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Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 24, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Information came on all subjects ...energies not only from the Cosmos, but also from Inner and Hollow Earth supporting our preparation for Disclosure. - The "dominoes are falling... the first domino already hitting the second..." We are now beyond our ego, more of our Higher Self ... bodies changing from carbon to crystalline, DNA changing. - The media speaks of chaos - we speak of Divine Order. We learn more about Prime Creator. -- The loving life within Hollow Earth, as all are equal, no ego. All are HeartMind, all KNOW ... no need for monetary system. How it works. The Onenes permeating All. "This is the Earth we meant for you." Prime Creator: his place. -- Video allowed by Galactics of Malaysian airliner intercept and... WHO flew the ships? - Zorra's 50-ft body - Zorra's inches-high body. - What happens on the surface while everyone is in healing chambers? - When you sleep tonight? - 2015, 2016, 2017??!! - Earth's new surface will have many visitors! - Surprise visit by Adama, High Priest of Telos... telling where he hangs out - you may see him!


From the Office of Poofness: September 25, 2014

ZAP Says:

Hi all,

As of today, all global funds have been released for various payments of bonds, currencies, and trades. The F&P (Stephen: fines and penalties) and PP (Stephen: prosperity packages) are now getting to the point of reality and are also said to be released (but I do not know this for a fact yet).

The funds releases have impacted us greatly as we have received notice from the paymasters involved to prepare for receipt of funds early next week. I would assume starting October 1, 2014.
All this coincides with the finalization of the big meetings and the meetings being held at the UN this week.

Since the new Bretton Woods meetings, the new treaties and agreements now in place, the amelioration of the new systems, and the reduction of the idiots that would rape and pillage, we seem to be poised rather well for the new beginning.

I have heard that we are about a week away from things busting loose from many sources today, as there seems to be a great excitement building in the proper places. As always, I cannot say too much yet, but we are on the verge, and the pigs will be doing their job. I intend to have a bit of fun with some parsnips this coming weekend, and make a bit of veggie soup.

See you then, and again, thanks for all your wonderful support and your prayers.
In love and light in our service


September 25, 2014
Copyright ZAP 2014

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Love and Kisses,
Susan and Staff
The Office of Poofness

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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: September 23, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, September 23, 2014 –

5 Imix, 19 Zip, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come on this day with good news! The various programs to change your life and to reset the world’s currencies continue to show progress. We are pleased that the final attempts by the dark cabal have failed.

The end of September is to be a time noted for prosperity, freedom and the rise of a successful world peace movement. Many governments on your world are approaching a point where sudden change is inevitable. These changes are being caused by the increasing pressure being put on the dark cabal to concede its defeat and begin to cooperate with our earthly allies. We are watching the result of literally two decades of pressure.

The new monetary system is part of a fresh financial system that is dovetailing with the distribution of your world’s prosperity funds. Together, these two movements are changing the way your world operates. This series of changes is only the beginning; NESARA in America and a global movement tied to it are to change your reality forever.

The coming changes are part of a process leading inevitably to first contact. The initial part of this is presently underway. The developing prosperity and the increase of freedoms globally are as well to further the conditions leading to formal disclosure. We understand how shocking the announcements are that you hear daily from your leaders. These announcements are to transform the very nature of your governance and to prepare you for the broadcasts that permit us to later talk to you directly.

Once we can address you, we intend to cover a broad series of subjects. You have been given only brief information which you first learned in school, and later had this expanded by your book reading and listening to a variety of programs on your television. You need to learn about your true off-world origins and how you came to be a resident of the surface of Gaia. Then, you are ready to meet your Agarthan neighbors and, of course, us.

The landings are to be global in scope. We have been constantly determining and then checking on the condition of our designated landing areas. Whenever there is some unusual degree of change to these sites, we simply select new ones. So far, we have altered only 11% of our preselected sites. Most of these changes are due to expansion in urban areas. New housing or shopping centers seem to spring up at our site locations in highly urbanized areas.

Rural areas remain open for decades. Regardless of these discrepancies, our landing craft remain accounted for. We have not been forced to limit the number of scout ships to be used. The order and methods used are now designed for each selected site. In addition, we are ready to teleport our mentors to you. Each mentor is to contact you telepathically before they appear before you. This preliminary conversation is to acquaint you with us and present you with a brief introduction of our various protocols.

The key to your transformation is your budding relationship with your mentor. This relationship is like that of a therapist to a patient. Trust is an important part of this journey. A number of very frank interactions are to happen when you look at your childhood, your Akashic records and your current life contract. A vast number of epigenetic incidents in past and current lives need to be discussed openly and frankly.

You need to clear these things to set up your three-day journey in your crystal Light Chamber. We intend you to have had a number of incident-clearing sessions so you can glimpse the extent of what your three-day transformational journey is to cover. There is a vast network of energetic and mind-controlling machines that have filled you with beliefs that need to be cleared from your mental, emotional and physical bodies. The mentor’s job is to clear these with your help. As we said, these are preliminary to what you are to encounter in the Crystal Chambers.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with good things to report! Our various associates are continuing to move forward. We are very close to the global reset and the accompanying revaluation of the world’s currencies. These events are to be tied in with the rise of a worldwide precious metal standard. The improprieties of the world’s major banks, as well as a vast corruption of the world’s governments, means that a grand financial revolution is now needed to purge this realm of the dark cabal.

This process is ready to yield major arrests and new governance. The coming prosperity and new international banking regulations are to clean up this abhorrent mess and bless this realm with an endless prosperity. Your freedom and sovereignty are to arise from all that is presently happening. We have been blessed by Heaven to finish this sacred task and then welcome those who helped us to succeed!

What is occurring here is a great blessing! We have worked diligently to assure your success. Heaven has smiled on our efforts and permitted us to have the means to overcome the dark and its numerous minions. Every day we pray and spend hours healing this realm. Many of you are frustrated by what has seemingly taken an endless time to get done. Do not lose faith! Miracles are happening! The dark, once seemingly so omnipotent, is now quickly fading.

The Light increases in strength each and every day. Be proud of what we have accomplished together. Each of your prayers and meditations has greatly aided this divine cause. Hence, together we have gathered the means to triumph. Remain positive and thoroughly focused on victory! The dark, as noted, is fading. We are on the verge of great things!

We, your Ascended Masters, are wishing you well, and working to finish off this most well-deserved victory. Be proud of what you are accomplishing. You are moving an entire realm to the very edge of its ascension. This is no small task. We all honor you for your achievements. As the coming time approaches, be happy and be most satisfied with what you are accomplishing.

We simply ask you to stay focused and to know deep in your heart that you are there. This time of victory is to forever transform this beautiful orb and reunite you with your entire spiritual and galactic family. You are even to reassume your position in this most glorious family. We thank you and graciously bless you. Your grand sacred time has come! The dark has lost and now we can all come together and celebrate this grand victory! Hallelujah!

Today, we rejoice! We have given you another overview of the present circumstances. Be patient. The best is now to come. We leave you this week in joy. Soon, you are to meet your spiritual and galactic families. Be happy and remain focused on the prize! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 20, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Zaraya told of his brother and sister in Hollow Earth and what they are doing with their lives. Zorra addressed fear, and how to manage it. Zorra's mate, Saryya joined (through Quazar) and reminded us of "the call" and how eager we were to come to the only planet with life existing on the outside surface! "What an adventure!" - The recent video ... showing our "2nd sun." - We learned about the Sirian ship, five times larger than our planet, parked (and hiding) in front of the sun. Are there MORE?? - Zorra told about Nibiru... is it destructive? - When can we look for Disclosure? - Listeners were ASKED a question, and had to answer before asking their own question. - We're getting personal mentors?? Where from??? - How will we know when we are in the Photon Belt? - What religions support these teachings? - Origin of Cherokee race? - How to make a spiritual headband. - Could we be tired and headachy because our intestines need cleaning???

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SaLuSa: September 19, 2014

SaLuSa: Channeled by Mike Quinsey. September 19, 2014.

The vibrations and influences of the last cycle are destined to die away, as they are replaced by the more refined ones of the New Age. There is something of a battle taking place for supremacy between the dark and the Light, but there is no contest inasmuch that the Light is destined to reign supreme.

The dark are steadily losing power and no matter how much they try, they cannot overcome their demise. However, they are to be reckoned with until their power is removed. They cannot last much longer and are already losing their influence where worldly matters are concerned.

It is their karma to experience defeat and the failure of their plan for global dominance. In their gross arrogance did they really imagine that God would allow them to decimate the population. They planned to reduce it dramatically to a “manageable” number that they could easily control. So have no fear, as that plan would never be allowed to interfere with the evolution of those of the Light.

Little by little you will be introduced to changes that will take you onwards quite quickly. You have done the preparation work and are ready to take a great step forward to experience the higher vibrations, and all the benefits that go with them.

For quite a long period we have encouraged the pursuit of new technologies that will also give you a flying start when they can be introduced. Many are ready for you, but the timing must be such that there is no interference that will hold them back. Free energy is one that many, many people have heard about, and it will ultimately cater for all of your needs.

The dark Ones have deliberately kept such advancements for themselves, with no intention of sharing them with you. However, their actions will serve no purpose as no one group of individuals is allowed to evolve at the expense of another. The evolution of technology alone is if no use unless it is applied in a spiritual manner that benefits the whole of Humanity.

Each soul that has found the Light is a focal point for these energies, and will influence others as they go about their business. It happens in a subtle way that does not overpower them, but opens up their consciousness to more evolved thoughts and actions. As the momentum gathers pace so it will speed up your evolution and bring about the inevitable splitting of the ways.

So whatever your experiences in the present vibrations, remember that they are slowly changing and destined to take you fully into the New Age. Once you have given yourself to the Light and all that it means, life will take on a new meaning and be so fulfilling. Events outside of you will not affect you, and if anything it is the other way around.

We are so pleased to see so many of you leading from the front, and by your example you will influence many others to follow you. Where you are destined to meet with other Lightworkers, you can be sure that it will take place. If necessary we can influence your thinking to such a degree to ensure it does.

We would never otherwise take it upon ourselves to place you in a situation that would be disagreeable to you. Often such matters have been discussed with you prior to the event and we work with your agreement. We very much respect your sovereignty and freedom to exercise your own freewill. In other words we work together for our mutual benefit.

We watch you on our screens and admire your determination to keep on pressing forward, and we give you every encouragement to keep your goal in front of you. Many of you have undertaken very important roles over millennia of time to bring the Light into being. Now you are to see the result of your endeavours and what you have achieved.

Looking back you will surely realise the measure of your success and you may rightfully take credit for it. You are always the main beneficiary of the work you do and, as a Lightworker, are continually uplifting your own vibrations and in helping others you help yourselves.

If you could see the overall picture where Earth is concerned you would note that outwardly there is seemingly a great degree of chaos, yet the ultimate picture is one of achievement and fulfilment.

So much has to be done to remove the vestiges of the lower vibrations to clear the way, so that the new vibrations can be established. Every aspect of life is about “vibrations” and in time your medical establishment would find that it is a path worth investigating. However, with any New Age advancement you are advised on such matters and given as much information that is needed to make progress.

You may wonder why we do not meet some of you on Earth – of course the truth is we do but it is an intended contact and of a personal nature. The most popular place for meeting is in the higher levels during your sleep time, and very few of you take memories of it back with you.

However, any conversation with us is held in your sub-consciousness, and can still have an effect on you. It is a very convenient way to meet as most souls leave their bodies during their sleep time. When you have a problem that troubles you it is why it is suggested you “sleep on it”, and when you wake up the next morning the answer to your problem is with you.

There is so much more to physical life than you generally understand, but it is not vital that you know more at this time. It is however of value to know that all life is interconnected, and that is why mass consciousness is so important.

Each of you contribute to the whole which is why we are working with you to raise your individual vibrations. Have you ever wondered why you feel good around some people and not others? That is usually when you are in harmony with that person, and feel at One with them through their vibrations.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to enlighten you on many aspects of your life on Earth. It will continue, and your ultimate goal is full consciousness to become a Galactic Being. The greatest power is the Light and in the course of time, you will use it to create to an extent that is at present unimaginable.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 18, 2014

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Life of Jesus


I Am Ashtar,
Commander of The New Jerusalem,
who serves 
The Most Radiant One (the Christ)
In His Mission of Love.

Delivered by Ashtar
Transcribed by Pallas Athena
September 7 2014

This is Ashtar.

Greetings, Beloved Family. It is my pleasure to take this moment in your time to inform you of a long overdue message about our beloved brother, Master Jesus/Jeshu/Sananda's life story. There have been many stories written and told about our brother, but they have not all been correct, nor complete, nor have they done justice to the loving example He lived to show all how to prepare for their Ascension.



Jesus was one of the guardians who came from Venus.

Jesus, also known as Sananda Kumara, had seven Earth incarnations:
Sananda Kumara, Melchizedek, Zoroaster, King Tutankhamen, Shem, (son of Noah), Jesus the Christ and the King of Swords(KOS).

Jesus was prepared by His many embodiments before that lifetime in which He was to manifest the Christ and leave the example for mankind. He came into that embodiment without personal (karma) human creation; but, He came into a mortal (physical) body created from physical substance with tendencies of race consciousness... a body of substance of the vibratory action of the physical world, therefore not self-luminous in itself. It took on the luminosity at Transfiguration when His Christ Self expanded the light through Him to that extent. He had, by applying this law and through the use of the Violet Flame and the Resurrection Flame, purified the substance of that physical body to the point where this could be done. This same action applies to the Lord Gautama and He worked His way through the psychic strata in Earth's atmosphere.
Jesus started certain work for the purification of the Earth and the freedom of mankind then, which is only now being completed. He came at a point of great darkness and through His mission, the currents were reversed.

The Christian dispensation was designed at inner levels. When the drama was shown on the cosmic screen, about thirty 6th Ray individuals who had much development and mastery, volunteered for the initiation of the public crucifixion. Jesus was the one chosen and then others were chosen who would come and be the guards, protectors, the mother, the father the disciples and helpers.

The Three Wise Men, with Jesus, formed the square - the squaring of the circle.

Jesus, as a small child, first attended classes in the

Temple at Karnak, Egypt for a number of years
before returning to the land of His birth.

When King Herod had ordered the killing of all male children, age 2 and under, they had traveled on Land Speeders in underground tunnels and lived in Egypt. Eventually they went back. (Land Speeders were vehicles used for long distance country/country travel in the underground tunnels). 
From the age of 12 to 30, Jesus studied the Vedas with
Ascended Masters in the Indus valley

and went back to the Middle East on a Land Speeder.

When Jeshu and Magdalene had their first child,
a daughter named Sarah, (a past life of Lady Diana),
they went to Mt. Carmel.

Inside the mountain was an access to the Agartha network and they went to

Egypt and the Kings Chamber
for teachings from the Ashtar Command.

Lord Maitreya, who Jesus call "Father," was Jesus' Guru, or Teacher, and was recognized by Jesus in his outer consciousness when he was yet a small boy. Their atunement and association grew and Their connection became closer and closer until They were as one in action. That is how the healing and so-called miracles were performed by Jesus.
During the period from ages twelve to twenty-eight,
Jesus was in training in various Retreats, monasteries and such.

He was in a monastery in Kashmir valley for five years
and there are scrolls preserved there which He wrote Himself.

Before Joseph (the incarnation of St Germain) passed on,
he informed Jesus that before He attained His majority

He would be required to journey to India to receive training from
Joseph's Teacher and Master, the Divine Director.
Jesus made the journey soon after Joseph's passing.
What most do not know is that during this lifetime, two souls played the role of Jesus. One was not the full template of Sananda Kamara, but was 9/12th of the energy of the whole template. This is the One who challenged the authorities who were trying to control Earth... the Romans and others. This is the One who married Mary Magdalene and they had five children and moved to France because He was constantly inviting his detractors, to his jeopardy. This was a similar situation to breaking the gag order, today, and having the dark Ones always trying to do away with the whistleblowers. Often they succeeded.

There was also another One who was a full template 12/12 of Sananda Kumara incarnate on Earth. This is the One who had to leave and travel. He did this to stay out of the way of those who felt challenged by the 9/12 presence. Jesus traveled all over the world teaching the Mysteries. He was called the White Prophet. He came back and played out the end of the story.

There was a brief period where a walk-in Soul came in for the few days when Jesus was beaten and hung on the cross. The reason for this was that this volunteer took on that karma. It was not in Jesus' role to play that part.

When Jesus was receiving training from Joseph's Teacher and Master, the Divine Director, Jesus was in the Retreat for some length of time when, one day, He received the mantra "I AM the Resurrection and the Life" from the Master. (A Master can convey an idea or message to his pupil on the inner, and it need not necessarily be through the spoken word.) He had received no outer recognition from the Master, although He knew perfectly well who Jesus was, His mission and His coming. That statement was vital to Him ... a key phrase ... and He returned home with that uppermost in His consciousness. The result of the use of that statement is a raising action. One thing definitely taught there was that a decree had efficacy only when the truth affirmed was accepted and understood within the consciousness as feeling.

He belonged to the Order of Zadkiel. He changed the quality of energy, He changed rough seas into peace, sickness into health, death into life.

Another statement Jesus gave which was not recorded was "I AM the fullness of the Great Light." When He said "... and greater things than these shall ye do," He knew then that as He went on into cosmic activity and would charge or enfold someone that was prepared, in His Flame of cosmic momentum, they could then do even greater things that He did. Also there would be greater opportunities, such as now.

He had this instruction we have been given, and gave the teaching to approximately three thousand people. Spiritually He touched less than five hundred lifestreams. About five hundred witnessed His Ascension.

Jesus and Mary were at Luxor, Egypt, for about three years

previous to Jesus' public ministry. They both took the final initiation given at that Retreat. This initiation is to consciously suspend the breath from the body and then after a certain length of time animate the body again. This was done in preparation for Jesus' crucifixion.

Jesus did not suffer when He was on the cross because He had withdrawn His consciousness into His own Christ Self or Higher Mental Body. He kept just enough connection with the physical body to enable Him to speak those words, "Father, how Thou hast glorified Me," (not forsaken me) which He spoke on the cross. When He was taken off the cross, His outer consciousness again entered the physical body.

The three days He was in the tomb, He completely purified that body by the use of light rays. When Archangel Gabriel rolled away the stone and He came forth that first Easter morning, He had drawn the purified essence of the physical body into His own Christ Self and all else was consumed or transmuted. That was done through the action of the Resurrection Flame. There were only about twenty persons on Easter Sunday who were aware of the action and significance of that resurrection, which was an externalization of victory over death and was not meant to portray the sorrows of crucifixion.

He was now the manifestation of the Christ Self and thus walked and talked with His Mother Mary and His Beloved wife Magdalene and some of His friends and disciples for those forty days. The Christ Self is really consciousness and one must cultivate Its action through his thinking and feeling, until he develops the fullness of it.

Jesus had ascended into the Christ Self, that was one step; but He was not yet wholly Ascended. The fortieth day, when He walked to the top of Bethany Hill, and entered the Heavens in blazing Light... that completed His Ascension. When Jesus Ascended into the Electronic Body of His I AM Presence, He poured forth an individualized flame around the heart of every lifestream embodied or dis-embodied, and will sustain it until each one is free in the Ascension.

Jesus, before His Ascension, also vowed (as Mary had) to assist those lifestreams who had lost their lives as babies by the order of King Herod. Jesus was permitted by the Great Law to consume and transmute, at inner levels, at the time of His Ascension, some karma for certain lifestreams. He could reach only some of those who were ready for spiritual enlightment and who should have been reached during His ministry, but because of lack of communication facilities He was unable to reach them. Therefore, the Law permitted Him to give that assistance then. This has been misconstrued into the idea of vicarious atonement.

The one on the cross to the right of Jesus did make the Ascension.

Jesus has appeared thousands of times since He ascended from Earth. He appeared twenty one nights in succession and once five days later, to a noted artist who painted His portrait. When the painting was finished He ceased to appear.

One of Jesus' actions is the Central Sun magnet, which is drawing and directing currents of energy.

The fiat for the "Light as of a thousand suns" to descend, if necessary, and transmute all human creation, was issued the third time August 22, 1937, by Jesus.

Jesus has been Chohan of the Sixth Ray since His Ascension. On January 1, 1956, He was raised to the position of World Teacher (along with Kuthumi), but still held connection with the Chohanship.
Jesus, since His ascension, has golden hair and blue eyes. The music of "Joy to The World" would accompany Jesus' visitations after His Resurrection and often be heard before they were aware of His Presence.

... My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, all have been blessed to have Master Jesus/Jushu/Sananda incarnate on your planet Earth to show the example of gratitude, forgiveness, mercy, faith, peace, harmony and love for one another.

He was the greatest example and His mission showed that He was God in Action.

When He taught, "Come, follow me," He was just asking us to get in touch with our I Am Presence and always be God in Action.

Be proud and know Who you are and love one another, above everything else. This is what it takes for your Ascension.

Are you ready?

We all are proud and honored and bow, with respect for you, now Masters.

Love beyond all words,


Thank you Ashtar,

Pallas Athena

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: September 15, 2014

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

What is immediately ahead for you is prosperity and the rise of new governance.

Two months after this happens, disclosure is to occur.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization

4 Manik, 5 Zip, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to say! Your various programs to bring you prosperity are here! Now you need to better understand what is happening to each of you.

Fundamentally, your bodies are transforming and being made ready for your final changes which are to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation is taking place in stages, in a way which enables your body to adjust. At times, these adjustments are difficult for you. These so-called ascension symptoms are things that all of you are feeling. You may experience a strange heartbeat or more fatigue than usual after some strenuous exercise. The severity of what you encounter is pre-determined by Heaven through the agendas given your many body guardians. You agreed to these agendas before you were embodied on this Earth plane. Strict instructions were given to our medical teams as to how to report each individual’s vital spiritual, mental, emotional and physical signs. These measurements help us to daily reconfigure your personal crystal light chamber.

First contact needs to happen in divine time. Until then, our liaisons constantly check those who are so diligently and wonderfully providing the means to change your realm from dark to Light. This process has taken a very long time. It was greatly accelerated by the Anchara Alliance’s sudden turnabout forged by specific decrees from the Anchara continuum. These decrees dovetailed with the ancient prophecies of Archangel Michael for this galaxy. We are now busy merging our fleets and bringing in new members from the star nations formed when the various dark star empires of Anchara dissolved. These new nations deeply desire to obtain Light Bodies and learn how to use them to ascend. One of your future duties is to aid our associates in the Galactic Federation, to teach them these special gifts. Your wisdom and knowledge on these matters is to be especially helpful in permitting these new star nations to learn these skills.

elizabethtrutwin telos
As we work toward the moment for first contact, we are preparing knowledge for future landing sites and pairing each of our mentors with you. The actual mentoring operation is quite complex and requires your full cooperation. Each of you needs to look inside deeply and graciously release the inner “demons” that you have acquired since birth. Hence, each mentor needs to be allowed to work with you to review and then release these numerous “demons.” The Anunnaki, once they were given a degree of control over you, began to work upon your fears in order to better manage you. Overall, surface humanity carries with it a legacy of these initial “terror traps” imposed upon you by the Anunnaki, as well as new traps imposed upon you by your ancestors’ intergenerational experiences. These further add to, and make more complex, the initial terrors first conceived by the Anunnaki. All of this and much more are to be transformed and released by our mentors.

What is immediately ahead for you is prosperity and the rise of new governance. Two months after this happens, disclosure is to occur.

We fully expect that this announcement is to lead to ours. At this same moment, we are to see the first lessons from your Ascended Masters. These lessons are set to ready you for the many new and startling facts you need to know. The Anunnaki began their time with you by inventing a highly misleading and manipulative origin story. This was done so they could announce to you that they were creator gods. The Anunnaki were then able to do outrageous things to maintain this control. These stories need to be replaced by Truth.

You need to take back your power and freely and righteously correct the horrors of the past. Then you can be free to accept us. We come merely as representatives of your ancestors. We come to gift you with full consciousness and with the opportunity to resume your special position in this galaxy!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in peace and joy!

Everywhere on this globe our associates are preparing the way for your prosperity, freedom and for the reacquiring of your blessed personal sovereignty. There are three sacred networks set up for these divine purposes. The first is to assure you your prosperity. The second concerns the return to common law and the third is making it possible for new governance to appear. The present financial system, with its illegal payouts to legislators and to the various departments of government, is ideally suited for special interests and a vast abuse of power. This runs counter to what Heaven desires for you. Another ill is the vast misrepresentation of law. This creates a set of moralities that also runs counter to your everyday best interests. Heaven desires to transform all of this and provide a secure environment for all.

The Creator gave sacred rights to you, and these blessed gifts require a reality which can honor them. This is why our associates forged two of these sacred networks. A fair, common law needs once again to be the way of true justice in your lands. Each individual needs to know that a true legal morality exists. Tied into this is the rise of a vast multilevel house-cleaning of governance. 

Laws similar to NESARA were initiated to set up the prototype for such actions. Prosperity can be made permanent only if government is truly fair and reasonable for all. This can only happen if these blessings make possible a complete house-cleaning. It is vital to switch governance from war and competitiveness to peaceful orientation and willingness to be cooperative with all. In this environment our lessons can take hold and lead to a truly divine transformation.
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Finally, there is the important matter of funneling funds to you that were either illegally taken in the past or stemmed from a vast acquired stream of abundance. 

These funds are in excellent hands and are to be distributed to all. The present system of limitations and lack really run counter to what has been decreed for everyone in this reality. You are special children of Heaven and the time comes to liberate you from lack and give you the tools to achieve your dearest dreams. It is time to end the old power structure’s “rat race,” which kept you in a hole, unable to achieve your deepest desires. We Ascended Masters have spent millennia keeping you tied to morality and Heaven. This is now to be expanded in a way that allows you to know about and achieve your true goals. A special time for all has at last arrived! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued our weekly message to you. As you can see, important progress is being made that is assuring you your prosperity and your freedom. Stay focused on these goals and watch some wonderful events happen before you! Do this all in Love and in Joy! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From the Office of Poofness: September 14, 2014

Greetings and Salutations:
Poof Said:
The times are not what you think. The chess pieces continue to be moved around. There are some heavy handed moves being attempted. They will not be successful. The cheers for those who are working for the higher good need to be heard. There are many –very many who are doing the heavy lifting. Pay attention to all of the news that surfaces. It will ultimately be good but there is no way to assure any one of that for the moment. Just know that we have not come this far to drop the ball now. The times they are a’changing; the news coming through the cyber connections is all good. The magic that all have been waiting for is within grasp of the ones who are at the forefront to make it all come together. We are happy to report that we see much occurring that should please all your spirits….P…
ZAP Says:
Hi all
Well, I did it. I quit smoking. Not much fun.
This week, not much to report as all that we have tried to get done, is done, and the TRN (USN) is going live tomorrow (Monday September 14, 2014). We know this because the IMF put out the circular, and some bankers called up and said so.
If the TRN is going live, then the RV is not far behind.
I could probably wrap it up here, but there are some that require some thought.
Q: Dear Sir, I wanted to forward this to you, hoping that you will respond to this, in this coming Sunday’s missive. I would think, based on what you have told us, that ‘Grandfather’ is now in control, and these types of shenanigans will no longer be tolerated:
Now the past couple of days, leading up to the formation of the Iraqi government, the Obama administration has been in the ear of the CBI and the new PM Abadi with a new approach. Our administration has been using Chicago style politics with the newly formed Iraqi Gov. and the CBI, offering up a sweetened deal in order for them to hold off on the RV until the first of January, or at least until after the elections in November. O is promising that Iraq will not have to worry about any military expenses will not have to put the Iraq soldiers at risk, as in return for holding off on the RV, the USA will fully eliminate ISIS from Iraq. O has even offered to put boots on the ground, in order to make a deal that the Iraq government and the CBI are having a hard time passing up.”
I do not know if any of this has any merit of truth, but if it does, will ‘Grandfather step in and stop this? How much longer can the US government continue to hold the world at bay? Thank you for your time and your effort, to keep us informed and updated. – M
ZAP – ‘Grandfather’ does not get too involved in the day to day stuff. When the wars happened, he did not get involved. But what I meant by my statement was that ‘Grandfather’ will no longer tolerate theft and the rape and pillage of our humanity. However, day to day politics, as long as they do not interfere with the overall scope of events set to motion, will be ignored.
Q: Dear ZAP, Susan, thank you for everything and keeping our faith alive. Do you see any hold ups? Do you see it happening this month ? Thank you! Sent from my iPhone
ZAP – No real holdups. It is what it is and will be effected, regardless of the odd glitch here and there. With the TRN going live, well, that is a singular event.
Q: Hi Susan, some additional information that Dave Schmidt said the Ambassador shared was that things have changed a lot this week in the way things will move forward. I think he was alluding to the fact that the Chinese do not trust that the funds for the projects will end up in the hands of the Cabal so they will not release those funds. He also said that the Ambassador told him that the one that is called Grandpa is a fraud. OMG, this sounds so terrible. Can this really be? – S
ZAP – Gee whiz, then I guess that all funds will have to be frozen and made useless because the nasty cabal will steal the money. Rest assured that our funds for project side are not frozen, never will be frozen, and will in fact be used for the purpose of project. Which ‘Grandpa’? There are many, many frauds, and I agree with the ambassador. The ‘Grandfather’ I speak about is the first generation Jade Emperor in Heaven.
Q: Susan & ZAP, Good Morning…..Continued thanks. You mentioned last weekend that the public would see visible changes this week. Were you referring to the new government in Iraq? I’m thinking it must be more than that because 95% of North Americans would not be paying attention to that. Is there something else that we missed? Or is the visible part pushed back to later this month? Blessings – S
ZAP – Hi. The visible changes do involve the Iraq government. The other thing is the TRN tomorrow. That should grab people s attention.
Q: Posted in TNT fast chat: Great news brother just text(ed) me from Egypt .. They are exchanging Dinar.. He ask(ed) me why has the US not started yet.. Wow.. Not sure what to say.. He only said .. Some of the family members got over $3.00 .. It sounds like the international rate of $3.44-3.71 is right on.
ZAP – Because the US administration is behind the times? We knew this would happen, and here we are. The USA really does not know what to make of all this. They do not want people to benefit on the exchange, but are powerless to stop it. So they go around and around stuck in this cement mixer, all the while yelling: ‘help, help I am stuck in a cement mixer!’.
And just to prove you cannot keep the truth down, here is a recent post in regard one of our more famous incidences.
9/11 TRUTH on C-SPAN Posted Sep 8, 2014
9/11 TRUTH Saturates The Internet THE DAM IS ABOUT TO BREAK
Unprecedented 9/11 C-SPAN VIDEO: 9/11 TRUTH Finally Appears In The Mainstream Media Michael Thomas
If you haven t already watched the following video of Richard Gage from ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS For 9/11 TRUTH shown on C-SPAN, then only seeing is believing.
This unparalleled breakthrough of 9/11 truth into the mainstream media is as consequential as it is explosive for both the real perpetrators and the entire nation.
This irrefutable presentation on the collapse of Building #7 of the World Trade Center Complex is particularly damning because of the authoritative science offered as proof that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraud. The ramifications are so far-reaching and profound that the entire world will undoubtedly change with the dissemination of these stunning, yet self-evident, revelations!
Richard Gage speaking on C-SPAN / World-renowned Expert In Controlled Demolition
ZAP – Richard Gage is a real expert. Listen to the man. I wonder when the American people will wake up.
Q: Wrong again Zap. Another week ZIP. You, Machaffie, Tony, Exo and MG should all get together to celebrate the success of dragging Dinarians through the mud with disappointment after disappointment with nothing but pure bull shit. Or shall I say pig shit in your case. All of you should just shut up and stop leading people to a false utopia. You’re just a phony with no real contacts trolling for money on the net. I’m going to name you the MAGNIFICENT FIVE How many more fools will follow the magnificent five into 2015?
(ZAP – How dare you .my pig shit is good and real. And i do not troll for money. You should know that by now. I do not lead people to a false utopia, and please do not lump me in with the Dinarian gurus I beg you. No, no, no. I am too young to become extinct.)
Hi, K – Thanks. :) I’ll differ with you on that, though – I don’t think he’s ever cried wolf at all. I think you’re probably looking for absolute dates – many people I hear from, are – but he’s never really offered any. What he _has_ said is, that it’s entirely in Grandfather’s hands at this point and will happen according to his decision. ZAP can tell you what he ‘expects’, but he can’t tell you what he doesn’t know. :) Blessings. –hobie
I do not believe him anymore. Cried wolf too many times. You can tell him from one of the leaders of many here. He has lost a strong supporter. No clever songs or Pig crap will help. only makes me more lost. KK
ZAP – Thanks Hobie. And K, I really do not do the guru thing. Not my thing. I will tell you what ‘Grandfather’ has done and what the expected direction is, but as far as giving the precise date when it will happen as in: on September x the dinar will roll over in its grave, is impossible for anybody even at the high levels. There are too many variables to peg it down that way.
And I have not cried wolf except with the TRN here. And that is based on the chairman and a president of a bank (one in Europe and one in North America) telling us they got a circular from the IMF saying the TRN is going live on Monday. So even this is not crying wolf, right?
So, if I lost you, ah well. Not much I can do, and really that was not my purpose in the beginning: to gain people. It will not affect what we do on the project side.
Q: Susan and Zap, I want to let you know that I look forward to your witty posts and find myself looking for it, though I know it is too early for it to be posted. Thank you for your help along the way. I am hoping that today is your last post not because I don t want to read them anymore, but because I am more than ready for this process to be over. Even so, I will miss you both when it has completed. Thank you for your contribution of information and encouragement. – P
ZAP – I too look forward to the day that ZAP retires.
I was kinda sorta hoping that by this letter, it would happen. And it may still – with the TRN going live, and the RV right behind – I can quit and get to the project side.
But I will put up a last post telling everybody what is happening on the projects side, what to expect, and when.
This is one of the reasons I quit smoking. Where I am going now, I cannot smoke.
God Bless you.
September 14, 2014|
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Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 11, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

And how be you, Beloved Masters?  It is I, Zorra, from Hollow Earth.

With the "time machine" speeding up, I have added these Wednesday calls to keep you current on events as they happen.  We will spend an hour or so together tonight, keeping you abreast of Terra's latest updates.

I suggest you check in on our website:
Scroll down the Home page to BREAKING NEWS.  Events are posted as they happen. Most people check in when they awaken - mid-day - and before bed.  This is the fastest way to be on top of things as they happen.

And so, I now invite you to join us on tonight's show.  Perhaps we can even get in a few questions!

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, and great, great love be with you.
What a wondrous, glorious, loving day it is!


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May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, and great, great love be with you.
What a wondrous, glorious, loving day it is!


Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 6, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

You could call this episode:  Advice on traveling to Hollow Earth

This call is chock full of information, from beginning to end!  Zaraya first offers a list of facts for us to explain, IF "the Earth is not hollow!" Very interesting! - He gives exact longitude/latitude of the North polar opening... how he and others have searched for land openings and found locked doors!  
Zorra joins the call with further advice for those planning a journey into Hollow Earth. And who is leaving in the next two months? Could you join him?  Zorra names those who have successfully been admitted to Hollow Earth and each of their entry points. He gives a book title with all the entry locations. What sight greets a new visitor?   

RV is "minutes away." Two governments delaying it. Obama's part: good or bad? - RV - Disclosure Announcements - then, look for ships, decloaked and appearing above capitol buildings worldwide. No fear - celebration! 
Q & A:  Do we really need trusts? Tax reserves?  Saryya:  You are the greatest teachers present. How to administer your RV Blessings, at home and abroad. There is a HEN (Hollow Earth Network) member in every country worldwide.- Healing Chambers locations and functions. -- What she sees in her house after dark, Zorra tells her to "Paint it!"  
Healing Pulse.
Telephone Replay:     1   209-255-1099 + 439724#  Ref: 59#
Please listen to our Featured Episode telling how this communication began.