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This is an exceptional call - well worth every minute of our time.

Folks, we are into Ascension - every day now. And our bodies are part of it. As Sananda just said in our last Ellegion recording - "Our bodies are our Temple and we should treat them as such - not as a cesspool."

Please, make it a point to listen to these two exceptional speakers and then ask your Higher Self - "What is my next step?" - Each of us has been given the responsibility of raising our physical body, our Temple. Grant us the wisdom.

We are getting serious, now, about our Body/Temples that we live in here on Planet Earth. - Are they up to speed? Energy? Clarity? Happiness? Function? ... Pain Free?

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It is time we take serious responsibility for our Ascension!

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Hollow Earths Blogtalk Radio Show - May 23, 2015 (Transcript)

Saturday May 23, 2015

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Intro Music
[0:02:10 ]
Beginning dialogue

Anne: [singing along] I'm so glad to hear that song again! Hang on just a minute. Hi everybody. [accidentally restarts intro music.] Oh, that's so funny.

Good morning. This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to our long anticipated visit with Zorra from Hollow Earth today. Zorra no longer has his regularly scheduled every other week Saturday calls but he does join us about once a month and this is that once. We have a two-hour call today; we have a lot of hands raised. I'm not going to take a lot of time here. Those of you that may be new we invite you to understand how this connection has been going on for more than four years – we’re in our fifth year talking to Zorra in Hollow Earth – and if you're new and don't understand it please go to and listen to how this connection began. And you'll hear Zaraya tell the story in his own words. He was even there when Admiral Bird flew in to the North Pole and he sat there and witness Adm. Byrd speaking before the Council. So it's a great call to listen to.

And with that I'm going to – let me get the date line in here real quick. This is Saturday, May the 23rd in the year 2015. And I'm going to stand by now as I turn this over to Quazar and Zaraya.

Zaraya may have already left. We may have Zorra already standing by to speak with us since we are limited to two hours. So with that let me… Oh what have I done. Talking and I clicked the wrong thing … I’ve got to get back on the screen. There you are. All’s well. There, I'm going to open Quazar’s line and come on Quazar.

Quazar: Hello, beloved Lady Nada. I think we need our invocations.

Anne: Oh my. [Laughing] I would love to do that thank you. I came to a photo finish, finishing the new design for our new webpage and just hopped on the call in the slice of a minute so, let's do the invocation.
That's just what I need to. Were going to first do… I'm I'll go ahead and put you back on standby in case there's any background noise. There, then I'll open it when I'm all done.

So we’re going to first do the wonderful Violet Flame given to us through our beloved St. Germain that has been my tutor and mentor all my life. Little did I know when my mother handed me one of my Grandma’s I Am Discourses books. In those days you couldn't even buy a book of that series by St. Germain by Guy Ballard. You couldn't even buy one of those books without a recommendation by a member but now you can buy them at a metaphysical bookstore. It's all listed under St. Germain quotes, one of the pages on

So let's do the Violet Flame. This is a dispensation of grace given to those of us that are enduring the challenges of life as a human on the surface of Earth. So let's just quiet ourselves – and that means you Anne. You've been rush but now you can slow down.

I say this four times. It's the first thing I say when I start my verbal meditations after my really quiet time.


INVOCATIONS -----------------


I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame,
that now and forever, consumes and transmutes all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

This is a dispensation of grace allowing us to release all remnants of any human mistakes we made. We don't need to keep rehashing them every time the subject comes up and it pushes our buttons. We can erase that button. And it's good to say the Violet Flame four times. It's short enough that we can do that and it really sets it. And that's what I do every day when I start my meditations.

And our other affirmation is our invocation is to our own Higher Self. We're going to set in place all of our Pillars of Light to protect us. And that is something that only we can do for ourselves. No one is able to place a Pillar of Light over us because it is bestowed on us by our own beloved I Am Presence right above us and so it's between us and our I Am Presence. And when we address our I Am Presence I like to put my hands above my head and sort of draw down around me like a snug little cocoon as I say:


Beloved I AM Presence,
Instill in me your protective pillar of pure positive white light substance in me, through me, and around me. (About 9 feet all the way around.) In me and through me and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful, impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

And so it is.

I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am

As above so below.


Anne: And we’re going to turn it back over to Quazar and either Zaraya or perhaps Zorra is already here. Quazar?


Quazar: Thank you so much Lady Nada. And welcome to all of you beloved family. As Zaraya is with me still and I would like to ask both Lady Nada and Zaraya how they have been coping over the past few months. Perhaps maybe Lady Nada if you could tell us a little bit about how things have been for you and how do you feel others are coping as well during these times and what we need to be focusing on. And then I'm going to hand it over to Zaraya as well. Thank you Lady Nada.


Anne: Oh, well that was unexpected. Now let me see, I'll try to be very concise. One of my favorite words (or two of them) is Divine Order. Divine Order. In fact I have an affirmation:


I Am the Governing Presence. Governing in perfect Divine Order and commanding harmony, happiness and the presence of God's opulence of my mind, home, affairs, and world.

Divine Order. And we are the governing presence. I believe I have that posted on St. Germain's page as well.

It's not up to us to make sure that all of these higher beings that have come here to liberate this planet are doing their jobs right. And we don't have to check with other confused earthly humans, some of which I follow a lot of these pages – I don't print them – but I follow them to see what's out there for you. And sometimes it looks like, I mean there’s nothing they stand for. They just put a little bit of this and a little bit of that. By the time you're done you’re sure confused and you're sure worried and upset. And when those kind of vibrations enter your consciousness you are not connected to the Light. Our vibrations are not going up, they're going down when we get into worry and confusion and fear and doubt. And it's up to us. We came here to learn wisdom and it's up to us to decide if we want to expose ourselves. Are we going to be able to handle what we’re getting ready to read?

I just talked by e-mail with one of our dear members, and she actually was reading something that was recommended by someone we love very much. I didn't read it. Something inside of me -- I didn't listen to the video – something inside of me said is that going to really help your ascension to know all this history about blah blah blah? And I chose not to invest the few minutes of precious time. I could use that for my meditation. I could be waltzing with Sananda to the waltzes. Why should I watch something that is going to add information that I will have to process and maybe spend a lot of time clearing buttons that it's pushed.

So, you know, to us this ascension we can go fast or we can go slow. We can pile in all kinds of confusion that is waiting for us out there or we can just hold that course. Steady as she goes. Hold that course, steady as she goes. Follow Zorra, follow Ashtar, follow Sananda, follow Prime Creator. No one has connections like we do so why compare this extraordinary direct communication with all this stuff that is plastered all over the Internet?

Okay, I’ve said my peace and that's how I keep my peace is I don't indulge in it. I've had too much experience having to clear. It's not fun. So why even tempt fate. Just stay with what we know is true. So thank you Quazar. I'll get off my soap box now.


Quazar: Thank you so much, that was really valuable. We really appreciate you sharing your feelings. You don't do that all too often. You're always watching over all of us. So thank you for those beautiful words.

And now here is Zaraya also. He's going to be telling all of you how he’s been dealing with all these energies and all of these, you know not having the RV, etc. So here’s Zaraya.

Zaraya: Well one thing I'm not doing is sitting around waiting doing nothing. I am moving forward as far as my life is concerned and I am taking it one day at a time. And plans that have been made are now coming to fruition. So that's my advice to you. Don't sit on your plan. If you’ve made plans start moving forward with them.

Quazar: How do you keep your optimism up?

Zaraya: How do I keep my optimism up? Well, I know it's imminent that it's going to happen and so I don't like I said, I don't sit around waiting for it. I'm moving forward with my life, I'm moving forward with my transition, and so I am not… what's the term… I'm not sitting on my hands and preventing me from going thru with the plans that we have set up. So that pretty much covers it because if you sit on your hands and you made plans and you're not taking steps to fulfill your plans and your dreams then they're not going to get done.

Quazar: Thank you Zaraya. I think, and so since Zaraya and I are together I think it's for both of us. We know how all you really feel because we're also waiting. We've gone through hardships and many of you know that. And so many of you as well are going through hardships and we feel for all of you and we know that. And we’re just trying to say as well as is not to give up because we have a higher knowing of what is coming ahead for all of us.

So I think with that Zaraya, perhaps maybe your Dad can come. And I know that he probably has a ton of information. There are a ton of questions as well. So we need to get going with this. I think I'd also like to ask all of you dear ones, I have a few questions here that need to be addressed that when people do come on the call for today, if you could just limit it to one concise question because we have a few things that we would like to discuss today besides even the healing that Zorra’s going to give all of us so go ahead. Oh, is your Dad here?

Zaraya: Do I look like him? [Laughing]

Quazar: Okay. All right. So we’ll give Zorra a couple of seconds here before he comes to join us and I know that for all of you including myself we really have missed Zorra greatly. And we also know that that was meant to be so that we can follow through on our own paths how best we can and see how we can handle things on our own without having always to rely on Zorra to come and pull us up because we need him to be there for us. But he knows as well that the time is not yet to let go of and so that is why he is here with us. And so with that Zorra, thank you so much for being here.


ZORRA ARRIVES, Listen Closley

Zorra: Indeed.

Quazar: We have missed you.

Zorra: I know. Indeed.

Quazar: Maybe you could say something about that for everyone who's been missing you.

Zorra: Do not miss me. Indeed. Now. I have observed what is termed as whenever a call is done and then I observe peoples, how they react to the call, to the information given. And I've also observed help peoples do what is termed as begin to search the network, surf the web as you term it to find verification of what I have said.

I understand this. But I also understand that by doing so you rob yourself of the blessing of knowledge.

Understand beloveds that when information is given and given in love it is to be received in love. And by doing what is termed as surfing other sites and messages from other beings, you negate the love that you received. Why would you do this? Because it is a way you have been programmed to be. And I understand this.

But also understand beloveds that when you, the messages that are being given to you is for your upliftment, for your edification, and to remind you of who you are: gods and goddesses. And I reiterate that quite frequently. Why? Because it is true.

We made you in our image and our likeness and we gave you our powers and abilities likewise. Why do you forget it?

When you are told that you are gods and goddesses what do you feel when you receive that knowledge of knowing that you are gods and goddesses and are the masters of your realities?

[Quazar: inaudible] Very well put. It doesn't sink in. You have a hard what is termed a hard shell that must be broken in order to receive that knowledge into your knowingness. And many of you have and are acting as gods and goddesses. But many are not.

Don’t give up on RV

I have also told you to hang on to your investment in what is termed the currencies. Many of you have already turned them in. Why? Because of what you have been hearing from other sources that the RV is not going to occur, and you have fallen prey to that propaganda as you term it.

I am here to tell you your blessing is drawing nigher and nigher. Nearer and nearer. Each day brings it one step closer. So I encourage you not to go back to your brokers and to relinquish your dinars and your dong and things of this nature because thinking that it is not going to occur because you are going to be fooled. It is occurring in other parts of the world even as we speak.

And when people do what is termed as send forth fear in the forum queries and hearsay and he/she/or her said or him said and you listen to that, it pulls you down. It pulls you down from the, it pulls you back down into 3rd dimensional thinking. You need to put 3D thinking aside and begin thinking or continue to think in 5th D because that is where you are now, even though you do not believe it, many of you. And I understand that too.

So, as I observe and watch over the beloved children of the earth -- and you are beloved children even though you don't act like it sometimes, but you are still beloved children and you need to be nurtured and you need to be loved and you need to be gifted which many of you are-- but also you need to think for yourself too. That is why I canceled my what is termed my every other Saturday call because I knew and saw what you were doing: relying on my every word, not thinking on your own. So I had to step aside to give you that opportunity to do just that. To grow, to expand, to come to realize that you are gods and goddesses.


And those that have come to that conclusion, their lives are very different from when they began. Many of you have done what is termed as created a dislike for foods. Why? Because your bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based. That is why you are not liking foods you liked before. Because when you eat dead foods – dead foods meaning foods that have faces: fish, chicken, poultry, beef, pork, they all have faces and souls. Think of that.

Those of you who go out and do what is termed as fish, you are thinking you are catching a mindless creature. I can assure you they have minds and they have souls. Every being that has a face has a soul and that is hard to comprehend. Even trees, Mother Nature, all creatures from the tiniest being, fairies, and even some what is termed insects and arachnids and things of this nature, yes they have a soul too. And it is difficult to comprehend this but it is factual.

So, that being said, you must continue to realize that you are gods and goddesses. How many times must we tell you this? Until you get it. Indeed.

Behind the scenes

Many things are happening behind the scenes that you are not aware of. The Lightworkers are doubling and quadrupling in numbers. More and more peoples are coming to the realization that they are Lightworkers.

There is a change in the consciousness of man, the consciousness of Terra on the surface. Before you were what is termed veiled in a veil and all of the, what you should know was hidden from you. That is all coming into the Light. Being exposed. And you do not see it because you are not looking in the right places.


You say, ‘well where am I to look? Do I go to the Internet to look? (No) Do I go to the newspapers? (No you do not.) Do you go to what is termed YouTube?’ (No) You go within: into your heart mind. And you also bring remembrance from the Vault of Knowledge where all of this information is stored. That is where you go: within for your answers.

You sit in a chair or lie on the bed or on the floor and you call on the Lord God of your Being to bring remembrance to you, to bring your knowingness to you, to bring your reality to you. If you do that and continue to do that, then the waiting will not be so hard. Your, what is termed your expectations will not be so clouded.

And refrain from going to other sources. Many of those sources are there for one thing and that is to bring you down, to keep you under control. And you do not need control.

Indeed. Time does control but it is faster and faster. Passing of time has accelerated. As you draw closer to ascension time will increase a hundred-fold. Shorter and shorter come the days not because of seasons but because of reality. The reality of knowing that time is an illusion and you are living within it. Indeed it is life on the surface. Time does not exist in Hollow Earth at all. We never tire because there is no night to draw the eyes to become tired as you term it. We have eternal light. No darkness.

So, think about that. The surface of the earth will soon be the same meaning light everywhere. And what is bringing forth the light? Prime Creator.

Quazar: Is that not your Smokey God … the light? [Reference to book by W G Emerson]

Zorra: What you would term the core of your planet is the central sun. Much dimmer than the one, the sun you have on the exterior out in space.

No more sickness from the sky

And many of you also think the sun is bringing what is termed the heat and the drought and things of this nature to your planet and it is not. It is your own ignorance in what is termed technology and what is termed as shooting things into your atmosphere poisoning your atmosphere coming back down in the form of rain which creates what: sickness and disease from the chemicals that your governments have been shooting into the air or spraying into the air. That has been neutralized. What you term chemtrails as you term them. But more and more areas are becoming clearer of those. And some areas are not yet. But they will. I see this already.

New aircraft design

I see in the future of Terra clear skies, no trails. And that will come to pass when what is termed the fossil fuels have been extinguished. When they no longer can fuel their craft. When they can no longer do what is termed – and that is fast approaching – the use of fossil fuels is waning down. And hydrogen, electricity of hydrogen will be the norm and not combustible engines. And also aircraft will change in structure and design. Even now Boeing and things of this nature have been given what is termed blueprints for new aircraft and they resemble nothing that is on the surface at all. They are circular in design and fueled by electromagnetism. Instead of needing what is termed miles of runway to take off, they will be taking off from a still position. No more need for runways, and they will be done away with.

But all this must accelerate very quickly. And it will.


Also I am going to talk to you peoples who have the understanding – the false understanding – that you must have shelters underground. I'm going to give you some logic. For those of you who are near the coast and things of this nature and you are building what is termed shelters to wait out these cataclysms that have been foretold think of this. You are underground in your shelter and a wave decides to come in, what are you going to do? Are you going to be protected? No. You have airshafts do you not. Airshafts covered in water not a good place to be. Shelters are only good for what is termed to keep you safe from things such as twisters, tornadoes; they help you not in earthquakes, tsunamis. So why build them?


And I'm here to assure you that Nibiru/Planet X as you term it is not going to create cataclysms upon the earth. Why? Think of this: Prime Creator has destined Mother Earth to ascend and all upon her. Why would you turn around and destroy it? That is ludicrous thinking.

Nibiru or whatever you term it in reality is Lemur, home planet of the Lemurians. And you think that they're going to allow their planet to cause mass destruction upon the face of planet Earth? Of course not. It may cause what is termed some tidal changes but nothing major or destructive.

If they have the power to move a planet into a certain orbit and it has been done that way to avoid collisions, do you not think they could do the same when they come close to the earth and diminish the effects? Of course they can.

The earth is being protected. That was proven to you in the past by destroying an asteroid that was going to strike in the area of Siberia. That was poof right there that you're being protected if you saw it. Go on YouTube and find it under what is termed ‘Russian Meteor’ and you will see my vessel going through the tail, through the object and exiting out to the front and the destruction of the asteroid. That was intentional for you to see, for people to take pictures of.
[Examples of videos showing Zorra’s ship https:


Earth is protected
Quazar: Would you give us an update on the Galactic point of view.

Zorra: Galactic point of view? All near-Earth objects have been rerouted -- sent elsewhere. What is termed the field of protection that is around Terra acts as what is termed a deflector. Any larger objects such as asteroids hit the area and bounce off. So they no longer have access to the planet.


Quazar: What about the dark E.T.’s?

Zorra: The same with them. The dark ET’s as you term them, rogue ET’s, when they come near the earth they are also deflected. The earth is under the protection of Prime Creator and Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Planets. Your Earth is protected. Get that through your heads. You are protected. You're not going to be subject to nuclear war. We will not allow that. You're not going to be subject to what is termed as Martial Law because there is no need for it; never has been a need for it.

Quazar: All propaganda?

Zorra: Yes! Fear tactics. Propaganda, fear tactics, whatever you wish to term them. You are not going to be subject to this because you are ascending.

Quazar: [inaudible off mic]

Zorra: Well of course they will be that. More and more changes are taking place in Washington and areas of this nature and other government seats as well in other countries. United States is what is termed as the last hold out if you will for relinquishing the control that it had over you peoples. Stop and think: you people also gave them that control. You get to the point when you wanted to say let us have a government so we can be told how to do things. When in actuality when you did this you gave them that authority over your lives. And you need to take that control back into your own lives, governing yourselves.

Quazar: Okay Zorra. Thank you so much for all that information. And you touched on a lot of different topics but if we could maybe expand and explore some of the topics that you’ve already conveyed information about. So when we’re talking about the governments and specifically the United States, the United States has a tendency -- or maybe we shouldn’t even call it our government anymore because it's now a Corporation -- but it's really [supposed to be] a Republic. So when you say that it is still in process of change, we thought that all of the seats already in the governments around the world including the United States are already in place. Is that not so for the US?



Zorra: In the U.S. you still have what is termed the different families in the United States …

Quazar: The Rothchilds, and the …

Zorra: Yes, what you term the biggies.

Quazar: Yeah, the big five or four.

Zorra: Indeed. And they have had for many, many years a stranglehold on the Earth, on the United States finances and things of this nature. And they are finding it difficult to relinquish that power but circumstances and what is termed changeover in governments will soon be bringing an end to that.

Quazar: You said they were already gone to Europe … put away.

Zorra: They are in the process of being put away as you term it. And that is continuing even as we speak. So very soon your what is termed your president will be speaking forth to the nation of the changeover from what is termed the Corporation to Republic, to the Constitutional Republic, the original Constitution. Not the one that were what is the term, altered to suit the families as you term them. So that is in the process to be changed and it is going on even as we speak.

Quazar: Zorra, thank you. As you say, is it the families that are getting in the way of our the RV and NESARA process?

Zorra: NESARA, yes. The RV no. Getting in the way of what is termed the passing of NESARA, of course because they do not want it. That would do what is termed as to take their power from them completely. And this they are not willing or wanting to do. They think that… they believe in their faulty knowingness that they have the answers. And they do not.


Quazar: Who’s telling them that they do not?

Zorra: We are.

Quazar: You and Prime Creator?

Zorra: Us: Prime Creator, what is termed the Galactic Federation of Planets.

Quazar: Well then the big question Zorra is you know as powerful as Prime Creator and yourself are, why is it that it's not coming to a head? I mean you've got Prime Creator there and we understand free will but the time is here now for change. So when in the world is … why is it not changing? Why can't Prime Creator just say, ‘Hey we are finished with this nonsense of yours. You know you've got to leave. We are ready for the new world coming.’

Zorra: Well, He has told them this. Indeed and we have told them several times, we have given them what is termed instructions on what they need to do before there can be what is termed world peace. (Quazar: And?) And of course, you still have what is termed ones that even in America. America has also had taken peace from what is termed the American Indians. (Quazar: That is true.) Yes. And that is another issue that is being discussed in Washington. To give back the lands that were taken at that time back to the American Indians. Instead of reservations, no more borders. To give them back their sacred lands.

Quazar: Well we don't know, Zorra, from our own perspective here, the extensive process and all of the different things that need to be fixed or corrected or rectified in all the different areas in order for this whole thing to roll out as peacefully and as joyfully as possible. We don't know all of that. We don't know what all of the different ramifications are, that have to be taken into consideration. (Zorra: Indeed) So we also understand however that you and Prime Creator have the power to … as you created the worlds, as Prime Creator created the universes, etc. We're looking at one little government. Tiny, not even a dot, not even a no thing, and it's causing such an obstacle even for you and Prime Creator. How is that possible?

Zorra: It all comes back to what would be termed as free well. That is a determining factor for what is termed prime directive if you will. We understand the frustration and this we are taking into consideration as well. And also in other parts of the world where they are more accepting of us in Brazil, Mexico, European countries, they are moving forward more so than the United States. And you know this. And it is frustrating, this we admit it is for you. We see the final result.


Quazar: Which is?

Zorra: Complete and utter harmony of the entire planet. We foresee this in your immediate future. And this will come to pass.

Quazar: What do we need to do?

Zorra: Keep doing what is termed as manifesting, changing your way of thinking, your attitudes and things of this nature, and continue to do so. And also claim the power that you process. You are able to do that. You have the same powers we have.

When we gave you that power what did you do with it? What is the term… put it on the back burner because of situations and circumstances and things of this nature you put that power and gave it away. It is time to take it back. Realize who you are. Not just both in consciousness by in sub-consciousness. Convince your subconscious mind that who and what you are, and when that aligns with your conscious minds, and it will, that is when your reality changes. Many peoples have done this in other countries.

The Veil Is Gone - Look beyond the illusion

And now I'm talking to America. People in America that are listening, I have said it many times and you need to understand, you are gods and you are goddesses and sometimes both. But still you still have a block, and that block is the old way of thinking. You need to remove that block.

We have told you the veil has been lifted. Now you need to realize what that means. The restrictions on your minds that you had once before are no longer there; they are an illusion just like time. They are an illusion and you need to understand that. Take that illusion and give it to the universe. Give it away. You no longer need it. It is no longer a crutch for you. And then you will come to realize exactly who and what you are.

When that realization takes hold that's when your reality will change and the energy will change within you. Understand you have what is termed as your thought processes are clouded. And how are they clouded? They are clouded with technology; they are clouded with problems of the day, technology meaning more people are relying on what is termed computers to run their lives.


Time to shut off your computers and go out to be with Mother Nature. How many times have we mentioned this as well? Ground yourselves all of you. You know how to do it we have told you. Go out and ground yourself to Mother Earth. If you're in a city go out of the city and get into real Mother Nature. It changes everything in your mind and your body. It will begin to do what is termed as to dissipate all of the negative influences that you have living in the city. When you're in a city you are separated from Mother Nature. The only what is termed connection with Mother Nature in a city is the air. So go out of the city. Take a weekend and go out of the city and be and walk in Mother Nature, meaning the grass and the fields. Very cleansing and very powerful.

Those of you that are in cities, if you can relocate from the city do it. The cities are a poison to your being. If you live in cities, and I implore you to do this, leave them. Many peoples are laughing. Why do you laugh? Because you think you have it made in the city. You do not. You are being starved being in the city. You need the nurturing of nature, the nurturing of Mother Earth. That is where your power lies: within the earth.

When we say go out and ground yourself to Mother Nature and your life will change, we mean just that. Go out, take off your shoes and your socks and walk in the grass. If there is no grass walk in the dirt. And have no fear of being injured because if you are one with Mother Nature there will be nothing there to harm you. So do not worry of this.

Quazar: One or two things. We could start with our questions and then go to the Healing Pulse, a quick Healing Pulse would be in order.


The first question that I have here is, is ISIS a situation as threatening to us as it appears?

Zorra: Of course not.

Quazar: That was quick. Okay. Another question Zorra.

It seems that Tony and DC are the ones who almost everyone listens to but has been feeling that for months it has been the same repetition, while Mountain Goat seems to know quite a bit and she has been correct every single week. Could you talk to us a little bit about Mountain Goat versus Tony and DC, or about Mountain Goat.

Zorra: Speak of Mountain Goat. Hmm. And who is Mountain Goat?

Quazar: Well she actually goes by the name of George and she has weekly information as well about what is actually happening in Iraq and wherever else regarding the upcoming RV because she goes into the different situations the political situations, etc., more than Tony and DC does. So she seems to have a pretty good update on those occurrences.


Zorra: The RV is going to come to pass regardless of who says what.

Quazar: And that it's going to be in June.

Zorra: Or sooner. And that is also what is termed Divine Plan.

Quazar: So do you have any words about Mountain Goat was the question, Zorra.

Zorra: I understand that. And what I say to that is this: if what is being said brings joy to you and edification and happiness continue to listen to it.

Quazar: Well the problem with that, Zorra, is that she has stated that the RV is not going to come until June. She has facts to back her statement up. Tony and DC however continue to say well it was supposed to be happening this weekend, and of course last weekend they said it was happening and was supposed to have gone on such and such a day, and that didn't happen and so is going to be the following day, and it's very, very confusing. So I think that maybe the question is who do we believe. Do we believe Mountain Goat? Do we go with her or should we just continue listening to DC and Tony?

Zorra: Go within yourselves. That is the best answer.

Quazar: I guess you're saying that because it will just happen when it happens regardless. It doesn't matter…

Zorra: … who says what.

Quazar: This is from our beloved Anne.


Ashtar has confirmed that Earth is clear of any dark forces and that it is his job to keep us clear as Terra is making her ascension. A planet in ascension is hands-off. So as I read the post below of course this applies to this solar system and not Earth. Someone is always wanting to get people riled up into a continuing war status. It seems that it has become their way of life for so long they almost need it. So she's asking for some comments.

I think you know when we’re talking about the solar system I’ll go further with it. Cobra has stated that there have been many slaves in our solar system who have been in slavery even more so than we have on planet Earth. And that we have, you know that they are being taken over also and not being protected. So what is that influence upon our earth and those that are hostages in other parts of our solar system?

Zorra: What is termed as slavery in this solar system is a no thing. Not a reality.

Quazar: What about in other parts of our solar system?

Zorra: In the universe.

Quazar: Well how about our solar system in particular, Zorra. Slavery by the ET's.

Zorra: In this solar system: no slaves.

Quazar: There’s no slaves in this solar system.

Zorra: Only the slavery that was once upon the earth.

Quazar: Oh, okay. Alright well I think that answers that question I hope. Lady Nada.

Anne: Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I’m glad that has been clarified because people love to keep, I personally don't post Cobra because it's always about them and us, them and us. There’s always a fight going on somewhere, somebody that’s bad. It seems like it's the only language that is understood. Leave it all behind. We're ascending into love. Why talk about space wars and slavery and hostages? I'm sorry but it really bothers me that people even follow this dialogue. Thank you very much Zorra, thank you.

Zorra: Indeed. In parts of the South in United States there are still small pockets of slavery as you term it, people under subjection to others. And that has been since the beginning of time on Terra but that is also being what is termed as eliminated.

Quazar: Well not only in the United States, we still have cultures where they subjugate children and women.

Zorra: And that is over in different parts of the world. But that will also be coming to an end.


Quazar: Okay the next question is: The people who have passed on, are people who have passed on still a part of the matrix or the hologram we are in?

Zorra: No. Ones that have passed on are now in full 5th dimension. So why would they be mixed up in the matrix as you term it if they're in full 5th dimension?

Quazar: Thank you Zorra.


Pyramids Protecting Crops

In one of the broadcasts with Zorra I heard him say that you could protect your trees and crops by forming a pyramid with crystals, which I did. Unfortunately the pigeons and black birds are destroying and eating the green fruits of our cherry tree. Every year they do that. We want to grow our own fruit but they ruin the tree. What is [she] doing wrong? It’s from Belgium. They already put a pyramid around the tree I think.

Zorra: Depending on the height of the tree it might be advisable to do what is termed as to create the lines of a pyramid by putting a pole up the center of the tree above the tree and then doing what is termed as to make the shape of the … yes on top of the pole where it goes above the tree, and creating what is termed as an appearance of a pyramid by putting ropes from the top down to the four sides, totally engulfing the tree inside of the pyramid. And that should suffice. What about insects? Do they see any of them in there?

Quazar: Well I think is primarily about the birds eating up their wonderful cherry tree.


Since every person is loved and special to the Father why are they being slaughtered? (Here let me see,) of course Lady Nada had responded beautifully regarding the answer. (Zorra: Indeed) And she says it's all part of each person's life contract to make a statement, to create compassion for a cause, to balance karma, it always fits in to the Divine Plan. So-called death is not a bad thing only from the human point of view. Once people have left the body they are immediately back enjoying celebrations (which is correct) and eager to move on to more adventures.

So she's just asking why are they being slaughtered, why are people being slaughtered, Zorra. Just in general, a general question.

Zorra: People who have come under subjection of being done away with, their contract what is termed of ascension has come to an end and it is time for them to leave. So when things of this nature occur it is a way for them to ascend, without the body of course. And they do so.

Quazar: And that is part of their contract?

Zorra: It is.

Quazar: So everybody has a contract that they have made previously before coming here to the surface.

Zorra: Indeed.

Quazar: All right so even though it does happen to many that are on our planet it's just to know that they're going to a more loving and higher existence.



There are a lot of strange sounds again coming from around the world. People want to know what's going on. One woman in Canada has recorded a shofar sound several times as the strongest eerie noises like a trumpet. Similar outbursts have been captured in countries around the world including the US, Ukraine, Germany, and Bator. And one man in the US said he woke up screaming after hearing the sounds. So what are we listening to angelic harps, trumpet, UFO mothership, or is this all a hoax of some sort ? And this was published on April 10, 2015, Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed) And this has been all over the place.

Zorra: And what do these sounds do? They cause you to look up, yes?

Quazar: They do.

Zorra: And how many times have we asked you to look up and you have not done so?

Quazar: Yes, but what are the sounds Zorra?

Zorra: They are sounds that your Mother Terra are making.

Quazar: And what's the explanation for that for Mother Terra?

Zorra: It is nothing that is going to harm you.

Quazar: Well obviously if it's screeching it sounds rather scary. What is going on with Mother Terra?

Zorra: She is letting you know that change is coming.

Quazar: So it’s coming from Mother Earth then?

Zorra: Indeed, from Gaia.

Quazar: And she wants to tell us…

Zorra: To look up.

Quazar: To look up. That's interesting.

Zorra: Indeed. And it does cause people to look up.

Quazar: Well. It causes more than that Zorra.

Zorra: For some people it do.

Quazar: It causes some people to be frightened. More fear.

Zorra: But it also does, it does accomplish to have people to look up and that is one of the purposes of it. Others are for what is termed it is also a technique that is used to cleanse the atmosphere. [Editor’s note: similar to toning] So it has a twofold message. Look up and receive what is termed as change and also what is termed as the healing of the atmospheres. And it is coming from ships as well.

Quazar: Thank you Zorra.


The Bombing of Yemen

The Israeli/Saudi war criminals have dropped a neutron bomb on Yemen. It shocked the whole world. The company of Heaven assured us many times that all nuclear war weapons now have been inactivated. Can Zorra explain to us how and why this happened? (This is on May 20th Zorra. Three days ago.)

Zorra: All nuclear weapons in the silos have been deactivated. This one was dropped by what is termed aircraft. This one was dropped by aircraft. It did not have the effect that a pure neutron bomb would have had.

Quazar: How was it that this was not neutralized?

Zorra: Indeed. Your peoples have the ability to create and so some do slip through the cracks occasionally, but the main ones that are going to cause what is called global destruction are not permitted. Ones that are going to cause what is called mass destruction that is on a global scale will not be permitted to occur.

It would also cause difficulties in what is termed Hollow Earth because there are two major events in the top of the Earth and the bottom of the Earth where air comes forth. And that would also cause difficulty in the interior. So it would not be allowed. The bomb that was dropped there would also be, the effects of the bomb would also be neutralized. (Quazar: Thank you)

So, they may have dropped the bomb but the result of it will not be felt globally at all. And that also the what is termed the intention to annihilate the peoples will also be nullified. Ones that do perish, it's in their contracts: ascension, not taking the bodies with them.

There are those that will be taking their bodies with them when they ascend. So there are two ways of going to ascension, with or without your body. Does that make sense?

Quazar: Okay. Well I hope that answers this individual's question regarding the neutron bomb in Yemen. We hope that going forward all of them regardless of whether they’re in silos, that all of them are completely neutralized by our Galactics.

Zorra: They are all constantly being done that way.

Quazar: Well because people continue to build them as well.

Zorra: Indeed.


ASCENSION: Do we have an end date?

Quazar: Okay the next question we have is regarding, I guess it must be a link to the The discussion was with Dr. Angela Barnett about people's attitudes about the changes that resulted in a delay of Disclosure in our Earth time, although I do understand that we are now in cosmic time. And as far as ascension time Zorra, could you speak more directly about that? Is it possible that everything will be changed by between 2016 and 2017?

Zorra: there is always change.

Quazar: So [questioner] says that "It's a painful process of awakening; it took me several years to get balance with my emotional state. So if you could talk a little bit about ascension if that is to be occurring between 2016 and 2017 and all the changes that must be done by then." It's a big question Zorra.

Zorra: There is always change that is taking place on a daily basis. And there will continue to be changes that will occur. And as they do, of course ascension will also change as well.

Quazar: So do you have any specific information regarding ascension time?

Zorra: There you are, wanting a date again.

Quazar: Well how about a period of events? What are we going to see in events to know that it is ascension time, although we already are aware that we are actually in the process of it.

Zorra: Indeed. RV, NESARA, and then what is termed as Disclosure are all in accordance with Divine Plan.

Quazar: So basically, since you're not discussing years or time,, we have to see time from your perspective, from a cosmic perspective, which is no time. It really is a series of events that will come upon us. Right? (Zorra: Indeed) So that’s what we need to be looking at. First is the RV and then after that you told us many times it’ll be a domino effect. (Zorra: It will be.) Right. So everything in terms of the changes that are happening within our bodies will be working in synchronicity with all the different changes that are happening on the surface. (Zorra: Indeed) So everything can work and change within the blink of an eye, right? (Zorra: Indeed) Indeed.

Zorra: That is so.

Anne: It bothers me that we’re talking about when will ascension happen in 2016, 2017. As Zorra’s been telling us people are ascending daily, sometimes with their bodies, some without. Change is upon us. We are in the process of ascension now. It's not going to be a big boom in 2016 or a big boom in 2017. (Quazar: Correct) It's in process and it's a unique individual ascension for each of us. (Zorra: Indeed) And as Zorra says, change is happening. And people are ascending now, so the completion of it may take some time. Maybe that's what we’re looking at as far as talking about the dates of 2016-17, but it’s underway.


Anne: Zorra, if people are ascending now, and at one time we talked about them reappearing to encourage others to make more effort to ascend, is there going to be any chance of that happening in this process?

Zorra: You have what is termed as an aeroship or what is termed not an elusive aeroship, what is termed as a surface world vessel, that was intercepted by a mothership and taken into Hollow Earth. [editor’s note: Flight MH370] That vessel and the people on board will be coming forth to the surface and they will be mentors for Malaysia. (Anne: Yeah, yeah.)

Quazar: Very good. Thank you Zorra.

Anne: Will they return at the time of the Landings? Is that when that kind of activity will begin?

Zorra: Indeed. And they will be coming with the other mentors as well. And they will be teachers for their part of the world.

Anne: Right. And their reappearance and the information they will bring with them…

Zorra: Is going to shock the world.

Anne: Yeah! That’ll be the bottom line right there! Okay.

Quazar: Hey, Lady Nada, I think it’s your turn now.

Anne: Okay. Well we've got 26 minutes and we have a Healing Pulse which many times takes like 20 minutes. So what you want to do?

HEALING PULSE ----------------------------

Zorra: We may forgo this or simply say that all that are in need of healing put your minds steadfast on your affliction and as I say these words it shall be complete. Five, four, three, two, and one.

All afflictions of the body, whether it be physical, whether it be mental, whether it be blood, whether it be what is termed as diseases, as in the words of Sananda: it is finished. Plain and simple. Every affliction that people had is gone … globally.

So be it.



Quazar: So we have questions as well as products to talk about. (Zorra: Indeed) Lady Nada, dear, how many questions you have?

Anne: Not many, about six right now.

Zorra: Just limit them to only the six. Six questions and we are not going to do what is termed as a conversation. Just the answer.

Anne: Those that have been waiting, we’re going to accommodate them and if we run into any overtime, those that are listening by Internet will be closed but the recording will continue and will be included in the recorded archived call.

Her TV knows the right thing to do

407: Hi this is [caller] down in Florida. I want to tell you a quick thing that happened last night. I've been slipping a little bit with my meditations and doing what I'm supposed to do -- my work as I call it -- and I said oh I'll do it tomorrow. I'm going to watch TV tonight. Well my television went out so I did my meditations. So it was just kind of taken care of for me, right? (Zorra: Indeed) (Anne: Loud and clear!)


But I also wanted to tell you guys, you know if it's not on Hollow Earth, I don't read it. I know the truth is coming from you guys. I believe in my heart what I read. I feel it and I don't go elsewhere to look for it. But my question is that solar power is available in 47 states but in Florida with all the sun that we have, the power companies are blocking it and they do not help you get solar power like in the other states. If you want you have to pay for it for yourself. Is that monopoly ever going to change?

Zorra: Indeed it shall. Because understand what is termed as Disclosure occurs and what is termed as their ships appear, the grids will go down.

407: Okay. Thank you Zorra. It's so good to hear from you again. I look forward to it whenever you are coming. I'm so glad to hear you Anne and Quazar and everybody. It's like having a family reunion. (Anne: It is.) You take care. Bye. I love you guys.

Anne: Okay honey. Thanks for sharing. Hope your tv stays broken. It’s a lot more fun to meditate. You get such great ideas you know. It’s much more informational than anything you'd ever get on TV. Thank you.

Zorra in background: Good bye Quazar.


661: From Washington. I wanted to just thank you all for your service at this time on the planet. I'm really grateful for all of you. And I guess if I had a question it would just be if the RV was going to happen this holiday weekend? And you may not want to answer that.

Zorra: [Laughing] I will not say.

780: This is [caller] from Alberta. Love and Light to everybody. I've got three questions so you can pick one that you think is most appropriate.

You talked about clinical iodine for cancer. I don't know the dosage or the dilution of it. And what about Morgellons; the disease where plastic fibers come out of the skin on the head. And then fasting. Ashtar talked about fasting. I want to know for how many days and what does it entail. Now you can pick whichever one you’d like to answer.


Saryya: May I?

Zorra: Indeed.

Cancer Cures Discussed

Saryya: Beloved master, this is Saryya. When we speak of tumors, cancers, diseases, and illnesses, you know that the answers to these really come, the problems occur for many reasons. And so to choose a specific answer may not be quite the answer you are looking for.

When you think of cancer for example, many people can say yes we could look at clinical iodine for example to help to cure. It doesn't matter what it is that you choose to help to cure you. Because it isn't just the object of what you want to use to cure you. It has much to do with your consciousness, your vibration, and your will to heal. And it is still upon yourself to do that with your will and belief that you are healed.

So pick, you pick which of the three you wish that will help to heal you, but know that it is more than just a product, it is more than just a specific item, it is what you believe to be in truth that will heal you. You heal yourself. You, in bottom line, heal yourself. Perhaps my beloved would like to go further.

Zorra: In what is termed as clinical iodine if you want the dosage it would be 1cc …

Saryya: It depends on the extent of the tumor …

Zorra: Indeed. It would depend on the extent of the parent tumor.

Saryya: It is difficult to use the product in this circumstance.

Zorra: Indeed and difficult to obtain also. But you could also, there are two other forms of healing that could also be acquired. One would be a frequency device, orgone accumulator. And then the other would be what would be termed as baking soda. That is another. There are many that accomplish the same thing.

However, when you speak of iodine, what is termed clinical iodine, it is difficult to obtain except through what is termed a physician. And there is no avenue for that. However, in what is termed tests they have done what is termed as put a cancer cells in a petri dish and injected it with the iodine and it killed it immediately. But there again, that is a source that is difficult to come by. But one’s frequency device and what is termed as baking soda are quite plentiful.

Saryya: And to add to all of that, remember we have many, many sources of foods of fruits of seeds that will help in the process of your healing. You must work on healing yourself in all the different bodies that you have. It is an emotional process as well.

780: It’s not me that needs the healing. It’s for someone in the distance that I can't get to.

Laminine Research Translates to StemFit

Anne: May I add something at this point? When we first learned about Laminine, we learned about a Dr. Davidson who 50 years previous had done extensive work and research on the fertilized egg, an incubated fertilized egg, and all of this research actually was focused on cancer.

He was having great results on cancer with the preliminary research of the fertilized egg which we now have in StemFit and he actually healed one of the ministers of Parliament in Canada. Yet when he needed additional funds to keep jumping through the clinical hoops to get approved, no one would fund him, of course, because he had a cure. And so he died three years later and left. And then that has been reactivated but no one uses the word ‘cancer’, although the old Canadian television video clip is still available but not used that much.

Most of us have moved from Laminine over to StemFit because it not only has all the original benefits that Laminine had but it has additional health as well. And we're not talking about StemFit for cancer but it incorporates all of the research that Dr. Davidson did 50 years ago. Two and two is four, that's all I can say.

780: That's wonderful. The problem in Canada is we pay 1 1/3 times as much so I ordered Laminine one time and it cost me $280 for the one bottle. (Exchange rate is $1.30 Canadian to every $1 U.S. you pay.) There's a lot of people I'd like to help but I just can't.

Foreign purchases can be reshipped

Anne: And remember, a lot of people do this. use professional reshippers, shippers that will forward your shipment to you. One is Or you can get some friend of yours … I even do it for some people (I don't want to make it my sole vocation but I do reship for people if they need it) and it adds $20 to the US cost. You can use my US address.

Anne Recommends Clinic

Anne: And also may I say very quickly. I watched my mother's black melanoma lift out of her arm. It took eight weeks. She went to Hoxey’s clinic when it was in the US. It is now in Tijuana, Mexico. I've been there a number of times. Whenever I wanted a check up I went there because it was superior to anything in the US. I watched her melanoma lift up and fall out and she lived to be 94 and that was way back when she was in her 50s. And if anybody wants information on that just e-mail me and I’ll send you the information. People go there from all over the world. Yeah, it works.

780: Okay well thank you so much. Take care.


Flat Earth Theory?

505: From New Mexico. Zorra, lately it’s been very popular all over the Internet the theory of the flat Earth. So what's your take on that?

Zorra: Your earth is not flat! It's hollow!

Your earth has what is termed it is round and it begins to flatten at the poles inward. But your earth is not flat as you term it. It is rounded and then it becomes almost like the shape of a doughnut. But it becomes flattened at the polls curves inward into the interior of the Hollow Earth. The Earth has never been flat. Only the…

Anne: Yes, a silly theory that’s out and people have been jumping on that bandwagon. [Laughing] Oh my gosh!

505: Whoever is inside the earth, these beings are they 3D or are they from another dimension?

Zorra: 5th dimension


What percent of humanity in 5D?

567: Hello, this is [caller] in Florida. Thank you for taking my call. My question: What percentage of humanity is currently in the fifth dimension?

Zorra: Well, around 80 percent.

567: Is there a critical mass in which we would be able to receive our blessings or you will know things are ‘happening’? In other words, what percentage of humanity needs to be in the fifth dimension in order to receive our blessings and for NESARA to be announced? Does it have to be 100 percent humanity?

Zorra: No.

567: Okay. All right thank you.


Anne: That ends our question and answer session.

Zorra: Indeed. And we will discuss the products now.

Anne: Okay, is Quazar back?

Zorra: No, my beloved is here.


Saryya: I think I have to bring Quazar back. [Zorra laughing] I have one thing to say before Quazar comes, for everyone.

Beloved Saryya Offers Motherly Advise

Remember, there is a saying you have on your planet. It says you are sometimes your worst enemy. And so in closing, remember your own truth, the truth that you already know. That you are very much beloved masters and you are the star seeds as you call yourselves, the Lightworkers of this world.

Remember your mission.

Do not … do not forget.

Remember who you are in truth that you are our beloved Lightworkers, you are our beloved Galactic humans. Just be that for these upcoming days and weeks. Bring forth this manifestation of your RV and NESARA and the changes in the governments. You can will this because of the energies of the higher beings that you truly are.

That is all. That is it for me.

Zorra: Indeed. And bring back Quazar.


ZORRA RECOMMENDS -----------------

Speaking of what is termed the [item] that I endorse what is termed StemFit would be one for you to acquire if you can afford it as you term it.

And many of you can afford it but you are doing what is termed as sitting on your hands and waiting for the revaluation to occur. And many of you have what is termed excess but you are what is termed hiding it under a bushel so to speak. You need to break that out and acquire the StemFit because it would be very good for you to have. And also what is termed the Rain International or Soul as you term it and Core are also very good for your system.

The Core will do what is termed as to detoxify your liver and your kidneys and also other parts of your body. And the Soul overall does that as well, detoxifies the body and heals the body. It is very good for what is termed as physical therapy and things of that nature. And so those two products I very firmly endorse.

And another, ZeroPoint meaning what is termed as your decoders or encoders as you term them. If you have not done so, take them and turn them over on your wrist. On the inside of your wrist you want the lettering and the circle to be touching the inside portion of your wrist. And you will find that you will feel the effects of it more strongly by doing so. So if you have not done it, go ahead and do it, all of you that have them.

And those that do not have them, get them because they will help you with your balance. They will help you with your equilibrium if you will. And they will also create a force field around you against EMF pulses. So that creates a force field around your body.

And you also have what is termed headbands and healing rods made by Christine. And her information is on the

Let us get some testimonials of healings.

Also the product known as Love, a part of ZeroPoint, is another product that is extremely beneficial for the body. It is a lotion. It has many what is termed essential oils from different plants on the earth and they are also extremely beneficial for you.

Once you have the Love bottle hold it before using it and feel the vibrations coming from it and the energies coming from it. And then put it under your nose. Put it under your nose so you can smell it. Put it on your skin and feel it on your third eye over the third eye and your heart chakra and you will find that it will, it will moisten the area. It will moisten your skin rather than dry it out.

Anne Still Pulls All-Nighters With Love

Anne: You know Zorra I went to bed late. I just built a beautiful page with all the information about Love and wanted to get that done. (See Health Programs with three little asterisks/stars in front of it.) When you click there it will take you to the main page and you'll first see something about StemFit. Underneath that you'll see the ZeroPoint Global with the encoder bracelet. Then there is a link now to Love.

I finally went to bed and got to sleep at 2AM and had my alarm wake me up at 6 so I could build this page for you. So I want you all to go and look at what I did -- trying to force myself awake and get it done, that's why I just slid into third base when the show started! -- you'll see all the wonderful essential oils, and if you look and see anything on those essential oils that relates to something you’d like in your life, Zorra I, – to get to bed last night, I really needed to get to sleep fast and get a sound nights sleep so I can get up early and built this page, I took Love.

I tried to remember where Zaraya and Quazar told me to use it so I put it on the navel, I put it on the heart chakra, I put it on the third eye, I put it on both temples, and under the nose. And I thought "Oh that's so sweet, that is just so sweet."

So I went to bed in Love and I don't remember a thing until the alarm went off. [All chuckling] I just slept so good! I'm going to do that again.

Quazar: I just want to say a couple of things about the ZeroPoint products. Zaraya and I have some discount codes which is $50 deduction off of whatever you’re purchasing. If people are interested just e-mail us at bzjrainpartners@gmail and if you would like one of those discount codes we'd be happy to go ahead and send those to you to purchase something from ZeroPoint to help you if this is what you're interested in.

The other thing I just wanted to real quick give you a little testimonial. I have a 12-year-old grandchild who's going away for a week camping and I mentioned this encoder to her. She understands energy because we do healing energy work on her once in a while and so she knows what energy feels like. So I said why don't you try this little bracelet and see if you feel anything with it, and see if it might be helpful for you while you're going way. So she put it on and it wasn't only a minute and she had it turned over on her wrist that she could immediately feel the energy. It was already pulsating out of the encoder bracelet. So if a 12-year-old can feel it --and many as adults can’t feel energy -- but just because you can't feel it doesn't mean it's not working. So that's just an FYI for everyone.

And in regards to the StemFit and I love the Love, I love the smell as well. It's just beautiful. I hope everybody can try it out if you can. And as far as the StemFit, for me and Zaraya, I could feel the extra boost of energy and healing from that particular product as well.

And of course we always love the Soul. The Soul is what we take first thing in the morning and then midday for us and then I take a Core in between. So it's really, these are great combinations if you can do it.

Concentrate on healing

Zorra: Indeed. And also the people out there who are doing what is termed as keeping their finances under a bushel. What I say to you is to not do that. Time to heal yourself. It is about health.

Once your body is in health then you can concentrate more on your ascension and helping others and healing others. So do not do what is termed as to putting your finances on hold. Go ahead and use them. You will be rewarded by receiving more funds in return. And so that is my words for that.

Quazar: Lastly there is a special on the headbands of $150 and Christine has made these new healing rods. It's also a healing tool for $299.

Zorra: And before that what is termed the $150 price for what is termed the headbands is to the end of May.

Quazar: Right and they are beautifully made. She does just a beautiful job with the headbands and the rods.

Zorra: Yes, the sale will end on 30th of May for the headbands. That's the sale of the headbands now. Then they will go back to their original cost.

Anne: Mmm, that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen on the headbands.

Zorra: Indeed. And these healing rods she is asking only $299 with free shipping so that would be for the healing rods.

Anne: Christine has a picture of the healing rods so if you look under headbands the healing rod picture and information will be included on the website.

Zorra: Indeed. So if you need a headband because it is also a tool, it is a communication device and it is also what is termed – great for meditation of course and communications intergalacticly so it is good to have them as well. And they are also very good for what is termed as for the student to enable them to focus more better and to bring clarity to them so they would excel in their grades as well.

Anne: I certainly ‘walk the talk’ that Zorra was saying about not hiding your money under a bushel. To me money is 3D anyway and we're going to be leaving it all behind, but it's always been my policy that if somebody needs something and I have the ability to provide it, I usually do. Which means that I've got quite a few little chicks under my wing that are getting their products that they would not have done, because if there's money available and they need it and they can't afford it, what better use than to put that money to? Why just leave it under the bushel; why not get them their products? That's what I've been doing for three or four years.

So money is dormant under a bushel and it’s 3D stuff that right now can bring life to people and assist in their ascension, yourselves as well. So to deprive yourself of what these products can do and still think you're going to be able to somehow hang on there with your fingernails and make this ascension when it could be so much easier. I know because I don't dare let myself run out, nor my people. Always somehow magically I'm able to cover everybody. It could be a photo finish at the end of the month but I haven't had to deny anyone.

So my money is not under the bushel. My money is in these products and into the bodies that are benefiting from it. So that's just my little statement about money under the bushel. There’s none under my bushel.

Caller Testimonials
407: This is Florida again. I have a question. Do you take the StemFit with the Soul and the Core or do you just take it by itself?

Zorra: Well you can take them by itself or you can take together.

407: So they all work together then, the StemFit just doesn't take care of everything.

Zorra: No it doesn't take care of everything but in combination with the others you will be quite healthy.

407: Okay. That's all I wanted in. Thank you so much. Love you guys.

Anne: Remember that Soul and Core are pure foods. And the StemFit is basically protein. So you're taking fruits and protein. And those that follow a pattern of eating in balance sometimes don't like to mix fruits with protein. So if that is of any concern, but other than that ...

407: I'm finding that my whole way of eating has totally changed. I’m cutting out stuff, half the time I'm not hungry.

Anne: I'm so glad you brought that up. Me too. I was talking with Athena and the thought of food is almost repulsive to us; foods that we used to love. I just dumped a whole cheesecake down the disposal and about five delicious chocolate brownies. My body just revolted even thinking about taking even a little taste of it. And my counter is full of fresh fruits and produce.

407: I used to be a chocolaholic but I can't stand it now.

Anne: Me too, I had wonderful bitter sweet Belgian chocolate bars from Trader Joe's but I can't even make myself take a taste of it. I don't want it. Our bodies are changing.

Zorra: They are indeed.

Anne: Well it's all raw. I buy mostly, as Zorra’s told us, getting fresh produce as much as we can that is organic and then I maybe eat only once a day.

Oh I'm going to put some recipes up for you guys! One is burnt onion gravy over mashed potatoes that you could quickly make in one pot. And the other day "somebody" said to me ‘eggplant’ and I thought about the eggplant Parmesan we had at the open house for Peter. But I didn't really care for that because I put sauce on it according to the recipe. Then I thought, you don't have to use sauce you can have a slice of eggplant, a slice of the heirloom tomatoes that are so and flavorful, and dress it out with oregano and basil and garlic and it'll make its own sauce. A slice of tomato will turn into sauce in the oven and then top it with your mozzarella and Parmesan. Oh my God I did that twice in a row it was so good! And it's all fresh.

407: I find myself doing what I told my daughter not to do: stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open just looking in there. Nothing looks good. I don't want anything.

Anne: Exactly! I'm so glad you brought that up because people could be thinking that there's something wrong with them that they don't have any appetite but that's where we are. We're all doing that and the thought of food even when I'm hungry it's hard to think of something that's worth eating. So I'm going to put those two recipes up.

Zorra: It is because your bodies are doing what is termed as they are transforming. They are transforming from what is termed carbon-based to what is termed as crystalline-based. So by doing so, the meals that you were partaking of before are repulsive to you because they are not good for you.

And understand also, that what is termed the StemFit has also been transformed by the Galactic Federation of Planets and it is also good for the vegans as well.

Anne: Oh yeah. Even though it says on the label and it'll never be changed because companies have to go with what they started with but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been changed by the Galactics, but the fertilized egg white has all been turned into a vegan vibration. That's what the Galactics have done for us. They want us to have that so much.

Oh, I wanted to tell this: [HEN member] suffers from a great deal of pain and of all our products -- that's why we give you a selection -- the only thing that really dealt with his pain so he could sleep, he would lay there in agony all night, was the StemFit. He has to take extra. When the pain increases so bad he takes instead of two he takes three or four at a time and in about 20 minutes the pain is gone. And he told that to our mutual friend who also has to deal with pain on occasion. And she doubled up and made it three StemFit instead of two and in 20 minutes the pain was gone again.

So these are wonderful products. Not to deprive our bodies of and hide the dollars under bushels that we’re going to leave behind and it's going to be passé anyway. Do some good with that. So I just wanted to tell those stories about pain.


If She Can Do All That, She’s Not Sick

509: Hello this is Spokane Washington. I ordered Soul and Core about four months ago and then I wasn't able to order it again. But while I was on it I was just in heaven.

Then a miracle happened about a month and a half ago. I met another HEN member here in Spokane and I was able to buy a box of Soul from her because I was in desperation. And it really, really helped. But it made me see that I need the Core too.

And now my monies are getting a lot better. Now I can order that and the StemFit.

Because I didn't really listen to Zorra good enough:
The cancer doctor called me yesterday [caller nicknamed doctor Darth Vader] and said you're supposed to be in the hospital for your radiation tomorrow. And I said my nurse was supposed to call me a couple of days in advance and she hasn't. Maybe you’d better have my nurse call me.

So my nurse calls me and she goes: “What’s up now?” I said, well I have a sore on my back that is really bothering me and my blood pressure was up to 184 yesterday and I was running around the kitchen with a bottle of water and I didn't have a lid on it and I was trying to hit Bruce with that but I didn't want to make a mess on the floor so all of a sudden I just turned it upside down all the floor and Bruce laughed at me and said I had to clean it up and I said I think it's a definite sign that I'm not going to do the radiation … don't you? [All laughing]

And she goes, “Well then we’re gonna have to take you off the list,” and I said that's quite alright!
I think there's other Darth Vader's in other states. I can always move to Idaho. [Laughing] And I'm not sick you guys.

I think it's all in their heads not mine. So by God I'm going to be ordering all three of these products when I get paid next month.

And thanks to [other Spokane HEN member] for helping me out. I really think us touching each other, one HEN member meeting another HEN member, is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

I’m so sorry I doubted Zorra! I know I’m healed.

Anne: Thank you, that was wonderful. Well Zorra has taken a lot of the abuse and we're into our fifth year and he's still sticking with us, so…

Zorra: It does not bother me.

207: Hello from Maine. In regards to the Soul I’ve had some great success with that product I’ve been on it for probably 10 months now. When I started the product I had gotten all 10 codes of inflammation so you can understand the pain. But I'd have a problem as far as I can remember of basically falling asleep at the drop of a hat. I was taking a lot of caffeine and soda pop and today I can’t even stomach the thought of drinking that stuff. The pH of cells is about 2.3 which is horrible. But the inflammation is gone, the gout is gone, the pain is gone from that. I was 310 pounds and I’m down to 216 and still working on that though.

Anybody who hasn't tried the Soul I would definitely recommend that they do partake of it.

Quazar: Beautiful.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: That’s great. It's wonderful. That gout is so painful for you guys.

The products are all wonderful and they all work and they’re there. They only work when you put them in your body. So let's get our priorities. To me there's nothing more important than ascension and anything that will enhance it. Why work with broken materials when we can get it repaired and get on our way. So thank you.

207: I put my wife on it three months ago and she went on it because her high blood pressure probably from childhood. And of course women as they get older they have a problem when they sneeze or cough and she said to me the other day that she doesn't have that problem anymore. It helped the bladder to tighten those things up. You know I told her that if it’s working in that area just think of what it's doing and the rest of your body.

Zorra: indeed.

Anne: You're right. Fantastic. Yeah, I've heard that before. Incontinence. That gets handled pretty quick. Nobody has to deal with that anymore. That is wonderful. Thank you again.

Zorra: I will speak a little more about the products. Anyway, we are also we are not going to leave out what is termed Laminine because it still does what it is supposed to do. And if it is possible take them all. And if it's not possible go with StemFit because it has the healing properties and it does work with the stem cells, replenish them, so go with them. Do go with the Soul and the Core and do go with what is termed as ZeroPoint encoder and other products that go along with it.

Activating Encoders

Anne: Oh Zorra about the encoder, when we first got them, you did an activation and then you said we could do it ourselves. It's done by tapping that little disk. Is there anything special we need to know and should we do it ever so often?

Zorra: No. Once is quite sufficient. Also we can do what is termed as another activation if you will or booster: five, four, three, two, and one. All of the encoders that are now in the hands of what is termed the HEN family are going to be what is termed energized and also activated more so. And so we shall do that once more: five, four, three, two, and one. Receive.

And of course I got a bit of a jolt on what is termed the wrist because I am wearing Zaraya’s. So it got the jolt and it also for those that have them they have been activated or energized if you will even more so now. So if you have not put them on put them on and feel the energy forthwith.

Anne: And you'll find that again on And then look for the page Health Programs. The Health Programs page has all these on it.

Zorra: And I will also say that those that are waiting for the RV revaluation and are keeping your monies put away. Do not put them away. Use them to benefit you and then in helping others. And as you help others what you have given shall be returned to 100 fold. So do not what is termed as to horde it. Do not horde your money. Go ahead and pay it forward as it is so termed and help others less fortunate. It is part of your mission to do so, to help others.

Anne: Money doesn't do anything until you spend it otherwise it's not active; it's not doing anything. That's always been my… I always spend right up , like I say if somebody needs it and I've got it I do it. But as you say Zorra we’re always looked after. We are always looked after.

Quazar: The ones that are in need right now, what can they do?

Zorra: The ones that are in need, need only but to put it out into the universe. Speak your desire your need and put a date on it when to receive it and you will receive this. Of course they need to work the process of receiving. And you shall receive. Ask and it shall be given. So for those that need, that have need, ask.

Anne: We had a lady that asked. She needed Laminine and she wrote her story and I posted it on our new page which is Collective Balance. (I got that name for this new page because HEN works together. HEN for you new folks is HollowEarthNetwork and we nicknamed it HEN. [editor’s note: Anne is our Mother HEN.])

HEN works together as a collective so beautifully. They have saved so many people from disasters. You just breathe the need and there's someone there to help. But we’re not going to do any more big drives, God willing, unless there is a real disaster. But people have small needs like [HEN member] needed Laminine and so she wrote in and said ‘my needs are simple. I just need Laminine. Zorra said it would help my heart.’ And so we posted that on the new page called Collective Balance.

What we're saying is within the collective there are those that need and there are those that have excess. Let's get it into balance. So within the collective, we want our collective to be balanced. We don't want be gaping holes where there is need and we don't want storage under bushels.

We want to keep it balanced within our collective and so before she knew it people had sent her Laminine, had sent her money, and she's good to go. So these are not big disasters like Zaraya and Quazar went through. They had a real disaster and we had to have a big drive for that.

But for these small things you can send your need in to Collective Balance to me and I'll get it posted. I'll need a picture.

There is a lady in Colorado that needs a ride to Mount Shasta and be there by June 1. She plays a harp. She’s got her information up there so if you have a small need like that the balance will come.

You have the need and someone may adopt you. I don’t know. It’s between you and these other individuals. If you put your need up someone will be checking over and they may just adopt you or two or three someones and your need will be fulfilled. So that’s how the Collective is working now within Hollow Earth Network. We’re in to balance … balance.

Zorra: Indeed. And it is all about health. It is all about these products that we are speaking of is for your benefit, for your health, to bring back your health. Because if you’re healthy then you are not worried and you will be able to focus on your ascension.

If your body is not well and you are ill health then you are only thinking of the ill health and manifesting more of it upon you. By doing what is termed as to get the, what is termed the healing products that will help you to become healthy then so be it. Do it. And change your health from ill health to perfect health. And it shall be done. But you need to have the faith to step out on it and do it. Indeed?

Quazar: Indeed.

Anne: Indeed.

Quazar: Go RV! [Laughter]

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Well we hate to end the call because it's so long until the next one that we’re all just relishing every word we hear from you Zorra. It's hard to say goodbye but they may be cutting us off. We’re in over time now.

Zorra: Well we may have another call but this call, the next call, will be talking again about the health products.

Anne: Okay. I’m all for that.

Claim Your Healing, Proclaim Your Health

Zorra: And it will be speaking of health and what is termed as the testimonies and things of that nature because the more people testify the more their healing is complete because they’re claiming it.

So we will have a call what is termed … where is the calendar …Let us see what the dates are here. All right, next Saturday. Next Saturday we will have testimonials and question and answer for the products.

Anne: Okay, yes. People can ask their own questions and maybe if they can’t get all of them they can decide which one. And maybe we’ll get more people that are using Love now, since it’s brand new. (Zorra: Indeed) That was amazing when I woke up at 6 this morning and I hadn’t even bobbled all night long.

Zorra: So put that in your next newsletter that it will be the 30th and it will be a 2-hour call and it will be for only health.

Anne: Okay, a health call.

Zorra: All about health and healing.

Anne: Which you know it’s an old expression here on the surface: Show me a philosopher with a toothache. Well if you’ve got a toothache, you’re not willing to sit down and think about the higher thoughts of philosophy; the toothache is getting your attention.

Quazar: That’s a good one, Anne.

Anne: And if people are out there with body toothaches they can’t put their attention on their ascension. And we’ve got to get that out of the way.

Zorra: And the questions that we will be answering will be health related. Not about the RV, not about current events, strictly healing. Health and healing. Questions and answers.

Anne: Yeah, and we’ll take our time. We won’t rush people like we had to do at the end of this call. That’ll be perfect. I’ll get the notice out.

Quazar: Thank you Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed) And thank you beloved Anne.

Anne: Wasn’t it fun? Well I guess we’re going to have to say goodbye before they cut us off and we don’t have a nice, graceful exit here so.

Zorra: So bring the new world on.

Anne: Okay. Here comes our new world and we’ll see you next Saturday. Thank you Zorra.

Quazar: Love you Anne.

Anne: Love you too honey. And give our love to Zaraya when he gets back and Saryya, thank you for joining us very briefly. I was wondering if we were going to hear from Saryya. We love her so much. And we’ll see you next Saturday. And here’s our new world, Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed.

Cue music [2:43:59]