Monday, October 6, 2014

Hollow Earth Radio Show - October 4, 2014

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Words from HollowEarth Network:

We had lots of positive comments about this call. Zorra commented that Prime Creator has intervened... "Enough is enough," - and will personally manage the RV. PC has directed Ashtar Command to drop to a lower orbit for daytime sightings. Media still attempting to infer "wars" - "ebola." All a distraction. "At this moment, Hollow Earth Network is being spoken about in Kremlin Square - and in Paris - millions are following."  We are slowly balancing quantum field. Life in Hollow Earth and who is allowed in. Addresses current "Hollow Earth" video on the Internet - did Nazi's attempt to enter Hollow Earth? Where are they now? - How negative beliefs are planted in children. Site, elementals, leprechauns:  Myst of the Oracle, Christopher Valentine and Christian von Lahr. - Desperate healing need  How to "know it." - JoAnn talked to tree on first try, and RECEIVED A GIFT. - Zorra: We can also talk to rocks, boulders. - A typical day in Hollow Earth, cooking, education, flying platforms, "taller than your tallest building," the horizon goes up! - Visitors from other star systems - Earth's unique holographic library for other planets, universes.    


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