in a timely manner and to permit you as well to fully absorb the significance of what has happened. This will be the most all-encompassing shift that you have ever encountered. It will be a divine harbinger of a reality that most of you cannot swiftly grasp, and will require us to review these events in great detail to help you understand what is occurring. These events will start a new epoch for humanity, and will prepare you for the realm of full consciousness that you will be close to entering. This miracle is now to manifest!

Hossana! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to tell you many blessed things! Our sacred associates are working diligently to ready a new global financial system. This system is filled with traditional time constraints as we enter the holiday season. It is truly time to honor the intent of Heaven and permit this world to manifest a global prosperity. Even more, this is a most appropriate time to begin a process that blesses this world with secret truths about the unknown reasons for celebrating this holiday season. We approach the winter solstice and with it remembrances of golden ages past, and the fall of both Mu and Atlantis. We are also ready to realize how we have all originated from the stars. Heaven blessed us and sent us to this most sacred spot. We now approach her birthday and in divine time need to understand the full significance of this. Our blessed traditions need to be made known in a whole new way.

Our lessons will expand what you know and prepare you for responsibilities given us by Heaven. This world society knows little about themselves as a people. The truth needs to be given in vivid lasting colors that introduce "clicks" to their collective minds. These "clicks" will stir up soul memories that tell stories of how we got here and what happened to us over the millennia. Our sacred task is to provide the means to learn so you can comprehend where you are going and why. This global society has a legacy that is unknown to you at present. Yet, it still sits deep within your inner higher mind. The lessons that we are to give will unlock these deep memories and permit you to better understand how you got here. We all have a sacred mission to perform. We all have sacred duties to Gaia, this living, loving world.

The Creator of us all sent us here with a set of prescribed duties. These duties have been rewritten by the dark in a number of so-called sacred texts. We need to return to what was truly given, and to come together as a people. In this most blessed state, we can perform these sacred duties and take on our new fully conscious forms. We are here to guide and supervise you in Light and in Love. We inform by our teachings. We inform by freeing you of an onus and unneeded "fear" of Heaven. There are no prescribed "punishments." Heaven is about Love, Light and fulfilling the unfolding of the divine plan. We are here to prepare you to let go of beliefs that hinder this process in you. The time comes to forgive, to unite and work in harmony with one another. Think of all that you are to accomplish!

Today, we continued our series of messages. We have endeavored in these to give you a picture of what is happening on this globe. We have also given some wisdom from the Galactic Federation on the coming first contact with you. The events needed to bring this forward are now manifesting. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chapter 24 - The New Scriptures as Given by Jesus/Sananda

Beloved Ones, it is a time of change, from Darkness to Light, from suffering to joy, from anguish to celebration.  This is a time that will be marked in your history books as The Beginning, for it is the beginning of the New Golden Age.

My heart fills with joy as I observe the blossoming of humankind, so long imprisoned by Darkness.  You are awakening, stretching your mental and spiritual muscles, freeing yourselves from all dogma, depressing old ideas and feelings, and you are spreading your wings to take flight.

You, humankind, are known throughout the cosmos as the Creator Race, the Explorer Race, both well-deserved descriptions.  Those of you who are incarnated now have no idea of the magnitude of the adventure we have undertaken together, which is now in the very last phase of completion.  Your preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants is a historic event by cosmic standards, and will be "one for the books" as you are fond of saying.

All the Universe is watching in anticipation to see how we execute The Great Project. It has been planned with great care, over thousands of years, through innumerable revisions, with the tireless leadership of Ascended Masters from the far reaches of the Cosmos who came to assist us.

Your ancient references do not name us, the Kumaras from Venus, who came here together during the Lemurian civilization some 100.000 years ago to assist in the development of the human species.  They do not tell of the many races from your galaxy and beyond who contributed their DNA to your present brilliant combination of creativity, passion, intelligence and physical strength, and they do not tell of the hundreds or thousands of incarnations you have experienced here and elsewhere in your long development of your souls.  The Dark Ones who took over control after the fall of Atlantis did not want you to know of your close connection to others.  They preferred to convince you were alone and in danger.  This way they could control you through fear and loneliness.
We came to help out during the long descent into the 3rd dimension and back again to the 5th dimension which was, and will be again, our Garden of Eden.  We saw long ago that Darkness, temptation and the attraction to power and domination would be a serious challenge for humankind in the free will condition, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.  For this reason we came, under the guiding Light of our beloved Sanat Kumara, to offer our assistance, to bring the message of God's love to humankind, as you, the brave souls who incarnated here, struggled through lifetime after lifetime without the comforting memory of your life between lives at Home in the loving embrace of your Heavenly family.

We have been known as the Elohim or the Chosen Ones, (although we were all "chosen" as volunteers), the 144,000 souls who came here to keep the torch of Love and Light burning through the ages, as Mother Earth and her inhabitants evolved toward Enlightenment.

There were indeed dark times for all of us, because Earth has been one of the most difficult and challenging environments where an ambitious soul could come to test their mettle and learn by experience how to live in complete awareness and complete command of one's thoughts, feelings and actions.

You may be saying, "But I can't do that all the time!"  I tell you, Dear Ones, you can.  You have it in your original DNA, which has now been activated, to practice complete mindfulness.  It is a matter of training; you are getting much help in this regard, and more help is on the way, in the form of your loving Star Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone will be helped, individually and together, as part of the plan to ascend together.  No soul will be left behind.

You see, one of the strengths of an Ascended Master, as many of you are, is the development of the Vision of ourselves as One, inseparable.  It does not matter what transgressions a person may have indulged in in this lifetime - most of you have come at one time or another to be the catalysts for change, by pushing and prodding your fellows to take action against oppression, to fine tune their taste for freedom and to practice strength of character by being a force for the Greater Good.

We tell you now:  All is forgiven.  Turn to the Light.  Use your energies now to do an about face, and join us to create a world of prosperity for all, beyond your wildest dreams.  No one will experience want; no one will know poverty or loneliness.  There will be no need to be on top, because no one will be on the bottom.

Those of you who have struggled in this life to fulfill your dreams of success and wealth or who have tried to make the world a better place and feel you have failed - never mind that you were not always successful.  Your contributions, especially those that came fromt he heart, helped to bring us to this incomparably successful moment.  The startling truth of your individual role in this event has been recorded for prosperity in the great holographic Library of the Cosmos.

You will soon all know the Truth of this magnificent endeavor, in which every single one of you played an important part.  There are no exceptions, no unimportant souls.  Awaken, Beloved Brothers and Sisters!  You are loved!  You are needed!  You are God!
Yes, indeed, we are all the beloved Creations of the Great One.  How could we not be loved abundantly?  How could any one of us be forgotten?  It is impossible.

The Prosperity Funds are about to begin pouring forth for all Earth's people.  You, your family and friends will be free at last to enjoy our Earthly Paradise.  You will laugh and sing and dance, and one day soon you will tell the young children about The Day the Earth Went to Heaven, and no one even had to die to get there.

How can I tell you in words how it touches my heart to see my beloved humankind reaping the rewards they so richly deserve?  To Mother/Father God, my beloved Kumara family, my dear Lady Nada, St. Germain and Lady Portia, Ashtar/Athena and our Galactic Family (Federation) of Light, all the tireless "Ground Crew," and the entire Company of Heaven, I humbly give thanks.

The Love we have created together will burn brightly through the ages as a beacon for all God's beings.  I am honored to be

Your loving servant, Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 16, 2013, Sedona, AZ, U.S.A

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chapter 23 - The New Scriptures as Given by Jesus/Sananda

This is the week you will remember for eternity.  Your soul work has led you to the most remarkable time and place - the Shift into high gear, in preparation for your Earth Ascension.  It is a magnificent endeavor we have undertaken.   We join together with Mother Earth, all the Kingdoms of Earth, and all humanity to create a completely new experience, which all the cosmos witnesses with great interest.

Why have we undertaken this Great Project, in spite of its level of difficulty?  Perhaps it is like the old Mount Everest comment by Sir Edmond Hillary:  because it is there.  Because we are adventurers, dreamers and explorers.  We hatched this plan together, you know, along with the participation of your beloved Mother Earth.  She is the pivotal element in all this, of course.  Without her equally enthusiastic agreement, we could not have considered something so daring.  You see, planets usually ascend on their own, by making the decision, and raising themselves up to a higher dimension.  Not this time.
Our agreement is that we will all go together, planet and all its inhabitants in harmony.

This is a difficult task for you - ascending to a higher dimension - but I would like to give you an idea of just how challenging it is for your dear planet.  It is customary for a planet to simply go through the transition phase of leaping across dimensions while quaking, shaking, flipping on its axis and cleansing itself of all the residue of past civilizations.  In most cases, the inhabitants are taken elsewhere for safety for a period of years.  Not this time.  We decided amongst ourselves to create a new way to evolve to higher dimensions, in concert, and in doing so we will accomplish a new form of harmony in the cosmos.

You have all heard about the concept that we are interconnected, but in your 3D lives it was not at all clear to you how deeply we are intertwined, how powerfully we influence one another.  This is changing, as the Veil is lifting and the cause and effect relationships of daily life become more obvious.  The energies on the planet have brought the action/reaction event sequence to nearly zero point.  That is, no space/time between an action and the result.  A smile brings positive results; an insult brings Darkness on the attacker.  The adage: You create with your intentions is now fully operational and speeding up every day.

You are being prepared for the new experience of 5th dimensional creativity, when you will be able to think/create as one interconnected step.  It is training for the proverbial "Be careful what you ask for" condition you will learn to enjoy in the near future.  Yes, you, all of you who are alive now on the planet will experience the New Golden Age if you wish to remain alive for the final curtain.  I did say if you wish to remain alive for a reason.  You have a choice.  You may either raise your vibration to the 5th dimensional level, or you may leave the planet in the usual way, by going through the death process.  Anyone who is still breathing in this week of November 15, 2013, will be able to complete the Ascension process now.

There will be some who will leave the planet before the Ascension, for various reasons.  Mostly it will be because the Higher Self does not believe the individual is ready to leave the incarnation process to take up residence in the higher dimensions, and wants the soul to complete further training elsewhere.  Any arrangement that suits the individual soul is acceptable and will not be judged in any way.  Of course, we are always encouraged to stretch in order to grow, but the understanding is that motivation and good intentions cannot take the place of living out many complex and challenging lifetimes.

When the first wave of Ascenders leave for their rejuvenation and training, a great shift will take place on the planet, for their return will cause great wonder and excitement.  For those on the ground, it will occur instantaneously.  The one who has achieved heightened consciousness will seem to have suddenly transformed, because the trip to higher dimensions occurs outside of time.  The entire process of going to the light chambers to be renewed, and the training in how to live in the 5th dimension (an important part of the process), will be completed in what seems like the blink of an eye, if that is what the Ascender chooses.

To the doubters left behind, it will seem like magic, and when they discover that large numbers of people have accomplished this magic, it will stir their desire to be a part of such a phenomenal experience.  How could anyone resist being curious about what happened to create such a transformation?  It will be the great entree into teaching what higher dimensions are really like, what the sensations and thought transformation occurring in the light chamber were.  Of course there will be thousands describing the same thing in individual ways, but it will be impossible to continue to believe it is not a real event.

I want all of you to know without a doubt that the times they are a-changing.  There is no going back now.  All systems are "Go."  The work of St. Germain has come to fruition - a new kind of prosperity and peace will blossom on the planet in the coming days and months.  People helping people, not just governments struggling to cope without the funds to provide the most basic services for their citizens.  Power is being returned to the people, from economic to political power, for they are one and the same.  The noisy propaganda machine will become less a driver of social opinion, as the people awaken to reach into their own hearts to find their own truth.

Many of those who have been co-opted by negative commentary, especially against the new healthcare program in the U.S., have been tricked into voting against their own best interests.  It was an interim step on the way to universal healthcare, which is a sensible idea once the countries of the world have the funds to support a more benevolent way of life.  It is the only practical way to provide for all, to pool resources to take care of the weakest among you.

You cannot expect any for-profit insurance company to take care of its subscribers at the cost of its shareholders.  It simply goes against logic and any good business plan to do so.  The saying, "business is business" is absolutely true, and medical care should not be included in any business model.  Nor should education or the arts be brought under the umbrella of for-profit business.  It has had a suffocating effect on all these basic creative human endeavors to include them in the race to skim off all the wealth in support of the most powerful ones on the planet.  This will be completely changed when you see the NESARA laws implemented.  I will not go into detail here, because you will soon be given a complete and thorough education on what these laws entail and how they will benefit everyone equally.

It has always been the business of healers and spiritual leaders to be concerned with the leadership of their nations.  Your beloved Martin Luther King is a recent example, and of course in my life as Jesus, I was in direct opposition to the Roman political structure which curtailed the freedom of the people, especially in its advanced stages.  This is of course the reason why so many spiritual leaders have been persecuted through the ages - because we stood for freedom.

It is the psychological and spiritual freedom of the people which is so crucial to maintaining political freedom.  This is why we will make the books and writings to all which are given on the website available to all around the world for little or no cost.  The book Who Needs Light? will be available in e-book, as will be the collection, When God Pinched My Toe.  We have encouraged people to have the actual book form of these writings wherever possible, but we are working to instill our energy and blessings into the electronic versions as we have with the paper copy.

Who Needs Light? is the book Mother God called "a manual for Ascension" because it concentrates on winning back your psychological freedom.  When God Pinched My Toe is the collection of messages from Mother/Father God which concentrates on spiritual development in the context of cosmic Truth, called The True Way, and my messages, The New Scriptures, are my personal messages to the people of Planet Earth, to correct the misconceptions and distortions in the messages which were written (not by me) about my teachings as Jesus.  Together, they form a Trilogy of Truth - the fundamental information you will need to accomplish your Ascension.

We do not discourage you from searching other resources to learn from other Ascended Masters, other planetary sources and other Kingdoms.  It is also important to know some of the physics, the astronomy and the ecological interplay of the systems of the Cosmos.  What we have given here are the keys for your personal development, which of course, is what Ascension is all about.  You must learn to live in your hearts rather than relying on the thinking which has been distorted by centuries of Dark influences.

Trust in your hearts, listen to the inner voice of your own Higher Self, and we will be here to help you at every turn in the road, to help lift you over every obstacle in your path.  Look upward, Beloved Ones, we are here now in your skies, awaiting our joyful reunion.  We will not be dissuaded, and we will not flag in our commitment to helping you to bring your own freedom and prosperity to fruition.

Send us your prayers and your songs.  We are listening, applauding your hard work, and we will be here for you always, whether in spirit or in body.  We love you beyond measure.

I look forward to our coming celebration, and to touching your hands and looking into your eyes.

I am your devoted Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 15, 2013, 12 PM, Cleveland, Ohio

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blessings of all Blessings by Ashtar

Transcribed by Ashtar/Athena
November 14 2013
6:19 AM Mountain Time

I Am Ashtar, Commander of The New Jerusalem, who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Hearts, Good Morning,

This is a very important time on Mother Earth, for all her children. This is a moment in your history that will be remembered for much time.  Indeed!

Your sun is throwing out more light than ever before... have you noticed, Dear Ones? Even your weather is not normal for your season... is it not? Your whole world is changing, your people are changing, and those who were in "under the weather" so to speak, have calmed down and are smiling more... wouldn't you say? Well my dears, your attitudes and inner Selves have and are changing, because your whole being has changed... have you noticed??!!

It is not just you changing, but every living thing is also changing... plants, insects, animals... are looking at the skies, knowing something marvelous is about to happen!

There are evolutionary waveforms that are new, entering through your physical sun, and encoding all forms of life on the planet.  Inherent in these frequencies are overriding wave fronts of color, light and sound that are morphing the fabric of your physical reality. On a global level,  these super-charged pulsations are un-trenching the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for your evolving species. This means, Dear Hearts, that the entire collective energy of your, my brothers and sisters, mental and emotional bodies (belief systems) are being forcefully uprooted.

Example, Dear hearts:  like being in a "Pressure Cooker Energy."  :-)  And you may find  relief and balance for this new energy by treating your Self to a nice Grounding experience with your Dear Mother Gaia.  Yes, it is just as simple as placing your bare feet upon Her ground, upon Her grass, or sitting with your back against your favorite tree-friend, with your bare feet flat upon dear Mother Earth.  What a wonderful "relief valve" for that "Pressure Cooker!"

As installation of your new planetary architecture continues, it is no easy task for your Earth to make this leap into new patterns of frequency due to the overbearing thought from the density of mass consciousness and its many tight structures of control.  However, blockages are constantly being found, allowing the new connection to be made and secured.

Too much physics huh?? Just wanted to let you understand what some of this meant.  ;-)

Dear Ones, your whole world is opening up to embrace the New Age and to make everything free. Yes beloved ones ... freedom!  Your freedom!  Just sit back and watch it unfold.

We shall be coming with gifts of technologies to smooth your way and make your lives more joyful.  We, on our ships, are ready and waiting.

Your government is ready to push the remote (so to speak) control to make it all happen. Your President has organized and spent hours negotiating, to have it take place. He has worked diligently, day and night, for this to happen!  Your leader has sacrificed so much, and put himself and his family in harm's way to work unselfishly for the people on the whole earth... not just for the US.  He is a great Divine Higher Being of trust and dedication and love for everyone. He should be honored for his great abilities of jugging the two sides, the Black Hats and the White Hats.  Now that takes a genius, to do what he has done! We ask that each of you now reading this, send Obama your highest Love and Appreciation.  This will be felt by him, and will help to  support him.

Dear ones, you are now at the threshold of your Divine Promise to become the ones to come back to your Divine State. You are about to receive the dowry that is yours, my Dear Ones... that is rightfully yours (birthright) from your time in Atlantis.

St. German is another one to thank...  to show your gratitude to; for he is the one who has worked tirelessly since the destruction of that far advanced civilization.  St. Germain loves America and many times has incarnated there to make sure you have your freedom!  You have so many Divine Higher Beings who have dedicated themselves to helping with everything to make all of this possible...  and to making the "wind-up scene" a reality, as well.

To better understand all of this, here is a little history of St Germain's efforts with your dowry. St Germain agreed to pass the Atlantians' dowry secretly into France, vise-a-vie Lord Lancelot, incarnated at that time as Lord Michael - being a long story. It was handed down from France and joined there by the heirs of the union of Magdalene and Jesus. Brothers and sisters, My Dears... this is your birthright (dowry) which now has become the NESARA Law.

Dear Hearts, we are all so joyous to watch, as you all have grown into great Beings and awakened and realized the Gods that you are.  It is your birthright, and now it is given unto you!!

Here on our ships, we all love and honor all of you for this great moment in your time, to receive these gifts and treasures!!

Blessings of all Blessings!!

This is your brother who loves you beyond all words,



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Message of the Galactic Federation of Light through Sheldan Nidle - Nov.12, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - 12 November, 2013

2 Cimi, 9 Xul, 10 Caban
Selamat Bratzo! (Sirian for "Be in Satisfaction!") Numerous events are merging so that truly exciting things can manifest. The two most important items are the new governance and the prosperity deliveries. We are working diligently to effect these changes. Those in charge of these projects realize that the present state of your many global societies and the near collapse of your global financial system can no longer be tolerated. The excesses of the world's major banks still continue. They have even outstripped the events leading up to the financial collapse of 2008. In addition, the areas of corruption now include basically all stock and commodity markets. Massive "price fixing" is so common and the degree of ill-gotten gains so massive that something quite drastic needs to be done. Our Earth allies know what must now occur. It is time to "drop the hammer" and put a quick end to these illegal manipulations. It is time as well for a massive redistribution of wealth on this world. Things long delayed must now come to pass.

We have discussed with you the vital nature of "right divine time." In our opinion that time has arrived. Not only are the dark ones busily attempting to discover every way to enrich themselves, but your governments are also in collusion with the lot of them! The degree of global mismanagement and avarice is thus at an all time high. These dark co-conspirators somehow feel that in their last days they must break records for sheer arrogance and unbelievable schemes to stay in power. The degree of global criminal activity has indeed reached its zenith. This is why we have told our Earth allies that the moment has come for action. You are all suffering needlessly. The constant daily pain and anguish that you endure requires immediate cessation. A massive intervention on your behalf is necessary. We therefore continue to ask for this. This is ready to happen and we intend to force your fellows to do so as swiftly as possible!

The degree of preparation required to replace the current governance and institute a new global financial system has been a long and tedious operation. The dark cabal fought us as we began to assemble the parts that will become the new financial system. Our earthly allies helped to gain the legal successes needed. We helped to secure the hidden gold reserves that are the current backbone of a new monetary system. Presently, we are completing procedures required for a swift and smooth governmental transition. In short, the dark cabal has been overcome. What we desire is for all this diligent and resourceful work to manifest the start of your new reality. For 13 millennia, you have watched generation after generation fail to break free from the yoke of oppression and servitude instituted by the dark. This oppression must now be transformed into your freedom, prosperity and personal sovereignty. These things are our highest objective for you!

Both full consciousness and disclosure need to happen. You are at a point in time where you are to grow in consciousness and accept a new Light-filled reality. Events have been occurring since mid-October that will facilitate these lofty goals. We are pushing to allow those items in possession of our earthly allies to manifest. As we stated earlier, you have been forced to accept all the continued abuse and lies that the dark cabal and its aligned corporations have thrown your way. This is no longer acceptable. In fact, there is a violent underground revolutionary movement growing that the dark hopes to co-opt so it can continue its time in power. Hence, it is even more essential that the present Light-sponsored non-violent change manifest. We have infiltrated this violent movement, as have the dark. We wish to avoid this violent revolution.The time comes to manifest a new reality!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with some information that concerns the current status of this globe. Right now, various members of our secret sacred societies are completing events that will lead to the manifestation of new governance and your prosperity. Meanwhile a special committee has set programs in action to end global corruption and permit a general prosperity for this tortured world. We are pledged to reveal a number of divine teachings that will set straight the various lies, misinformation and manipulations of truths that mark the foundational works of this world's major philosophies. These lessons are simply to prove the great unity of thought that exists at the core of the many philosophies. Our sacred work will prepare the way for your return to full consciousness and for your meetings with your spiritual and space families.

We are truly blessed by Heaven. The grand administrations that look over us have granted a series of dispensations, allowing us to acknowledge a number of truths that were denied you first by the Anunnaki and then by the dark cabal. A grand conspiracy has prevented you from understanding the nature of who you are and the collective power that you have to alter the very nature of this reality. We, along with the cetacean nation, govern this world and do what we can to steward the numerous ecosystems found here. This task is made harder by the constant violations of the dark cabal. Hence, the time comes to change this and permit Heaven's ways to become our own. A new set of ecosystems will emerge on this surface realm once the shift in consciousness is completed.

This great shift in consciousness will be the first blessed step that resets Gaia. In doing so, it will set up a chain reaction to dramatically alter this entire solar system. We have a sacred task to be the blessed guardians of this new realm, and to use our newly refound connections to the divine to carry out an unfolding of the divine plan in this physical sector. Our divine task remains to supervise these glorious activities and reestablish your direct connections to the governing administrations of Heaven. In this grand Light, we are to operate and spread this divine Light throughout the length and breadth of this Milky Way Galaxy. This means under the edicts of Heaven and the Galactic Federation, we will teach and assist all to achieve full consciousness. We will also have major conclaves to assist physicality.

Today, through our brief message, we explored what is happening in this world. We receive reports from both the first contact team's representatives and the Ascended Masters. We do this to give you a better sense of how close all of you are to events that will alter this present reality. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization