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Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash - by Will Berlinghof Part Two

Manuel:  Excellent follow-up from Cosmic Awareness channeled by Will Berlinghof


That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please proceed.

Thank you and welcome Awareness.

Thank you for being with us today for the RainbowPhoenix membership and public session of March 29, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for your messages, Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event that you would like to discuss at this time please? Thank you.

That this Awareness would indeed choose to discuss further that which was discussed yesterday, the message presented yesterday regarding the crash of the German airliner. That information from other sources is available that can be looked at, that will substantiate some of the claims that this Awareness made yesterday.

That through that website Veterans Today, through the contributions of one Gordon Duff, information has been released that suggests that according to the manuals of the airliner of the company that produced the aircraft, the matter of not being able to get into the cockpit is discussed and that the actual manuals given by the airliner company that has produced the Airbus, clearly states that in actuality it is possible to override the lockdown command from the cockpit thus achieving entry into the cockpit.

Yet for some reason, despite having codes that could override the lockdown procedure implemented from within the cockpit, the door still would not open. That this is discussed in Duff’s article in Veterans Today, also it had been reported on the news viewed by the voice of this Awareness, the Interpreter, on the local news.

That those claims that were made and are being made, that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, that he was depressed, are inaccurate. That the clinic that allegedly has treated him has stated that he was not in a depressed mood or a suicidal frame of mind, yet the common reporting is that he was suicidal and that even an ex-girlfriend who has come forward has alleged that he made to her comments saying, years ago, months ago, that he would leave his mark. These are fabrications.

The alleged comments from an alleged girlfriend while they are taken by the public as gospel truth, are seen to not be truthful at all, part of the deception, part of the cover-up. Therefore this Awareness, by presenting this information at this time is again suggesting that things are not what they seem.

That there is an agenda by certain ones to present an erroneous picture of the co-pilot in the cockpit, who allegedly was intentional in his efforts to crash the plane. That these cover-up pieces of truth, which are not truth at all, but presented as such, have an ulterior motive, are presented to shift one’s attention away from other factors.

Another piece of information that was in Veterans Today is the information that most modern airliners, particularly the Airbus line and other modern planes, are now able to be flown by exterior ones, this similar to the drones that are now being used, that an airliner can even be landed from afar if there is urgency, if there is need. This measure has long been available on these aircraft so that these aircraft can never be used as weapons against nuclear plants, for example, or against the Pentagon, the White House, hospitals, other important targets.

This ability to take over of plane, superseding the pilots of that plane and flying it, even landing it in a safe location– why did this not occur if it was noted and known that the co-pilot was about to crash the airliner? One might ask then or suggest then, that the pilot being locked out of the cabin could not get in to make a call to the authorities to ask for the plane to be remotely flown.

But there is another factor, that again is not being reported: that on modern airliners there are those phones known as sat phones or satellite phones, that can be used to place calls directly through satellites to those ones that need to be informed. Therefore it is not simply a matter of radio contact of the pilots to the towers on the ground, but that these satellite phones are available in modern aircraft, to be used in the event that communications perhaps go down in the cabin.

But these satellite phones were not used or if they were used it has not been reported. This Awareness sees that there was an attempt from the pilot locked out of the cabin to use the satellite phone to ask for intervention, to ask for the plane being taken over and flown remotely. This of course would not have been picked up on the cabin flight recorder, but it is seen that efforts were made to use the satellite phone but they were unsuccessful.

This device could not do what it was supposed to do, make such a call directly through the satellite system. Again this Awareness states that there were two aircraft flying in tandem with the airliner. When this Awareness says aircraft, It does not mean two military jet airplanes or even other airliners but rather advanced flying craft, that which would be normally called UFOs or extraterrestrial vessels.

That it has long been asserted that there are those agencies of the United States government and other governments of the world that have such craft and that many of the reported UFO sightings are not extraterrestrial craft but rather the craft of the ones who have this technology, who are secretive and hidden and are engaging in flights that are not meant to be known about.

These craft can fly silently, for part of that which seemed to be a mystery in regard to claims that two other aircraft were seen to be flying with the plane, or are alleged to have been playing beside the plane on either side, that it was not reported by people on the ground that they heard three aircraft. This is of course advanced technology that could allow these craft, these advanced craft to fly silently.

Also it is maintained by this Awareness that these ones were the ones that overrode certain fail-safes that were aboard the plane, such as an overriding code that could open the door, such as the sat telephones that did not work. That if you will it is seen that these two aircraft, these secretive aircraft, these extraterrestrially based aircraft were used here to dampen down the communications field to divert and prevent fail-safes from working.

Further to this, as already stipulated, it is seen that again through advanced technology the ones in the craft were able to mind control the copilot, to put him in a hypnotic trance-like condition wherein this one thought he was flying the plane correctly, not realizing, because he was in an induced state, that in actuality he had engaged the protocol that would cause the plane to descend straight into a mountain. That it was planned this way. Thus this attack was preconceived.

That it was a plan that was not ad hoc at all but one that had intent and purpose, the purpose of bringing down this plane, the purpose of killing 150 people, the purpose of killing a certain one who was on the plane, the purpose of sending warning messages to Hollande, the president of France and to Merkel the Chancellor of Germany, for these two and others have recently been changing their economic alliances. That they have both recently announced their intent and design to cooperate with the Chinese banking system and also an interest in the BRICS world bank that Russia, India, Brazil, China and South Africa are forming.

That those ones in power from that which this Awareness would call the old regime are intensely unhappy about this shift in the power structure, the economic power structure. That ones like Germany and France are openly declaring their intent and, as already stated by this Awareness, that part of the reason for shooting down, bringing down this plane, for it was not shot down in a literal sense, but the bringing down of the Germanwings aircraft was indeed to deliver a message to ones such as Merkel and Hollande that they better be careful, for if they do that which the Powers That Be of the old regime do not like there will be retaliation.

That they can bring down planes, they can crash trains, they can create dangerous situations, not only for the innocent victims that will be offered up but for the leaders themselves. Both leaders, for example, make many flights to various parts of the world and for them to be shown in such a dramatic matter that their planes too could be brought down is that warning this Awareness is speaking of to these leaders on a most personal level.

Thus it is already seen that there are ulterior and hidden reasons why this plane was brought down, a plane that seems to have been inconsequential, in a manner of speaking, just another of the thousands of flights that are flying every day. Yet there is more to it of course than what is being presented. That this Awareness spoke of the quickness of the response, the quickness of putting out the reason for the crash, the reason being again that the copilot had deliberately crashed the plane so he could kill himself and make a statement.

That while this is that which is being put out for the public to consume, it is shown that this is not necessarily the truth of the matter. That there are the hidden agendas of the power Elites that are seeing their power slipping away, that are seeing their traditional allies jumping ship, that distresses them immensely and that this is all part of the way of response by them to send out their messages. But it is also with the intent of mass manipulation of the human mind, of the human collective consciousness.

It is to be remembered that the intention of the powers are that the masses are kept asleep, that they are controlled and manipulated and kept at high levels of anxiety and fear. A byproduct of the crashing of the Germanwings airliner is that it has put into the human psyche yet another thing to be afraid of, this being of flying, this being of rogue pilots that may crash their planes.

While this is not seen as the most direct reason for crashing this airliner, it is seen that this is thought by these Powers That Be as a benefit to their agenda and to their plan of the mass control and manipulation of human consciousness, of the mass mind, the collective mind of humanity, keeping them at high levels of fear. Everywhere they turn, everywhere they look there is something else to be fearful about, to be concerned over. That the presentation of the news achieves this goal as well.

That therefore here is yet another thing to be concerned about, to be frightened over and it is seen that bookings on the Germanwings aircraft, using that air company will drop just as they dropped with Malaysian Air. This is also part of the agenda against ones who are not toeing the line, who are not doing what the Powers That Be want them to do.

That ultimately this event, as already alleged by this Awareness, is a false flag event with the purpose and intent of creating fearful situations, of being used as a warning against certain leaders, to eliminate one aboard the plane who had information she was willing and ready to divulge. These ones never do anything by half measures or randomly, there is intent and design behind their attacks.

That this is so in the crashing of the German airliner, that this is so in the event of Paris where those who were alleged to be terrorists invaded the magazine. That this too was a false flag event as were so many. It must be remembered that this is a critical and crucial time for the Powers That Be. It has been spoken by this Awareness that 2015 is their last window of opportunity to affect the planet, to affect the collective consciousness of humanity without too much exposure, too much uncovering of the intents and purpose of the plans themselves and the ones who are carrying out these plans, initiating these plans.

By 2016 it is seen that many, many more will become aware that perhaps things are not as they seem. But these ones who are stuck in their own patterns of behavior will continue their actions, it is just that such actions will become more and more transparent. At this time, this time of the year 2015, that they still are acting with impunity with the belief that they will not be discovered.

Yet even this rope is becoming unraveled, the strands of their intent starting to fray and come apart. Thus it is when there is an event such as the deliberate crashing of the Germanwings aircraft that there are many who wonder about this, who question this, even though the presentation of the truth over the airwaves seems to overwhelmingly suggest this was the actions of a lone individual who was not in full control.

Therefore it is also a situation for an individual to look at this matter and to ask questions in regard to the event. That if this if this was indeed a false flag event, then there would be evidence that seems to suggest it was not what it seemed to be. Such evidence is coming forward, evidence such as the manuals of the aircraft stating outright in their manuals produced years ago that the door could be overridden.

There are those who are saying that the copilot, even though there are the allegations that he was mentally unbalanced, that there are those who are saying that he was not, that he was not depressed, that he was being treated medically for certain a certain condition but that he was not depressed. There is other evidence that is also available to those who seek, those who are open to more than that which is the controlled line of deception being presented over the airwaves, over the media, in the press, through the mouths of ones who are in positions of authority.

But what is required is that the individual take a responsibility here, the responsibility of looking deeper, the responsibility of not simply believing, even though it is very alluring and very compulsive to believe what is being presented on the news and in the papers, that one still holds a position of neutrality, the position of the observer asking questions so that one can look at this matter, not in the light that it is being presented, not in the deception that is taking place but rather with a fresh mind willing to look at alternative explanations and understandings, even if they are extreme, even if they push one to the very limit of credibility in terms of what could have happened versus what is alleged to have happened.

The matter of advanced aircraft used by a covert agency that serves the power Elite is for many simply too much to believe. The fact that there are hidden agendas against individuals and that there is even a willingness to sacrifice hundreds and even thousands of lives to achieve the goals of the ones who have the power, who have the agenda, seems ridiculous to the majority of people and they are not willing to entertain such extreme conspiracy theories.

But simply because they are extreme does not mean that they are not correct, does not mean there is not truth behind the allegations of ones who are presenting information contrary to the public presentation of that which is alleged to be the truth by the officials and the authorities. Therefore, as already stated by this Awareness, this horrendous and tragic event, this heinous crime against innocent ones is an event that can also unfortunately or fortunately be used as an opportunity to look deeper, to ask questions, to reserve judgment on this matter until more is brought forward, more is presented.

This does not mean that this type of information will ever be presented over CNN or any of the other controlled media and it does indeed require a degree of responsibility and willingness for the ones who are asking questions to research the matter more, to be open to evidence that is being presented from alternative sources, to be open to suggestions that are being made by ones who are being demonized as conspiracy nutters.

It is a personal responsibility but it is one that has grander and greater application as well, for as more become aware of that which is the truth of the situation and not the alleged truth that is being presented, as more and more share this with others awareness, collective awareness does start to grow.

This year of 2015 is still a timeframe when the Powers That Be have some degree of protection still of the truth of the matter being revealed, that it is not so that means they can work with impunity, that they feel they are still protected as they always have been to carry out their devious plans, their manipulations of human consciousness, the collective human mind. But this is coming to conclusion.

That simply because they think they are safe in their deceptions and their lies does not mean that the rope is not starting to unravel, that the strands are not being pulled apart. It is happening but at this stage it does require that the individual examine the situation for themselves, draw their own conclusions, be open to alternative possibilities in such false flag events.

That this Awareness will at this time leave it at that, but it is again an opportunity to dissect the event and that which is event to be behind the event with information that is available that can broaden the mind, that can help one look through the deception and to reach a new level of awareness as to the intent and purpose of ones who are trying to manipulate events to serve their own purpose.

That this Awareness is complete this additional opening message that again relates to the events of the crashing of the Germanwings aircraft, the scapegoating of the copilot and the intentions of certain ones who are using this event as well as other false flag events to serve their agenda and their purpose.

That this Awareness is available to a question or questions that the Energizer might have if you do indeed have any questions for this Awareness.

Actually it was an excellent presentation, Awareness and I think you’ve covered more this time than you have done before and any questions I had would be redundant but I do appreciate the opportunity to ask a question or two, thank you.

That this Awareness will be available in the days, weeks, months ahead to answer any other questions from any who have interest in this matter or to cover other false flag events, but for now this Awareness is complete with this second opening message about the Germanwings aircraft disaster, the deception that is being perpetrated upon humanity yet again. True, very true.

“Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash Part 2,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 29, 2015, at http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20150329OM.pdf

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension

Sightings in Northern California

Manuel:  Just two months ago I witnessed a massive spacecraft moving in the sky.  It was partially cloaked but some of the outline shape can be seen;  at the time I was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  It seems to me they were observing people on the ground.

And here's a video shared to me from California, captured in the skies of Sacramento.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Before Genesis - 12,000+ B.C.

Based on the archaeological discovery in recent years in South America on a Mayan ruins of a stone etched with a map of the world and at the center what seemed to be the forgotten continent of Atlantis. 

The Atlantians arrived on Earth from Atlantia which is located in this Galaxy.  They brought with them the Reptilians and invited as well the Annunakis which settled on an area of Sumeria known today as southern part of Iraq.  They formed an alliance of beings in this Galaxy who do not conform to the principles of love and Oneness (like A Family) as taught by Mother/Father God and the Prime Creator. They conquered the Earth by force by waging war.

The graphic image map above shows how the Earth looks like prior to the destruction of the Ice Canopy that covers the Earth.  As you can see, the Earth was once without large bodies of water known as Oceans.  Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and etc. does not exist BEFORE! The Earth was once a massive garden of various vegetation and plants of all kinds which served as a repository to display the various plant/trees species from all parts of the Galaxy and beyond.

The conquerors fired powerful laser beams into the Ice Canopy which resulted in the destruction of it and it fell on the surface of the Earth and melted.  This caused massive flooding never seen before as it created the oceans of the world.  When the flood subsided all the higher regions of land became the major land mass of the world today; forming the outline shape into what we see on the world map.  

Atlantis also was submerged under water leaving only the higher regions that formed the continent of Atlantis as we see on the map.  Based on what I remember what Sharula Dux (from Telos) said that at least two years after the deluged, the continent of Atlantis started to sink as well.  This was due to the digging operations they were doing underneath the Earth.  They were creating the passageways and tunnels that can match the underground tunnels of the Lemurians.  But they made some mistake.  The Spiritual Hierarchy at the time cared to inform them and warned them that their continent will sink but they still continue and did not listen.  And then the sinking of Atlantis eventually took place. Some of them were rescued and some were not.  Their continent was swallowed as the crust of the Earth opened up and absorbed them.  These events predates the historical narratives mentioned in the book of Genesis.

If you study the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean you can find some kind of a vertical rift, a line that stretches from the north and to the southern part.  That was the opening that swallowed the continent of Atlantis.  Right now, some portion of Atlantis can still be found on the East coast of the U.S. particularly a few kilometers east of Virginia.  While some of the structures, technology and portions of Atlantis were saved by those who went to Inner Earth.  They then transported these to Brazil underneath the Mountain.

The islands of the world today were actually part of a larger regions of land.  The island of Yonoguni in Japan you can find a submerged structure that belongs to the Lemurian civilization.  It used to be a lush garden paradise but was wiped out when the global deluged took place.  The same thing with the Island of Ireland it used to be before you can walk from mainland England to Ireland without a seawater dividing the two regions.  

As you can see from the shores of Ireland the so called "Giant Causeway" you can get a feeling that there's more to this and that the ocean water simply covered the massive history that is yet to be rediscovered. 

With the arrival of the Galactic Federation of Light upon announcement of the official disclosure, they will fix the damage that was done on Earth. And I hope they will reduce dramatically the amount of sea water in the world by at least 40 to 50%. When they do this, there will be more territorial land mass for everyone on Earth.  And it will finally expose the evidences of the historical past of the world.

At this moment, the people of Sirius and Pleiades are harvesting the whales and the dolphins of the Earth and bringing them to their mothership. They are doing this operation while cloaked so that it will not disturb the public.  The oceans of the world for most part divided the people of the Earth.  

Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash - Channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 28, 2015

Manuel: According to Cosmic Awareness, the Germanwings crash was a false flag event.  It confirms my theory that the co-pilot was "Mind- Controlled" just like with several other false flag events that happened in the past.  Not only they can control peoples mind to dictate what they want them to do but also they can REMOTELY control peoples bodies giving them headaches, or all of a sudden wanting to pee (urinate, and feeling sleepy even if the person woke up from sleep minutes ago); these and many other technological capabilities they can do to control PEOPLE.   

For Gods sake PLEASE do not let your children be vaccinated. Not only they can add more diseases through the vaccines but they can also put the additives to make people easily controlled by these technologies.  The truth is majority of the worlds diseases (including AIDS) were made/modified inside the laboratories of the powers that be that is now quickly diminishing.   



That which is Cosmic Awareness is available, please proceed.

Thank you, and welcome Awareness for being with us today for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership/public session of March 28, 2015. Will Berlinghof is the Voice for your messages, Joan Mills is the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, the Law of Unity and the Law of Gratitude have been invoked. Is there an opening message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please? Thank you.

That this Awareness would indeed wish to discuss the matter of the Germanwings air crash that recently took place. As there is a question from a member on this matter and as many others are also wondering what this crash was about, that this Awareness will proceed directly to the member’s question on this matter.

Thank you. The question comes from Bojo. He writes regarding the Germanwings crash, and he writes “no one’s mentioning the two military planes that escorted it down and took off after it crashed. The plane was taken over remotely, leaving the pilots helpless and flown into the mountain, the same as the 9/11 planes were taken over. Boeing had this system removed but the Airbus A320 still has it as part of its equipment”. Your thoughts on this matter please?

That there have indeed been allegations recently that there were two military planes somehow involved in this crash, seemingly taking it over or at least, at the very least, participating in some way that seems to indicate that this crash is not exactly what it seems to be. Of course there is no official confirmation that there were two other planes in the vicinity of the Germanwings aircraft, or that they accompanied the plane to the moment of collision and then departed.

That this Awareness says there is something indeed in this matter. That this factor is not one that will readily be admitted by any of the officials, for to do so would of course raise questions about the official reason that is being given out as to why this aircraft crashed, the blame being put now on the German co-pilot. That he somehow was depressed, suicidal and locked the door against the pilot, while he took over the aircraft, crashing it into the mountain.

This is the official story that has been given out. Not that there were two aircraft, military aircraft, and this Awareness would actually state that while the story runs that it was military craft, that it is not seen by this Awareness that they were truly military aircraft at all, but rather two craft that were used by certain ones who have this technology and are using it covertly. That these similar aircraft and vessels have been involved in other events, such as the Malaysian airliner that went missing one year ago. That they are not strictly speaking military aircraft jets that are flying for a nation’s military, but rather these advanced craft that have been used before.

Yet this Awareness is getting distracted in this matter, for It wished to go on about the excuse that has been publicly released, and that this Awareness would say of this: that it is rather curious that this story was brought out less than 48 hours after the crash, being released to the New York paper and then being proclaimed by the French Official Prosecutor within a very short timeframe of the accident occurring.

This is unprecedented. It is not seen by this Awareness that it is normally so that an actual reason for such a crash would be given so quickly. Therefore, one must ask oneself “why has this story come out so quickly, blaming the German co-pilot Lubitz for this crash, putting it on his shoulders, stating that he was deranged and suicidal”? It certainly has taken the world’s attention and now all know the excuse that is being given as the “official story” that the German co-pilot was suicidal, should never have been flying, that he took a break six years ago during his training, which of course must indicate that there is something psychologically wrong with him. This man is being used as a scapegoat, Andreas Lubitz, the final name, the surname not seen clearly, that the German co-pilot is being used as a scapegoat, one who is being blamed on this accident, so one does not need to look any further, it was the German co-pilot that did this.

Many will not be open to any alternative explanation, for the official story that is being given out states that it is so. But again, this Awareness states that this is unprecedented, the speed by which the reason for the crash being released publicly. In normal investigation, even if there is suspicion of what was the cause of the action, it is not normally the case that the suspicion is made official so quickly, and then distributed to the public so quickly. In light of this, in light of how quickly this story came out in an official version, one must ask oneself: why is this so, why have they released such a story so quickly?

That this Awareness says it is a “false flag” event and it is being manipulated, as most false flags are manipulated, to seem that this is the reason and there is no need then to look deeper, there is no need to ask any further questions. It is clear-cut that Andreas Lubitz was the one who crashed the plane on purpose, taking himself and 149 others out of the picture.

That this incident has much more behind it than at first seems. There have of course been the stories of the 16 school children and their teachers, the two opera singers, the sportscasters from Croatia, wherever they were from, different passengers being brought to attention for the sympathetic effect of such tragedy. But this Awareness will say that there was one on the plane who was a figure that was….. this Awareness is choosing Its words carefully, that was important, one who had certain information, one who could have released this information causing great damage to certain of the elites and certain nations such as America.

That this person was the true target. That it is not unknown that aircraft are destroyed in crashes, to kill, to assassinate one or two or even several onboard, that may prove difficult to the Powers That Be, to a nation such as America or the UK, and it is seen that there is a passenger on board that had certain information that could have been released and it is seen that there was suspicion this one was ready to release this information that could have been very embarrassing for the Powers That Be, for America, and for its plans and for its covert operations. Therefore it was necessary to eliminate this one, one whose name has not been released officially, in that it is not that which has taken public interest, such as those who have been announced, such as the children, the 16 school children from Germany and the opera singers, etc.

That this Awareness would also say that when such an event occurs, there are often multiple reasons why such an action is taken. That this Awareness has divulged, has shared, that it is seen that there was at least one who was posing a threat to certain officials, certain of the powers that needed to be eliminated, but there was also another reason for targeting this German airliner, this subsidiary of Lufthansa, this company known as Germanwings. That it was a message to Chancellor Merkel, the German leader.

That in recent times Germany has been looking into leaving that which is the Western nations, the power group of America and the UK, that it has been looking to Russia. It has been looking to joining the BRICS Bank that is in formation, of realigning itself away from the oligarchy of power that exists, that has so long been in control, and realigning itself with these new emerging nations, Russia and China in particular.

That this Awareness does state here that crashing the German airliner was a shot across the bow of Merkel’s ship. It was meant to send a very clear message that “we can indeed take over, we can indeed crash your planes even ones you may be flying in if you do not conform, if you do not cooperate”. This message was not lost at all upon Merkel or any of the other EU leaders that are considering, as France is also considering, moving towards stronger connection with Russia and China. Thus again that this was a warning to the leaders of France and Germany, Germany in particular.

That in terms of the actual event itself, in terms of the accusation that the German co-pilot was solely responsible for this event, that he was deranged, that he was suicidal, that he thought he would take out the whole plane to satisfy his need to end his life– when looked at is an absurdity. This man showed no indication that he was so deranged, so suicidal and of course, the impression that is being given through the news reporting, is that he was indeed in such a state. But if this was so, why was it so that he was allowed to fly? There are indicators, yet it is supposed to be assumed, because the official reports say it is so, that he showed nothing, no indication whatsoever that he was in such a mental state.

Yet now much information is being quickly released that seems to indicate it was so. It has even been reported that in investigating his home, that certain evidence has been found including a letter that he wrote, that was torn up and thrown into the wastepaper basket. This Awareness would ask one and all who hear such reports that they do not just jump to the conviction that it is so because it was reported on CNN, or on any other news line; to ask questions.

This is, as this Awareness stated already, a false flag event. That the goal and purpose of those in power, aside from sending their messages to Merkel, for controlling this plane in the first place and crashing it, showing that they can take over a flight, is to also further create in the mind of the public, the manipulated mind of the public, the belief that when news is reported, it is correct, 100% correct. This Awareness is stating it is not 100%. It is about manipulation, it is about propaganda, it is about control of the mind of the masses towards that which is given on the news versus questioning these reports, being neutral, being an observer to these events so that one can make up their own mind.

Be aware of this in the next several days as more reports come out about the co-pilot. Be aware there are hidden agendas here and that simply to believe the reports that are on the television or in the newspapers because it is there and after all, “they” would not lie to one is not good enough.

There are many false flag events that are being carried out at this time. It is especially important at this time to be neutral, to be the observer, to ask questions, so that one can start to see that which is presented as not jiving, not adding up, not making sense at certain levels.

If one develops this capacity to ask the questions, to be neutral and to be the observer, then other false flags as they happen become more obvious. This particular false flag is not as obvious because it does not contain the element of jihadist terrorism. It seems to be the actions of one lone man who was mentally unsound and of course there is that element of the shock of such an action by one man, the mass murder of 149 others, babies and children included. This staggers the mind, this staggers the compassionate heart of most human beings, and most want to find answers, know why this happened, and they are then force-fed the reason why: it was the action of one deranged individual. This is a time-honored ploy of the Powers That Be: the one single solitary gunman, the one single solitary individual who has carried out this attack, thus not needing to look any further, if one accepts this as the truth. But in this case it is not entirely the truth.

At that time of the events that are being called the deranged actions of this one individual, there were others that were engaged in actions against this aircraft, against the pilot. This Awareness did start by confirming that there were two aircraft, two vessels that were flying with the plane. That these ones had technology that caused the co-pilot to act in the manner he did. That this Awareness will say it quite clearly: it was a case of mind-control from technology and through technology, launched from the two aircraft that were flying in tandem with the German airliner. That technology was used on the co-pilot that neutralized him, if you will, did not kill him but took away his capacity to think clearly on matters, made him into a mind-drone, mind-controlled drone of those whose intent it was to crash the plane, to eliminate the individual on board that was problematic and a danger to them, to send Merkel and the other EU leaders clear messages of not messing with the Powers That Be and to create a reaction in the mass mind of humanity against such an event, such an action as this.

That in the technology that was used, what occurred was that when the pilot left the cockpit, the device if you will, that made the co-pilot into a mindless drone to be used was applied. That he, the co-pilot got up, locked the cabin door. He did not actually need to get up, it is seen he pressed the button that locked the cabin door, so the pilot could not get in and then proceeded to disengage the altitude control that would keep the plane at the level it was flying so that it began a descent, that he sat there. That report has been made of hearing his breath, but no commentary, no words did he speak. This is because, in a manner of speaking, he was being controlled, he was being held in check. He had been cancelled out as a thinking rational human being, becoming simply one who thought he was still flying the plane, not realizing, even though the cabin door was being banged against and shouts were occurring from the pilot, that he was doing anything wrong. This Awareness says here that Andreas Lubitz, the German co-pilot thought he was flying the plane correctly, did not see that he had disengaged the controls and had activated a descent protocol at an inappropriate time.

That he was simply non-aware, not aware, that this is what he had done and in his perception in this what could be called a hypnotized-type state, was under the illusion and in the belief that he was flying the plane correctly. He was further blocked from hearing the sound of another trying to get into the cabin. He simply was in this hypnotized trancelike state where he thought he was flying the plane. It is not seen by this Awareness that this was a deliberate act by the co-pilot to crash the plane deliberately into the mountainside, killing himself and the entire planeload of passengers.

Of course, this Awareness is aware that what It is saying here is controversial and contradicts that evidence that is being presented at this time, as to the guilt of this individual. It is the choice of each and every individual to make up their own minds as to what might have occurred. One can indeed believe the reports that were given so quickly, that blaming of the co-pilot that was so quick to occur as being the truth, and there is no reason to question it, for after all why would the public officials lie to the public itself? It must be so that it is as reported that this man was suicidal, thus making judgment on a man unknown to them and to each individual who may have heard this report.

Therein lies the danger of course to simply accept the reports that are given, the pronouncements that are made by those authorities that we are taught, that humans are taught to believe are honest, that they would never do such a thing, would never lie to the people. Yet in recent times, due to the many false flag events that have happened since the beginning of this year 2015, it is obvious that much lying is occurring, much cover-up is happening and that this is yet another case of cover-up and deception and a false flag event. But it is up to each individual to make their own decision.

More information over the various Internet sources will be presented in the next days and weeks. It is again the responsibility of any who is looking into this matter to decide who is telling the truth, what the truth even is.

All this Awareness can say is this air crash and the explanation of it, the laying of blame on the shoulders of the scapegoat/co-pilot are classic deception techniques that are meant to take one’s attention off of a possible truth, to believe in that which is the illusion and the cover-up. It has been done so many times in the past and this is yet another example, a tragic example to those who have lost their lives, tragic to this innocent co-pilot who is being made a scapegoat to be blamed for this. And again, many will not believe that which this Awareness has spoken today, that they would rather believe CNN and the public officials who are proclaiming the reason for this accident.

But this Awareness would ask one and all to ask a simple question: why is it so this information came out so quickly which is totally against normal policy of collecting evidence and not making such public announcements so quickly? Look at the information that is being presented and ask: who is best served? who does this advantage? Remember always that there are those who will benefit from such events, and it is normally those who control the event and the reporting of this event or these events; the reporting of that which is the evidence, which is in actuality but a cover-up.

That this event as tragic as it is, is a cover-up, is a false flag event with different motives behind it than that which the public press, the media, will be putting out and it is therefore the responsibility of one who is viewing this information, taking this information in, to be neutral, to be the observer, to ask questions and to be willing to look at things differently than what one is told they are.

That at this time that this completes the answering of this question about Germanwings, the aircraft that so tragically was used to achieve other goals than those suggested goals, that are so far removed to how normal individuals think, how the public understand such matters that it is inconceivable to most that a craft such as this aircraft could be used this way, that 150 people would be slaughtered this way, simply to suit the priorities and needs of a few.

But looking back, is this not how it always is? It is time to free yourself in that way of questioning, in that way of being the observer, in that way of understanding that which is alleged to be the truth is not always the truth of the situation and of the matter.

This Awareness sends Its energies to those who have lost their lives in this situation. It sends Its energies to the many who are suffering because of this event, and It sends Its energies to the many who are trying to understand this event, who have feelings it is not quite what it seems, but do not quite understand what is really up here. That this completes the answering of this question.

Thank you Awareness. There is an observation, it is really sad and pitiful that they would have to trash the co-pilot and the pilot’s reputations by what they are saying on the news on CNN and elsewhere. It’s really sad. You know their families have enough to cope with without something like this also happening.

It is not only sad, it is criminal. But it is also the way these ones work. That having a scapegoat is standard technique, that there must be someone to blame so that the focus and attention is taken off of the real reasons or possible real reasons, it is classic. The stage illusionists do this all the time, misdirect attention to the left hand while the right hand is doing what it needs to do to make the trick work, to con the minds of the observers in the audience who think they are seeing the actions of the left hand but in fact they are being distracted from seeing what the right hand is doing.

This is classic and fundamental to false flag operations, to events that are meant to misguide and fool ones who are not honored or respected at all. In this case this Awareness is speaking of humanity itself, of the people of the planet, who are considered to be fools and not worthy of any compassion or consideration, but only to be used to suit the needs and means of those in power, the elites, the cabal, the ones that are Archonic, those who feel they are the most important and everyone else is not. This includes pilots whose reputations are destroyed, who become scapegoats because of the accusations made against them that they cannot defend. The co-pilot cannot defend himself, the world will think he was this deranged individual who committed mass murder. But this is again very typical of these ones who use these events and these scapegoats and these victims to achieve their own goals and their purpose.

This Awareness has provided information of some of the things not understood, not reported. It is up to each individual to see clearly, how these ones play the game, how they can take reputations and trash them, how they can take lives, destroying hundreds, thousands along the way and it matters not in the least. If it did then of course these events would never occur.

In their way of thinking, the chattel, the peons that are humanity, are owned by them, to be done with as they wish. There is no consideration about the sanctity and sacredness of human life. They see humans as cattle to be led to the slaughter whenever they wish, to use as they wish. The trashing of a few is meaningless to them, just as the taking of lives, thousands of lives, is also meaningless. The only meaning it does have to these ones, is “does it promote and advance the agendas? does it distract and take away attention towards this or that? does it send a message to those they wish to send a message to?”

These are the considerations of ones who would sacrifice so many lives, but these ones have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years. Why should the reputation of one or two individuals matter in the least to them?

This Awareness asks if there are any further questions from the presenter.

No, the two questions I had about mind-control and was the pilot in fact locked out of the cockpit, as has been said – and I am not sure if you covered that last one.

It was covered somewhat in that the pilot was indeed locked out. That the co-pilot once he had been triggered and taken over, if you will, once he had been hypnotized and put into this trancelike situation, locked the pilot out. There is the mechanism in the cockpit, the button that can lock the door to the cockpit that was depressed, that was used by this automated individual, this entranced co-pilot. But he was not consciously aware that he had been programmed to do this or that he did this at all. It is as if his mind was seeing some other reality to that which was actually playing itself out.

In this it is not unlike the stage hypnotists who can hypnotize their subjects so that they, the subjects, think they are doing this or are seeing that. Others who are not hypnotized, who understand that it is simply a command that was given to them that they are interpreting as their reality, that they can view this, witness this. They can laugh at this, for it is used in an entertaining way, but in a much darker and more serious way, that when the subconscious mind is hypnotized, when the technology, the advanced technology that was used here in this case, is turned on, that the individual in this entranced state, in this state of hypnotism will believe that they are doing exactly the right thing.

The co-pilot believed he was flying the plane normally and correctly, but of course the commands that he was being given, and these were beamed at him if you will through the technology aboard the aircraft that were flying in tandem with the plane, was not verbal. It was at a deep mental state and indeed Andreas, the co-pilot, felt and thought and believed he was flying the plane in its normal way, as he was instructed to do. By this, this Awareness must make this clear, as he was taught to do in his instructions of flying.

The instructions he received at that time from the aircraft that were flying in tandem, was contrary to his flying instructions, the training that he received, and it was only because he had been taken over if you will that he did what he did, not in realization or understanding that he was doing this, but rather seeing that he was simply flying the plane and making adjustments. In his mind, in his consciousness, he was flying the plane correctly. The fact that he could not hear the pilot outside of the door banging on the cockpit door to get in, was not a factor for him. It was blocked out so he could not hear it and he was simply carrying on as he had been taught to do. He was not committing an act mass murder, he was simply flying the aircraft as he had been taught to do and that he thought indeed that was what he was doing. The fact that he did not do that which he thought he was doing and instead started to cause the plane to descend was not perceived by him, nor was it understood that he was doing such a thing.

Exactly. If this ever comes out in the wash, big apologies should be made to both families, that it was definitely not their fault.

But what about indeed the apologies to every victim upon that plane, aboard that plane?

Yes, but they would be included of course.

What about the apologies to the ones killed in Paris recently in that false flag event, or in Australia or Canada, what about the victims of 911? What about the victims of all the wars that have ever been fought for the few with the hidden agenda?

That of course those families who now see their loved ones being accused in a way, especially the co-pilot, that this is tragic, but it is how these ones have acted for hundreds, even thousands of years towards their scapegoats, their victims, the ones that they have used thousands, millions of times over.

Indeed it is sad that the family of the German co-pilot will have to bear this weight that their son could have done such a thing when they know that their son was incapable of doing such a thing. Yet it is simply yet another example of how those in power use humanity, how willing they are to sacrifice for their own purpose, their own agendas; not one, not several, not hundreds but literally thousands, even millions, to achieve their goals.

Yes, indeed.

That this Awareness could continue on this theme but It feels that It has delivered more than enough at this time and therefore It would suggest that this question come to completion now.

Thank you Awareness. The information was very much appreciated, and it will help put everything into perspective. Thank you.

“Cosmic Awareness: Germanwings Crash,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, March 28, 2015, at http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20150328OM.pdf

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Entrances to Hollow Earth

There are entrances to Hollow Earth via Inner Passages or tunnels which are mostly on the Mountains of the world such as Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji in Japan, Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines (there's an advanced Inner Earth City/Civilization underneath the mountain).  And even the mountains of Europe and etc.  But the biggest entry point is the Northern Polar and Southern Polar opening as the diameter of these are several miles wide.  

Sometimes, they will conceal these entrances with the use of Hollographic Display in order to make it look like a bunch of ice glaciers or sometimes Iceburgs.  And they would also setup a force field in order to prevent entry for those who have bad intentions or bad people for getting inside.  But of course good, loving people are welcomed inside anytime.  And there are guides that can assist people once they are near the entrances.  

Here's a few Computer Graphic Images that I just made in order to visualize how the entrances look like when seen from above.  

North Polar Opening:

South Polar Opening:

These openings can accommodate large motherships.  All planets in the Universe; all of their civilizations are residing inside their planets interior space. 

The story of Admiral Byrd who entered Hollow Earth a few decades ago was true and he was able to get inside.  The secret Government of America which is a private corporation called "Washington DC" owned by the City of London prevented him from sharing his experiences and discoveries. 

There are trees in Hollow Earth that are much older and taller than the trees in California.  In Hollow Earth, the tallest trees we have on the surface are just dwarfs in comparison to the trees inside the Earth. You can find gold nuggets everywhere in hollow earth as they are considered as no different from ordinary pebbles.

Zorra from Hollow earth said that Yahweh is an Annunaki which is why Yahweh mentioned in the Old Testament bible that he is a JEALOUS god.  He admits that there are Gods other than him that are more loving, who DOES not require worship and service.  Only an Annunaki will treat humans as slaves and servants.  A true God of Love will never treat people that way.  A God of Love will never ask people to fear him.  Annunakis wanted to be served and worshiped BASED on fear and not of love. 

This is whats said in the Ten Commandments given to Moses by Yahweh: You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the Earth Beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.


The German Nazis who escaped from Europe using the submarine called the 'Uboat' they were able to enter inside the Southern Polar opening but they were not allowed completely inside but only within or near the polar opening.  There is a land near the opening and the Germans called it "Rainbow City".  They imported women from South America which they made as their wives.  Now, the population of people there is growing.  The Rainbow City is only just outside the Hollow Earth entrances.  Once you reach the Polar opening the temperature there becomes sub-tropical with occasional winds coming from the glaciers.  And also the water there are not salt water because as the magnetic field of the Earth bends at the poles it also prevents significantly the cold temperature and the salty sea water from entering.

Adolf Hitler is half Jewish and half German.  He escaped Berlin and faked his death.  He was on board on one of the so called UBoats submarine and they reached South America.  Here's a true to life letter written by one of the German who made it to the Rainbow City just outside the entrance to the Hollow Earth:

In this letter, he was telling the story to his friend in Germany that they made it to the South Pole Polar entrance and that the Earth is indeed HOLLOW!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Disclosure 2015

President Obama is preparing to disclose the reality that since 1943 the government of the United States and some other countries of the world had been in contact with "Extraterrestrials".  As you may probably already know that the secret government of America prevented these things from being announced to the peoples of the world.  President John F. Kennedy tried, but they stopped him before he can do it.  This time around, Obama will receive protection from the Galactic Federation especially from Commander Ashtar and from the Prime Creator himself.  This may sound's strange and funny to some of you and I understand because we were conditioned to believed that extra terrestrial beings are just 'fiction'.  But the truth is the facility known as Area 51 was once the place to study and exchange technology with the beings from another world.  The first E.T. that was housed there were the visitors to Hollow Earth and Inner Earth which we call the Grey Aliens.  As these visitors were about to leave the planet and were shifting their spacecrafts preparing to go out in space were shot by the US Army.  The Secret Government at the time knew that when the aliens shift their crafts from being zero point gravity in order not to be subjected to the gravitational pull of the Earth and then to propel out into space they then will be vulnerable to lowering their force field and with that they were shot by the US Army and they crashed.  Not only those men who picked up the dead bodies of the Aliens and brought the Survivors to the facility that became known as Area 51 but also those people who studied the Aliens already in recent years CONFESSED that these are true and that the Aliens were real.  These revealed that not all grey aliens from Orion are unfriendly as some of them are benevolent.   

It's about time that we know that the Cloud of the Lord that hovers above the Mt. Sinai and hovers above the 'Tabernacle' that evolved into Temple was a Spacecraft camouflaged as a Cloud.  Even the Cloud that received Jesus in Israel two thousand years ago and was hovering for only a few hundred feet above ground was also a spacecraft camouflaged as a lenticular cloud.  On this day and age I think we can now handle these truths and move on.  And that Yahweh is also an Annunaki as revealed by Zorra.

As I am writing this; the True history of the Earth is being UNCOVERED.  The chamber of the Sphinx has been opened!  They are now reading the history of the Earth and translating it for all the world to know and learn from.  That all of us here on the surface were subjected into an EXPERIMENT.  All of us are ALIENS regardless of race.  Every human being including the animals are originally from another world.  The experiment was to find out if living things can live and survive on the surface of the planet as it has never been done before.  As all people, in all the universe, all living things are living inside the Interior Hollowed space of their planet and not outside.  This means all planet are hollow and their civilizations are INSIDE the interior space.  Haven't you noticed that even the Old Testament said in the Ten Commandments that there are beings under the Earth?  The Garden of Eden can be found on the City of Eden which is inside of the Earth. 

The experiment was first started on Mars that is why you can find a face in Mars as a symbol for Mother God because it was once inhabited, but the experiment went wrong when it collided with an Asteroid.  You can see the scar that ripped the surface of Mars when it was hit by an asteroid.  

Then, they decided to transfer the experiment to its nearest neighbor and that is Earth.  They setup an Ice Canopy that surrounds the atmosphere of the Earth as an added protection from outside elements.  From my understanding, Mother God is the First Woman that came forth from the Prime Creator and She along with Father God and the Prime Creator are the Creators of the First Galaxy in the Universe known as the Milky Way.  Mother God is also Mother Sekhmet, and she is also the person known represented as the Sphinx.  Today, Mother and Father God lives inside the Hollowed Interior of the Earth.

God is each and every one of us.  God is ONE but MANY.  Each of us prior to being assigned into physical bodies were all part of a larger united soul and that embodies the Prime Creator.  And each and everyone of us is a spark of God.  We came from the One Source and we are One.  The soul (or spirit) is immortal.  But this soul needs to be housed on a body in order to experience dimensional life in physicality.  And this process is called as "INCARNATION".  The human body was designed long, long time ago by a collective group of GODS who gathered together to form one of the Ultimate Design of a High Technological Living Biological Organic Mechanisms.  This was called "The CREATORS RACE" also known as Human Beings. 

Adam and Eve was NOT the first human couple who inhabited the Earth.  There were beings inside the Earth and were living there for thousands and thousands of years (as they never die) even before Adam and Eve.  Only on the surface were MORTALITY, aging and entropy had become an issue.  This was because the EXPERIMENT that happened on Earth was 'HIJACKED' (so to speak) by a group of beings from some parts of Orion, from planet Atlantia and the beings known as the Annunakis.  They form the renegade group of beings who adhere to the principles of Selfishness and greed.  They are against "LOVE".  They rebelled against the teachings of Mother/Father God and also that of the words of Prime Creator.  They prefer to live away from their hearts.  And so their way of of life is that of totally OPPOSITE of LOVE.  They do not respect anyone and they don't treat others as equal. Instead they want to enslave everyone. They wanted to be worshiped and served. This means they don't care about anyone but themselves.  They arrived on Earth to conquer and they took over the EXPERIMENT by force.  They destroyed the ICE Canopy that covers the Earth by shooting powerful lasers which eventually weakened the canopy and eventually cracked and fell into Earth and melted as waters that became Oceans and seas.  Yes, there was a time when you can walk from Northern France and into Southern England by foot as there was no body of water that divided these two locations.  The same thing with the northern part of Germany you can walk from there and all the way to Scandinavia as there were no water or Baltic sea that separate those regions.  The events that I mentioned predates all the events that were stated in the book of Genesis.

The people of the surface of the Earth at the time consisted of large contingent and representatives from the Pleiades and from Sirius and from other various star systems like Andromedans, Arcturians, from Venus and many others.  The Hijackers destroyed the peace on Earth as they initiated wars.  The people of India have a record of this war.  Their southern kingdom lost in the fight and just like Lemuria it vanished into the sea.  Yes, Lemuria which is the entire Pacific Basin was the home of Lemurians.  You can still see today the remnants of this civilization that was covered by water from the Southern islands of Japan (Yonoguni)  and into the Philippines.  But the middle of Lemuria is the island of Hawaii.  This means there was a time when Hawaii, California, Oregon, Vancouver, Japan, Philippines, Australia and all the way to New Zealand and the Easter Island was once without water.  The Pacific Ocean does not exist before. These VAST land contains the MASSIVE display of various plants, vegetation that came from various star system in the Universe and beyond.  The whales and dolphins and other mammals were introduced only later from Sirius and Pleiades when the planet was already flooded by water when the ICE canopy was broken from space that formed into oceans. 

This means what we read in the book of Genesis was the beginning of re-introduction of life (or replenishment) as the former was destroyed by the war initiated by the Atlanteans and Annunakis.  Genesis is NOT talking about the creation and the foundation of the Earth.  It was just a story of the RENOVATION and rebuilding of what was destroyed and re-filling the Earth once again of all life forms. 

As waters started to fill the surface of the Earth the once lush and soft soil of the Arizona region was washed and pushed into the lower regions of the land and thus became the "Grand Canyon".  This means there was a time when the Grand canyon was filled with soil. Similar thing with the Sphinx.  The water in the river that was formed into what is now called as Nile it reaches the Sphinx and had witnessed flooding in such great proportions that carved the surface of the structure of the Sphinx.  It was a massive moving water that created the EROSION on the surface of the Sphinx in which today NO geologist can deny that water caused the erosion.  The ancient Priest of Egypt told about this flood as recorded in their library.  Some of the stones of the Stone Henge (built by the Pleiadian people) were washed away due to this flood as the Stone Henge was built to carry on its shoulders the small spacecrafts that were landing coming from the Pleiadian motherships.  

People of the surface suffered repeated lifetimes after lifetimes and mortality as the challenge and the experiment was upgraded into allowing the Annunakis to rule the Earth.  But that time has ended in December 21, 2012.  Yes, it was the Galactics who architected and engineered the Mayan Calendar for us to reckon and track the passing time and the End of the Age.  An Age is a one complete CYCLE of the solar system as it travels around the Center of the Galaxy.  And that ended in 2012 just as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.  It wasn't the end of the world, it was just the end of the Age. The end also of the allowed time for the Annunakis to rule the world.  Just like every human, the Annunakis were also incarnating as human being.  But they took on the highest seats of power.  Mostly, they incarnate among those who will have power over people; such as governments and etc.

This is the YEAR we will hear the public announcement that extra terrestrials are real.  And President Obama is the ONE who will give the announcement. And I am glad to inform everyone that President Obama will not be alone when he will make this announcement.  He will be standing side by side with the Commander Ashtar from the Galactic Federation and with the Prime Creator clothed in Human female form.  They will at last announce that the Experiment on Earth is finally OVER and that spaceships from various star systems are due to land on the surface of the Earth.  The Prime Creator gave enough time for the Annunakis to rule the Earth and they failed to DESTROY God!  God represents each and everyone of us and we are ALL part of GOD.  Have you ever asked yourself why God allow suffering?  So now you know the basic reason.  It is written in the bible: You are ALL Gods! Even Jesus quoted these words.

The history of the Earth under the rule of the Annunakis (Anno Domini) had finally concluded and the Galactic Federation is already here and they are just cloaked but ready to appear upon given notice.  My hope is that we should keep an OPEN MIND.  Let us not forget that the human body is only a design.  There are other designs out there in the Universe that resembles completely different from the human body.  Think of it like clothes that we wear everyday.  The clothes can have different colors and can get worn and fade but the soul which is the real us inside the body is the real person.  We are not the body that we have.  In fact, we all have had several lifetimes in various physical bodies.  And so, if the Extra Terrestrials appear, let us not treat them with disrespect because they look different instead let us treat them with kindness.

Hollow Earth Blogtalk Radio Show - March 21, 2015 (Transcript by Zoe)


Saturday March 21, 2015


Hollow Earth Network Blog Talk Radio

Online Replay: BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork

Telephone Replay: 1–605-562-3132 + 439724# Ref 109#

Music Intro


Beginning Dialogue

Anne: Well, here we are. It only took five weeks to get here and we’re here. This is Anne, Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming the Hollow Earth Network family back together again with beloved Zorra from Hollow Earth.

Zaraya and Quazar are standing by, I see you guys. I’ll get the date line in. Today is … got to check the computer ‘cause I couldn’t tell ya. Today is Saturday, the auspicious 21st day of March in the year 2015. A power-day in many respects. I'm not going to take a lot of time, we don't have any special announcements. Zaraya and Quazar are standing by and before we know it they’ll both be trading bodies Zorra and Saryya. And for those of you who are new to this call this has been going on for four years. You wonder how Zorra can talk to us from Hollow Earth. Well he and his son who came up here 62 years ago as a little toddler body, they trade bodies. And Zaraya finds himself in Zorra's body wherever it might be. Lately he's found himself in Zorra’s ship hovering over Baghdad or Washington, DC. Sometimes he's found himself 20 fathoms deep swimming with the Merfamily in the oceans in a shape shift body.

We have a lot to learn folks. We’re the new kid on the block. Everybody knows what's going on but us and we’re the star of the show; that's why trillions and trillions of ships are parked all around this globe waiting for an event that has never happened before in this universe. So we're pretty special and we’re the stars of the show and we don't even know it. But those within Hollow Earth, those within Inner Earth, and our Galactic space families and visitors from other universes and dimensions all are aware of the tremendous power that is exhibiting itself here on our planet.

So with that Zorra will appear when we least expect it. We’ll be thinking were talking; we'll be talking to Jane and all of a sudden will find that Zaraya and Zorra have traded bodies. And we’ll hear that familiar voice: "And how be you beloved master?” which we’ve been waiting five weeks to hear. And further into the show and not too, it doesn't take long and Zorra's other half Saryya from Hollow Earth will have traded places with Quazar in her body. And Quazar will join Zaraya wherever they might be, maybe in Hollow Earth, you never know, maybe in the ship where ever Zorra is right now. So that's the way it happens folks. It's been working for four years. We do speak with Zorra in Hollow Earth.

And with that I'm going to turn this over to Zaraya and Quazar; give them a chance before they find themselves elsewhere and will be talking with Zorra and Saryya. Quazar, welcome good morning sweetie.

Zaraya: The invocation. [Some things never change!]

Anne: Oh [laughing] see what you can forget in five weeks!! Can you hear me okay?

Quazar: Thank you beloved Anne. We can hear you perfectly.

Anne: Okay because I'm on the speakerphone because Athena is here. And I've got the speakerphone so she can hear both sides of this conversation.

Quazar: It's perfect, absolutely perfect.

Anne: Oh that's wonderful, thank you. Well I will put you back on standby and we're going to do our invocation.

INVOCATION ---------------------------------

There's two parts to this. The first part is beloved St. Germain’s Violet flame. This is a state of grace that has been bestowed upon humanity allowing us to free ourselves of some of those human mistakes and frailties that we all stumble upon. We came here to learn from our mistakes and to understand, that way when others make the mistakes. But we don't want to get stuck in them. And once we have learned our lesson we don't want that hot button to be sitting there when someone mentions a subject and we lose all control and old emotions take hold.

We can free ourselves from that by doing the Violet Flame which is explained in detail on our website HollowEarthNetwork.com. And near the top you will see St. Germain quotes. And there is much information about the grace of Violet Flame that releases us from any encumbrances from these earlier mistakes.

So for now we're going to say a very brief affirmation. I like to say it four times in my own personal meditations. It's good to stand with your feet flat on the floor and the palms of your hands facing beloved Gaia, our Mother Earth. And as we stand with our feet flat on the floor in our hands facing Gaia we say:



I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, that now and forever consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic Record.

And when we have more time, it’s nice to stand there if you’re saying it four times to envision this beautiful Violet Flame. You will see pictures of it on the website, on our homepage and on St Germain’s page – and envision this soothing Violet Flame clearing all negative and inturbulating energies around us, clearing that until we are free as a babe. And when someone mentions a subject that used to disturb us, it doesn’t even register. We can say, after the affirmation, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE, (four times). And continue that. You’ll be amazed how relieving it is.

And the other half of our invocation was given to us by our beloved Ashtar, dictated through his twin flame Pallas Athena, who’s here with me now. It took days to take down some of these dictations. Athena is a very meticulous. She reads back every sentence making sure every word is correct. And this is the White Light the Pillar of Protection given to us by our beloved Lord Ashtar.


Again I like to stand with my feet flat on the floor, my hands directly above with fingers together pointing to my own higher, I AM Presence above me. Because the Pillar of Light is not something that someone can place you under and protect you saying I put a pillar of light over you. It doesn't work that way. The Pillar of Light comes from our own – it's an internal job – it comes from our very own I AM Presence. You'll see pictures of it on the website. Again this is all on our website, HollowEarthNetwork.com. And this is between us and our own I AM Presence as it bestows its pillar, not a tube, not a bell, a pillar of solid white Cosmic Light Substance.

So here are the words given to us by our beloved Ashtar. And when I have my hands up above me, fingers pointing to my higher I AM Presence, palms and fingers together, as I began I like to spread my hands and just draw this beautiful pillar about three feet all the way around us, draw it down around me as I say:


Beloved I AM Presence,

Intensify your protective pillar of pure cosmic white light substance in, through, and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, ever powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.

As above, so below.

I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.

I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.

Thank you. And now we will welcome Zaraya and Quazar who will make their announcements and soon they will be trading places with Zorra and Saryya. And your line is open guys, come on.


Quazar: Thank you beloved Anne, Lady Nada. That was a beautiful invocation. That's something that everyone needs to do on a daily basis, especially now. You need, we all need to be able to shield ourselves, protect ourselves always, but even more so now. And we’ll talk about that more a little bit later. In the meantime, I have my beloved partner over here, Zaraya.

Zaraya: Hello guys.

Quazar: I'm sure you have a few things that you would like to share with our wonderful family.

Regarding the Once in a Millennium Astronomical Event of the 2015 Equinox

Zaraya: Yeah I do. Well first off, the energies that are coming on the Earth are extremely strong. So it's really favorable for the Healing Pulse that’s going to be given today by my father. And incidentally the Healing Pulse will be given at the front. As soon as he comes in he’s going to do that, him and Saryya … [Laughing] (Jane is looking at me rather strangely!) but they're going to do the Healing Pulse first. That way it’ll have a chance to work throughout the Hollow Earth family and also throughout the world. Because he normally addresses you know parts of the body and things of that nature but he's also going to address conditions of people as well. So that's going to be really important and really powerful. So you definitely don't want to miss that.

So people that have the encoder, that's going to be another blessing he's going to bestow upon us, he's going to activate them. Any blockages that may be in them when you receive them like it was for Quazar, that she didn't feel it right away. And he basically gave it a kickstart, if you will, of energy. And when he did that she really felt it then, as she's been feeling it ever since. So definitely will help that. So it will be kickstarting all the ones that people have already received. So if you don't have them on put them on because you're going to need to be on you when this happens.

Okay, so, anyway I also want to talk about, a little bit about, besides the energies of course. You had an eclipse of the sun yesterday morning – total eclipse of the sun yesterday morning around what 2- something? Two in the morning, of course it was dark here, on the other side of the earth they had a total eclipse. And then right after that you had an eclipse of the moon. And now you have the solstice, the spring equinox. All of that happened on the same day, yesterday and last night. So it's extremely powerful and a lot of people are already feeling that. But some people didn't. And this of course, I think the reason they didn't feel about it is because they didn't even know about it. Because it wasn't actually publicized.

But anyway that's what happened yesterday and then of course the equinox came through – what time last night? In the afternoon. So it all happened, it didn't happen like this … the last time it happened was before Christ as far as the three things happening together. So it's definitely significant. And at that time it happened back then there was a major change. And now there’s going to be a major change here as well. So it's going to intensify your vibrations, intensify your knowingness and your awakening phase; it's going to enhance it. So you're going to receive a lot of energy throughout the day. It hasn't dissipated. If anything it's increased. So it doesn't dissipate. And it's going to be affecting everyone on the planet.


So any other subject I wanted to discuss with you people is vaccinations. Everybody's afraid, and they’ve been putting this out that the government’s going to force you to take vaccines. I'm going to give you a little education about vaccines. Vaccines are not preventative – to prevent you from getting a disease. It's to allow you to get them. That’s one of them. Also when you receive a vaccine or immunization if you want to term it that, you are receiving a portion of the sickness that you don't want to get. And they don't tell you that, you see. But that's what they're doing they're actually giving you the diseases or the disorders, that you are getting and it’s because of the inoculations and it's because of the vaccines and all this. You have, still have the right to say no. And I can't even fathom how they could take away your right to say no on that.

Quazar: Well I think Zaraya on that note, it's time for people to be able to stand up for themselves and pressure legislation to, that they don't want, they can say no because they can do this as a group, you know. I think we’ve already heard that in, I think it's Washington or Oregon that they have been able to eliminate – they're able to have the exemptions not to be able to have the vaccines for the children. But now legislation is even putting more pressure that they cannot have the exemptions. However, you know with where all of us now we can definitely put a stop to it. You know this is part of our, this is part of the cry, this is part of the cry for us to be able to be bold, to be able to say no, and to be able to take the actions as a group, as a state. Because this is to be able to help overcome what the cabal is doing, because underneath all of this it’s still the doings of the cabal. That's all really I have to say about that. Maybe your dad wants to come in now. [laughing] Unless you have something else.

Zaraya: Thank you.

Quazar: You're welcome.

Zaraya: Yes, as far as the vaccine, another thing is ‘who are you?’ That's the question you want to ask yourself. Who am I? You are the people that put them in office. And you have the right to say no. And you still have that right. You voted them into office, you're the ones that put them into power. You can also remove them from that power because you are the people; you are the government; they are not. They are appointed representatives of the government. They’re a ₵orporation. They're not even a government … they are a core – por – ra –shun! The government of the United States is a ₵orporation it is not a government. So that is another thing you people need to realize.

The IRS and all this other stuff is a ₵orporation, it is not the government. The people are the government. We are the Republic. We are the government. We're not the ₵orporation. We're not a part of the ₵orporation. We’re not even associated with them in no way shape or form. Okay?

It's like the Hopi Indians; they're not associated with the United States government, period. And they don't recognize them at all. When we were there they told us so. They don't recognize the United States government so they're not going to talk to us because they thought we were part of the government.

If they can do what we can do it too. Are we not natives also? We are. So take back your sovereignty, take back your Republic ownership, and tell government no! Or tell the ₵orporation no because that's what it is it's a ₵orporation, it's not a government. Okay, I guess I said enough, anyway.

So I'm going to call my dad in and have him pop in. And then the Healing Pulse will be done and then Saryya will leave and Jane will come back again, and then Saryya will come back later. So we're going to do the Healing Pulse, well my father and Saryya … bye Jane [as Jane trades with Saryya] … are going to do the Healing Pulse and then after that she'll leave and like I say she’ll come back and she'll be asking questions and stuff. So I just wanted to get those points across to everybody: you are in charge, not the ₵orporation. Don't let them take your liberty away, period! I know, I'm gonna shut up. Here, you talk while I’m … okay mom.


Saryya: Good day to all of you, our beloved children. Beloved ones, we are so happy. We are much in joy, and even more so now. Great things are happening. Of course they have been happening but you have not been aware of them, but you are beginning to. This is part of your awakening as well as progress towards your ascension. And my beloved is here.

HEALING PULSE --------------------------------

Zorra: Indeed. All right, let us get to it. We are going to do what is termed the Healing Pulse different than any we have done prior. Because it is going to include conditions of the body, afflictions that people have been under going such as strokes, heart attacks as you term them, deficiencies in blood, areas and conditions of cancer, things of this nature are going to be addressed. Spiritual difficulties as well. And we're going to also be reminded of the truth in your Bibles as well. Those who are of that persuasion. Now, (Saryya in background: The Arcturians are here with us.) The Arcturians, of course. We may even possibly hear from Ashtar from Athena. (That put her on notice.) Anyway, so, we are going to do the Healing Pulse.

Now, if you're wearing glasses remove them. If you have encoders put them on because they're going to be jumpstarted as I had been told they're going to be done. And so that is going to happen straight away. Anyway, let us do that now.


Five, four, three, two, and one. Everyone who is wearing the encoder just place your hands on the table in front of you and focus your energy, your desire of what you want the encoder to do, and it shall be done. Because it goes to where it is needed, the energy. Indeed. Now many peoples have already started to feel the pulsation coming from the encoder. I know you have, I'm watching you. It is done.

Now, let us get to the healing portion. Again, if you're wearing glasses remove them. If you're wearing contacts, hearing aids, remove them or turn them down. Do what is termed as do this because when you receive the Healing Pulse comes to you your hearing aid will begin to squeal because it will be malfunctioning. So, let us start.

Five, four, three, two, and one. The energy is entering through the heart mind now, into the mind which is the what is called vault of knowledge, it is up in that area now swirling around the head. And it is working on any growths that may be attached to your vault of knowledge, you term it the brain. Any connections or any tumors as you term them now are being loosed from their holds on the vaults of knowledge. And they are being loosed and released and now are passing down thru what is termed your circulatory system to be done away with.

Anyway, so, it is going into what is termed the behind the optical nerves of the eyes and working on the macular degeneration, working on what is termed as the glaucoma, cataracts, things of that nature. So people who have that condition close your eyes, and you yourself count from 5 to 1 and when you reach one if you thoroughly believe that you are god (of which you are,) or goddess (of which you are,) you will be instantly healed of that affliction. So let us commence and do it. Hmmm, I see many people doing it. I see some not doing it.

According to your faith be it unto you, as was said by Sananda the Christ, Jesus, or whatever you wish to call him.


I'm going to ask those of you who are Christians to turn in your Bibles to Genesis and go to the Scripture that speaks of the creation of man. God said, “let us make man in our image, in our likeness.” And then at that point it went on talking about Adam and Eve, but it did not include the most important, earth shattering phrase that was left out: “and with our powers and abilities.” That is so. When we made man we made them in our image. Our image includes our powers and abilities. That is our image. If you leave that part out then you are not in our image. It is encoded in your DNA.

So, all of you realize who you are because we are telling you that you are gods and goddesses. How many times have we told you this? Many times. Every time I have spoken I have said this. So has my beloved Saryya.

So, people who have what is termed cancer of the area we are speaking of, such as the vault of knowledge say, “Away from me! You have no power in me, for I am a god or I am the goddess. You have no hold on me. You must leave. It is said. It is done.”

The same with glaucoma and cataracts and macular degeneration, all of this has no place in a god or goddess. Come to that knowingness that you are gods and goddesses and there will not be a need for Healing Pulse because you will create your own. And when you speak the words do not be surprised if many around you feel the results of your words because when you realize that you’re gods and goddesses and you speak forth the words of healing they are not just directed to you, they are directed outward away from you and within 100 feet of you or more. So your words are very powerful when you claim your healing and you own it and you proclaim it: it is done!

You do not have to hear my words or my beloved Saryya’s because you are the same. You are the gods you are the creators of your world, of your being.

Take back your sovereignty. Take back your power. Take back your heritage.

In the New Testament – and many I see them frantically turning pages to get there. Indeed. When Jesus spoke to his disciples about healing and they asked him a question, “Teacher how is we cannot heal and you do?” He said, “Marvel not what I do for greater shall you do if you only believe.” Here is the part that was added: “In my name.”

Now, exclude that and say, “If you only believe you can!” He gave the power right back to them! And of course many were astonished at those words. But when they exercised those words they became healers, they became gods or goddesses, whatever the case may be, or both. (I will explain that later.)

But, the Healing Pulse is now as I've been speaking it has been spreading downward through the body. Those who have what is termed as had strokes, heart attacks you may term them, you are beginning to feel a tingling in your shoulder, on the left shoulder or the right shoulder, it matters not which one. And the energy is being pulled down the arm bringing back sensation bringing back feeling. Those that are stroke victims/patients, you have been told that there's no… it must come back on its own.

It is done. It is finished. As Christ said, it is finished. And it is done. According to your faith be it unto you.

That energy is going right on the arm, down the elbow, out through the fingertips. Those who have/had this condition -- not have but had (past tense) -- raise your arm. I know you can. Do not fear just do it. Those that do will instantly be healed and instantly be a knowing to bend their arm at the elbow; bend their fingers. All that arthritic pain is gone as well. Now, same with the other arm.

Those patients or peoples that had that condition now do no longer have the condition. They are back to normal. Their voice is now returning to them and they are speaking plainly.

Those who have autistic children, Down's syndrome, I want you to embrace your children. Rub your hands together and embrace them. Put them in between your hands, one on each shoulder facing you and know, as I had said to you, you are gods or goddesses. Speak to that autism and cast it out. You are going to be surprised at the result. What I am doing is instructing you, all of you, to exert your command of healing. Do it. Don't think you can't because you are gods and goddesses. The Bible even said so.



Now, I will back up just a hair. When we spoke about the ‘in my name’ portion added to the Bible, that ‘in my name’ had to do with King James or the writers of the Bible. Anything that went against the rule of the king was omitted … uh, not omitted, not omitted. In the Bible, the ‘in my name’ portion was a little um, addition that the king had them put in there to limit your ability; to limit your sovereignty; to take away your sovereignty. They had to do this in order to keep you under control. It began way back then.

But I assure you, you are gods and goddesses, kings and queens so claim your sovereignty because you have the right … the birthright to do that. You cannot be told what you can and cannot do because you are gods and goddesses. You’re the creators of those who are telling you, you cannot do this or cannot do that. You are superior to them and you are all equal as well because they are gods and goddesses too, (but they don’t know it). They only know what they have been taught by the so-called cabal. They only do according to what they are told to do because of the so-called cabal. Well I tell you this: THE HARD CORE CABAL IS GONE!!!

The minions are the ones causing the problems. And the minions are the ones that are not as powerful as they think they are. You are more powerful than they. Are you not the ones who voted them into office? So you are all superior to them. Once you realize that and know it you will be much better off.

So if you want your world to change then change it. Manifest the change. Meditate whenever you desire and just meditate on the peace prosperity and harmony that the world once knew. Bring it back. You have that authority to do so. Prime Creator has ordained it, that you have that right to do so.

Anyway, I'm going to let my beloved Saryya continue the Healing Pulse.


Saryya: Thank you my beloved. (Zorra: Indeed.) And so we shall now focus not on the head any longer of all of the disorders and illnesses for those are already healed in your head. And the arms are healed as well.

And now let us focus now on your throat area. For any difficulty that people have to voice their power. For those that have difficulty communicating their truth, that is now healed. It is completely healed. You are the power and you can claim it. For you are gods and goddesses. (Zorra: Indeed.)

Let this energy as well as any illnesses with in the throat area, whether it is cancer or whatever the problem is, and now let this energy of healing now go down from your throat area into your chest cavity where your lungs and your heart reside. Focus, those of you who have difficulty breathing; those of you who have any illnesses associated with breathing or cancer or those of you who have problems with the heart; inability to feel loved, inability to love, all of those areas emotional spiritual psychological or physical, all of that now is healed. And you command this healing. “I command that I am healed,” you will say. Completely healed.

Bring this energy now down your spine and heal all of your, as you say the chakras that they are completely opened; opened to this energy of love. (Zorra: Curvature of the spine.) And anything associated as well with the spine. Any spinal stenosis any curvatures, any problems you know due to accidents, those are all healed. (Zorra: stand up straight.) Would you want to say that?

Zorra: Those who have the condition known as curvature of the spine, if you are what you know that you are gods and goddesses, stand straight up now. You're going to be surprised.

Saryya: You may be a couple of inches taller and

straighter. You will be, and you are. And now let's ascend and bring this beautiful energy, this healing powerful energy into your abdomen. Anything illnesses or diseases within the stomach area in your small intestines and in your large intestines, let the energy flow to them so that any disorders or illnesses wherein are now healed. They are healed. No more acid reflux, no more stomach aches and pains, no more cancer or blockages in those areas. [to Zorra] Hmm, thank you my dear.

And of course, let us as well, concentrate in the breast area for those who have the disorders of cancer in your breasts. Those are now, we want you to please focus and send this love energy into your breasts. And now see that your breasts and you can feel your breasts; if you felt a lump, if you felt any pain it is now gone. Completely gone. I am perfect, you should say, I am healed.

And now bring this energy down into your reproductive areas, into your, not just the reproductive areas, bring it into your spleen, bring it into your liver, bring it into all the other organs including the kidneys. Bring forth great energy into those areas so that they are now healed. Heal them if you have any liver cancer or if you have any difficulties with those disorders regarding your liver as well as with your kidneys, let those kidneys function normally now. Better than before. Say you are better, you are healed completely. Would you like to add more?

Zorra: Yes and those that are contemplating surgery can turn in your kidneys or your what is the other term, the kidneys, the liver, whatever. 9Saryya: Dialysis) Yes. Know that you do not need that because you can re-create a new liver. You can re-create a new kidney. Any organ in your body you can re-create by focusing on that organ and saying: I know that I am god or goddess or both and say “I command a new kidney or a new liver.” And it shall be done. Because when gods speak the body listens. Continue.

Saryya: Remember when they have on your world found that stem cells actually can create different parts of the body, they are within your own body. So if they can do that you can do this also. You just have to know that you can. So therefore you are, you have the ability to do so.

And now let us go ahead forward and concentrate on your pelvic area and your hips. Those of you that have pain, those of you that have had replacements, those are now you are no longer in pain. You are healed. You can stand up and twist your body from side to side. No more pain. And now I shall have my beloved begin with the legs because I know you receive those that are in wheelchairs.

Zorra: Indeed. Those of you who are sitting in wheelchairs and still have both limbs, legs, I am addressing you know.

Many of you are in the wheelchairs for one of two reasons. One, because you are injured. Two, because you’re using it as a crutch. That is so and many of you know this; taking advantage of your ₵orporation to give you assistance, financial assistance. You know who you are. Anyway. So that is it. Either you were injured or you have muscular sclerosis, MS as you term it, or you have not been able to walk since birth, I am addressing you. Know that you are, as I have said, gods and goddesses.

Those of you that wish to stand up and walk, I want you to break your, put the brake on your wheelchairs, those who have the mobile ones just turn them off so they won't move, anyway. And I want you to go into yourself and say to the Lord God of your Being that you are healed. And receive it. Receive the healing as you are receiving now. You are receiving a healing in your legs. Many of you already feel the tingling in your legs. You are receiving a healing. Now own it and then shout it out: I am healed! And then stand.

Those of you that do that will be straightaway healed and you will walk because you are gods and goddesses and you have the ability to command your legs to obey. Re-create the muscles that have been depleted for those that have been in a wheelchair since birth. Command the muscles to be regrown in those very thin limbs. And if you have a blanket over your legs and your legs or skin exposed, go ahead and do so.

And when you say to your legs, muscles be regrown, then look at your legs and watch in astonishment as you see the muscles grow. You are gods and you are goddesses and there's no reason for you to be crippled … period. So, go ahead and do it.

Oh I see one. Now she is screaming and crying because she is actually seeing the muscles grow from her knees down. She is seeing her legs swell in the calves in the ankles in the feet. And she is feeling that healing power just emanating and pulsating through both legs. From the hips all the way down the muscles are regrown and she's watching it happen. She is dancing! [Laughing] She literally jumped out of her chair and is dancing [laughing] to the astonishment of her family. They are in shock!

That is how powerful you are. That is how creative you are!


There is a movie that is coming up, it is called Little Boy. It is one you should see, all of you, because this little boy was told at a young age that if he had the faith of a mustard seed, he could move a mountain, and he does. Now, you have more faith than a mustard seed so can imagine what you can move.

Of course if you can move a mountain you can move your legs. You can change your body. You can heal your body! I see another doing the same, and another, and another. Now healing they are understanding and knowing that they are gods and goddesses and they are denying their illness. They are rebuking their illness and they are getting up. And they are pushing the wheelchairs backward! And they are walking!

Oh, now that is faith!


I just saw what is termed as a Being, a woman, a soldier, a veteran. She had lost from the knee down her right leg. And that is faith. She proclaimed her healing. She demanded a new leg. She got it. She watched her right leg from the knee down grow. [Proudly laughing] That is faith. That is faith. So do not use as an excuse that you cannot be healed because you have no leg. Poppycock. You can. If you only believe you ca-a-an! And you can beloved's.

If you were in the war, now I'm speaking to the veterans from Vietnam and others, other wars. You have been suffering from this, the war, you have been suffering flashbacks; you have been suffering what is the term, post traumatic syndrome. I say to you now, all of you who have this… had this condition, no longer have it! You will no longer have the nightmares. You will no longer have the trauma that goes/comes along with it. I tell you this day you are free of it.

You no longer need the medicine because that medicine does not help you it only nullifies, and then it returns greater in force. So, we are doing away with it completely. It is a reprogramming of your mind. You think only positive and that you are perfect, perfectly whole and perfectly normal, mentally physically spiritually all the way. You no longer have post traumatic stress syndrome. You are done with that. And it is done for that.

Now, the energy that we were speaking of going down the legs of course that is already done and we need not speak of it again. Arthritic, rheumatoid arthritis, those who were experiencing that you no longer have it. All aches and pains associated with that are now gone. You are free of it. Grandmothers, the elderly, ones that are in convalescent homes, nursing homes; if you do not desire to be there change it. [to Saryya] Go ahead.


Saryya: for those that are suffering from any type of infection and many of those of you who are in the nursing homes have this problem, this physical problem that, you as well, you can heal.

All of you now who have perhaps the many of you have had the flu, many of you have had cold symptoms as you say and some infections, know that you are completely healed. Heal thyself. Any kind of disease, any kind autoimmune disease like Lyme disease all of the auto immune diseases that are out there, those are now healed within your bodies, all. It is complete. You are completely healed. I see all of you with much greater energy and aura about you, much brighter. You are glowing. You are being healed as we speak.

Zorra: Those of you with the condition, that had the condition of lupus, shingles, muscular sclerosis, psoriasis, skin disorders, all skin disorders are now void. There are now gone. Those of you that have psoriasis on your arms, if your arms are covered uncover them. See that they are clear. That is the only way to acknowledge that it is done. Expose the areas that have the psoriasis and command your body to heal them; you are healers and you are gods and goddesses.

Speaking of Both

Now I am speaking to those, remember I said before gods, goddesses, and both. Now I am going to address the ‘both.’ The ‘both’ meaning people who are having the condition -- and it is not a disease, it is not the sickness, it is not a mental thing – transgender people's that is both. Both gods and goddesses in one body. That is not an abnormal, it is not an abomination.

I will tell you this peoples that existence was in the beginning on the earth. Many peoples had or do we have both male and female in one body. And it is coming back because it is a sacred thing.

Your Native American Indians hold them very high in their rituals and cultures. They are revered indeed. So do not cast them away. If they’re your children and they have these tendencies, do not condemn them … but love them, embrace them, and support them in their choice because that is not an abnormal thing. It is natural. Just as it is to be one or the other, it is a choice. Some choose to live the male or the god or the goddess. And some wish to do them both together. And they are not to be condemned either.

Saryya: I think we should address stress.

Zorra: All right, go ahead.

Saryya: In these times beloved ones there is much, much that is prevalent that everyone has in one level or another. Some may have small stresses that they have to deal with on a daily basis but many of you as we see are being very stressed about so much that you see and feel in this 3-4D dimension. And what should we do or what should you do about it is the question.


Again, you are powerful gods and goddesses. You can do away with stress whenever you desire. You only hold it to your reality. When you want to dissolve the stress within you one of the quickest things to do is to leave where you are and walk out in nature. Nature will help to nourish and to calm you. Look in the blue sky or look in the sky, look at the trees and communicate with the trees and the plants and the birds. And as you say to them I love you and thank you, they will say the same to you and you will be calm.

You will be calmer, you will be more grounded. No more stress. That will be dissolved. That is one way, one great way for you to feel the peace and feel the harmony that really is who you are. You go back to who you are. When you go back to nature you become one with who you really are. So do this daily do this when ever, whenever you are feeling even somewhat stressed. [to Zorra] Beloved.

Zorra: Indeed.

Saryya: I shall leave. We are done. I am done.

Zorra: You are done? How far did you get?

Saryya: We have resolved the stress.

Zorra: Indeed. Indeed of course. Being grounded is a wondrous thing. Those who can go out in your bare feet and ground yourself to the earth, ground yourself to Mother Earth, to Terra. And as you do, as you take that separation away (speaking of the soles of your shoes) and you are connected to the ground; and I will say even in those areas where there is snow, for a short time walk out in the snow for that is still grounding. And you will feel the exhilaration coming up through your feet, not the cold, you will feel the exhilaration welling up through your feet through your legs and into your body and it will heal it.

I have said before at an earlier time, they in what is termed Haynes, Alaska, they adopted grounding instead of going to doctors. And those that did were healed instantly. The grounding healed them. So, there is a link on HollowEarthNetwork which you can click on and watch the grounding movie. Is there not Anne? Anne?


Anne: I had you muted. Yes there is. It’s on the Ascension Toolbox with many of the tools that you’ve given us Zorra … (Zorra: Indeed) … so that we can choose our own ascension tools. Uh huh.


Zorra: Indeed. I’m going to speak a little bit on the products that I endorse such as Laminine, such as Soul or Rain International, and Soul Core, and now another that has been not only approved by me but also approved by Prime Creator: StemFit.

It has been, what is termed, dealt with also so the issue of the egg is not an issue at all in either product.

Quazar: Zorra, people are going to ask why are we not just staying with Laminine and why StemFit.

Zorra: You can use both.

Quazar: Or they can use one or the other.

Zorra: Or both. It would not hurt you to use both in conjunction. You take Laminine, you take Soul, and you take StemFit. Take it all! Because it is all going to benefit you in miraculous ways. (Quazar: That’s true.) But do not be afraid of taking Laminine because Laminine still does what it says it will do. And they have been changed.

Quazar: And so what do we look forward to with the StemFit?

Zorra: Well, the technology of StemFit has to do with stem cells as well.

Anne: And the Galactics have had a hand in both of the products, haven't they Zorra?

Zorra: They have indeed. They have taken the -- all three of them -- and purified them. So they are okay for vegans. So, those three items/products as you term them will also benefit the body. Anything that does not benefit the body I will not tell you to take because I do not endorse them anyway.

The encoder I also say do so because it will help you. It is zero point energy. Zero point energy what it does it creates a zero point force field around your body. That is what it does. It does not just work in the body, it works around it as well. It shields you from what is called these, umm, what is the term … (Quazar: Negative energies?) negative energies, yes but also pulses that the ₵orporation are trying to bombard you with. EMFs, yes, that as well. It protects you from that. It puts a zero point force field around your body. [Quazar speaking in background]

That is right. As you work with computers and iPhones and communication devices and TVs … that will be a shocker for you! Are you aware that your giant screen TVs have built in to them a chip that allows the ₵orporation to view everything you are doing even when they’re off. So, I am not saying go out and throw your TVs away but you can deactivate that chip by doing the same technique that you do to purify water. And wear the encoder that will also cancel it out. It blurs their vision and they think that their chip is malfunctioning. Or you can totally disable it by doing the Healing Pulse by rubbing your hands together and putting your … [Quazar speaking in background] … well you use two peoples. You take one side and the other takes the other side and you put your hands together and you go over the entire screen together and you will totally neutralize that chip and they will not be able to see you. But the encoder will keep you safe from the pulses that they are sending, trying to send upon you.

Now, those of you that have what is termed as trouble with your feet, high arches, no arches. Command your feet to receive complete healing and those who have flat feet will certainly have an arch; those who have high arches will come down to normal. It is done. It is finished. So be it. Indeed it is. Powerful! (Quazar: Very Powerful!) Indeed. Now.

Quazar: Shall we get started on the questions or do you want testimonials or what? (Zorra: Do you not have a one …) I did but she must be on the line we just don’t know who she is. You can ask Anne.

Zorra: Anne, we had what is termed a individual that was talked to by Zaraya and Quazar and she is on the line to do what is termed a testimony, but they have misplaced her name. She is in the queue, she is supposed to be, and we’re not quite sure how to find her.

Anne: Okay, let me see, there is only a few with their hands up. What part of the country is she in?

Quazar: United States.

Zorra: No kidding! [All laughing!]

Anne: Is she in California? Is she in Nevada?

Quazar: [Speaking in background. All laughing!] I don’t remember what …I’m not totally back yet. I don’t remember … The energy’s not left Saryya. I’m still just coming back everybody. You know what, let’s just go ahead and get started with questions and she may just pop up. (Zorra: Indeed)

Anne: Well I see a few hands up. If you could give me a hint I could try a couple. And then you were wanting to see if Ashtar had a message as well.

Zorra: Yes, let's see if Ashtar has a message for the peoples from Athena.

Anne: Okay, Athena’s coming here to the phone.

Zorra: Indeed. And while she does that you may research.

Athena: Yes this is Athena.

Zorra: Go ahead. Do you have a message for us, Ashtar?

Athena: I do believe that he's been tapping me a little on the head, so.

Zorra Indeed. Let him speak.

Athena: Can you hold on for a second please until I bring him in.




Ashtar: Greetings! This is your brother Ashtar. I usually start my message with my beloved with a song. And I shall begin this today with a beautiful song. [Singing] Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what a beautiful morning, everything is on its way.

Yes beloved.

Quazar: Bravo!

Ashtar: Thank you. Yes beloved ones the sky is blue and the clouds are few because it is opening up to the Golden Age that is upon us in the now as I speak. We all on the ships are watching you.

We love you. We hear your voices singing with hope and wanting to know when this all is going to come about. I will say this dear ones, as I speak I am in the Oval Office at the White House with your beloved president Obama. He has been so willing and so stressed out waiting for his announcement. He has been thoroughly, thoroughly briefed on what the announcement is.

Your president is a pure soul but he has had a rough time here in this lifetime; taken the position he has taken and the responsibility for you all. He may not seem to be loving because he has not been in control. And he knows this. He travels back and forth on our ships and also he is in the Council of the Nine making the decisions that have to be made. Pray for him please. Pray and send love to him and his dear twin flame, Michelle, and his dear children.

Peace and know that all is well and the world is still turning and it will always turn in your favor.

Be loving, be forgiving because this world as it is at the present time is moving upward, upward in the higher realms. She is going home as her heart has been wishing and hoping for eons. Congratulate her. Love her. Honor her. Take care of her.

All of the animals now are starting to not kill one another for food because they are into love too and they are evolving. They are rejoicing because their journey is over too.

The plants are singing and leaning back and forth with the joy of the rain that spills upon them each day and each night, so they are perking up too to love. As we on the ships watch you and look down upon you we feel so much love because we can see what is going on. We can feel your love. We can tell that you are ready and we ask you to please spread the news of a new arising -- A new world is coming -- and to ask everyone to forgive one another. Do not judge because you’ve been there yourself at one time, in one lifetime or the other and have no room to judge one another.

I feel so excited because I know that all the divine plan is now coming in existence. And it’s been planned for millions and millions of years and it has taken to this point – and let me tell you brothers and sisters, it’s not us that have done this; it has been you. You volunteered to be here at this time, to have this accomplished.

Your beloved brother Jesus/Sananda never gave up -- he loves you that much! -- that he is here, still working and striving for his beloved world that he had visited 2000 years ago and failed because of the evilness and the negativity at that time. So he also, as my brother here, wishes you all the love and happiness from his heart. He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. As no other Being ever has … of course besides the Creator.

So I must leave you now knowing that you are listening very closely and you can feel this love. Now it's not just me it's coming through me, through my beloved twin flame. And so be it.

Your beloved Ashtar.

Thank you.

Zorra: Indeed! That was a wondrous message to be given to the peoples.



Quazar: We are going to go forward with that. (Zorra: Yes). Zorra perhaps you can tell us what you are seeing with the what's going on with our world as well as what these energies are doing and providing for us too. And what it is doing in terms of how it is impacting.

Zorra: It is giving new vitality to Terra and new growth and renewal. It is waking up the sleeping peoples. More and more peoples are awakening to the reality of who and what they are. And it is renewing the life essence of Mother Earth or Terra. It is also allowing you a more focused, more (besides focused …) It is also allowing you to accomplish more than you have ever done. You will notice as you are out and about how people's attitudes have changed. They are happier and getting happier.

Quazar: Is this another climb on our movement toward full 5th dimension? Did that just occur?

Zorra: It is another climb yes.

Quasar: And so we are now at five, no four, no five point what? [both laughing] We can't get the rate but we can get the dimension!

Zorra: Oh you are funny! Anyway. I will say you're very close…

Quazar: To mass awakening or to full 5th?

Zorra: Yes. To mass awakening. And of course mass awakening will herald in the full 5th. Indeed.

The more energy that comes up from Terra the more your vision of the Earth and Mother Nature will become more crisp, more vitalizing, and more beautiful.


I have told you before to walk out and look at Mother Nature and you will see it in a different way, a different light, more brighter colors. You will begin to actually be able to hear trees talk to. And you'll wonder from which direction is coming from. Many are thinking I'm hearing voices but I do not know where they're coming from. They're coming from Mother Nature. Mother nature is talking to you. Mother Nature is aware that you are becoming awakened.

So more and more peoples will be able to communicate with trees, plants, animals. You will have a greater rapport with your pets. They will be able to understand you and will be able to understand them because very soon they will be able to make communications with your mind, your telepathy. And likewise you to them.


Quazar: And what of the world now?

Zorra: And what of the world now? All the crisis’s that are still occurring must subside. What is termed as military testing and oil rigs doing what is termed as sonic testing which actually is seismic testing, is different from sonar. Sonar is being halted. Sonic testing in mapping the ocean floor is not affecting whales, is not affecting what is termed dolphins. The only things that do that are sonar testing. That is an entirely different study than sonic.

Quazar: Where are we with either one of those?

Zorra: Both are going to be coming to an end because the mapping has already been completed so there will no longer be doing that. But, also, the drilling of oil will become a thing of the past. We have told them to do what is termed as to wean themselves off of oil. So what we're going to do now…

Quazar: You told who?

Zorra: The oil industry. What we are going to do now is to cap off your oil rigs. They are going to no longer receive oil. We are doing a dire what is termed a dire step to eliminate fossil fuels. They are no longer going to be able to drill for oil because they are going to come up empty. [laughing] (in background: What a surprise.)

Because the new technology is out there for the cleaning of your atmospheres, for the cleaning of your airs, for what is termed if the peoples will not do what is termed take advice, then we must go a step further. So Prime Creator is going to be capping off all drilling throughout the world.

No longer will it be a financial hold on the world. The only oil they will have will be what they have in storage.


Quazar: Is this going to be in synchronization with the RV and prosperity programs?

Zorra: Yes it will.

Quazar: Because?

Zorra: Because … it must be. We must take this stranglehold of poverty away from the world.


Quazar: Well, that will also trigger the minions, the cabals that are still out there to continue and lose their power. (Zorra: Of course.) So could you tell us a little bit about that. Tell us where we are with the minions dissolving or being removed and where are they going, and what else do we need to be rather aware of in regards to what the cabal is doing?

Zorra: The minions are doing what is termed as are following their directions that they’re instructed to do before their superiors went elsewhere. So, what is happening is you still have very powerful peoples that their accumulations were from the oil industry and things of this nature and that had put a stranglehold on the nation, on the world. That stranglehold is being removed. If you stop drilling for oil their prosperity or their hold on the planet is gone. No more reason to fight over oil because oil will not be available anyway.

Quazar: I guess my question, Zorra, to be more specific … (Zorra: All right) is in Iraq and in particular in Russia, China, United States, oil is what people are looking for, nations are looking for. (Zorra: Indeed) And there has to be a trade, the trade of oil for dinar, the trade of oil for currency, and that is fixed because the United States wants a lot of the oil credits. They have a lot of oil credits that they want to trade back to with Iraq or Russia or China.



Zorra: This, what is called the capping will not take place until the revaluation has been done, completely. Completely done. Due to the fact that it has much to do with the oil. So, the capping will take place after the revaluation has been done.

Quazar: And that part is done.

Zorra: And that is done but it just has not reached all shores yet. When it is done, when it does reach all shores and you have received your blessing, then the capping will commence. So, it is like a prelude to what is coming.

So think of all the cars out there that do not have the technology of free energy. Your combustion engine shall be a thing of the past. That will be gradual. They will be converting all automobiles over to the electric; over to the hydrogen. No more will they be using oil, fossil fuels.

What is termed the energy industry has not yet figured out a way to charge people for air. [Laughing]

Anne: Or sunshine!

Zorra: Or sunshine. They cannot charge for it, it’s free.



Quazar: So, tagging on to what Ashtar was talking about with Obama and he’s feeling under stress, could you tell what’s going on with Washington D.C. and Iraq?

Zorra: Washington D.C., Obama, United Nations, and much discoveries being discovered in middle east are all coming to a head. What is termed as they are uncovering documentation in the middle east. They have done what was spoken of that would be done: they have gained entrance to the Akashic records in the Sphinx and they are now reading them.

Israel, Egypt, they are now reading them and they are finding out the true history of the world. [answering Quazar] The Egyptians [Quazar: Are doing this.] Indeed.

A what is termed aN archeologist, a young archeologist in what is termed Cairo, discovered the tone that enabled entrance into the chamber that holds the history of the world. And he did it with a primitive device known as a xylophone. (Quazar: Hmm, really!) Indeed. And he played it in the Sphinx in the chamber in the hallway where they had discovered the chamber that was sealed and he did the tone and it opened.

So that is something that has also not been publicized mainly because they do not know what it consists of. It consists of far more knowledge than your history books will ever tell. It tells of the true peoples of the earth, the true what is termed old ones, ancient ones if you will; ones that had the knowledge to turn the world into a world of harmony and peace. That has been uncovered.




Obama has been in a what is called a receiving much stress and things of this nature because of what he has/is being taught by Ashtar and by the Galactic Federation. They have been meeting with him in his chambers and at this moment Prime Creator has joined the meeting. So Prime Creator is with Obama, talking with him in female form. But is giving him encouragement and the courage to be able to do what is termed as to give an announcement. It’s what he needs.

And when this announcement is given there will be no one to stop him: no secret government, no cabal or minions, or anything of this nature because he will be under the complete protection of Prime Creator who shall be standing directly next to him. And people will see a woman standing next to Obama dressed in sandals and a robe. And on his other side there will be another standing: Ashtar. So when the announcement is given, it will not be …

Quazar: Explain the announcement, Zorra. Explain the announcement for people that may not know.

Zorra: The announcement of full Disclosure.

The announcement will entail what will be termed in nothing less than a complete confession, if you will, that the government has been in contact with extra terrestrial beings ever since 1943. And, not only have they been in contact with them, but they’ve been working with them and that the Area 51 complex was a facility … or it was … not now it is not because it’s been taken over … but it is/was a facility that was doing the technology exchange with the extra terrestrials and all that will be brought forth.


And the cabal and the CIA or any other of the ₵orporation agents will be powerless to stop this. The media will be given freedom to transmit this announcement worldwide. It will be heard in every country, in every village.

Quazar: Is this going to come before the RV or after?

Zorra: After. So that tells you how close it is.

Quazar: And of course if he’s going to make the announcement about Disclosure, that means …

Zorra: That means you are going to be seeing much activity in the skies and you’re going to be able to instead of seeing specs in the sky, you are going to see in fullness, the ships.

Quazar: Now you had told us the last time, Zorra, that this would happen on a gradual basis as far as where these ships are going to land, primarily because you don’t want to cause chaos.

Zorra: Of course not. And there will not be chaos because you have many what is called entertainment what is termed movies, things of this nature, that are beginning to show films that bring a wonderful light to extra terrestrial beings. And they are being influenced by the Galactic Federation. The writers are receiving their ideas from the Galactic Federation (Quazar: Or you.) … or me! So we are giving them new ideas. We are giving them new stories if you will, ideas, for movies to bring a positive light to contact with extra terrestrial beings.

Quazar: So, as we are speaking about Disclosure Zorra, so tell us now about what the Galactics are up to; that they are you know in terms of Disclosure because (Zorra: It is very close) it’s the next step.



Zorra: Indeed. They have stepped up/ they are stepping up what is termed their becoming visual, more frequently. And they are also what is termed here recently, they are starting to appear and people have videotaped them, individual Galactics floating in your skies. Flying humanoids. And those are our Galactic Beings from the ships. So they are showing more gradually which will be multiplied and sped up even more so.

Quazar: So those films or videos that many people have seen already of these flying humanoids or beings are actually real. They're not…

Zorra: They're not recreations.

Quazar: They're not recreations like robots or anything.

Zorra: No, they are peoples. They are Galactic beings that are showing that man has the capability of flight without vehicles.

[Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytJBXRYtoKw ]


Quazar: So what is the message from our Galactics at this time, Zorra?

Zorra: Prepare for reunion, that is their message to you. Prepare for reunion with your star brothers and sisters and also prepare for your reunion with the Inner Earth beings and the Hollow Earth beings and myself.


Quazar: Are you and the others from Hollow Earth or Inner Earth just going to appear or …

Zorra: We have already done so in many places in the United States, in Kentucky near Mammoth Cave and near Carlsbad Caverns, Arizona, near Superstition Mountains. (Quazar: How about Telos?) Telos? Of course! Mt Shasta as well. They are going to see more frequent ships above Mt Shasta.

They are going to what is termed as they have spoke of in the olden times where peoples from Telos would come into the village of Mt Shasta and do trade; they are going to do that again.

[See Testimonial caller Zursta/Larry below]

So they are going to begin coming out in more frequently and many of that is in a dimensional door at Mt Shasta. No it is a holographic door. Simply a holograph of a sheer rock face and you will see people coming out from a sheer rock face. So, [Quazar in background] All right, go ahead.

Quazar: I think you talked about the whales already. This one who has the encoder said, should she be wearing it on that side where she had the stroke or on the other?

Zorra: Well, being she is healed already, I would say it matters not which arm.

Quazar: This is in regards to the person who had asked a question about the encoder that she is wearing on the arm where she had a stroke verses the other and Zorra said that she is healed so it doesn’t matter.

Zorra: It does not matter, and I am quite sure we will be hearing from her.

Quazar: Okay, and then of course you’ve already talked about the … or Zaraya has already talked about the vaccinations in California and about the water crisis in California.


Zorra: That is another thing. I am going to address what is termed as attitudes and weather. How many people out there think that weather has nothing to do with attitudes or nothing to do with the way you think? It does, most assuredly. If you want to have fair weather …

[call drops]

Anne: Well, did we lose you? It does happen and they’ll call back in. I’ll keep an eye out for them. Okay, let’s just hold up and Zorra will tell us about our antiquated technology.

Zorra: Indeed.


Zorra: It has to do with what is termed the connections of these primitive satellites.

Anne: [Laughing] I said you would tell us about our primitive technology!

Zorra: Indeed. Now, I was talking about weather and attitudes. The way you think is a very big contributor to weather. If you have evil thoughts or bad thoughts or negative thoughts you are going to attract bad weather. If you have positive thoughts, ones of happiness and joy and peace, you are going to bring fair weather. So you have the power to change your own vicinity, your own region, by changing the way you think. Do not go out and when it is cloudy oh it is a gloomy day. No, it is a glorious day!

When you get up in the morning say aloud to Mother Nature and to the weather: What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is! And it shall be just that. Weather is a direct connection with the way you think and the way your attitudes are. The more negative your attitudes the worse the weather. The greater positive your attitudes are the better the weather. So yes, the way you think and the attitudes are in direct workings with the weather.

Quazar: Tell us about the crisis in California with the water.

Zorra: Is all the fault of the attitudes of the peoples. I just did. It is the attitudes of the peoples as a whole. If there is drought, if there is less water, or too much, they need to come together – many peoples in different areas of California get a group together – six or more and join hands in a circle and just give out positive energy, positive attitude, and positive thought to those areas that need water.

All right, let us commence with ones from Anne.

Anne: Okay they've grown all of a sudden. People with what you’ve said has prompted new questions it appears. Let's see if we can scoot through them, we've got about 45 minutes folks …

Zorra: And we're going to do what is termed as the last 15 minutes of it will be, we will clear the board and we will ask again for testimonies. And that person that wanted to get give the testimony be sure to come back and press one to give your testimony. That way we will have her on there.

Anne: Okay and those of you who already have your hands up …

Zorra: Now those of you that have testimonies… One question each only. Not a personal question.

Anne: And we've got a bunch of questions so we're going to ask you, and if you don't dismiss yourself promptly after the answer I'm going to have to be ruthless!

Zorra: I am going to say this beloved Anne, let us do it this way. Those who have just testimonies lower your hands and you will really raise your hands at the time of the testimonial section. That way you can eliminate some of your hands that are up. And the ones who just have questions remain.

Anne: Okay so I'm going to go through those that are here now. Presuming that you have one brief question, let's roll it guys. When your name comes up when your number comes up, give your name and where you're calling from and a very concise question.


Q & A

Anne: [after opening a few lines but getting no response, Anne wonders whether the board is working properly.]


479: Yes. I’m in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thank you so much Anne and Zorra. I’m asking my name. I’ve never known my true name.

Anne: Oh, we don’t allow those personal questions because it doesn’t benefit the group, and then everybody will want to ask the same question.

479: Okay, okay.

Anne: If you don’t have a valid question I’ll have to leave you behind. I’m sorry.

Zorra: Starshine.

479: Okay, my question is: when will I be … oh, I’m sorry Anne. I must let this go. I just don’t know my name.

[Continues with questioning her name]

Anne: Okay, that’s the answer. There’s lots of people waiting with questions for the group. I love you but I’ve got to close you down now.


786: Hi. I’m just so grateful for these welcome reunions and Zorra, Ashtar, and all involved. Thank you. [Caller] from Florida. Yeah, there was some news that the first City of Light might be in around Easter time near Sedona. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Zorra: The time for its reveal has not been announced yet.

Anne: Okay, that ends that one. You had your question, we got the answer and there’s lots of people waiting so. Zorra said we should get in and get out. Nice hearing your voice and thanks for the question. A lot of people were wondering about that.


770: Namaste to everyone on the call. This is [caller] in Georgia. I don’t have a question. I just want to thank Zorra, Zaraya, and all of you for all you’ve done for us. If you had not been here I have no idea how we would have gotten on. And I want to tell/give Saryya special love to her for the meditation because my soul looks for it every day. I look forward every day to it. It just calms my spirit and I am actually able to call forth everything that we are waiting for, which is coming down the pike now. So I’ll see you all soon and thank you. Anne. I’m hanging up the phone and pressing number 1.


678: Good afternoon everyone. My name is [caller] I’m calling from Atlanta. Absolutely, absolutely. Good afternoon Zorra and everyone else on the call. I had a quick question. I’ve been curious. I’ve been curious just on may you please share how [caller seems star struck and is somewhat stammering; eventually all laughing] My mind is going a little blank just by the energy. I wanted to learn more about … I want to see Zorra if you can share the lifestyle in Hollow Earth, meaning that may you please share what’s happening right now in your world. What’s going on in Hollow Earth just at this period of time and like on a daily basis. I remember you dropped this one to one of the last later calls but like as far as right now this period of time compared to life up here on the surface?

Zorra: I will say this. We are preparing for reunion with the surface dwellers. What we are doing presently, we are opening up all emergent zone areas throughout the world. All the entrances that have been covered or camouflaged if you will are now being opened and there is a guide that is standing just inside of the opening to keep those unworthy peoples out. And those that have been called to come there will be allowed to enter. Next question.

678: Pretty Awesome. Thank you.

Anne: Okay, that’s it, we’re getting ready, everybody’s getting ready. Okay thank you that was a good question. And I can hear you listening to my favorite waltzes, that’s what’s going to connect you with your twin flames you know.


321: Hello. This is my first time calling. Peace and blessings to my cousin who connected me to you guys. Zorra, I’d like to validate that I believe what you’re saying that the movies that we’re seeing now is connecting us to something that is coming extra terrestrial. My question is: am I connected because somehow I feel like I’m from another planet sometimes.

Anne: May I tell you something? For one you did not give us your name and location and two we really discourage individual questions; where am I from, what’s my name. There’s thousands of people that would raise their hand to ask those individual, personal questions. But it doesn’t benefit …

321: Oh I’m sorry I’m [caller] from Florida. I will say it generally: are certain people connected to the extra terrestrial here on earth than others?

Zorra: Yes they are. I assure you of that. I will say that your heritage is Mushaban.

321: What does that mean please?

Zorra: That they are from the Pleiadian Star System, the Seven Sisters.

321: [Caller continues to question what was said and elicit more personal information.]

Anne: [Suggests caller contact Nancy Tate, friend of HEN, for further information regarding Mushaba.]


[More trouble with the call board.]


928: Hi Anne. It’s [caller] in Sedona. As we’re doing the Healing Pulse and send it to other people without their knowledge and consent, how effective would that be.

[Neither Anne nor Zorra can hear or understand the question due to very poor connection.]


111: Hello. Hi I’m calling from Manhattan. Hi Anne, Zorra, Jane. I’d like to know regarding the encoder bracelet, Zorra you said the encoder scrambles the signals on the TV. Do the pendants from ZeroPoint Global also do the same?

Zorra: More so with the encoder. [The pendants scramble slightly] but the encoder scrambles it completely.

111: I see. Okay, thank you very much. Blessings.

Anne: Thank you [caller], you were clear and concise.


505: Hi, I’m calling from New Mexico. So my question is what Zorra recommends for this equinox, this new time we’re starting now today.

Zorra: Connect with Mother Nature. Go out in bare foot, take off your shoes and your socks and walk in the grass or the dirt and reconnect to Mother Earth. And revitalize your immune system, revitalize your body, and revitalize your knowingness.

Anne: It would be a good thing for everyone to do especially today while we’re in this window of high energy. Is this correct?

Zorra: Indeed.



Saryya: Indeed. This is Saryya. In addition, this all of you beloved children, beloved ones know that this time you have an accelerated push for you to be able to let go completely of 3D and 4D. It’s, as we have been saying during this entire session, know that your relationship that you have it fit feel of low energy, or of negativity it is time for you to resolve any crisis or any distress that is causing your relationships to be in disharmony. It is time to bring forth harmony and peace with your mate with your partners with your children with those around you. Not only that it is time for you to also work and bring joy and love into your workplace.

It is time for you to take the bold step of becoming truly who you really are. It is time for you as you do this to shield yourself with all the very powerful tools that you have been left with. The Soul is a terrific product when you need energy and to do the work and the joy that you are doing presently. For remember as well, as you work forward [???] in this high energy it is now time as well for you to work on your goals. With out goals then how can you have a plan and when you have a plan it is time for you to work your plan and make it happen.

This is the time for you to boldly move forward with your Truth to share them with everyone that you know and love and all of those that you do not know … (Zorra: Or do not love) or do not love. Send forth great [laughter] … because you can indeed.

Anne: Saryya, since we are now at the equinox which of course opens the door to our beautiful three months of springtime, as we move forward. Is there a special energy to these coming three months of spring?

Saryya: A special energy? Hmm. The energy of rebirth, of new beginnings and renewal, of course, that is what spring is all about. And you can bring forth this new world as it is now beginning for all of you.


Zorra: And I am going to add to that.

I am talking to the farmers, the ones who are just doing what is termed as wondering what to plant. What ever you planted last year do not plant this year. That will give you a hint. Do not plant the same crop over and over and over. Rotate them. Rotate them because that is what Mother Nature wants you to do and you will be blessed for it. Your crops will be bountiful. Your crops will be plentiful. And there will be more than enough for you and for your markets.



Saryya: It is time also to celebrate because that is what we are doing in Hollow Earth. We are in great celebration at this time as the emergents are appearing, as we are getting ready to come to your surface. So be ready and be in joy. Celebrate and be happy. Be in laughter.

Zorra: And be in joy. Understand everything you do, do for the glory of you … meaning, the glory of God, the glory of Goddesses. Do it for your glory! As I have said before, take back your sovereignty. Take back your country. Take back your government by becoming the government. Indeed. Next question.

Anne: Thank you.

Zorra: Anne, at fifteen minutes ‘till which is five minutes from now, I want you to clear the board completely and we will commence with the testimonials.

Anne: Yes, okay so we’re going to try to catch as many of you that are left that didn’t get a chance.


208: Thank you. This is Boise, Idaho. Yes. I’m very grateful to what you all have been doing for all the people to help everybody wake up. I was privileged to have been born awake, I should say honored, I do not consider it to be higher or lesser. I have been in service for a very long time with this situation [nine???] eons work to be exact. And I’m most excited to see that which is coming forth. For those that are concerned about how long they are waiting, it is a little time in comparison to how long the situation of separation has come to this juncture point to be cleansed, cleaned, healed, and reunited in oneness unified consciousness. (Zorra: Indeed) My love to all of you.

Anne: Did you have a question, Boise? Thank you for your contribution.

208: That was it. My heart is with you. I don’t very often have questions because I am within Oneness.

Anne: Okay, there are people with questions so thank you for sharing your history.


949: This is [caller] of California. I’m wondering what is the time frame of the Ascension event? Is it going to be a couple years or is it going to be more than that?

Zorra: It is on-going as we speak. It is going now. It has happened in many places already. We have had what is termed as family who were gathered around what is termed a loved one that was in a hospital in the I.C.U. and upon the, they were there to meet the what is termed the minister was there to give last rites and all of this, and suddenly the entire Being lit up and was gone.

Anne: Wow!!!

Zorra: So it is on-going as we speak. It is happening now. [Anne: Wonderful!] Collectively, all the ones that will be ascending will be in the coming months, not years.

Anne: Great!

949: God bless you!

Anne: Oh thank you [caller]. That was a wonderful question. I’m glad you were brave enough to ask it. We all thought we knew the answer including myself so, thank you very much.



760: Hi Anne. This is San Diego. I raised my hand just now for a testimony on the encoder so can I start it?

Zorra: Of course, go ahead.

760: Hi Zorra! Yes, I ordered the encoder right when I got Anne’s email and it came within a couple days and I am really pleased with it. It has just really been a blessing to my being able to carry on with how I’ve been feeling. I’m doing fine and I’ve been feeling fine but it’s just really helped me a lot in what we’re going through right now.

Zorra: In what way? In what way has it helped you?

760: Well it helped me with clarity, with, I don’t know. I was having kind of a time with my body being just strange. Nothing’s wrong with it, it’s just something kind of strange like everything else right now and it’s just been, it’s helped level that out. I felt the power immediately. I keep it on all day and I understand from the website that we can do it 24/7 but I sometimes I feel the energy so powerful I take it off for an hour or so in the day but I’m really thrilled with it and that’s what I wanted to share. Thank you for putting us on to it, all of you.

Zorra: Indeed. And do you also take Soul?

760: Yes! And Laminine, since they began, both of them. And I've been on all your calls, every – I think Anne would recognize my number. I haven't missed a call, so I'm with you guys. I just want to bless all of you.

Zorra: And how has the Soul and Laminine helped you?

760: Well they, they’re a gift too. I don't know StemFit I've heard of it before that you just spoke of today but I'm going to look into that. I would never be without Laminine and Soul. I would never be without it.

Anne: I will be, and I'm sure others want to know, [putting it on HEN website]. You will get more information on StemFit. I too am impressed with it. And it's you know different strokes for different folks sometimes.

760: Where do I go to the website? What website is?

Anne: It will be on our own website as soon as I get it up. You are good product of the product. Of all the people that I've heard speak you have been the most clear, the most coherent and energetic. So by taking all these products …

760: And I run about the same circles around Sun as you Anne. In fact I've known you from way back in networking and we are young in spirit.

Anne: Oh yeah, yeah a lot more than some who are a couple of decades younger than us, because I've been on this for three years and it shows.

Okay now, Zorra gave us orders from headquarters, that means anybody who has their hands up right now for questions, remove yourself from the question queue. We've run out of time.

Those of you who have testimonies to the Healing Pulse or to any of our recommended products by Zorra, please stay here so we can hear your story. We're down to 11 minutes and only testimonies.


786: Yes. [Caller] from Florida and I just want to encourage everyone to use the Soul, Laminine, also grounding with the earth. How can we get people and easily, is there a way we can sign up for both of them?

Anne: That's all on the website. It's all there on Health Programs page.

786: I just to encourage everyone to use them. You can feel the difference right away.





541: Hello Anne! Hello! This is Zursta/Larry Mt Shasta, that's Ashland Oregon.

[Warm greetings all around]

541: I want to do a testimony. I want to be appropriate. First thing I want to say is I'm a little bit down by one decade from you Anne. I’m 72 ½ times around the sun.

I went in for my drivers test early because I was really worried about passing; you know you’ve got to sign up for eight years and that in Oregon now, so I went in there and my peripheral vision was bad before. I had like four or five laser surgeries on my left eye so I was kind of concerned. When I was in the fifth grade I could see the board from the front row.

So I went in had an eye test to get my drivers license exam. I noticed that I’d been seeing better. Now I take Laminine daily and Soul those are the only two things I take daily and quite a bit of it along the way, and the first thing we find out is my left eye I can see peripheral. Then I take my glasses off and they give me a little short eye test. I'm almost 20/20 and my eyes just had five operations! The license examiner said you don't need to wear your glasses anymore to drive. Now I'm 72 1/2 times around the sun so I don't have to wear my glasses for anything anymore. Except I do for little bit of magnification for reading.

The other thing is I've always had high blood pressure. My blood pressure is down now and I was having dizzy spells because of that. The dizzy spells are all gone and my high blood pressure is down to just about normal. So those things have happened to me.

I also had an operation that was serious in the lower extremities areas. I was on the table for 4 1/2 hours and I've had some problems, Zorra will tell you, recently with tumor growth. And I went to the bathroom and I take a lot of as I said Soul and I noticed an ash substance as I removed myself from the bathroom area and peered down into the commode I noticed there was an ashy type white – grey substance. And a tumor was removed from me from taking Soul. And that's my testimony.

Anne: Oh boy! Wow Zorra!

Zorra: Indeed.

541: And I'm going to be… Zorra you can tell… Adama and them know I will be up there to interlude and help people come out of the wall. I know where they'll be coming out of the wall up there and I'm going to be helping when the time is right for this transition into the community. So I want you to know Zorra that I will be helping with that. (Zorra: Indeed)

So that's really all I have to say right now. Let someone else do the testimony.

Anne: Oh you’re wonderful. Thank you so much Larry. We loved to hear you're very concise and pointed information. And we're very grateful you joined us.


Larry's at Mount Shasta. He channels Adama all the time. And just a couple of weeks ago he had a very strong message from Adama so we're always happy to hear from Larry who lives just an hour away from Mount Shasta.

561: He's coming out Anne. Adama is coming out with his people. Bye bye.

Anne: Thanks. Thanks Larry.


916, I wonder if I've tried you before. I wonder if you had to leave and left your phone open.


703: Hello! I'm in Maryland. Hi Anne, hello Zorra, Saryya, and all the family. Last weekend I woke up from having slept in a weird position and I guess it's sort of turned back on my problem I had in 2007 with my shoulder when I fell when I was skiing. And for two days I was just in excruciating pain and I couldn't rotate my arms. Now I was already taking the Soul but what I've learned was, I took the Core. My son told me to take the Core. And I took the Core and immediately the pain went down. And I would say on a scale of1 to 10 my pain was at a 9. And I took one pack of Core and within 10 minutes all of the pain subsided. And I didn't know Core did that.

So I just wanted to share that. I mean we've been taking Soul and we know it deals with inflammation but the Core is dealing with the pain somehow too. So people know, you can take Core and I feel great today. And of course I’m healed today anyway. So, toodaloo! Thank you. Thank you everyone. I'm going to pass on.

Anne: Great! Thank you. It's always good to hear from you. I don't like the taste of core but I take it. I had a little mental problem there but I know what’s good for me and I'm really glad to hear you say that.

Okay, we're done. I have two lines open for Zaraya and Quazar. Oh, here's 916 again. You are really wanting to come through.





916: Hi Anne. I am from Sacramento, California. You remember me from, let's see Peter's phone calls. I teach autism. I'm going to start out with my health, the changes in my health. And then I'm going to tell you about how Soul Seed has helped me in my life how it protected me in my life. I'm going to start out with the health effects that it’s done for me.

I've lost 30 pounds. I first started using it kind of as a meal replacement. I had a lot of stress in my life and I was not eating meals because I didn't have an appetite so I used it as a meal replacement. And then after a while I have an addiction to both sugar and white flour. Now I no longer have the addiction for sugar and white flour. I do not crave them, I do not care about them, you could put a box of chocolates in front of me and I won't touch them. Before I would devour the whole entire box.

It has healed my bursitis in both my hips. I'm 53 years old. I work with autistic children so I'm on the floor with them, they’re kindergarten and first grade. Most people cannot do the job I do. I love my children, I have high abundance of energy and a very positive attitude. I wake up every morning healthy and happy and telling it is a wondrous and glorious day. I say it every day. And when I see my children I love them dearly and I'm so pleased that I have such good health to enjoy them.

Also I had a colonoscopy done and I was quite concerned how that would turn out but I had been on Soul Seed and Laminine for four months. In the past I had always had very loose stools and colitis. I spent most of my day always going to the restroom and, sorry to tell you about my bodily functions but you know hey, everybody knows that we want our bodies to run well so I'm going to tell you. Now I have the best stools I've ever had and they’re twice a day and they're not 100 times a day, which is a good thing.

Now, I would like to tell you about the protection qualities of Soul Seed. I'm going through a divorce. I've been married for 22 years. My husband is a confirmed sociopath, alcoholic, and he is highly emotionally abusive. I have two children. I wanted my youngest son old enough to speak for himself so that he could tell the judge ‘I do not want to be with this man.’ So I waited for five years, and I planned the divorce. (Which I gave him the divorce papers on Martin Luther King Day called free at last, free at last.)

So, during that period of time going through the divorce with a sociopath, alcoholic, and emotionally abusive person is quite frightening. So I needed the best possible health. I needed clarity of mind, I needed courage, I needed strength, and I needed to stop the paralyzing fear I was going through. And I am now in the divorce process. My son has gotten his wish; he is out of the house. And things are moving forward for me. This man has not been able to put me in a fear state. And I have Laminine and also Soul Seed to thank because normally I get asthma really bad when my stress gets going, and my asthma is gone. And what happens is during that period of time I get a cold and then I go into asthma and then I go into pneumonia, which means I can go into the hospital. And with a sociopath for a husband he could off me very easily.

I needed to protect myself and be able to handle the situation and that is what Laminine has given me and also Soul Seed … especially Soul Seed. This is my testimony.

Anne: Well that is fantastic. That is wonderful. You got all of yourself back together again… (916: I did.) (Zorra: Indeed) Well it's wonderful to hear from you and the work you're doing with the children.

We’re off the air but we’re into overtime. It's still being recorded.

This I believe is one of the most powerful, informative calls that we have ever had. And I want to gratefully thank Zorra and Saryya for giving us such specific information as well as dear Ashtar joining us and giving us – straight from the Oval Office mind you. We've had an incredible call here.

I’m turning it over to Zorra and Saryya to wind up the call here.



Saryya: My, it has been a glorious time as you say with all of you and it is an absolutely a wondrous and glorious and loving day. And that is what we wish for each and every one of you. Become now, not just your physical bodies which is just what you have borrowed, become now fully who you are: the gods and goddesses that you have always been. That is who you truly are. And here is my beloved.



Zorra: Indeed. I want to address again the ‘both’ because it is important. Is it not? There are many peoples out there, both adults and children, the who are going through turmoil, are going through unsured-ness, are going through – even to the point of suicide – because they do not understand what is happening to them. And what is happening to them they are coming to the realization that they are both God and Goddess in one form and that is frightening for many. For many families it is disastrous.

I will speak of Zaraya now, my beloved child who is God and Goddess together. Always has been, always shall be. Understand just because he is both or she is both is because it is natural. It is not unnatural. It is not an abomination. It is not abnormal. And it is not to be judgment against. There are many in every city, there are many support groups that will help these children and adults to cope with their situation. Just like the gay community, lesbians and gays, same with them. They are going through changes that you are not to judge because you are no place to judge anyway. But understand what was in the beginning, it is now returning to the beginning.

Saryya: This is meant to be. This is just the beginning again of your awakening to know that you are all one regardless of what form whether male, female or both that you are. Because as the ships begin to come to your Earth you will see many creatures, as you would think they are, but they are Light Beings just as you are. They are your brothers and sisters.

So if you are having a hard time accepting and loving your brothers and sisters that you may think they are weird or not normal, what will you think of when you see your other star brothers and sisters who are of a different species and do not look like you. This is a time for you to let go of all that judgment; let go of that 3 or 4D thinking.

It is now time for you to raise and you have raised your frequency and your consciousness expanding wider to accept all around you as you are that you are each together brother and sister and are one.

Zorra: And many of you are going through what is termed financial hardship as well. And I understand this. Those of you who have what is termed headbands that have what is called gold or silver coins upon them -- gold primarily because it has such a high value -- and you may do what is termed as replace it with a silver which will still work just as well as the gold. So you can remove it, clean it up, and cash it in if you need to for the benefit of your family. And also just replace it with a silver disc, one ounce of silver. And this is for ones that have made the headbands with gold. It is a temporary relief if you will until the blessing comes. And it is in the process of coming. So …

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, much love and have yourself a wondrous, glorious and loving day. And I do believe a new world is coming.

Anne: Aww, it truly is. Here it is. Thank you dear Zorra. Thank you dear Saryya. We love you so much.

Saryya: We thank you and we love you as well, Lady Nada.

Zorra: Indeed.