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Manuel:  Important Conference happening at the moment.  Here are some of the transcribed words from the conference.  It has something to do with the GCR and RV.


R.V./ GCR April 29, 2015 at 8:01pm Replay not posted yet. Call still in-progress.

Replay will be here:

The following is being transcribed from a Landa call taking place now! Wow!!



40 bankers arrested last week; it's the final cleanup

90 fake elders

before funds can move around the world
cabal being taken out

Divine Plan unfolding

The real Chinese family have to keep it secret
now we're to see "for the benefit of humanity"

* 80% of Thrive Movement is solid

* seats of New Republic being filled as we speak

military has to support the Constitution

* all big $ programs have to roll out at the same time so no country gets left behind; in otherwords, it would be lopsided if done any other way

* Chinese family under contract to be guardian of the peoples' $
the Ch cabal separate...

royal family now working with gov ; AIIB

USA joined AIIB at the last min

commerce being conducted with AIIB

US at v deep levels still has bad roots

Rothschilds writing on wall a long time ago; their folders were confiscated; the power backing them is gone in one day……seeing the last of the delays

Q: * Iraq RV; play into bonds & PPs?

A: RV has to be in place before major $ movement around the world
joined at the hip…Still remnants fighting tooth & nail, but majority are gone

Q:* When New Republic activated?

A: Today, tomorrow, a month? dunno; seats since 1909 being filled with new governors & senators.

Q: * J Helm: hear 2 sides; and big pharma prob; address plz

A: Jade Helm...1) prelude to lockdown: martial law 2) there to enforce New Republic
heard both too; how protect country during a changeover; so JHelm may be united; don't know yet

Q: - Caller: if US Rep is to announce Disclosure>peo afraid>banks close
plz share if you can when you know the answer

A: Veterans Truth Radio VTN CIA ofcrs put up what they're doing to help....Rockefeller part of those that jumped ship

US military around since the beginning; upkeep of Constitution; protect peo & country; they will protect new rep since that is the orginal constitution

Nat'l Guard on board too

Landa here to help humanity
Q: - IRS?

A: collection arm for the Fed Reserve


it's being cleaned up...

UST is to become the real UST very soon

Q: - tax

A: push to restore Republic; whether taxing situation or not; prior to 1913, income tax didn't exist....illegal to tax income

US Corp: a lot is done by consent; people need to be educated; choice in free republic & do homework

when you engage in contract ... they obfuscate the real purpose...turn ur life over to them...

Q: * how to stop genocide from the pharma...

A: We'll be coming out in another direction that will eliminate disease
LG will support foods that do this

Q: Caller: bonds US held up? last week?
and TRN need to be in place for RV?

A: LG: can be held off; there's another solution there
we are processing now we're just starting

Q: Caller: re: w/in 2 wks, good disclosure on things; US jurisdiction...., D.C. PR and they can opt out beccuz ur a non resident

A: LG: Big Pharma has done a lot of good for humanity; so mish mash of good/bad stuff






Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of the current status of the historic bond redemptions, and general information in respect of procedures and pricings of assets.
To access the weekly conference, please observe the following information:

Date: Each Wednesday
Time: 3:00 p.m. Mountain time (MST)
5:00 p.m. Eastern (EST)
4:00 p.m. Central (CST)
2:00 p.m. Pacific (PST)

Conference line: (559) 546-1000
Access Code: 1013931#

The complete past recordings of all conference calls in mp3 format files are posted below for easy access after the conference.




Awake-in-3D > Rick April 29, 2015 at 5:26pm I am listening to the call also... he said "TRN"? It sounded like he said "TTN". But I'm hoping he said TRN. (I'll listen to the replay).

Also said over 40 bankers were arrested last week - also many arrests in the Chinese families (imposters).


Rick April 29, 2015 at 6:24pm

ON THE LANDA CALL..... THEY SAY IRAQ will make a MAJOR announcement in the MIDDLE of MAY!!!

He said it could go either way GOOD OR BAD.... I KNOW IT WILL BE GOOD.....

They said the TRN or TTN are still NOT GOLD BACKED......That will be getting a NEW currency in the United States to replace the TRNS....

Said the United States has already joined the AAIB Bank at the last hour.

Said the next two weeks big movements will be made in GCR......


D.K.C. > Rick I was sure hoping we would be seeing the RV/GCR sooner then the middle of May ..hope they are wrong about that part

Davidchek > Rick That gives groups and iqdland two weeks to be done before public announcement.


R.V. / GCR Look shiney thing in the Room... if they say october do you believe them? If they say mid month would speculators get primed? If you look they are telling the masses dont riot.... that means what.....sooner

R.V. / GCR SilverCertificates are coming... look up the Reagan protocols


Wilbur grodan: MARKET ACTION - be ready for the shock in < 24 D.K.C. > wilbur grodan Good or bad shock.....I sure hope its a good one!!

Wilbur grodan> D.K.C. G

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Transcript of Hollow Earths Blogtalk Radio Show - April 18, 2015

Web page:

Telephone replay: 1–605-562-3132 + 439724# Ref 110#
Total Broadcast Minutes: [2:30:03]

Transcription: Thank you Zoe!

Music Intro

Beginning Dialogue

Anne: Well, here we are at last. This is Anne … let me just turn this music off. There we go. This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona and I'm welcoming every one of you to this special call with our beloved Zorra from Hollow Earth. It's been a month now. We have gone on a new schedule. We no longer have our calls every other Saturday but we do have a call monthly and it's a two-hour call.

So I see there’s lot’s of people with their hands up … no there isn’t. There’s only three of you. I take it back. This board has changed in the interim since our last call. Looks like all of you are live but I don’t believe that’s the case. And we’ll have to do a little experimenting along the way.

Let’s get the dateline in here. Today is Saturday, April 18th in the year 2015. And we are in entering in our fifth year now with Zorra who first came to us in the year 2011. Introduced to us by his son Zaraya who at that time we knew as Col. Billie Faye Woodard of the U.S. Air Force retired. That was back on April 2nd of 2011, our first call with Col. Woodard and he said in two weeks he would introduce us to his father. We didn't understand the significance of that at the time but two weeks later on 16th of April we were introduced to Zorra from Hollow Earth. And the calls are all there, the recordings you'll find them on our website Go to the Recorded Calls page and everything from that original call that I just mentioned until July 13th of the year 2013 are recorded telephone calls, telephone conference calls. And at that time we transferred over to Blog Talk Radio and the subsequent calls from then until now are archived on HollowEarthNetwork. And many of the old-timers now – we’re in our fifth year – are actually going back and enjoying the discovery as it unfolded before our eyes. And if you are re-listening to the old calls it was just wonderful as we gasped as we were learning of this that we now take for granted.

So if you're new, we invite you to catch up with us. I know one man that in one week he put in 10 hours a day and listened to a whole year of the calls. Well we have four years of calls now, but they're not that frequent and every one so enjoyable, the time just flies. So, that's how you catch up with us so you kind of have the same foundation and nomenclature and familiarity as those that were there on day one.

And many of those of course are still with us; we’ve become dear friends.

And with that, if you want to understand how we speak to Zorra in Hollow Earth over the telephone, it's real simple. He sent his son up here back in the year 1951. His name was Zaraya in the Hollow Earth and Zaraya has been up here over 60 years now trying to fulfill his promise to his father to establish connection with that civilization up there on the surface that needs to know about us. And to tell them to stop the nuclear's and stop the fossil fuels and so on. Well the whole story can be found on Hollow Earth Network. And it's right there, it'll say how these calls began. And it's a very enjoyable call. You'll hear Zaraya tell firsthand when he was there when Adm. Byrd flew in and spoke before the Council. So it's a great call to listen to. Very informative. And then you'll know how that now Zaraya is up here on the surface he and his father they speak telepathically all the time as does the civilization in Hollow Earth, as does the Galactics. It's the words that get us in trouble up here.

But Zaraya and his father have the ability to within just a matter of say a minute exchange bodies. And Zaraya finds himself in his father Zorra's body where ever that might be: it might be in Hollow Earth; it might be in his aeroship. The aeroship could be stationed anywhere in orbit here on this planet. We might find out where Zorra is now and where Zaraya will find himself when he trades bodies. And when that occurs, Zorra starts speaking to us through Zaraya's body.
And what's even more interesting is now Zaraya’s other half, Quazar, has perfected the same ability and is a able to trade bodies with Zorra’s other half, Saryya. And what you know, Zaraya and Quazar are gone and we’re speaking to Zorra and Saryya using their bodies.

So it's quite a unique call. We’re all pretty accustomed to things, we’re flexible, we've grown over these four years. And that gives you a little foundation.

I usually make the mistake of turning this over to Zaraya and Quazar but I reminded myself: remember to do the invocation so you don't have to switch back and forth. And so let's do that right now. I do it every day, I love these.

INVOCATIONS -------------------------------------

We’re first going to do the Violet Flame given to us by our beloved St. Germain. And you'll find out on our website, click on St. Germain quotes. There's a huge list of pages and it's near the top and you can follow and learn right there. So let's do the Violet Flame of cleansing.


You know sometimes during our sojourns up here on the surface in lower dimensions that we've learned some people thought was a suicide mission to come down into this lower dimension -- but we do gather up some attached memories that bother us if people remind us about the subject. And some of them make us feel bad that we might have done something we wished we hadn't done and then we don't know how to shake it off. Well that's what the Violet Flame is all about.

This is a state of grace bestowed on us by our divine Prime Creator through beloved St. Germain. And it allows us to erase these energies and clear them and be free so that when the subject comes up it doesn't bother us at all.

They're just mistakes and we came here to learn through mistakes but we don't have to suffer through them every time the subject comes up. So let's do it. When I do it in my own meditations I do it four times but will do it one time right now. And as you are sitting or standing with your feet flat on the floor, your hands down at your sides with the palms of your hands facing mother Earth, because the flame is going to come up through the soles of our feet and through the palms of our hands to engulf us. You'll see pictures/ illustrations of this you'll see it right there on our website both on the Home page and on the Ascension Tools page. So as we stand in such a position this is what we say:

I am the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
consuming and transmuting
all past and present mistakes
their cause, core, effect, and Akashic Record

I am the mighty Violet consuming Flame consuming and transmuting, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes their cause core effect and Akashic Record. We're free.

And just keep doing that. Linger in that. Visualize the soothing Violet Flame. And you can follow that with “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze.” And what do you know, some day somebody will bring up the subject that you usually try to dodge because it didn't feel comfortable recalling things you wanted to not think about, doesn't bother you. It's gone.

This is Divine Grace and we deserve it. We have exposed ourselves to so many things here. So do that every day in your meditations, you'll love it. It helps to lighten the load, folks. We don't need to drag all that around with us. We get lighter and lighter and higher and higher in vibration when we discard the old memories but we benefit by the knowledge. We become wiser because of it.

And the second that were going to do and final is the pillar of White Light of Protection given to us by our beloved Ashtar through his beloved flame, Athena, who spoke to us on the last call. She actually was able to allow Ashtar to speak through her. They were just perfecting that. They’d been talking to each other for going on three years now but he's been training her so we heard from Ashtar on the last call.

Now let's do the white pillar of protection and remember this Pillar of Protection is an internal communication between us and our own higher self who is always overseeing us as our best friend. If you want to know answers to things of what to do, if you want advice, go to your higher self. It's always with us right there above us. You’ll see pictures of it on the St. Germain page and go to your higher self and settle down, get to know, because you are the projection of that higher energy. And it's always there not only to support and advise when asked but also to protect us. And this beautiful pillar of pure white light is brought to us directly from our own higher self. No one can place a Pillar of White Light of Protection over you, it's between you and your own higher self. So let's do that.

Let's do that now. And I like to put my hands above my head. I like to position my eyes at the third eye level up above looking through the four head between the eyebrows and communicating with each of our own higher selves. And as we do this we lower our hands down drawing this wonderful pillar, the Pure White Light of Protection snuggly all around us like a wonderful cocoon. Now let's begin:

Beloved I AM Presence,
intensify your protective pillar of Pure White Light Cosmic Substance
in me and through me and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection,
all-powerful and impenetrable that
keeps me insulated from all that is not of the light
and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you
and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM
I AM That I AM

And so it is. As above so below.

And with that, let's open up the line with our beloved Zaraya and Quazar. I hope this works. The board is showing me that every line is open. But I accidentally touched one and I could hear room noise so I guess I could (but I won't know who is opening who isn't.) So here we go Zaraya and Quazar. Your line is open. Oh, I see it has a little background. Okay we're okay. Come on guys. We're looking forward to visiting with you and Zorra and Saryya.


Quazar: Hello there beloved Lady Nada and welcome to all of you beloved family. We would first of all like to really thank each and every one of you for sending all of your loving thoughts and energy to us. And then for the gifts that you have sent forth to Anne to help us with the problem that we have with our car. And we are most appreciative as I said. And we love you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of which you have done for us and for many others that you also have helped. So thank you.

And today I wanted to also say that because we have a two hour call we have Zorra already here with us. So here’s Zorra.


HEALING PULSE -------------------------------

Zorra: Indeed beloved masters. Now what I'm going to begin with is first I want to do what is termed as a Healing Pulse. So let's get that out of the way immediately so people can be feeling good and focused and what is termed as concentrated on the information to come forth. So let us begin this.

Five, four, three, two, and one. It is sent.

Now understand those who have glasses remove them. Those who have hearing aides remove those. Those who have what is termed all manner of devices that are supposed to help you to be normal remove them because after this pulse you may most likely will not need them. So let us begin.

The energy has already entered through the heart mind and is spreading upward, outward and downward throughout your body. The what is termed the energy is up and around, processing around the inner ears and behind the optical nerves of the eyes. Those who have glaucoma, who have cataracts and things of that nature, if you do what is requested of you and your faith is according to your faith be it unto you, then do what is termed as to go and wash out your eyes in the laboratory in the sink. And when you do this you will see little specs of dark in the bottom of the sink and that will be a sign to you and outward sign that the glaucoma or the cataracts have been removed.

And so people are always asking I want evidence of my healing. So there is your evidence of it. Anyway. So, now those who had the hearing aids that turned them down or removed them, you are hearing my voice. You are hearing better than you did before because the damage in your ears has been rectified and healed. Now and according to your faith be it unto you.

Understand there are three parts of healing. You have what is termed as to receive the healing. Then you own it, know it within your self. And then you proclaim it. When you proclaim the healings then it is done. It is complete, it is finished. And those that do this are healed, straightway.

Now, the energy is now doing what is termed as dropping downward into what is termed the throat area, mouth, and the upper and lower pallets of the mouth. Those who are suffering from what is termed mouth cancer of the mouth in the upper palate or the lower pallet or in the gums; all of this is being rectified. And knowing this, take yourself an apple and bite into it, you will feel no pain. And so that has been rectified.

Down into what is termed the into the larynx and into what is termed the Adam's apple area and the esophagus, all of that is all being healed and replaced if it needs to be replaced.

And now doing what is termed as dropping down into what is termed as the neck, and now it's down through what is termed the collarbone area.

And people have suffered from injured collarbone from accident on what is termed as ATVs, I believe they are so termed little three wheeled devices or conveyances. They can be quite dangerous if you do not ride them properly you will turn over and you will be injured so. That is also being healed and you are feeling little pops in your rotator cuffs and things of this nature and out to the shoulders and that is also being rectified.

Those who have that issue raise your arms above your head. And when you do you will find there will be no pain. All that is being finished and done.

The energy is now dropping down through the arms down the arms pausing at the elbows, the joints and eliminating the rheumatoid arthritis that is there. The arthritic pain that is in the joints of the elbows is now being pulled downward into what is termed the wrist, carpal tunnel area, that is also been rectified. If you are wearing braces for that issue remove the brace, you no longer need it because the pain is gone. And the only thing you are receiving now is the pressure from that hand, the brace so go ahead and remove it. You will find you no longer need it and you also no longer need the surgery that you have had what is termed scheduled for that issue. It is gone. So you no longer have to put out that expense for that. So you are healed from that.

And also in the issues of the spine, what is termed all the way from the base of the brain down to the tailbone of the body has also been rectified. Any what is termed vertebrae or what is termed disks are all replaced or softened; the ones that had become hardened, they have become soft again and the pain of the lower back is now gone. Prove it to yourself by bending over or turning from side to side. The pain is no longer there. Comfort is done. So it is done.

Now the energy is doing what is termed as dropping downward into what is termed as the digestive system area. And that is also being rectified as far as having issues as far as not being able to partake of foods that you enjoy, fruits and vegetables and things of this nature that doctors say you cannot take. Take them anyway and find that you can without any discomfort because that issue has been completed and healed.

Now the energy is doing what is termed as dropping down into in the cases of men, prostate. An oversized prostate is now shrinking back to normal. And in the case of women that are having their, of the childbearing years that wanted children that were told they could not have them: try again. You will be pleasantly surprised. Anyway.

So, that is been done and completed and healed.

So, any issues with blood. Any blood issues. They are also being rectified and cleansed and purified. So, that is also, rejuvenation of the heart and the lungs and things of this nature that people are having issues with the lungs. They have now have been renewed and completely void of any blockages that were there in the heart and in the arteries and all of this hardening of the arteries are becoming softer and more open. So they are healed and they are rejuvenated and so that is done.

And now the energy is now dropping down into the hips, the hip areas; the difficulties with the hips, pain and discomfort and things of this nature. The metal that the doctors have put in your bodies replacing different parts of the hip bone you are feeling a tingling sensation there because the metal is now being turned back to bone which is more natural for you anyway. It is the reason people are having difficulties when they have what is called metals put into their body is because the body does not recognize it as being normal and it is fighting or resisting against it. That is why there's pain so that resistance is being removed by turning the metal back into bone. So people are experiencing that.

The energy is now dropping downward into the upper thighs, pausing at the knee where there would be rheumatoid arthritis in that area or any type of arthritic pain in the joint is now being pulled from there down into the ankle… what is called the calves: upper calves lower calves. Down into what is termed the ankle area and that is also being pulled all that pain that was there is gone, being pulled out down through the heels into the arches. And rectifying that.

People who have flat feet are now they now are receiving a pulling sensation in the area of the arch which is now re-creating the arch. And those who have a high arch is now being lowered down to the normal arches that were meant for them to have. And that is also pulling all in any arthritic pain from their out through the toes, the balls of the feet and out through the toes. So it is done. It is finished. So be it.


Concerning Encoders
Now, concerning what is termed as your and Encoders. Many people are having questions of this concerning the usage of them. And I will also have you to understand this. Even though there is what is termed a small, compensation for what is termed when people order them a small portion of that does go to the distributor are the person that is sponsors, but it is not about that. It is about your health. It is about the healing of your body. The balance or imbalance that you have in your body. It is to read balance the areas of your body that are out of balance. That is the purpose for them.

Quazar: Zorra, since you brought up the topic of the Encoder, you know we've received at least a couple of people who said they have not seen any benefits. They actually had this tested out and they also seem to… And of course some people don't feel it … but the efficacy or the benefit of it. I mean could you tell us more?

Zorra: Indeed. Understand the Encoder is more than just what is called a um, it is a tool. Just as the Headbands are tool. And the products for health are a tool to help your body to get back in balance where it needs to be. Understand when you send out your Encoder into a establishment that is of a third dimensional understanding, they are naturally going to give you a report of un-usefulness. They are going to tell you it is worthless and not doing anything for you and that is natural when it three-dimensional thinking.

Understand. These are beyond three-dimensional thinking. They are fifth dimensional thinking. So understand when you are purchased these items that are tools to help you ascend, to help your consciousness to rise, and to help you in all manner of health. Then you must understand it’s a higher understanding than what a three dimensional thought or mind can think. So when you send out an Encoder to a facility to test it to see if it's worthy anything, naturally your thought in your mind, you are thinking if they said it is okay for me to have and is going to be beneficial for me, then I will take it. That is three-dimensional thinking. So you want to eliminate the three-dimensional thinking and go into fifth dimensional thinking.

Quazar: Well Prime Creator apparently was the one that came right in and said to order it.

Zorra: Yes and so did I.

Quazar: As did you.

Zorra: So, when you understand this, do what is termed as to tap your Encoder and to call forth the powers, the higher powers, myself, Prime Creator, and we will be more than happy to boost as you term it boost the Encoder. I can do that now and I will do it now.

Those who have Encoders lying on the table that are not being used, put them on now. Don't just sit there, do it. You heard me. Do it. You in the wheelchair sitting in Albany, New York at your kitchen table. Pick it up and put it on.

Quazar: You do watch us all don’t you?

Zorra: I do indeed. I'm watching all of you. I know where you are, I know what you're doing, I know what you're not doing. So understand when you do what is termed as to put on the Encoder, you tap it and then you say to it from the Lord God of your Being to infuse it, to give it a boost so to speak, a jumpstart if you will. So now that everyone has them on … oh, one hiding there … no, you in what is termed Norfolk, Virginia you are sitting in your patio chair and the Encoder is on your patio table. Pick it up and put it on. It can do you no good by sitting on the table. Indeed.

Activating Encoders
Now, five, four, three, two, and one. Encoders enact! Encoders infused! Encoders boosted!

Now, those who have them on, feel the sudden what is termed influx of balance, influx of what is termed power, influx of what is termed soothingness, coolness and in some cases warmth.

Many are beginning to cry. Go ahead and cry because you know it is working. Those who do not still seem to feel the energy of it, wear it anyway. By the end of the day you will notice it is working. Keep them on. You that I mentioned to put them on, you have already taken them off. Put them back on and leave them on for the entire day! You should wear it all the time. But if you are uneasy with it, just wear it until the end of the day. Those who wish to keep them on, keep them on. You may shower with them because they are waterproof. So go ahead and wear them and you're going to find that it is going to increase your balance; those of you who are out of balance, it will bring balance back into your lives, back into your body.

Zero Point Energy
And don't worry about sending them out to a foreign, to a facility to test them. You test them by putting them on. And the drops of course you put in water into a gallon of water. It works as well, yes. It is putting zero point energy into your water. Balance! Zero Point Energy is what the world should be operating on but not yet fully recognized as such. Anyway. So…

Quazar: You talked about that what about Stem Fit while you're at it.

Stem Fit
Zorra: Stem Fit is also a health product. And it is good for you to take it. And it has also been infused by Prime Creator – or changed by Prime Creator, or improved by Prime Creator. Anyway. So the Stem Fit will also be beneficial to you.

Lemurian Crystal Headbands
The headbands are also beneficial. They are tools. They are also can be what is called a communication device to Galactic Beings.

They can also be for those who have them, families, they can be a long distance communication device that will enable your inbred telepathic powers that you have within you. And those who have them go ahead and wear them.

Those that have what is termed gold coins on those what is termed headbands, if you desire you can trade them out for silver. They will still work. They will just not have the stronger vibration that gold has. And those that feel they need to use the coins to the gold coins to exchange for currency to help their situation until their blessing arrives, so be it. Do it.

Dinar and Dong
But that is also well in the distributing of, so, and you should be hearing from that straightaway.

Those who have the dinar and dong hang on to it. Do not go out and try and turn it back in because you are not going to get the value that you originally paid for it. You're going to get much less. Oh they'll take it back of course but they will not give you what you paid for it and you will get much less. And those that do have it, I implore you to hang on to it.


P.C. Overseeing IMF/Iraq Negotiations
Quazar: And what of the IMF?

Zorra: Well the IMF is now in Iraq and they're doing what is termed as negotiating with the Iraqi government and parliament. And of course and also present at that meeting is also Prime Creator. Right now this very hour Prime Creator is in Parliament in Iraq with the IMF. with the Parliament of Iraq and they are in the process of doing what is termed as listening to Prime Creator. So we shall see what transpires from that. Anyway.

Quazar: And what about Washington, D.C.?

Zorra: Well they are being observed as well but not by my vessel. I believe Ashtar is there. Anyway, but…

Quazar: Well, since we're talking about the you know the impending revaluation – and we know that you don't talk about dates because dates are not even a part of your vocabulary …

Zorra: Dates are a bad thing to bring forth.

Quazar: Okay. So dates, okay if you say that dates we can't talk about – but we can talk about events.

So what kind of events are we looking for in Iraq, in the United States, that actually will … that we can see or even outside of the sphere of the surface that we need to be looking for then we know is actually going to finally manifest.

Zorra: For that I would say to look for announcements from government officials. And city governments. state governments, changes that will be coming forth. So look for them to occur. From what is termed press conferences from what is termed the president or acting president -- what is termed General Hamm. People have asked about General Hamm supposedly stepping down and that will not occur.

General Hamm Still in Charge
Quazar: Ron Paul was supposed to take over.

Zorra: No, Ron Paul is not going to take over. Or Rand Paul whatever it is. Anyway, that is rumor. That is a no-thing.

Monsanto Out
Anyway, updates concerning what is called Monsanto what is termed all other governments of the world have rejected Monsanto. And beings all the countries what is termed rejecting their products and also their influence. Very shortly the United States must follow suit as well.

TransPacificPartnership TTP
Is Congress Cutting Deals?
Quazar: Well apparently from this information that we received it looks, it states that the Senate is cutting some deals on the secret of the Trans Pacific Partnership. It's a disastrous deal that's going to destroy our basic democratic rights [in order] to protect corporate profit. And it is much to do with Monsanto.

So actually they were saying that the deal shows that if it's signed into law will allow corporations to actually sue local governments in secretive international trade tribunals for passing pro-consumer laws like GMO labeling. Or county bans on GMOs and fracking that hurts corporate profits, so actually it would be – all of this needs to be done apparently behind closed doors. So tell us a little bit more about it.

Zorra: Corporations of what is called agricultural are going to be eliminated. It will be one source. It will be for the betterment of mankind. You have different what is called corporations, many different corporations all supposedly addressing the same issue: feeding everyone. And that will soon be incorporated as you term it into one in corporate or what is called co-op if you will, so it will eliminate the corporations and do what is termed as bring everything into unity.

Quazar: And when do you see that happening because obviously…

Zorra: It is already beginning in the foreign countries.

Quazar: Well … I don’t mean to harp on this Zorra, but this TTP as they call it, it could make the GMO labeling here in the United States and Europe illegal while it's allowing unsafe food from the foreign countries with lower safety standards to flood the United States.

Zorra: Well I understand what you're saying there but understand what I'm saying. The Galactics are not going to allow any more farming of the human population. The time for that is over. The time for what is termed a new reality to come forth. So, I have more what is termed good thoughts of the Galactics than I do of your governments.

Quazar: Well, okay so give us an update on what the Galactics are doing on the surface as well as what their doing…

Zorra: They have what is termed boots on the ground which is termed as beings that are working with the Galactics in order to bring forth the new knowledge, the new reality, which is what is termed as the Galactic family realization. And all of you are part of that Galactic family, whether you know it or not.

Ready or Not for RV and/or Disclosure
Quazar: But when do you foresee… ‘when’ was not the right word! [Zorra laughs] Well, if … it's hard not to say when. As far as the announcements from Washington, DC, and as far as Disclosure, where are we with that?

Zorra: We are waiting for the adjournment of the meeting in Iraq. Because Prime Creator is there.

Ready … Or Not
Quazar: I see. Okay so on this – on the surface I guess we can say that again it will be happening at any time. (Zorra: Of course.) Even though it's been said from numerous people as well that it was supposed to it happened a long time ago, a few months ago, any day now, any day. It didn't happen.

Zorra: Because the people were not ready.

Quazar: The people were not ready. Are we ready now?

Zorra: You are.

Quazar: So the people were not ready and I don’t think Iraq and the United States were ready either. (Zorra: Correct.) So when you said that the people were not ready, I thought we were very ready.

Zorra: In a sense you were ready but in a deeper sense you were not.

Quazar: Could you at least explain that Zorra?

Zorra: Well you have what is termed as three dimensional or third-dimensional thinking. More peoples are doing what is termed as awakening to a fifth dimensional new reality. And people are beginning to understand that reality, because things, a three-dimensional thought processes are not working anymore. It is not working for them. So they know that they must change their thoughts they must change their attitudes. And this they are beginning to do.

Global Awakening Tipping Point Reached
Quazar: So, since you said that, how much or what percentage of our population in the world are/have already reached that point where we are ready?

Zorra: In the range of around 75% if not more of the entire population of the 7 billion on the earth.

Quazar: That are no longer in 3-D thinking?

Zorra: No, they are changing. And also many Lightworkers that did not know their were Lightworkers now know they are Lightworkers. And they are realizing that they are more powerful than they think.

Atmosphere/Ocean Cleansing
Hidden Boxes Sucking Garbage
Quazar: Okay well I think we have ton of questions Zorra that we (Zorra: Indeed) that we need to address. Oh, one more last thing on the updates. Could you give us more information on the ships, the healing ships and what's going on in the atmosphere? What the Galactics are doing up in the atmosphere?

Zorra: They are cleansing it. They are also cleansing your oceans again… They're continuing on with that.

The boxes that are underneath the sand on the different beaches are doing their work quite admirably. They are pulling forth the waste into what is termed into the boxes. And pulling forth all of the contaminants that have been continually been poured into the ocean are continually being vacuumed up. And they will continue to do their work. And each time they consume around what is termed 100 cubic feet of waste, the boxes become bigger. And as they become bigger of course they take in more waste.

There’re also boxes on the floor of the ocean. That have also been placed there and also they are also sucking up what is termed pollutants in the ocean there is what is termed in the lower fathoms of the ocean where much waste has been deposited, all that is now gone. The ocean bottom half of the ocean is now purified. And they are moving upward toward the surface. And as they do this it purifies the ocean. So people who live on the ocean, live on the beaches of the ocean you're going to notice your beaches are becoming much more pure, much more clearer of debris.

And the atmosphere as well. Your atmospheres are also beginning to breathe fresher air and what is termed in many areas, less and less chemtrails as you term them. So they will become less and less and at some points they will seem to be thick and other days they will seem to be none. So they're beginning to phase them out.

Quazar: I thought they were neutralized.

Zorra: They are neutralized, but they are beginning to phase out the appearance of them as well. So that is another thing to be rejoicing of.

Water Purification
And concerning purification of water. This is another issue. An entity said something about putting community wells that was determined to be contaminated. So what did they do? They unknowingly and ignorantly dumped in some bleach which causes the water to burn the mouth. Now common sense would tell you not to put more contaminant into a contaminated well. So what they must do is to drill a new well.

Quazar: She said she tried a Cell Spin, I don't know what that means.

Zorra: Yeah I understand this. Understand that purification technique, if you are listening Ruth, do what is termed as take some water from your well, place it on your table and do the purification technique on it. Not something called Cell Spin.

Quazar: I wouldn't drink Zorra I personally wouldn't be drinking … If they dumped bleach in a well.

Zorra: I am telling them how to purify it. The water.

Quazar: And using the purification technique is going to remove bleach?

Zorra: Indeed. If it can remove alcohol can it not remove bleach?

Quazar: Bleach is so toxic. (Zorra: Indeed.) I mean it's extremely toxic.

Zorra: Understand out in what is termed as the desert areas. You are out in the desert, you come upon a water hole and you are thirsty yet you see shoam on the top of the water. Would that be not more toxic than bleach?

Quazar: I don't know, bleach is very, very bad! (Zorra: Indeed) It’s corrosive.

Zorra: Of course it is. I am asking them to do a test. Take some water from your well put it on your table, do the healing technique or the purification technique for the water and then taste it. Don't drink it but taste it and see if the burning is gone and the water is spring fresh.

Quasar: Well, I hate to be 3-D thinking right now [Zorra laughs] but I would probably… your first suggestion about drilling a new well is probably the best option. (Zorra: Of course. It would be the best option.) Far away from where it was contaminated.

Zorra: Indeed. Because understand …

Anne: Just to clarify for people. What we have on our website on the purification of water and foods is what has been labeled Cell Spin, (Zorra: It is?!?!) but it is purification. Yeah it was the original term when we discovered it. And then it has become more your purification technique, but it's one and the same so… the vortex with one hand and the karate chop with the other hand.

Zorra: And they term it Cell Spin?

Anne: Yeah it’s called Cell Spin. It was a long time ago I asked about it, and when I brought the subject up you endorsed it and it's just grown since then. (Zorra: Indeed) So I don't want people to think that it's something that they shouldn't do because it explains the vortex with one hand and a karate chop with the other. And the vortex is in the left hand is. Is that correct Zorra?

Zorra: Depending on which part of the world you live in. If you live in the southern hemisphere it would be the opposite. If you do what is termed as in the northern hemisphere it would be the other way.

But do what is termed as those that are in that area with that community well, Ruth I believe her name is, to do the technique and at the same time I will infuse and my energy into her hands and to see if it makes a difference.

So Ruth, if you're listening, do what I ask. Go ahead and do the purification technique or what you term Cell Spin. Put your… Is she in the northern or southern hemisphere? (Quazar: Northern) Northern Hemisphere, so put your right hand next to your glass, put your left hand last three fingers tips touching your thumb tip and put it next to the left side of the glass and I'm going to five, four, three, two, and one! Receive!

Now the energy is going through your hand and combining with your energy and my energy into and through this glass of water. And we shall see what shall occur. Now time it for one minute. Or, better make it two minutes. And then taste the water and e-mail Anne with the results.

Swiss Tech
Quazar: Another question here is what about the motor in Switzerland [CERN Large Hadron Collider] with six times the strength of any previous motor that can reproduce planetary creation? [attempts to recreate Big Bang] How will it compare to the Galactic technology soon to be provided for our use?

Zorra: Well it wouldn't hurt. But the technology being brought forth by the Galactics will surpass it.

Learning Why He’s Different
Quasar: Okay. Here is an interesting story. We usually don't like to – Zorra doesn't like to take up a lot of time discussing personal issues but I think this is something that might be of interest to many of you.

So this came to us from Rick and he says … Let me just give a preview to all of you. He says I really don't believe in all of this after being a youth minister’s son and being brought up as to what the Bible tells me. But I have questions about myself. I'm getting older, turned 40 just last October, and instead of getting weaker I am getting stronger. I don't look any different but I can pick up more weight than before.

I've always been strong. At the age of 18 I was dared to pick up the end of my car which I did. And I am only 140 pounds. I picked it up under no stress to me whatsoever. I haven't tried that since. I'm way older now and can carry 350 pounds in one arm. I don't exercise as in lifting weights and it is no problem for me to lift stuff like that.

Also seven years ago I flew in a commercial jet for the first time ever. My father-in-law told me what to expect. To my surprise I never felt any G forces whatsoever when other people on the flight were. I don't understand what is happening to me.

I can endure intense amounts of pain and torture, more than a normal body can. I have never broken a bone in my body when every bone should have been broken. My bones are thicker than the normal person of my size.

I also have been having a recurring dream of me being able to breathe underwater. It's not like other people's dreams where they breathe in the water on oxygen. In my dream I can actually blow into the water making bubbles and then can suck them in and have fresh air to breathe. It really freaks me out because when I was eight or nine I woke up, completely submerged underwater in my parents bathtub. The last I remembered I was in my bed and then waking up underwater. I sat up, dried off, walked through my parents room where they were both asleep.

I want to know how I got there. I don't remember much more before. Only bits and pieces of my life. If you can help me have disclosure on this I would be grateful.

Zorra: Indeed. Well there are two things that are in your body that are different from normal other beings. One, you have the infusion of a titan, and what is termed a walk-in titan which means a very strong being. And the second, is that you are a Mer-Person in reality, meaning your ability to breathe underwater is natural. So do not fear it.

And the ability to… the reason you are having dreams and such a thing is because that reality is becoming your reality.

Now the titan which is what has been walked into your being can be termed as Apollo who is a very extremely strong being, titan, or God if you will. So he is in your being and he is assisting you. That is why you have such great strength. And that is understandable and also natural.

It is also natural to know that other beings – not just you – but other beings on this Earth are also going to retain such strength. So you are just the beginning. Yours is just a beginning and revel in it and absorb it and be grateful for it. So you are a blessed being. So do not fear what you are able to do in it if you will. If you wish to show others and show your strength, so be it. They will be astonished. They will be amazed. But they will also be informed.

Priest Dies - Sees Prime Creator Herself
Lives to Tell The Story
Quazar: Okay. Well, I'm going to go on. There's another story here. This is about a Catholic priest in Massachusetts that was officially dead for more than 48 minutes before the medics were able to miraculously restart his heart. During that time… oh here, here, Zorra it is going to say something regarding this priest. [to Zorra] And then seeing God is a woman.

Zorra: The medics had no part in the coming back to life. And about the Catholic priest also seeing what is termed, what he termed God actually was Prime Creator as a woman. So he saw Prime Creator in her true form – truest form-- the feminine persuasion. Anyway, and that was that.

Jade Helm and WalMart
Quazar: See we've had a lot of questions. If I can go back now and talk a little bit about the military one more time, Zorra.

There has been some closures of several WalMart stores across the United States. (Zorra: Indeed) And apparently in summary it seems that the “WalMart stores spanning the entire length of the United States were suddenly closed, this report continued. The US sources are reporting that they are all mysteriously experiencing the exact same plumbing problem which local news sources from California to Florida quickly discounted as being not true.

More ominous however of the sudden closing of these WalMart stores, this report states is their location in what has been described as the main combat target zone. It's been targeted as a main combat target zone of a massive SOCOM military exercise plan for the United States called Jade Helm whose ending in September exactly coincides with the six-month date of these stores that have stated that they will remain closed until they reopen. And these are all close to many US homeland security bases as well as national airbases, etc. So could you tell us about that, about what’s the purpose.

Zorra: Understand the closures of these stores also which has not been mentioned is what is termed as they are directly above workings underground, what is termed as drilling or boring if you will. Boring machines from the RAND Corporation doing what is termed as boring tunnels across the United States. And these boring machines make much noise which would be revealing to the populace on the surface. So these closures so they will remain closed until the tunnels are complete and the sound has subsided. Then they will reopen.

Snowden Files Include Agarthan Contact
Quazar: And then lastly before we… oh, two more things. Apparently Edward Snowden who gives us a lot of information regarding UFOs, he now has spoken of UFOs coming from the ultra terrestrial civilization in the earth mantle. (Zorra: And …?) Well, it has a picture of it here. So, I don't know, maybe it's just for you to affirm or disaffirm that, Zorra.

Zorra: The Agarthan network is what they are talking about. It is the Agarthan peoples have revealed their existence and your governments are in fear of it because they do not have control over it.

New Scriptures of Sananda
Quazar: Okay. And then lastly, there’s also a question here -- kind of a long question -- and it has to do with – and maybe Lady Nada can help us with it – in regards to the New Scriptures and the autobiography, from remember when Kathryn …

Zorra: The autobiography of Sananda is interesting reading. However, the new Scriptures are what is important. Read the Scriptures. Do not worry about the autobiography. Read the Scriptures and they will help you in your understanding how things should be.

Quazar: Okay, I think, uh, Lady Nada?

Anne: Yes, I’m here.

Quazar: Okay I think you can take it from here, dear. That was a lot of questions.

Anne: Wasn’t it but it’s so prevalent on the internet, I’m sure that people have been aware of it and are concerned so I’m glad that you did such a nice concise addressing of all those questions. That was great.

Re Disappearance of Flight ML370
Zorra: One question that has not been answered that I will reiterate one more time because it seems to be on people’s brains, and that is what is termed as the disappearance of Flight 340. Malaysian aircraft. Now the people that were on that vessel, they are in – I should say on – New Jerusalem. And they are there, along with their aircraft. And of course that aircraft is not being used any longer. However what is termed as the peoples are being taught by their mentors on how to help their families on Earth. And when that is completed and what is termed the Disclosure has been announced on Earth, they will be returning to their families as mentors.

Anne: I had that in the back of my mind all this time. (Zorra: Indeed) That would be just a final confirmation and it would be a nice link or bridge to people that the validation of the Galactics because their families coming back to them has been there. So it’s going to be a wonderful help in the adjustment when the Galactics become known.

NESARA = St Germain Trust
Quazar: Hey Lady Nada, I have one more question that was asked. Well one of the questions also had to do with the RV and NESARA.

Some people are saying that the NESARA the funds are the first funds to come about before the RV. Could you tell us a little bit about that and where we are with Disclosure? The NESARA funds, is that supposed to be pre RV?
Zorra: Understand. People wonder what the NESARA funds are. In reality NESARA funds is St Germain’s Trust. And how that will be distributed will be the following:

Understand everyone – most everyone – has or some form of facility where they have their accounts and things of this nature. Every account on the Earth, every account number will receive a portion of St. Germain's trust. It will suddenly appear in their accounts. Globally. At precisely the same time.

The RV will be first. The St. Germain trust NESARA will be right directly after. So everyone who has very little in their accounts will suddenly have over abundance in their accounts. The St. Germain trust has no limit. Meaning, all the monies in the entire world could not come close to the value of St. Germain's trust. What does that tell you?

Quazar: Where is it coming from?

Zorra: From St. Germain.

Quazar: From other worlds?

Zorra: It is a culmination of many worlds’ funds. St. Germain is not just from the earth. St. Germain has also been on other worlds too and accumulated much wealth on each one. And it is all combined into one trust so no one on the earth will be left without.

Quazar: That was beautiful Zorra. Thank you so much. Okay Anne, all yours dear!

Open Line Q & A -------------------------------

Anne: Oh my gosh. This has been such a great, great call. And so much – I can't imagine anyone having a question to trump what you guys have just handled. But let's see if we can march through them let me see we've got [counting] oh seven. Okay. Well let's see if people can be just as concise and explicit as you have been. Let's don't dillydally and let’s not extend it into an ‘oh, I've got Zorra I can talk to him and have a conversation.’ We're not going to do that.
Give your name your location and very concisely one question and then do have the courtesy to thank Zorra and dismiss yourself so that the next person can come on.

No PayPal No Problem In Helping HEN Family
417: Hi I’m in Golden, Missouri. I need to send Jane and Zaraya some money but I don't use PayPal so is it okay to send it to you Anne?

Anne: Yeah, and I'll tell you what someone else did that has a Wells Fargo account. It won't cost anything like Western Union or whatever. Wire transfers. You can just do a bank to bank transfer within the Wells Fargo system to our Wells Fargo bank account. And there's no charge at all and it can be done instantly just go down your local bank.

Zorra: Lady Nada, have her send it to you.

Anne: Okay. Just send it to me and I, others have done the same. And then I'll just go ahead and put it into the account for Zaraya and Quazar.

No More Military Convoys?
Tunnels Under WalMart
417: Okay my question is what are the tunnels for that Walmart are boring?

Zorra: It is not Walmart that is boring them. It is your government. It is what is termed as the, your governments have come to the conclusion that it is better to have transportation underground than on the surface. That is why you have less and less military movement on the surface because they are traveling underground.

And many times in the past you have what is termed as convoys on interstates and things of this nature. You do not see them any longer because they are underground. So they are boring more tunnels across the United States underground and they are intersecting the areas where these WalMarts are located and the bases near them. And underneath them is where these tunnels are being bored by the RAND Corporation using boring machines. And they're quite noisy as you term it so therefore it would be very disrupting to the patrons going to the WalMarts doing their shopping because they would feel the vibration beneath their feet.

That is another reason why sinkholes are appearing in different areas because of the boring procedure that is going on.

417: Thank you so much and bless you. I enjoyed the call so much.

Anne: Okay thank you we're going to need to move on so everybody gets a chance. I'm glad you asked that question.

Zorra: And my beloved is here to answer questions too.

Anne: Okay, I'm going to interject a big question that's I'm surprised we didn't go a little further with. And we're getting it blasted out us with all the fear mongering that's going on in the Internet about Jade Helm which I haven't looked at it that much because I don't indulge in fear mongering but it keeps coming at me and I'm sure others have the question.

It seems to be a pretext of a practice military against some supposedly threat. And we've seen other practices turning into reality and I know people are concerned. We're hearing Jade Helm everywhere we go on the Internet. Can you tell us if it's going to – and they're even calling out our militias especially in Arizona. It's like they're fanning the fire trying to create a confrontation. Can you talk about that?

Zorra: Well what is termed as the… [Quazar in background: … WalMart]

Anne: Yeah they thought WalMart was in cahoots with them that they were going to use it as a base for their military to work from. That was one surmise. But we hear about Jade Helm all the time, I didn't even bother but finally I took a look just to get a little idea and it seems to be a mockup practice run so to speak is what the government says but people are concerned that it's not going to be practice. And so they're alerting militias to be ready. And it looks like it's trying to call out a direct confrontation or martial law.

And No Martial Law
Zorra: Understand there will be no martial law. What would determine a martial law would be a threat of invasion. And that would not, that is not going to occur. Understand your world is slated for ascension. And as it is slated for ascension anything that is going to hinder the ascension process will not be allowed. So in this type of procedure would hinder that type of result. So understand, the Galactics are not going to allow martial law, neither are Prime Creator or myself. So people must be free. And that is the bottom line. They must be free and they will be free.

Anne: That's been my attitude. I haven't given that much attention to it but yet it's in everybody's face everywhere you look on the Internet. And I just felt that we needed to address it. In my opinion our new governance will soon be in effect and this is one of the last tactics of the old outgoing governance.

Zorra: Yes to instill fear in the population. And that is fast becoming unpopular.

Anne: Okay. Well that addresses that. I know that it's a subject that is often seen on the Internet so we got that out of the way. Thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed. My beloved mate is here also she will be able to address a question.

Anne: Oh hi Saryya. Well done.

970: Good morning Anne, Saryya and Zorra. This is Barbara in Colorado. It is so wondrous to hear your voice, Zorra. I just feel the love and vibration -- thank you, thank you -- and most specifically to Anne, our divine mother Anne. I just think you and love you so much for what you have shared and given to me and to everyone. I have a quick comment and then I have one quick question.

I just want to say Zorra Saryya and ro everyone, this past week has been the most life-changing experience of my life. I believe as well for the whole HEN family what has transpired.

I was given the most powerful, profound, all-encompassing lesson on how to receive love. (Zorra: Share it.) For not only is it to give, I learned, but it is to receive love is the key to our ascension. To acknowledge and speak from my little girl inside, to me that is my heart, that I kept to speak for her when I was brought down once again, Zorra, to my knees to know that I have to let go. And I have to speak for her who was so frightened you know in such a frightened place that spiritual knowledge was not helping.

And so I opened and asked and spoke for her to say rather, on what can I say I asked for help. And this was just the most amazing thing. And by speaking for her and my heart the response of love that poured in and then I received it finally helped me to embrace that little girl inside and say finally we have nothing more to fear ever, ever, ever again.

For love of oneself all empowers is it overpowers any fear we could possibly feel ever again.

So my question to you Zaraya is: were you in on all this?

Zorra: You're welcome. [Laughter]

917: Zorra! That’s the message isn’t it?

Zorra: Indeed!

917: Oh my goodness! Well I with infinite gratitude and thank you and I know it touched everyone else to because this was…

Zorra: Indeed. And here is Saryya to expound upon that.

Saryya: Hello beloved Barbara and to all of you.

We see that many of you including our children, Zaraya and Quazar, have gone through much. Just when you thought when you are at the finish line, something else has happened. So the lesson that you have learned today, which is a lesson for all of you beloved Beings of Light, is to ask and you shall receive.

And part of that is to be in gratitude for all that you do have. The more you are in gratitude of all that you do have, the more abundance will flow into your life. The more that you love yourself, the more you can show love to anyone else that is around you.

Love is the answer to all that ails everyone on this planet. And we see this love expanding enormously. It is engulfing your world so there is no more room for fear.

Everything that you see in the news that talks of fear, just do not judge it. Send it love and let it go. Just like a butterfly.

Remember who you are. You are gods and goddesses as well. Remember that you are gods and goddesses and now you have been lifting your vibrations and consciousness to a point where you are now living it.

So if you come to a point when you feel that you are still suffering from whatever it is, whether it is a physical ailment or whether it is lack of money for what is happening in your situation, or whatever. Know that it is there for a reason. Remember that when you are put into such situations that are emotional or physical or mental or psychological, those are still there for you to look at. And for you to mirror and see what it is that you have yet to release and to clear; that you have to yet love about yourself and about your situation because everything that you undergo, whatever it is it is there to touch your heart to bring forth that love that you have within your because your gods and goddesses. I can heal this. I can change and transmute this.

And it is not only you that is feeling this. If you are feeling this all your brothers and sisters are feeling this also because you are one. And yet you all know that when you come together as a community, as a collective you can all help each other, energetically, and in any other way in which one chooses to be able to help each other as well as yourself. I know that was probably a mouthful.

Zorra: Indeed. And I will also add what is termed as “give and ye shall receive.”

Give -- no matter what you give whether it be love whether it be money were what ever -- when you give you receive back more, 100 fold, or 1000 fold, or infinite fold.

So when people do what is termed as to give forth help and assistance to peoples, they in turn receive it back from unknown sources. And those unknown sources have a name: Love. And that name is love.

That endless bounty that is in love comes back to you once you give it forth. It acts like a snowball rolling down a hill. You begin with a small ball, by the time it reaches the bottom it is a devastating boulder or even bigger. It gains momentum and it becomes larger and larger and larger.

The same with love. The more you give of the love that you have, the larger and more immense the love returning back to you shall be.

H.E.N. Leads The Collective Way By Example
Anne: That’s great. Um, Zorra, while we’re on this subject, I have just been you know fielding calls and cries which I've had to share with our Hollow Earth Network collective and each time I thought I’m asking more. I just asked and now I'm going to have to ask them for more help and more help because the calls are coming in.

And yet again so many of the messages that we're hearing now from the higher beings are reminding us that our work now is to work as a collective. Forget about our individuality and I believe this HEN - Hollow Earth network -- HEN collective is just melding together into the unity of oneness that is a wonderful example of collectives that will soon become, of course, all the collective of the entire planet. It's what we're working toward. But we are getting the ball rolling right here with our own collective. Is there anything you'd like to say?

Zorra: Indeed. Of course. I will also talk to those that are within the HEN network, or HEN family. Those of you who have plenty yet you are holding onto it: for what reason?

Understand when you give forth an overabundance that you have, give forth a portion of that, then you receive abundance back greater than what you gave.

Understand when these people come forth and you speak forth a request of someone who is in need, you give the HEN family the opportunity to express their love, to express their gratitude in ways they could not possibly imagine. It opens them up. It opens up their hearts. It opens up their understanding that the more they give the more they receive.

So when people are doing what is termed as that have plenty, and there are many out there, you know who you are and I do to. But understand it is of course your choice, but understand when you give of yourself, of the abundance you have you are going to receive back 100 fold or more.

When you hold on to what you have then you have what you have and it does not multiply. You are holding onto the monies, your holding onto your love, and you're not expressing it.

By expressing your love your love shall increase 100 fold and your life will change. I can assure you of that.

Anne: And it gives us an opportunity to give in gratitude. If it's five dollars, which many have given, five dollars given in gratitude is a wonderful as you just said it gives us an opportunity to expand by giving. And so be grateful when these calls come because as you respond you're helping yourself as well.

Zorra: Indeed. And what is termed my beloveds Quazar and Zaraya, they are doing what is termed as giving forth what is termed in love, they are giving forth these products that they have that they’re bringing forth as well as Anne and the others as well. They are giving forth the ability to bring back health into the beings that they are bringing forth these products to. It is not about money. It is about their health. It is about bringing their beings into alignment with the Earth. Into alignment being fully whole and healed.

Because understand, when a person is healed and feeling wonderful then of course they can focus better. They can raise their consciousness easier. And they can also receive. And they can also give forth their love and their impact if you will to the collective.

Do what is termed as give without thought, and receive back, you will receive back without thought.

Anne: And we improve our own trust. This is a growth experience as well. Yeah.

Zorra: It is indeed. We should take another question.

Anne: Okay let's go fast. We've got 15 minutes.

How To Clear Our Gifted RV Money
860: Rise and shine. This is Connecticut. Nice to hear your voice Zorra and Zaraya and everybody. And I have a question.

How we can purify the money we have it and the money we will receive it. Because this money, the currency, is still not clean. And before we received new one we have to purify them or [???], do something before give it back to humanity. This is how I feel. And I know it's everybody will receive it in the future. And just how we can purify.

Zorra: Indeed. You can purify monies by doing the same technique that you purify water. And you can just do what is termed, if you desire to do that, the simple way would be simply to take a form, say what is termed as your statement from your bank and put it on the table. And put your hands as if you were purifying water, purification technique and it will totally infuse your entire account. And it will purify your money.

And do it with love.

Anne: Okay that was a good question.

Zorra: Beloved Anne, Lady Nada, from this point on we would also like testimonials of the Healing Pulse if there are any there as well. And Encoders, I would like to know if anyone has what is termed as begun to work when it wasn’t working before, (supposedly).

Anne: You know what I have noticed, Athena when she got home with her Encoder she told me she was sleeping so much better and she was able to get up into her daughter's truck without assistance. So the flexibility seems to be prevalent. She could pull herself up and get up into that big truck and nobody had to help her.

Zorra: Indeed. And of course they also help with balance and things of this nature. People who have dizziness and imbalance it will help them up. Anyway.

Rainbow Lights Surround Ship
805: Hi, I am from Southern California. Hi beloved Zorra, hi Anne. I am a long time listener but first-time caller. I want to ask Zorra, four weeks ago I was hiking with a friend in a canyon. I was hiking for 20 minutes -- I am so nervous -- we found a beautiful tree and a boulder. My friend and I sat down and meditate and grounded ourselves. After finishing this we ask for some sign and I thought about Zorra. So I look at the sky, and I saw this big circle of rainbow colors. And in the center of the circle was there were three suns shining. So we kept looking at these and walking and after seven minutes it just went away. So I want to ask Zorra, what was this? I know it's something divine.

Zorra: It was a ship. A ship of light.

805: Do you know where this ship was from?

Zorra: Arcturian.

805: Oh thank you very much! I love you Zorra and Anne. And thank you for that. Thank you.

Dates and Disclosure
If Our Governments Won’t Do It, Galactics Will
360: Hello, Zorra, Saryya, and Anne, everyone. [Washington State] My one quick question: can you share with us when Disclosure is or where Disclosure is at. And also is there a point or a date if our governments do not come forth with Disclosure, will the Galactics uncloak and show themselves? And thank you very much! Have a wonderful day.

Zorra: Indeed. Well, understand beloved, there is a time table that was given to your governments – to all the governments, not just the United States but all others as well.

Understand the other countries, the South America, Africa, all other countries except England and America listened and they are on-board as you would term it. They are grateful for the knowingness of what is to occur.

However America and Great Britain, those two seem to be the hardest to understand and of course that of course is definitely be going to come straight away anyway, despite them.

So, understand when Disclosure occurs it will be given globally, and the ones that will be more hard pressed to accept it will be America and also Great Britain. However your other countries, South America, Mexico, what is termed they have already acknowledged our existence and they have even come forth to your Congress and stated the fact of our existence. And that was done in the past.

[Editor Comment: That seems to be the most damming testament to the stranglehold these corporations and banksters have on our government. Disclosing everything they have kept from us in order to keep us dependant while they sustain or increase corporate profits ought to sound the death knell for what’s left of the cabal.]

Anne: Zorra? Well we know that Obama is one of us and we know that General Hamm I’m certain is also up to date on everything and if we’re going to have a change in government, then we would be on board with everybody else. Correct?

Zorra: Indeed. And that is the reason that the new governance is being delegated as we speak.

Anne: Oh here’s a quick question on this subject. Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, recently was here and meeting with Obama and his entourage was meeting with their equivalents in our government, and I'm sure he also met with Gen. Hamm. Can you give us any insight with that meeting was really all about?

Zorra: Unity. It was about uniting the world. Uniting Iraq. Uniting the United States. Uniting the United Nations. So yes, it was about unity. And they also brought forth, Abadi brought forth the minutes of the meeting that took place between Prime Creator and parliaments as well.

Anne: Oh, that happened about a week or so ago. Yeah.

Zorra: Indeed. And of course Obama listened and so did Hamm as well, of course he was present as well. And so there is much deliberation at the present time in Washington.

Anne: So I'm getting an undercurrent of understanding that the deliberation and the assimilation of this personal message that was discussed personally because Abadi came here to have a long private conversation with our key people. And you're talking it's about unity. We're hearing something about a World Federation. Is this what is really being discussed privately? Is this what Prime Creator is encouraging that we move to?

[call drops] Are you there? Oh no. Don’t tell me we’ve lost Zorra. Let me see if I can call him before we run out of time.

Zorra: Indeed. We were not able to call back in, we got the recording saying the call was full and could not be joined.

Federation of Nations
Anne: My question was about this private meeting you said between Abadi and all of his key people and Obama and Hamm and all of their key people. And you said it was about unity. Now I'm going to press and asked what triggered in me when you said that. And it was about what Prime Creator had addressed with them the previous week, you told us Prime Creator was there as we were speaking. Unity, are you talking about what we’ve heard to be coming as has been proposed a World Federation of Nations?

Zorra: Indeed! Federation of Nations as one. Just like the Galactic Federation of Planets.

Anne: So that's what's being discussed. You said now that Abadi has gone back home and delivered the information he received when Prime Creator addressed Parliament the first time, and Prime Creator is today as we speak addressing Parliament again. It's about a world Federation of Nations. Wouldn't that be wonderful. (Zorra: Indeed.) And like you said it's being deliberated by our government.

Zorra: And we are not speaking of the antichrist either.

Anne: Oh, well I'm not. I didn't even think about that.

Zorra: Well some people do. When you speak of a united world, the first thing they think about is what is termed this fairytale of what is termed as an antichrist taking over. And there is no such thing as the antichrist.

Anne: Okay good. So this is what Prime Creator is bringing forth to the nations, particularly direct to Iraq. And Iraq has hand-delivered that in person to Obama, and our government is now in deliberation about that. That is just exciting. Oh my.

Zorra: It is indeed.

Anne: You talk about the collective of the 7 billion, address all on the planet as one without special divergence for this one and special divergence for that. All the same. A real collective. (Zorra: Indeed!)

Thank you. Well we're in overtime but were still alive. Although back to our person I interrupted. She wanted to know if the Galactics would do their own Disclosure if …

Back To Question Who Will Disclose
Zorra: If the Galactics’ plan goes into effect what is termed and the governments do not give forth the Disclosure, then of course the Galactics will do it for them. (Anne: Amen!) And of course when that does occur, as I said when it becomes forth, and the Disclosure is given, it will be given globally and simultaneously. And the speaker that will be giving forth that Disclosure will be two Beings. One: Sananda. The other: Prime Creator.

Anne: Oh my. [Anne tearing up] That's so beautiful. Thank you.

Zorra: So in essence your governments have no choice.

Anne: Oh, I was just looking at his picture asking him for confirmation and then you said Sananda. Oh thank you.

Okay well let's move on. This is so exciting and I'm trying not to – the list is growing and we're into overtime. What do you want to do? Do want to keep rolling Zorra?

Zorra: Continue on until you're caught off, I guess. [Both laugh]

Jesus Born In April – Sananda’s Birthdate Untold
623: Hello. I’m from Phoenix. I’ve been wondering for a long time as long as we're talking about Sananda. Could you please give us his exact date of birth so we can celebrate?

Zorra: That would be for Sananda to tell you.

Anne: And that's just the birth date of the Jesus Project, it's not really Sananda. You know Sananda is eons, eons old.

623: Okay well thank you, thank all of you for the time and the blessings you’ve bestowed upon us. And thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Zorra: I will tell you that the, what is termed the birth of the Christ was in the spring: April.

Anne: Yeah. I was thinking that. So you can just celebrate his birth date along with the Easter celebrations which I always have a hard time with anyway.

Encoder Testimony
208: Hello. Boise, Idaho. This is actually a testimony for the Encoder. (Zorra: Indeed) I go to scio bio feedback on a weekly basis to maintain health. That's part of what I do for my own health. And they have a modality to test the test in other dimensions that tests higher frequencies. And I took both the drops for the Encoder bracelet and I was wearing the Encoder bracelet. I took it off and put it on her instrument. So individually, she tested it individually first. And it tested in the high 90s without the drops. With the drops, the drops were very high rated also. But together they both tested synergistically at 100%. (Zorra: Indeed) So yes, there are instruments that operate in higher frequencies that can test that very well. And as far as my personal use I definitely have seen improvement in flexibility. (Zorra: Indeed) And also I'm sleeping better. (Zorra: Good)

Anne: Me too. Me too. Really sleeping in longer chunks of time and going far, far away.

Lemurian Headbands – All Purpose Power Tool
Zorra: Lady Nada, at this time I am going to also bring up again the use and the importance of the headbands as well.

Understand the use of the headbands back in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, they were used for communications between Galactic Beings and Galactic worlds. They were also used for healing. And they were used for what is termed eliminating negativity.

By wearing them you put a field around your being that creates a positive field around your being. And this positive field eliminates any possibility of disease or sickness. So not only does it raise your consciousness and vibration and frequency, it also puts a protective field around your being by wearing the headband.

And the crystal, the silver or gold, combined with the copper acts as a transmitter and receiver. Not only can you transmit, but you can also receive from Galactic beings as well. That is the importance of the headband. So if you have one, use it. If you don't have one get one.

Anne: It's listed on our website in Ascension Toolbox and it also has its own page. Zorra we've compiled just about everything we've talked about on the Ascension Toolbox. I'm starting to write to people more frequently. Some don't know how to begin to go inside.

Zorra: And another thing that this device will do will enable children to excel in their studies. It will enable them to focus better and to comprehend better in their studies and take what is termed a D student to an A level because it will enable them to focus better. And it will, if they are extremely active and hyperactive it will tone them down. And for those that are not active it will make them active. And it will do what is termed as help their well-being all around.

So the headbands are important not just for adults but for children as well.

860: Yes. I just want to mention something about the new healing chamber. It's called [???] Healing Chamber. (Zorra: Indeed) It's Pleiadians technology is given to us in the first healing chamber in the United States. And I am one who tried in that too and I feel great. And it balanced my energy. (Zorra: Indeed) And one healing chamber is in Europe and Asia. I am looking forward we can all have in different places and help people same like headbands and other things. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you.

Anne: Okay thank you that was interesting. Well we will soon have ours.

Healing Pulse For All
281: I want to tell Zorra that I did a Healing Pulse. (Zorra: Indeed) We have a cat in the neighborhood that got, I found him his leg was all out of whack, so I took him to the vet. And the vet picked him up and said oh his leg is totally crushed. He said I have to do an x-ray to see if I can save the leg or save the cat. So when he walked out of the room I called and Father God, Mother God, Sananda, Prime Creator, all the Galactics, all the Ascended Masters, all the healers and I cried,I cried, ‘Please save this animal. He's a beautiful being of light. He's just a baby don't let him be crippled’. Anyway they took him to get an x-ray, they brought him back, and the doctor walked in shaking his head. And I said what's wrong? And he just kept shaking his head. He could not talk. I said what's wrong? And he said, well this has never happened. [Zorra beginning to laugh] He said there's nothing wrong with the cat’s leg. I felt this cat and his leg was crushed! He said this has never happened! So I said when you left the room I had a lot of help and we prayed and we worked on that cat. And he just left the room shaking his head. [All laughing] (Zorra: Indeed) So I was so proud of all the help that we got for our poor kitty.

And then I've got one more question that I wanted to ask you real quick. What does WalMart have to do with the tunnels? Are they just in the proper locations where the tunnels were going to go?

Zorra: Indeed. They are above them.

281: Okay, did WalMart now there were going to be tunnels and they just happened to be in the place that they were going to dig?

Zorra: No they did not know.

281: No, of course not. Okay, namaste. Thank you beloved family I love you all.

Anne: Oh, thank you. Thank you. That was a great story.

Michael Ellegion Channel of the Elohim Masters

316: Hello! How are you? Zorra I have a question. I know you don't answer any personal questions or anything but I just would like to know if somebody if there's somebody reliable I can talk to because I would like to ask some personal questions but I want to know if you know somebody reliable that have the time to do it and I can talk to?

Zorra: About what?

316: Well you do not answer personal questions but I would like to be able to talk to somebody like about my name and my Galactic name and all that stuff but I don't want to take time to say you don't want to ask.

Anne: Most people go to Michael Ellegion to get a reading who has been on the ship a couple of times and is specially wired. He's the only one I would recommend. What do you say Zorra?

Zorra: Very good choice.

Anne: I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Zorra: Yes Michael Ellegion will be able to give you a life reading and to also give you your name.
[ 1-206-235-8402]

316: Thank you very much Zorra and thank you for coming over again. I'm just looking forward to the information. I really hope Quazar and Zaraya have the help they need. And thank you God bless you.

Anne: [Caller 316] is the one who used the bank-to- bank transfer in her help to Quazar and it worked beautifully with no cost. Okay thank you.


949: What are the stages of ascension to the 5th dimension and beyond? The first stage being getting younger and what are we going to be the same location?

Zorra: [to Saryya] this is yours.

Saryya: I shall begin this. First of all you already understand when you started to move from 3D to 4D and then you moved from 4D to the beginning of 5D, there are 12 different levels of 5D. When you are full fifth dimensional beings you will be fully conscious. Your vibrations will be very high and you will be able to move within dimensions. You will be able to understand everything that you have gone through. You will be able to go and travel the universe. Though the stages are very individual as well.

Some people have decided to already have ascended and have done so. Most of you however are going through the stages as a collective. But you are still doing this individually. It really hinges much on your understanding and believing and the knowing who you are. That is why we always emphasize that you are indeed gods and goddesses.

So the first step first of all is to understand that you are one. You are one with all of your brothers and sisters. You are one with all of Mother Nature, all of the beings, all of the trees, all of the plants. When you fully know that then you are on your way.

You will also realize that to be able to move in the dimensions it is important for you to meditate. To go out into nature and really fully begin to be one with them to begin to talk with the trees to begin to talk with the creatures.

When you are moving forward into Ascension there are no specific steps per se that you have to study this and then you will get there; or you have to know this and you will get there.

It comes in waves and it also comes in your knowingness and your belief so we always talk as well about the love. The more you increase the love that you have within your heart, for yourself and for others, you will also be increasing your vibration and your consciousness level.

There are many, many ways in which you become fully conscious. When you are fully conscious you are full fifth dimensional beings and there are many gradients in terms of where you begin and how you end.

So I know this is not – and of course it never ends. But for you to be fully conscious it comes to a point where you will just know, know what we know. You will know that you are fully a god and a goddess. I will ask my beloved to say more.

Zorra: And that pretty well covered it all.

Anne: That was wonderful.

Zorra: But it is so. Once you understand the knowingness that you are god (depending on your sexual orientation) you are either a god or you are a goddess or you are both. If you are both then you are a very unique individual upon the face of this planet. You are blessed. You are sacred. Because both meaning both male and female understanding in one form. So, very few have that ability. However, many are beginning to come to that reality that you are both God and Goddess in one.

Anne: That was perfect… We're done.

We've had a wonderful call. So with that dear Zorra and Saryya we’ll ask you to close the call for us.

Zorra: Indeed. Well I will have my beloved to give her parting words.

Anne: Oh, and where it did Zaraya and Quazar go?

Zorra: They are both busily eating strawberries in the garden in the Hollow Earth.

Anne: Oh they’re in Hollow Earth. Our strawberries up here are radiated so much they don't even get to fully ripen; they’re hard. They're not like a real juicy strawberry anymore. They're ruining our food up here.

Saryya: You will enjoy them when you are there with us, Lady Nada.

Anne: Oh I'm sure we will. This sounds wonderful. I wish they could bring some back up with them. Saryya I'll let you close the call. Thank you.

Saryya: I should like to say to all of you, to know who you are that you are all gods and goddesses sublime. You all radiate with this wonderful infinite love. We call it endless love.

So share who you are and share what you have. So give and you shall receive. Ask and it will be given unto you. We are all one. We are one with each other. We are one with Prime Creator. We are one with all of the universes and galaxies. So be it.

Zorra: Indeed so be it. Now may harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing, and much love be with you and all of your beloved ones. And have yourself a wondrous, glorious and loving day … or evening whichever the case may be for some of you. And we will let you know when we will again speak. It may not be and what is termed once a month.

Anne: Okay, looking forward to it. Thank you both of you. Goodbye.

Saryya: Thank you very much Lady Nada.

Cue music.