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From The Office of Poofness: October 2, 2014

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Occupy this: flying pigs. Would be interesting. The situation in Hong Kong is clearly fascinating. The Occupy thing certainly catches the attention of everybody, and the ones that are the subject of the action squirm.

China, being China, is in a difficult position on this one, and it will be interesting to see the outcome. Understanding that ‘Grandfather’ is now working closely with the government on the reforms to come, I wonder if he will involve (himself) in this matter, as he stays out of such things and lets governments do what governments do. His concern is the financial system stability, not day-to-day politics. Those are the concerns of other factions.

But I do consider the HK situation a powder keg that can go either way depending on the wisdom of Beijing. Many eyes are on Beijing. If they support the process that has been established over decades in HK, then they will be viewed differently in the eyes of the people. If they do otherwise, the results may not be what they expect. Time will tell. I believe they have the wisdom.

In respect the activities in motion right now with the dinar and the bonds and the releases, all is continuing on track, but you will notice not much new news is available now that this Occupy thing is active. It seems that this is being used to focus attention away from all the excitement generated in anticipation of major changes yesterday on October 1.

Regardless, the momentum of what is happening will continue to conclusion.
A number of items have surfaced to the forefront as things that can change the status of the USA in a heartbeat.

These range from China buying up gold until a certain amount is reached, then release their financial plan to take over as the reserve currency, to Zimbabwe insisting to have their currency on par with the dollar, and become a nuclear power.

All manner of rumor has surfaced, but the reality is that the financial system has already been determined by the family as to what it will look like, and events are inexorably going down that path.

The BRICS form the backbone of the new system of course, and the revaluation that has begun with the dinar will draw things to a close here very shortly. At that time, the official redemption period for the historic bonds is to take place.

The current situation with dinar is that they are on screen and the revaluation is more or less complete. The next days will tell the tale, but all seems to be on track. And the TRN (Treasury Reserve Note) is to make its presence known officially.

The funding releases are continuing, and projects are expected to start in the next weeks. The timings have been slower than expected, but they are happening.

Activities in the background are continuing to counter attempts to have a final war here on this planet, and I for one have faith that they will be successful in getting this done and get us into the 1000 years of peace and prosperity the way we are supposed to go. The war thing is idiotic at best, and really has no place in what is to come.

One final item, and that is a very large thank you to Lady L. She has stepped forward to give a helping hand to others in need without blinking. Much thanks.

Stay loose and be patient as things unfold and prepare for the project side. The major project items are the ozone, oxygen, radiation, pollution, and water. These are the global reconstruction items that have absolute priority. All other project items from kids to food are important, yes, but the life-giving items are it right now.

If you have any ideas or inventions that directly affect these priority items, remember

And if you have any ideas as to how to Occupy pigs .

In Love and Light in Our Service


October 2, 2014
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