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Channel Panel - January 30, 2014

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Kathryn May's - Channel Panel
Co-Hosted by Anne DeHart

Participants in this Radio Show:  Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Mother God, Mermaid Representative and Father God.  Also on the show was Billie (Zaraya) channels his Father Zorra from Hollow Earth.

Zorra said: They are heralding the ending of free will. The Galactic Federation will be stepping in at that point..."The Arrival." You will awaken to see huge ships, 2-3 miles long, above your cities. It will follow the RV. " 


Manuel:  Father God revealed minor adjustments to the divine plan which is called:  "The Arrival".  As usual, it has been proven time and time again that the governments of the world cannot be relied upon the disclosure of the presence of Galactics; as they are afraid to the impact that it will cause to the worlds economy.  In other words they don't want to lose control of the world.  Because the moment people learned the fact that we are not alone in the Universe and that Galactic beings had been in contact with Earths governments for over a century (100 years) then it means we have been living a very antiquated lifestyle; too much dependent on fossil fuel when there is an abundant source of free energy that people can use that can significantly alter the way of life in the surface world. The Galactics are here within the vicinity of Earths orbit and are not carrying any amount of gasoline or diesel.  They are using a more safer, cleaner and ingenious way of generating energy not reliant on pollution causing fuel. 

The reality of the presence of the Galactics once it is widely known globally can really change the world overnight.  People will begin to realize that they have been here for all these decades wanting nothing but friendship, peace and cooperation.  And best of all they want to include us as a new member of the Galactic Federation of Light in this Milky Way Galaxy.  

It was just our world governments who are standing, blocking the way for this to happen.  The so called "The Arrival" will shatter the silence once and for all.  Since the world governments does not want to tell their people about their presence, the Galactics will then introduce themselves with this arrival.  It is about time that the world knows that we have neighbors living inside the interior hollowed space of their planet who are very concerned about us, such as the people of planet VENUS in which most of the Kumaras came from and all the people and representative coming from far and wide such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and many others.

With this Grand Arrival they will no longer wait for any government to do the announcement.  They will literally appear above the sky of the worlds major cities.  Take note, these motherships are several miles in size.  And some are even thousands of miles long.  But those motherships from Sirius will not be able to appear as they are much larger than the Earth and is currently parked infront of the Sun.  But they will send smaller spacecrafts as part of the Arrival Team in the coming weeks ahead, just shortly after the revaluation of the worlds currencies.

Computer Graphics Image or CGI rendition of Stonehenge being visited by UFO.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Message from Father God

Part 197 - Father God Addresses Our Final Choices

Dearest Ones, I have some further information for you.

Concerning your participation in the coming revaluation of currencies, I encourage you to establish a relationship with a bank you trust - especially smaller local banks and credit unions.

Lady Portia, you are thinking about your home bank.  That would be a very good place to start. You have a personal relationship.  That will allow you to communicate with the banker in such a way that you will know the policies before you exchange, because he is an honest person.  This will be a very good approach for others as well.

Talk with him and with your credit union.  You will be able to establish close relationships with them, and the exchanges will benefit the local banks and economy.  This is the purpose, of course.  The large banks have proven themselves to be dishonest at many levels.  We prefer for you to avoid them if possible, or abandon them immediately after your exchange.

Now, about your Adamos (St. Germain).  You have not heard from him much because he is "leading the troops" in this very crucial time.  They are working round the clock to make the RV happen, but to do it in such a way that all who can be caught in the net will be.  It is a very large number now, those who have betrayed their fellows by taking the path of greed rather than love. 

Yes, we are sorry to see so many disqualifying themselves, just as we were sorry to see our children of the Reptilian race making the same decision.  This group are now separating themselves into 2 or 3 groups - those who have committed heinous crimes against humanity by carrying their greed to such extremes that they knowingly caused large numbers of people to be placed in situations of great hardship, poverty, and even starvation, and those who have stood by or played minor roles in the greed game.

Some of them - those who have no remorse - will have to be...what you might term...dissolved, as the Reptilians of equal Darkness were.  Others who show even a glimmer of remorse and the wish to continue their lessons, will be taken to the alternate planet, where they will be treated to the experience of living exclusively with their own kind.

The planet where they will be taken is one without the guiding essence of the soul.  It is, in effect, a dead planet, so there will be no suffering on the part of the planet.  We could not subject a living planet to the kind of abuse they have inflicted on Mother Earth again.  Their destructive practices will be felt immediately because there will be no healing presence to counteract it.  This will be a great shock to those who took for granted that the planet would always recover, although they did not acknowledge the reason for that recovery - the presence of a nurturing and loving Mother soul who was dedicated to providing abundantly for all within her care.

They will learn quickly when they see they must live with their own destruction. And so, justice is done, without punishment or special privileges for anyone.  All must make their own choices about where they will end up. 

Those who remain on the New Earth will live under very different circumstances.  After the Ascension of all who are now on the path toward Light, Mother Earth will renew herself, restoring her pristine beauty.  It will truly be a Paradise on Earth.  All of you reading this who aspire to ascend will be able to return to Earth, either within the Hollow Earth or on the surface, to enjoy the fruits of your many lifetimes of work.  It will be a truly glorious time. 

Now, let me tell you something about the healing process and how it will come about.  All Earth's inhabitants will have to be taken elsewhere for a time - or I should say, will be given the opportunity to explore and experience other planets for a brief time, while Mother Earth completes her restoration.  At that time, she will be free to absorb all the remnants of earlier civilizations, to wipe herself clean, you might say.  All existing cities, roads, skyscrapers, wooden structures, the residue of mining and fossil fuel exploration, all automobiles and other transportation devices and so on, will disappear deep into the crust to be dissolved.

Do not mourn for the planet you have known, Dear Ones.  It is the end of the era of smokestacks, corporations and banks.  None will be needed in the new higher dimensional Earth existence.  Abundance will replace want, cooperation and goodwill as it is lived in the 5th dimension will be the only experience in the lives of those who come to Earth in the coming age.  You may choose to remain, to revel in the beauty of the planet you have loved and have helped to save, or you may wish to move on to other adventures.  All the Universe will be at your fingertips, and there are many challenging or thrilling or captivating opportunities available to you.

Once you have completed your Ascension, you will see what we see, understand all of what has transpired over the eons you have worked to bring Earth back to peace and beauty.  You will elevate yourselves, and you will have much to celebrate and experience.  You will revel in the Love you share, the uplifting feelings of triumph you will feel together.  This is the destiny of those who follow the path of Light.  There is always a multi-rainbow at the end of the project, no matter how much effort it has taken to reach the final goal.

You see, we are already celebrating.  Prime Creator has stepped in to take over the final few steps as you approach your Ascension.  We, Mother God and I, are fulfilled in our great Love for our children who have succeeded in this great event.  We see the result, feel it in our Hearts, and we rejoice.  We too will elevate ourselves, along with the entire Universe of souls who are responding to the rising vibrations.  All beings will come together in a great uplifting which cannot be described to you in advance, but can only be experienced to know the great Joy that will fill our hearts as we rise together. 

It is our destiny, Beloved Ones.  We are on the threshold now.  Accept your blessings with joy and gratitude.  Step into your New Golden Age with Joy and Hope in your hearts.  It is truly a new day.

We love you beyond measure.
I am your Father God, with all the Company of Heaven, wishing you Peace, Harmony, Joy and Love.

Via Kathryn E. May, January 29, 2014, 12 AM.  New York City

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

Message of Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy through Sheldan Nidle - January 28, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 28 January, 2014
1 Akbal, 6 Yax, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! Much is happening around your globe. The dark cabal's leaders fully understand that their long reign is coming to an end. Our earthly associates are busy putting the finishing touches on a global currency reset and are using this event to quick-start a new worldwide banking system. Right now things are happening that will bring the first taste of global prosperity to this realm. A new gold-backed currency will eliminate the former restrictions set by the Dumbarton Oaks Agreements. The era of the Federal Reserve dollar is over. A new financial landscape is forming to put the control of each national currency back in the hands of the nation state from which it comes. Each bank will then abide by a strict set of rules which will end the fraud and chicanery of the past. Banking will no longer be a license to steal, and the gross "cons" that banks were noted for will end. Quite swiftly, the new governance that will arise as a result of this prosperity will enforce these new regulations. This new reality will be the forerunner of a disclosure that solidifies your march toward full consciousness.

The present chores of this fleet are built around the need to assure that all that is agreed to does indeed manifest. The present time is one in which the old dark order, possessed of unrelenting greed, arrogance and irresponsibility,will be succeeded by those who use their consciousness and growing sense of responsibility to bring forth a new reality. It is this special new reality that will be fully birthed when your present consciousness transformation is finished. This, as we said before, requires that we provide many mentors whose primary task is to bring you back to full consciousness. This pathway will involve the cities of Agartha. Special places throughout this realm are set-aside for the final stage of your journey. We have coordinated the building and operating of Light Chambers that are to finish this most divine task. When you leave these living transformers, you are to be fully conscious. After a short training you will be capable of operating well within a new 5-dimensional reality!

What is ahead for you is a great leap in consciousness. This divine operation is meant to raise this reality to the fifth dimension and to prepare you to become the prime guardians of this sector of physicality. You are to reunite with your Agarthan brethren, and together, to colonize the other three water worlds. These new galactic societies are to forge a galactic council to preside over this special guardianship. Moreover, you are to bring this newly united star nation into the Galactic Federation and fulfill your sacred destiny. Numerous galaxies, near and far, have heard about your grand destiny and wish to share these events with you. In effect, you are to become a prototype for peace, prosperity and unity! Many ships from these galaxies are here now, watching and assisting us in your ongoing transformation. In returning to the status of physical angels, you have given many the vision of how the divine plan unfolds in its miraculous ways. This gives all in this enormous fleet much joy.

As all of what we have stated unfolds, remember that this set of divine alterations is part of an even greater change that is sweeping throughout this galaxy. We first colonized this solar system with the full affirmation of this region's Spiritual Hierarchy. We watched the dark arrive long ago and wipe out this first colony. We then received permission to intervene and the land of Mu was created. Later came Atlantis and a truly odd scheme by the dark to make humans a slave race. This process has now failed. You are leaving the shackles of limited consciousness behind. You have learned much from your millennia of adventures under the dark's hard hand. This is over. It is time to return to the realm of full consciousness and fulfill the grand destiny given you by Heaven. We and your spiritual and space family, now come together and will perform a special prearranged alchemy. These events are to right this galaxy to the Light and permit you to make a great and necessary magic. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Events are now taking place that will change this reality. The various secret societies from both the East and West are finishing tasks that permit the world to begin global currency reset and to manifest a new financial system. The present banking oligarchy is composed of an "old guard" whose time for defeat has come. Ever since the days of ancient Rome, this stolid group retained control of the globe's purse strings. These dangerous and egocentric ones are to be jettisoned and left to their own devices. Arrests will follow, and with them their demise. These blessed events have taken us millennia to arrange and decades to make a reality! What is to succeed them is a system that is purged of their immorality and gross disrespect for humanity. Humans were their unwilling slaves and failed to see the great powers that each possesses. It is the time to accept that your liberation is at hand.

This first stage of your prosperity will be followed by the distribution of the various prosperity funds. This is to be a two-part process. Once this is complete, new governance will manifest. As you can see, this is indeed a truly blessed time for all. The old debt-ridden system is to fall. A new system will replace it that frees you from debt and allows you to achieve your sacred desires. Take this time to reflect. Look carefully at your societies. See how they can be improved. Look at the Earth as well. See her in a new light. Help her and swiftly transform how your societies provide for your energies and your transportation of people and goods. Be ready to embrace startling new technologies, and above all, do so in the spiritual context of your growing consciousness! Be conscious of everything and do not let this opportunity slip!

You are about to meet the representatives of your ancestors. You are also to mingle with the spiritual Beings of Heaven. The "veil" is to open. We are here to guide you to full consciousness and to teach those primary things that you need to be familiar with. This time will be one of joy and an equal part of responsibility. Many wonders are to become known to you. Use this time to improve yourselves and to forgive each other. Learn about your shared unity with all Life! Comprehend the great gift that is your life on, and shortly, in Gaia. Be ready to abandon your many beliefs and to expand on others. This is a very moral and relatively bloodless "revolution". It is to leave you in a consciousness state that you have not enjoyed physically for over 13 millennia. Be grateful. Be gracious and Bless all for what is happening to this realm.

Today, we continued our many messages that explain to you what is happening here. We ask that you take this in and do what your Higher Self advises when you are in prayer or in a meditative state. Be proud of what you are becoming and be ready to welcome all who have come to impart these wonders to you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

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President Obama's State of the Union Speech 2004

In my humble opinion, President Barack Obama is the most impressive President, America has ever had after President John F. Kennedy.  Just like JFK, he is the President unlike the others before him who is NOT afraid to do what is RIGHT for the world and his nation and people.  Unknown to the rest of the world this President is winning the fight against the worlds secret Elites evil activities.  This is the President that truly cares to his people.  He is the President that Americans should be proud of.

Based on the plan of the Galactics; President Obama will be the last President of America as we go through the final years of his administration and the REAL Republic of America is reset and restored.  The Galactics will award the continuance of his Presidency and leadership to lead the world to transition to the New Golden Age.  In time, the plan of the Galactics may or may not change.  But if it does, he will be succeeded after his tenure of office by someone who is like him. A person of the LIGHT, whose heart is for the care of the people and not war.  

Obama is the "Disclosure" President and it will happen during his administration period.  He will disclose what JFK was prevented from doing in which he will not only reveal the secret Space Force America have had for decades but will also tell the truth about the existence of extra terrestrials or ETs as well as the reality of Federation of Planets in this Galaxy.  And that Planet Earth will be the new 33rd member of the Galactic Federation of Light in this Milky Way Galaxy.  And he will be one of the President of this world that will welcome the Galactics to land En Masse on Earth.  

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Christine Lagarde of IMF talks about GCR or Global Currency Reset

Listen as she speaks starting at the 9:08 minutes part of this video.

Hollow Earth Networks Saturday Radio Show - Jan. 25, 2014

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Conference Call Recorded Audio 
Hollow Earth Networks "Every other Saturday Show" facilitated by Anne DeHart with Billie Faye Woodard (Zaraya) channeling his Father Zorra and Prime Creator.  Also present on the show was Peter Olsen and Kathryn May channeling Sananda.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Part 196 - The Galactic Council Speaks Through Harolan

We are the Galactic Council.  We are overseeing the coordination of all the processes of Ascension in the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is our duty to observe the progress of each planet and to maintain communication throughout the Galaxy.  We have been carefully monitoring Earth as she moves toward the coming events of revaluation of currencies, Disclosure of our presence, and the landings.  We keep all parties, including the Intergalactic Council, informed of the events on the ground, and we are responsible for the final decisions that are made concerning the unfolding of important events.

We do not make the decisions alone; we consult with all the major parties.  For instance, we are now intensely involved in meetings between Prime Creator, Mother/Father God, St. Germain and many of the other Ascended Masters of Planet Earth.  We help them to coordinate their efforts with the Galactic teams who are helping at this time, and with those who are preparing to bring their expertise to Earth, at the request of  the overseers of the current projects.

We have also heard the prayers and pleas of those on the ground, on Mother Earth and throughout the Galaxy.  We defer always to the final decision of Prime Creator, but it is our role to insure that all parties involved in decision making are fully informed and are included in the flow of information and decision making.  You see, we are a completely democratic system.  No decision is ever taken without the Greater Good having been thoroughly considered and carefully weighed.

My name is Harolan.  I come to speak to you today as a representative of the Council, to inform you of our considerations and the issues we are currently debating on your behalf.  More and more of you are listening to the channelings, asking questions about why things are being done as they are, and begging for a voice in the decision making process.  We hear your pleas, and we send you our response now through your trusted channel, Kathryn.  There are also others who will be hearing from us; we encourage you to read the channelings with what we say here as your guide.

At the present moment, January 23, 2014 in Earthtime, we are closely following the unfolding of what you call the "sting operation" which will culminate in massive arrests, trials and the removal of the greedy financial operatives from your midst.  It has become an enormously successful endeavor, brilliantly timed and executed by all the parties involved.  You can possibly imagine how many are taking part, on the ground and in higher dimensions - our numbers are in the millions.

You have been told that Lightworkers on the ground are an integral part of this endeavor.  We would like to give you an overview of how your efforts have paid off.  The  announcement of the Prosperity program involving the purchase of currency was made first by Father God and St. Germain to the spiritual community.  It was expected that it would take time for the comprehension of how enormous this program is to take hold among those who have not made it their life's work to understand investments of this nature.  Of course, those who have lived that life would be completely unable to grasp the importance or the logic of it, since it has never happened before in the financial arena, and the promised payouts defy all logic, from their point of view.

You see how perfect this design is:  only those of genuine Faith would even give it a second thought, because the information came from Higher Sources.  For the same reason, the financial community would scoff and call it a scam.  And so the program began.  Lightworkers, now called the Dinarians of Dinarland, became the central energy  vortex which would fuel the entire plan, like the engine which drives the locomotive.  It was to be the driver which would lift the entire planet, by empowering and inspiring those who have been living under the pall of oppression and want.  It has had this effect, with mixed results.  Those who are able to tolerate the long wait with patience and growing Faith - their Light increases day by day, in spite of the delays, for they know in their hearts that all is in Divine order, and that the ending will be glorious, whenever it comes.

Those who have focused on the monetary gains which have been promised are having difficulty understanding the bigger picture, are becoming impatient, frustrated and angry.  They feel they have been "had" or "used" or mistreated in some way because they do not understand what an important role they are playing in the larger picture, and how integral each part of the plan is to the success of the greater project.

The revaluation of currency and the enormous benefits it will bring across the globe is but one cog in the wheel of change.  It is the spark that will ignite the great shift, but it is much more.  You have been told that the word is out, that the Powers That Be are trying to scoop up all the resources for themselves, to leave nothing for the patient and faithful Dinarians.  This of course is their intention, but it was also the important variable which would allow for their arrests.  You see, we must calibrate our movements carefully, taking into account the elements of human nature - yours and theirs.

We had hoped that the powerful energies from the Central Sun would lift the hearts of many in the financial community, making it possible to proceed with the arrests and the next element, the release of the RV.  Unfortunately, the higher energies did not "hold" - many of those in the financial community who were leaning toward greater Love and Compassion began succumbing to the temptation of massive wealth, which they have always seen as Power.  The seduction of being able to impress their friends, benefit those in positions of influence, and the idea of being known as the one "in the know" became too much for bank executives and wealth managers.

A flood of currency orders from the wealthy created a situation which could not be allowed to go unaddressed, for they then helped themselves to the high rates which were supposed to have been released for all, while the head bankers blocked the door for the less powerful Dinarians.  They have trapped themselves in a bottomless pit of selfishness and greed, by convincing themselves they were "sharing the wealth" - a ridiculous concept, since those they shared with were already wealthy in the extreme.

It is unfortunate that enormous numbers of second tier financial people have involved themselves in the greed and selfishness.  It is testimony to the ability of great wealth and power to corrupt its custodians, especially in a civilization that values wealth above all.  The unfortunate attitude, that they are entitled to the wealth, while poorer folks cannot be trusted with it, is an example of the level of arrogance that has become commonplace in the upper echelons. Although this thinking has existed for thousands of years, the number of those who subscribe to this attitude has increased 10-fold to include even lower class folks who aspire to be equally powerful and equally selfish one day.

As you can see, the rift between Lightworkers and everyone else has widened day by day.  The outrage expressed by those of you on the ground who are responding from your hearts is a reasonable response to what you can see happening.  We want to assure you that not only will greed not win the day, but we are fully aware of what is happening, and it is just a natural unfolding of the plan which was designed to trap the worst offenders.  We are disappointed that the net is as full as it is, but we did make provisions for this possibility.

We remind you - you all have had free will, and this travesty was the latest example of the misuse of that responsibility.  It created additional time and some rather elaborate technological interventions to identify and track the thousands of perpetrators, but we have captured the data very successfully.

This latest part of the sting operation has dovetailed with simultaneous programs which have identified generations of humanitarian abuses, war crimes, sexual abuses, child trafficking and sex trafficking and other organized crime activities.  You are now hearing cases of fraud, corruption and political scandal which are generally the first to hit the public airways in spite of the editorial tendency to downplay the worst of it (unless it can be slanted to reflect badly on your current U.S. President).  This theme will continue and increase by the day as investigative reporters overcome their fears and gather steam and inspiration to bring the Truth to the public.

You see, this is a global, all-encompassing, massive shift in consciousness.  Lift your hearts and your sights, Beloved Lightworkers.  You are an integral part of the whole process, not just the Prosperity packages.  See yourselves in the context of this WHOLE Earth Revolution, embedded in the WHOLE Universe of change.

This is not a change which will involve only the economic state of the Earth, but it will encompass every element of life and the quality of human consciousness.  Social, political, psychological and emotional reality is changing.

Understand, Beloved Earth Ones, that even your Ascended Masters, who are brilliant strategists and experts in the human psyche, could not have predicted the extent of criminality which would be indulged in during the past weeks.  We of the Galactic Council make our predictions based on known parameters, the exercise of which will create varying timelines depending upon the free will actions of all the players - all 7 billion of them.

The wholesale participation in the old familiar Dark Hat behaviors has not been a surprise to us, although we had hoped for a more orderly release of the RV, for your sakes.  We do sympathize with the difficulties you are experiencing, and the frustration you feel at learning that your Faith led you to make decisions which now put your financial well-being in jeopardy.  The temporary pain of knowing this will be minute, we assure you, compared with the great joy and relief you will feel upon learning what an important role you have played in the complete reorganization of life on Planet Earth.

We are now managing the details of many programs at once, while we await the enormous Shift that is just around the corner.  All roads lead to Ascension, of course, so this is the major focus of our work - the great reward at the end of thousands of years of hard work.  We will all feel the enormous waves of joy and relief when the Darkness on Planet Earth becomes a thing of the past.  Do not fear, Beloved Humankind, we are with you in complete solidarity, and we are coordinating the efforts of the entire Galaxy in your behalf.

Soon a group of you will cross over the line to higher dimensions, and another phase of the great adventure of Planet Earth will begin.  Keep your vibrations high and your face to the wind.  You will be lifted out of the morass you have experienced for so many generations.  We look forward to your successes with great anticipation and joy.

Your Galactic Council, represented by Harolan.

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 25, 2014. New York, NY

Permission is given to share or copy this message in its entirety, without additions or deletions, provided credit is given to the author and website.

SaLuSa: January 24, 2014

SaLuSa: January 24, 2014.
Channelled by Mike Quinsey.

As ever, time flies by and is speeding towards the times of important changes that are the forerunners of a new period in your history that is leaving the past behind. All proceeds as intended, and before very long you will begin to receive the proof that you have been seeking.

You will be in no doubt that all along the forces for good have been working towards the changes that you have been promised and that the New Age is upon you. Outwardly many will only see confusion and many parts of your world in turmoil. It is the final throes of the dark Ones who are now in retreat. Before long those who have been working silently for the Light will reveal themselves, and you will know that the New Age has truly begun.

Meanwhile Lightworkers are called upon to remain resilient and focussed upon their work that will ensure the Light is continuing to be empowered. For a long, long time you have sought proof of the changes that you know must come if the New Age is to get underway. That will for some time be limited until such times that it is safe for the Light to be revealed for the progress that has been made.

However, there are numerous signs everywhere that the changes are speeding up, and can be found by those who are seeking in earnest. Already some souls are making themselves known for their Light work, and you may rest assured that they will be protected by us.

As the Light grows in strength so more souls will begin to awaken and their levels of consciousness will enable them to raise their vibrations. Already we find that more people are speaking openly of their new found understanding, and there is a new eagerness to discuss what is happening upon Earth.

The awakening will continue to grow at a greater speed that will draw like souls together. Indeed, it will also create a wider gap between those of the Light and the non-believers, which is to be expected. However, we do not advocate any deliberate attempts to widen it. Lightworkers will be needed more than previously, to assist those who are seeking a greater understanding of what is taking place.

Some of you have waited for a long time to act in service to your fellow travellers on the path of Light. Now that time has arrived and many will be called to fulfill their life contract. Be assured that you do not walk alone at any time, you are always accompanied by several souls who are there to serve you. So do not hesitate to call upon them when you need help.

If you are searching for some indication as to what your role is to be, do not worry as when the time is right you will be left in no doubt as to what is required of you. Your role will be one that you have prepared for over many lifetimes and you will have no need to doubt your ability.

As you are aware, at these end-times much karma is coming up to be cleared, and this is one reason why so much activity is taking place. However, given time it will become less, and will be helped by bringing together many souls who hitherto have been deliberately kept apart. The dark Ones have created many ways in which to stop you coming together as One, but that will change as it is realised how much you have in common with each other. Religion has divided people and many wars have been fought because of the different ideologies. These problems will also be overcome when the truth is made known, and it is realised that All are One.

So do not be too concerned as to how the seemingly impossible differences between you can be overcome. When the truth is given by those who have your confidence and trust, many difficulties will simply fade away. At heart most of you seek a peaceful life, and are happy to live and let live. Allowing others to choose their own path of Light will become generally accepted, and they will be able to progress as slowly or quickly as suits them. All will eventually find the Light and there are endless pathways to it.

Keep a positive approach in all you do and do not allow doubt to creep in, as the dark Ones will attempt to put you off course right up until the last minute. They will gradually become weakened and will no longer have the ability to interfere with your progress. Slowly they are having their power taken away, and are already unable to command with the authority that they once had. We are closely monitoring them, even to the point where they have no hiding place from us. There is no escape and they will be begging to no avail to avoid the consequences of their actions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and am so pleased to help you through these periods of intense changes. Be assured that however impossible Earthly situations seem, with our help they shall be overcome in short time. Whilst for karmic reasons you must tread the paths you have created for yourselves, we can come in at the appropriate time and help you restore your countries. So please do not get downhearted or despair over the “mess” that many years of wars have left some countries in. We are here to help you, and clear the pathway to a wonderful Golden future.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Channel Panel - January 22, 2014

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What you will hear:

*  Creator Gods Message for the world

*  St. Germain talks about the sting operation to catch the greedy people

*  Father Gods message about the blessings that is coming

*  Adama's words about their preparation

*  Billie/Zaraya revelations that all humans are aquatic mammals just like dolphins and whales that can breathe underwater.  He also channels Mer Person from Cetacean Nation, revealing their actions underway to stop the resumed killing of whales/dolphins. - Requests we contact our Navy/Department of Defense to "... STOP the sonar frequency that is very harmful to us, beaching whales, dolphins, and mermaids."


Interview with the Galactics by Blossom Goodchild - January 24, 2014

The Federation of Light channeled by Blossom Goodchild, January 24, 2014 –

Blossom: Hi. It was good to have a little break last week … not really from you, more so the onslaught of emails after we’ve ‘sent out’ a chat. Don’t suppose you’ve got a spare secretary around to work with me on that little issue! I have been trying to tune in with you when reading them, so that you get a general consensus of what we ‘down here’ are FEELING. I am hoping you were able to pick up on that and if so … how YOU FEEL about what WE FEEL?

Federation of Light: From THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE we are happy at all times to converse with you … for we find it most assisting. We indeed have held council ongoing … regarding the possibility of sending you a ‘GUIDING LIGHT’ in some form … so that one’s spirit may be lifted and given ‘hope’ to carry on. We must stress, that we did not understand or speculate the ‘fullness’ of how things had become for you all … whilst living under such duress of lower energies … and we have come to the understanding that it is indeed a ‘fight for Light’ sometimes … that brings your energy to such a low ebb.

And how are these ‘meetings’ panning out in their discussion?

They are making progress. May we say dearest Blossom, that you have caused/created quite a stir amongst those of us who desire to assist your planet into its newer Higher embodiment. The name of Blossom Goodchild was once causing a stir many years ago, whilst sending out our message regarding Oct 14th … yet this, we say, was a stir amongst the Earthly people. Now, it is that this same name … is once again being ‘bandied’ around the ranks in many realms that are not of Earth.

Oh dear! Or is it? If it is that my little ‘outage’ will get something done to move things on a bit, well actually, not a bit … A LOT … then I can cope with that! So … can you give us ‘the minutes’ of the meetings so far?

We would calculate that there are many that consider ‘the possibility’ … and please note we say ‘the possibility’ of an uplifting display to be ‘the way to go’. Yet … as to what that actually would entail is also causing quite a stir. You certainly have the melting pot full to the brim with ideas Blossom.
There are also some that feel it would not be a necessary function to do so. For it would/could also cause a reaction to many, that may bring the energy of confusion and therefore, bring plans that are fully underway concerning the EVENT to a different phase from where it is currently at.
There is indeed much to be considered from all angles and yet it has been NOTED that it is YOU ON EARTH … YOU THAT ARE HOLDING THE LIGHT UPON YOUR PLANET … that are in need of assistance … and is that not indeed why we are so closely by your side?

Well , this is what you have told us and I really do FEEL that … although from some emails ‘we’ may have read together, you can see that some FEEL you are not who you say you are … and are just leading us along. Some FEEL we are just a food source for you. Mmm! Definitely add some ketchup when your gnawing into me … I can be a bit tough in places! Yet, as you know, in general … most emails are asking for your assistance … not to save us … we KNOW that … Boy! Do we KNOW that! Yet, as you say …‘to assist’. With all respect … your words of wisdom have helped us enormously … yet we FEEL it really is time now for action.

This, we have invariably understood from our chat at the beginning of this year. And all we can tell you at this time … is that disputes are still underway.

Can I ask … ‘disputed’ between whom? If you are the Overseers of the Overseers … wouldn’t it be YOU who make the overall decision and then the ‘underlings’ … Bless ‘em … would KNOW that what YOU say ‘goes’ … for you are indeed the wise ones. Isn’t that how it works?

We would say that all things must be ‘run through’ us for confirmation of approval. Yet we are very keen to gather as much information from many sources, in order to categorize importance and to irrefutably be certain that our decisions are for the greatest good of all.
The ‘sign’ that you have asked for Blossom … the ‘sign’ that you FEEL will uplift the spirits of so many of you … is, from our point of view, something that we had not considered necessary until you spoke of it in the earnest manner that you did. For indeed, we could pick up on the many of you that are FEELING so keen to have this take place. Yet … it is not just a matter of pressing a button and ‘There it is’. Much indeed, must be considered … as to the form that it should take and …

When? Because you know, the ‘when’ it shall take place is a BIG PART OF IT. For I am sure you are aware, that there would be no point in you saying ‘Ok, we give the go ahead and ‘eyes to the skies’ etc.’ … only for it to be another thing that we end up waiting for! Just another thing to add to the ‘waiting list’. I fully accept that our main confusion has been the use of the words ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ … would you not agree?

We have learnt that these wordings have been misconstrued …

With all respect … by you. We KNOW what they mean to us …
This is correct … yet in ‘our space of NO TIME’ … they mean the same to us as they do to you. For as we have stated in the past communications … compared to ‘the space in no time’ where this plan originated … it is indeed imminent.

Someone wrote in asking if you could assist us on the deprogramming of our souls from the ‘darker energy’ that seems to prevent us … some days, so strongly … from BEING THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE. I wrote back saying that you would probably say ‘BE LOVE … ONLY LOVE’. Yet the thing is chaps … the ‘programming’ can make us FEEL so yuck at times, that just ‘BEING LOVE’ isn’t an option … because we are drained of it. I KNOW it is readily available for ‘top ups’ … but TRULY … if you were down here for a week or so … you would surely FEEL the heaviness that we are having to fight through on a moment to moment basis … Hence our tiredness and need of a boost . Any advice?

We would like you to firstly finish what you wanted to say … yet refrained.

Really? O.K … I wanted to say that there will be those ‘bright sparks’ who read this … and I DO mean this with respect … who are further up the ladder than myself and many … and will write in to tell me that I have to go within and tune in / tap in / turn on to the LOVE that I AM. I do ‘get that’. Yet, this is the thing … my ‘programming’ can sometimes get the better of me … by far … and the ‘mindset’ takes hold and tracks straight to the heart. And yes … I KNOW about positive thinking … I KNOW quite a bit that I have picked up along the way … and I have tried for many, many years to improve my BEING. We are all trying that … well, those who are awake. Yet … surely by now, after all this DIY … one should FEEL in a better space. So … hold on … what was my question again? Ah yes! How do we break free from the programming that holds us back from BEING who we TRULY ARE?

Better now?


When you replied to the soul that sent in the question with ‘BE LOVE … ONLY LOVE’ … you were completely on track. Yet … in order to break through this programming … you have to allow your BEINGS to be connected UP at all times … and it is a requirement to be of great persistence in the KNOWING of being indeed … tuned in / tapped in / turned on … PERMANENTLY … FOR YOU ARE THEN … BEING YOU.

Then, who are we when we are not doing all those things?

You are a lesser part of you. When you watch a toy soldier beating a drum … when the batteries are fully charged … he beats to the drum in full strength and marches in consistent rhythm. When his batteries begin to wane … the whole ‘system’ that is ‘him’… goes awry. It is the same with you … when your batteries get low … nothing seems to work as it should.

Yep … so we meditate … and we meditate some more … and then some more … and we say our daily affirmations to manifest that which we desire for ourselves and the Highest good of all. Many, many of us do these things … for we left kindergarten a good while back now. Yet, this is our point my friends … Like with the batteries here on Earth … not like crystals for energy from where you come from … after they have been used over and over … they no longer top up as they should. They have to be chucked out and replaced with new ones. Eh … do you get my drift here?

Blossom we are getting your drift more and more clearly. It seems the more detail in which you relate these FEELINGS … the more we ‘get the picture’. And this is very helpful as to how we view the situation in which you of Earth find yourselves.
I guess it’s all in the timing. Although … maybe I should have been more specific years ago! Just a point here … regarding you understanding us more by what I am saying. Some FEEL that if you are the Overseers of the Overseers … you would KNOW exactly how we are FEELING, for you have said you can pick up on our energy etc.
Yes we can. We have said many times that we can ‘view Earth’ and see how it is doing by the energy Light that is in any one given place. We can indeed pick up on where there is Laughter and where there is pain or warfare … due to the ‘colour and vibrational swirl’ if you like. Yet Blossom … this is an energy. This energy tells us a general overview of ‘one’s energy’ … not the thoughts of how that energy is FEELING.

So … are you saying that … because you have never been on Earth … I mean YOU CHAPS in particular … you can tell when we are low, medium or high … yet you do not know how, that low, medium or High FEELS?

To a certain degree … more so, we do not KNOW what that low, medium or high is ‘thinking’ … for we work on ‘vibrations’ from you.

Yet you think, don’t you? So … I am a bit bemused by this. Are you saying you do not know, that when we are made aware of something terrible that has taken place, you only know of how we FEEL on a vibrational level as opposed to what our minds are ‘going through’? And the same when something wonderful happens?

More or less …

What is more and what is less?

Therefore, we have not experienced the density and thought patterns that this may carry with it.

And the programming … Let’s not forget the ‘Let’s be miserable and underdogs, for there is nothing else’ programming!

We … the Overseers are FEELING energy.

Yet you must ‘think’. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.

We smile … for as advanced as we are ‘in your eyes’ … the ‘language of words’ is something we have had to ‘learn’ in order to communicate.

Yet, you MUST think! To converse in your meetings about ‘the sign’ … requires you to think does it not?

Yes … yet that is why we say more or less … for it is quite different from the human ‘level’ of thought process.

Dare I ask in what way?

Because we communicate telepathically on a HIGHLY ADVANCED communication thoroughfare!
FEELINGS are ‘sent’ on a vibrational frequency that offers ‘the thought’ … for want of a better word …

Oh please try!

Would we perhaps say ‘sentiment’?

That‘ll do for me!

… that offers the sentiment … of what is desired to portray. Telepathic FEELING is immediately translated by another on the same level … not by words … by FEELING.

And what? Visual?

Correct. The FEELING that goes with the Visual!

So, a bit like my readings then. I get the visual and then have to interpret it by the FEELING that accompanies it. COOL … I ‘m clearly far more advanced than I gave myself credit for! AH! The joy of humour!

We are aware that it is over our allocated time to converse …

I would be happy to go on …

This we know … yet WE KNOW … that although FEELING fine now … the energy would ‘be missing’ for you later on.

I completely get that … and believe me; these days … I need all the energy I can get. Like many … still feeling stupidly tired at times. And you are going to say ‘It’s the energy’ aren’t you?

It’s the energy!

Ha Ha!! What energy and why is it making us so tired?

It is the intensity of the new energy coming in … and as your bodies are Lightening up and renewing … the ‘old’ part of yourselves’ are finding it difficult to deal with … as it falls away. Remember … when first coming into the Earth world as a NEW BORN … one sleeps most of the time in order to adjust to the frequencies it finds itself in. The same is happening as you move into the NEWER HIGHER frequencies that you are finding yourself in … and YOU ‘think’ there is not much going on!
Yet … BE as US … and FEEL … REALLY TUNE IN AND FEEL … then you would not be in such need for that ‘sign’ you are asking for.

Wanna bet? It has been a pleasure … Many thanks to you. IN LOVE, LIGHT & GOLDEN RAYS.

The pleasure is reciprocated Blossom … and we thank each one of you who reads these words for your continual marching onwards … even when the going gets tough. Until we speak again … KNOW we are learning more of your situation … and through learning comes understanding!

Indeed … Indeed … Indeed! Toodlepip!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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Hollow Earth Networks Special Call Radio Show. 

The Prime Creator's Announcement of the start of the Era or the New Golden Age as of January 20, 2014 and what are the changes that can happen in the future ahead.  Also, on the show is Zorra from Hollow Earth along with St. Germain discussing various topics especially those related to the finance and banking situation the RV and etc.

Message of Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy through Sheldan Nidle - January 21, 2014

Sheldan Nidle - 21 January, 2014

7 Cib, 19 Chen, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We return with wonderful news! Our many earthly associates are currently arresting those who have long stood as obstacles in the pathway of your global prosperity. These events are merely the beginning of other events that will bring you a most needed new governance. This new governance will be announced shortly. First there needs to be the release of funds, a global currency reset and the formal declaration of new regulations for the worldwide banking industry. These things, when coupled with the delivery of your prosperity funds,will signal the beginnings of a new system for safely handling your monies. The grand overseer, of course, is to be new governance. We have set up a special series of events that will soon lead to the demise of the present financial system that is run by a few big banks. These large banks in turn are actually the instruments of power for a few very powerful families. Our liaisons are in contact with various individuals that have access to financial resources and legal means that are now toppling this dark cabal.

What this implies for you is that a global struggle of very powerful men and women is altering the nature of how your numerous societies have been run for literally thousands of years. We possess in these alliances the means to transfer power. The last stand of this dark cabal is occurring in closed boardrooms and secret meetings that are going on across this globe. The last vestige of this struggle is a holding action by the dark cabal. Their embargo seeks to somehow prevent the manifesting of a true global currency reset tied in closely with a return to a new gold standard. This new financial system ends the stranglehold that was set up when the U.N. sponsored Dumbarton Oaks treaty was promulgated near the end of the Second World War. A new financial system that takes into account the new financial and monetary needs of your world is desperately required. This is what a grand coalition of the Light is now manifesting.

This new system sets the stage for new governance which will make a plethora of announcements that include a full disclosure of our existence and the galactic society of Agartha. We intend to use those announcements to establish the coming first contact and open up communications with Agartha and your Ascended Masters. This is a time for Spirit; a time for new ways. The old long-keptsecrets, twisted to their liking by the dark, need to see the full Light of day! Your Ascended Masters have gladly taken on the task of publicly revealing these secrets. Lessons will be given that permit you to understand what is to be said. Right now, endless computer pages are being prepared for your mass perusal. These websites will be tied to servers that we will oversee, and much information will be passed to you. Take this in and absorb it. Along with this is an enormous prosperity program that will end poverty, homelessness and starvation.

You need to have a way to educate yourself about what all of this truly means. We are going to bring you mentors to allow you to start dialogues that can transform your perceptions about this reality and where it is going. Most of you have not spent your time learning details about your true origins and what your rise in consciousness is all about. We intend to give you a much-needed sounding board. Each of our mentors has the initial task of giving you a great deal of information and then helping you to process it. We have technology that can permit you to see and experience your past, and this will ready you for a return to full consciousness. We will give you the opportunity to visit our fleet and discover for yourselves what is expected of you. Your realm is in transition and you possess abilities that you need to develop swiftly. Both our associates and your Ascended Masters wish to aid you in receiving this great wonder that is finally to happen.

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with joyfully blessed news! Events are now taking shape to force those who have long ruled you to "give up the ghost." Their power has been the arrogant rule and ill-gotten wealth they enjoyed for millennia. During that time we all suffered from their brutal and dark rule. This period is over. They continue to feed at the trough that has been set up to capture them, as their greed knows no bounds. Our divine associates have put most of them in a very uncompromising position. The rest are in conspiratorial partnership. The whole unholy lot have crossed boundaries and made themselves liable for arrest, seizure of their wealth and public disclosure of their most heinous crimes against humanity. In this position, these dark ones are pliable and we can easily sweep them inelegantly into the dustbins of history! The upcoming trials are merely the consequences of a number of quite ugly details.

The primary reasons for the long delays have been what we have just described. These obstacles are fading swiftly. The global currency reset, the new precious metal backing and new banking regulations can now manifest. These will be only the precursors for new governance and the delivery of a vast prosperity program. These items will permit us to begin teaching you about numerous sacred subjects long twisted or sequestered from you. The truth can then be fully revealed. We intend to show you a set of sacred truths that will alter your present beliefs about your past, your origin and your sacred philosophies. Those opinions that you presently hold need revision. These changes are only the first steps on your road to a true galactic consciousness. These truths in hand will allow your galactic comrades to add on to these revelations.

You have long felt uneasy about death, aging, poverty and suffering. There is a reason for your inner doubting. Galactic humans do not live as you do. They ascend after a truly joyous physical life that can last from centuries to millennia. We now have ascended, and in doing so, discovered why this is. We intend to use these lessons to answer questions that have long puzzled you. Each society has embodied traditions that paint a dark picture for humanity. The spiritual life is not to be separated from you by death. It is rather to be integrated in you by full consciousness. Your long inter-generational journey through the perilous realities of limited consciousness is to be transformed. This present revolution is a spiritual one and will bring you back to who you once were. It is to reunite you with other physical Angels and proceed with the unfolding of the Divine Plan!

Today, we carried on with the main purpose of this newsletter. We give you a glimpse into what is happening to you. Further, we have the task of preparing you for first contact and the rise in you of full consciousness. On all fronts, progress has been made and the manifesting of our mission is now happening! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Part 195, Prime Creator Announces the Beginning of The New Golden Age


I am Creator.  I have asked Lady Portia to take this message to give to the world.

It is my great pleasure to make an important announcement.  All important changes in the Universe require a special event to anchor them, to serve as the official beginning or end of an era.  I wish to declare that today, Monday, January 20, 2014 of the current Gregorian Earth Calendar will henceforth be known as the First Day of The New Golden Age.   It will usher in the beginning of new prosperity, peace, mutual cooperation and joy throughout all the Kingdoms of the Earth and beyond.

It is a time of change, a time of awakenings.  You will be learning things you could not have even imagined a day or a week ago.  You are all being raised up into the Light, given glimpses, a bit here, a hint there, of what you will be learning when you walk across the imaginary boundary which has held you in your 3 dimensional world.  You will emerge at the culmination of your meditations into the higher dimensions.

These messages have brought you along, increasing the challenge you were given, to open your hearts and your minds to feel your way toward the Truth of One.

Often you were puzzled or frustrated or confused.  The information you have been given seemed contradictory, and therefore not true.  You were forced to either choose from amongst two or three "Truths" or open your minds to the possibility that there might be a whole other possibility - a greater Truth which might lead to further levels of unknown regions of the Heart.

It will come as a great surprise to you that We in the higher dimensions sometimes tell you half-truths.  We do not lie to you; there would be no point in that.  We are not untruthful in our dealings, ever.  However, there are frequent occasions in which we can see that you are not at all ready for the whole truth - it would make you angry and turn you away, or it might pass right on by your understanding because you didn't have the background to understand it.  This is why we have led you, day by day, month by month, toward greater knowledge and wisdom.

It is not a simple endeavor, to lead an entire civilization which has been immersed in a rigid, intellectualized society of argumentative, quarreling and combative individuals, to bring all of them together toward a true meeting of the minds - which can only be accomplished by opening their hearts.  Yes, you have all been affected by the thousands of years of mind-over-heart and mind-over-matter arguments.  The last 600 years or so have been the worst, especially since Descartes proclaimed the mind superior to human emotion.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the scientific method to identify trends and small facts about the things you wish to study.  In some ways, it has moved you ahead, especially where some of your technologies are concerned, but it has done more to stifle originality than to expand it.  The most brilliant scientists do their best work during their sleep hours, when they collaborate with highly advanced galactic societies who share their findings with those who are open to it.  Of course, this has sometimes ended very badly, as in the premature development of nuclear fission, which was then immediately used to develop monstrously uncontrollable weapons and equally dangerous domestic technologies.

The use of nuclear power to generate electricity is a ridiculously reckless and inefficient method.  Were it not for the enormous profits it has generated for a few investors, at the cost of the health of your entire planet, it would not have even been given a second glance.  It is only thanks to the enormous subsidies of numerous governments that the plants have even been built.  We are preparing to see all these unnecessarily dangerous methods completely replaced with the simple, efficient and clean technologies which will be given to you by your galactic Brothers and Sisters.

The technologies you will be given are far superior to anything currently in development.  You will be amazed at the efficiency and ease with which all your homes, office buildings, civic buildings and even stadiums can be cooled, heated and softly lit, without a single drop of fossil fuels, and without producing a single carbon atom's worth of pollution.  This is just a small example of the momentous changes that will take place, to literally rescue and reward all the wonderful beings who reside on Gaia, your Mother Earth as you know her.

You, Beloved Earth Ones, have hewn to the path of Ascension, carrying the Light and the message of Love.  It is you who have created this glorious moment - you who have lifted your eyes to the Heavens in Faith.  You have envisioned the New World.  It is thus of your making. 

We have taught you that your thoughts, combined with the energy of your hearts, create Reality.  You have learned to manifest those thoughts with great clarity.  When you focus on the vision of your hearts, powered by your great will, you are able to make wonderful things happen. 

This is what you have done.  Together, you have focused on Abundance.  You have envisioned new housing for those who have lived in poverty, clean water for the people of the Earth who need it, food for the hungry, schools and loving teachers for the children who are starving for real knowledge, healing for the sick, and above all, peace on Earth.

So it shall be.  It is an auspicious time on Earth.  It is the first day of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the United States, and as the Chinese New Year approaches, the Year of the Horse becomes the new symbol - that of strength, exuberance and compassion.  It will be a year of enormous spiritual growth, expansion and Ascension for the entire planet.

Everyone on the planet - absolutely everyone - will experience the good fortune which will now fill all cups to overflowing.  Joy will replace fear as the predominant emotion.  Random acts of kindness will become the norm rather than newsworthy exceptions.

Open your hearts, Beloved Ones.  There are no more questions that need to be answered about when and how these changes will take place.  They have already begun.  You have been blessed with a program of prosperity that will be completely inexplicable to the rational thinkers, the practical managers and the unbelievers.

We are here, your Guides and Ascended Masters, and we are bringing to Planet Earth the most powerful force in the Universe: Love.  Awaken to the Truth that you will never again be made to suffer by forces outside your control.  Now, as you read this, humane political and social systems are being instituted across the globe.

We now await the proper timing for the further announcements to be made, which you have called Disclosure - the revelation that you are not alone in the Universe, and that your neighbors are friendly - once all the cabal and its minions have been subdued and/or dispersed.  What follows will be spectacular, astonishing even for those of you who have followed these messages for years.  Your minds will experience such information overload that only those with open hearts will be able to grasp the Truth of what is happening, for so many of the things you thought you knew were deliberately distorted.  All the news that is coming is good news. The revelations will make your hearts sing.

I am overjoyed to be able to tell you this, at long last.

Look around you.  The colors are brighter, people's faces are younger, and all worry and care are evaporating like the morning dew.

Enjoy your blessings, My Beloved Children.  Your New Day is dawning today.

I love you without end.
I am your Creator.

Via Kathryn E. May, January 19, 2014, 11:30 PM GMT

Permission is given to share or copy this message in its entirety, without additions or deletions, provided credit is given to the author and website.

Channel Panel - January 15, 2014

New Spirituality Podcasts with Channel Panel on BlogTalkRadio

Channel Panel 'Weekly Show' by Dr. Kathryn E. May; channeling Mother/Father God, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, St. Germain and guest Zorra from Hollow Earth. Co-hosted by Anne DeHart.

"Hear All About It" The Call exclusively for Prime Creator.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Message of Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy through Sheldan Nidle - January 14, 2014

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
It is a time for prosperity, new governance and disclosure! So let the manifesting of these wonders begin!


13 Muluc, 12 Chen, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return with good news! Our Earth associates are busy making sure that what is given to you manifests as we desire. It is essential that you be prosperous, free and that the string of debt attached to you disappears. This prosperity is not really a gift; rather it is how we wish to express our gratitude to you for being able to remain ready and willing to bring in a new reality for humanity. Each of you had the courage to help us by showing your intent when purchasing either an RV currency or else participating in the various prosperity programs. What you now receive is an acknowledgement by all of us for your divine cooperation in a number of vital projects. More is to come. These quick stages will enable new governance to rise. In addition, your intent is allowing us to legally arrest and then try a whole host of dark cabal "villains." This operation is again dependent on your most gracious cooperation. These events are to lead shortly to disclosure. Then, we can more directly address you and set the stage for our mass landings. Much needs to be communicated to you in a very short period of time.

Your current dark cabal-sponsored governments have continuously displayed a kind of indifference and a serious belligerence toward us. We have watched over the decades as they used their secret operations to send fleets of ships into orbit, challenge us in your solar system and make it quite apparent they wished that we leave. We have replied in many meetings of our deep commitment to the sacred decrees of Heaven. Recently, we have even fended off attacks by their vessels and been forced to destroy certain underground bases that were plotting the start of a general war against us. We are not here to fight. We are here at Heaven's behest to mentor you back to full consciousness. You were never meant to be someone's chattel. Any excuse given them for this is no longer acceptable. We are here to protect a legal non-violent shift in your consciousness. A vast movement now exists across the surface of this planet, dedicated to full consciousness, freedom and your personal sovereignty.

The task given us is to protect this movement and help it thrive. This we are doing. We are not here to oust the dark through a use of our technological superiority. Your courage, guile and determination are about to secure a grand victory from those who so severely underestimated you. Our mission is to watch and assist in a manner decided by Heaven decades ago. This series of deliberate actions is about to succeed because of all those who have worked so diligently to bring these arrogant rapscallions down. Soon, new governance will arise to restore all that was lost over the last few decades. A new prosperity will become the norm that will literally transform your global society. Individuals that are not yet widely known will use their astute abilities to lead your surface realm into a grand reunion with Agartha and with us. Mass meetings are to be the prelude to a new wisdom that will create the atmosphere for your return to full consciousness.

This is a grand time for us all. What is happening is really only a beginning in the public fleshing out of this magnificent "quiet revolution." There have been ups and downs that have probably created some degree of frustration for you. This frustration is now to end. A great many people in positions of quiet power have worked out a lovely denouement. We want you to enjoy what will manifest and prepare yourselves for information that can in some ways shock you, but in a very positive way. The time has come for you to emerge from the shadow land constructed for you by the dark cabal. You are meant to live in the Light and bask in the divine truths given you freely by Heaven. In this new reality, we are to shepherd you back to your fully conscious selves. Together, we are to bring the Light to this galaxy, along with a most glorious message. Our liaisons will spread this to every corner of this galaxy!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive bearing good news! Our associates have begun the process of preparing the prosperity funds for delivery. These funds will be backed by precious metals and represent the great largess of Heaven. They are to follow a global currency reset that will set the stage for your permanent prosperity. Besides this release of funds, there will be a vast reordering of the world's banking and financial services industry. The old ways of the past few decades are over. Banking charters will be redone and new regulations strictly enforced. Many who have endorsed highly corrupt and illegal practices will be arrested. These events will be swiftly followed by new governance dedicated to establishing a divine relationship with the people of this realm. The debt-creating ways of the dark cabal are no longer to be tolerated. The time comes for the Light to take charge of this reality!

The new governance will abolish national debt and free you from the debt created illegally by the banks and their various affiliates. In this debt-free environment you will be given your sacred national sovereignty. In addition, in divine time, we are going to start a series of worldwide lessons. These will concern the numerous religious philosophies that dot this surface reality. In one way or another, we have all experienced these practices. We intend to reveal to this world just how similar they all are, and give you direct accounts of those whose words are quoted throughout the many texts that make up the fundamental teachings of these religious philosophies. It is vital that these and other truths be given to you. The separation and allegations made by many need to be properly set aside.

We also intend to teach you about "ascension" and how you were all thrown into limited consciousness. These divine teachings are just the merest beginnings of what we need to tell you. There is the sacred story of why you are here and how you are to be resurrected by Heaven. This coming ascension will happen for a great number of reasons. You need to know them, as well as a detailed history of this mission and why Heaven permitted it to go temporarily astray. We are here to establish divine guidelines and explain why they are now in effect. We are here to calm and aid you. We are here to supervise a grand transition, which will transform this realm and set the stage for your reunion with your brethren from Spirit, Inner Earth and from this galaxy. Later, you will meet many who are in the Light but differ in form, size and shape!

Today, through our message, we expressed the joy of what is now happening around this globe. The times arrive for us to move forward and begin to earnestly transform this ever-changing realm. It is a time for prosperity, new governance and disclosure! So let the manifesting of these wonders begin! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat JA! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Mother/Father God Introduction - Part One

I thought I should write a short introduction about Mother/Father God to inform those who are wondering who they are and what they mean for the world.

Thought is the Creator God.  Just like water, light, fire and air there is an energy known as the "Source" who is the source of everything that ever existed.  Matter came into existence not because matter smashed with one another to create a new matter.  No, matter exist because it was thought about and intended and then expressed and the whole line of series of creation came into being both inanimate objects and materials into living things that were combined the materials and spirit.  A spirit can be likened to an electro-magnetic energy. This energy is the spirit that is not a material but a small part of the Source.  Every living thing contains a portion of the spark of the Source God.  The light that we see is literally based on that Source energy regardless of the material used to conduct light.  If you examine the geometric shape that appears when we look directly at a light source either when we use a camera lens or just plain view from of our eyes; we see the formation of the Hexagon shape.  This shape is like a vector math that can be scaled into a very tiny microscopic sizes or enlarge into cosmic size in an instant.  The hexagon which is a six sided shape has a centerpoint which is the starting point of the light energy source. And then protrude outwardly creating the hexagon shape, which is the essence of the spark of light or what other calls as lens flare. 

The same thing when you observe this energy source phenomenon in the form of water.  When water is affected by either heat or cold, a reaction takes place.  When heat is applied the water evaporates and becomes part of the air which is like oxidation.  But when the oxygen in the air is affected by cold temperature, it reacts and form ice crystals.  Majority of snow flakes when observe closely do have variety of shapes but has a standard form which is again the hexagon of six sided geometry.   It starts from the center and grows outward forming the hexagon snow flakes.  This principle is also can be observe on plants and animals where hexagon formation is standard.  What this means is life has a source and this SOURCE is GOD.  The goodnews is God is also a person but more than just a person as He/She is the sum of everything and everyone.  At the moment of creation the THOUGHT of the Creator God can DIRECT the shape of the spark from a centerpoint and fashion it in whatever expression He/She chooses to do.  And so everything that we see in all creation is a handiwork of the Great Creator as literally everything is an expression of intention of his creative and inventive mind.  

The very first persons that was created as a spark from the source (keep in mind a spark has a centerpoint of origin -growing outwardly into a being.)  The first woman and man that was made even before there was a Galaxy in voidness of space was the one we called as "Mother/Father God" a male and female.  Yes, they are the first people/couple that God (also known as the Prime Creator) ever created from his heart/thoughts that was expressed from the centerpoint of Gods heart.  This spark that became known as the Mother/Father God was the one that created the "Milky Way Galaxy".  They are also the first Twin Flame.

To be continued...........

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Part 194, The New Declaration of Independence for Planet Earth

We are very aware of how upset many people are at having been told every week that this would be the week for the first Prosperity funds to be released to the Lightworkers. We are also aware of how many of you have exhausted your funds in a way you would not have done if you had not believed they were coming.

We do understand that it is a matter of faith that you used your resources in generous and liberal ways to bring pleasure to your families, yourselves and others. Many of you have worked at what you love without pay, or with very little. You are talented and resourceful people and would have been able to earn large salaries if you had pursued the money path rather than a spiritual path.

It has caused much concern in the Lightworkers' community to know that there are so many who are losing their houses, closing their businesses and forgoing many things in order to continue their connection to the greater project - working on themselves, offering to be of service to others, and pursuing their studies to raise vibrations to prepare for Ascension.

These are indeed the honorable pursuits. It is a path that has been followed by monks, rabbis, priests, nuns and spiritual seekers of every persuasion since time began, and it is more important now than ever before. This transition, from relative wealth (compared to much of the world) to very modest conditions is a shock to anyone who has been used to the middle class conveniences and luxuries. It was not what you expected when you bravely launched your exploration to "find yourself."

We now encourage you, Beloved Ones, to continue on your path. The most difficult pause in your climb is when you reach the resting place 7/8 of the way to your destination. Will the rainbow lead you to the pot of gold, or will your arduous journey end in disillusionment? Will the pot of gold really be gold, or something more precious and wondrous, like a revelation or a vision of future glory?

Use this time to cross the boundaries your culture has laid down to keep you apart from one another. Help your neighbors as well as your friends and family members. Share what you have, even if it is limited. You remember the story about the stone soup, where everyone added a bit to the soup, and it became a truly delicious experience. You are in that place now, Dear Ones. Reach deep into your hearts to find new resolutions to the problems which face you. You will find that any difficulty is less painful when it is shared.

You have all been trained to be independent and self-reliant. That is not a bad thing in itself; it just doesn't work for all occasions. In times of limited resources, it has always been The True Way to share, combine forces, join together, and sustain each other in friendship and Love. This has never been more important than it is now.

Soon, the changes across the planet will come, faster and more abruptly than you could have imagined. We have declared that WE ARE FINISHED waiting for Earth's squabbling governments and ruling families to come to terms with the fact that IT IS DONE.

No more will those in power be permitted to instigate wars by engineering false flag attacks and fueling every argument by supporting the aggressor, no matter what the circumstances. It was a simple and effective formula - one that required only plenty of money and a few troublemakers on the ground to spread the ill will. It was a simple matter in many areas of the world, like the Middle East, where tempers have run high for centuries.

It is what you would call a cheap trick - this formula for stoking the fires of war. It takes very little thought, little knowledge of the true cares and concerns of the belligerents involved. Sell enough weapons to each side to impoverish the government and the people, tell both they are justified and have your support, and leave the rest to the despots and their thugs on both sides to do your bidding. Once both countries or regions are exhausted or one has prevailed, you can go in, buy up their resources for next to nothing by paying off those you have armed, and you can control the entire territory economically and politically without ever leaving your bank's plush office in New York or Paris or London.

This cheap trick international power-mongering will not be permitted to continue. All the players in this global game of cat and mouse are well known to us, and will be rounded up and taken in for trial, or in the most egregious cases, will be taken to an alternative planet which has been prepared for them. There they will be given the opportunity to live in communities made up of members like themselves, where brute force carries the day, and where they can experience life without the mitigating influence of the Lightworkers they previously disdained.

In the arena of this primitive and pervasive approach to destroying peace, genuine diplomacy appeared difficult, impossibly complex and fraught with problems. It was true that peace hardly had a chance as long as the Dark Ones were getting rich from their wars. Where good will might have blossomed, it was cut short by bribes, blackmail, threats and extortion. Good people on the ground gave their hearts and souls to try to restore peace, only to be defeated by those with nearly unlimited power to crush everything of the Light. And still our beloved Lightworkers persevered and prayed for our help.

And so it has been decided, with the support of Prime Creator, that Planet Earth would be freed from the destructive grip of the Dark Ones. She will never again be permitted to suffer nuclear explosions, chemical poisonings, deep well drillings and mountain-top decimation. Nuclear weapons have all been permanently neutralized. Toxic spills are being cleaned up with the help of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and those industries that have so tortured your dear Mother Earth will find themselves unable to continue to operate. This includes all who produce genetically engineered foods and chemical fertilizers.

The Animal Kingdom will no longer be permitted to suffer in zoos, factory farms or breeding mills. All will be released and taken to be cared for in safe and comfortable environments where they can adapt to the changing energies. They will all eventually take their places as the free-roaming friends and peaceful inhabitants of the planet.

The lion will indeed lie down with the lamb in the new Golden Age of Planet Earth. This will be possible, even probable, because all animals and all humans will have evolved to thrive on a light diet of vegetables, fruits and grains.

And when, you ask, will this fairyland Kingdom come to be? A thousand years in the future? NO! It has already begun. Look around you. The skies are bluer, the oceans cleaner every day. No toxic waves of nuclear waste have washed up on the shores of the western U.S. as a result of the Fukushima disaster. It has been taken care of.

It was planned, until recently, that the phases of change would unfold gradually, beginning with the revaluation of currency, the release of Prosperity Funds across the planet, then later Disclosure of the Galactic presence, along with education about the truth of you planet's history, and finally the landing of the ships and the eventual appearance of mentors, teachers and friends. Finally, the new technologies from more advanced civilizations in the Galactic Federation of Light would completely change the way life is lived on Mother Earth.

It has now been decided that the conduct of the affairs of planet Earth can no longer be left to the mercies of those currently in power. Free will is a privilege and responsibility that has been relentlessly abused. Decisions are still being made on the basis of the most profitable outcome rather than the Greater Good. WE WILL NO LONGER PERMIT THIS. NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO ABUSE OTHERS FOR PROFIT OR FOR POWER.

This is our Declaration of Independence for the people of Planet Earth.


We are your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn E. May, Jan. 13, 2014, 1 AM, Mt. Shasta, CA

Permission is given to share or copy this message in its entirety, without additions or deletions, provided credit is given to the author and website.