Sunday, March 22, 2015

At the Backside of the Sun - Herculobus (No Kidding!)

Less than ten years ago there was a prime time series on television produced in the US that shows a planet that is very much like the Earth that is seen by people whenever they look up into the sky.  Although that was a fictional story; but exactly a year before that something was spotted by STEREO a NASA spacecraft similar to a Sattelite that orbits the Sun, a planet very much like the Earth was hiding at the back of the Sun.  This is a major secret by some Elite Astronomers and by NASA. 

There are two STEREO's orbiting the Sun that was sent by NASA one was located left side of the Sun and the other at the right side of the Sun.  Both were positioned 90 degrees from the Earth in right angular direction. The main function of these two STEREO's are just to observe the Sun.  This was even confirmed when the Voyager that was sent by NASA to explore the deep space when looking back to the solar system and beaming pictures of the Earth, it shows an another identical planet which looks exactly like Earth.  At first they were skeptical, but after much calculations in accordance with Earthly Calendar reckoning, the pictures calls for more investigations.  The images they received shows an identical planet located just at the back of the Sun. 

We on Earth cannot see it because it is always at the back.  Whenever the Earth revolves around the Sun, this seemingly cloned planet moves in synchronized fashion so that it is always at the back of the Sun.  Since then, NASA was able to (secretly) obtain close-up photos and images of this planet.  Astonishingly, the geographic features were very identical to Earth, except for the civilizations, cities and nations as the whole planet is still on its pristine condition. Yes, the whole planet is filled with all kinds of vegetation and no pollution.  It is very much on its primitive stage.

All of these verifies what Ashtar of Galactic Federation and Zorra from Hollow Earth revealed that there was indeed a planet similar to Earth which is at the back of the Sun. 

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